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248-08 Sting 25 to Midnight SBI Recommended
3109-39 Sting 50,000 DAM Recommended
597-01 Sting After The Rain Has Fallen Top Tunes Recommended
638-12 Sting All This Time Sound Choice Recommended
898-08 Sting Be Still My Beating Heart Sound Choice Recommended
638-09 Sting Brand New Day (Radio Version) Sound Choice Recommended
597-03 Sting Brand New Day (Radio Version) Top Tunes
3109-10 Sting Demolition Man DAM Recommended
938-09 Sting Desert Rose Pop Hits Recommended
597-04 Sting Desert Rose Top Tunes
640-12 Sting Englishman In New York Zoom Recommended
060-A-05 Sting Fields of Gold MD Recommended
638-04 Sting Fields of Gold Sound Choice
597-09 Sting Fields of Gold Top Tunes
640-10 Sting Fields of Gold Zoom
597-10 Sting Fill Her Up Top Tunes Recommended
501-03 Sting Fortress Around Your Heart CDG
638-02 Sting Fortress Around Your Heart Sound Choice Recommended
248-02 Sting Fragile SBI Recommended
3109-27 Sting Fragilidad (Spanish Version) DAM Recommended
3109-25 Sting Gabriel's Message DAM Recommended
3109-38 Sting I Can't Stop Thinking About You DAM Recommended
638-07 Sting If I Ever Lose My Faith In You Sound Choice Recommended
501-01 Sting If You Love Somebody Set Them Free CDG
629-01 Sting If You Love Somebody Set Them Free Sound Choice
638-08 Sting If You Love Somebody Set Them Free Sound Choice
951-07 Sting If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (Faded Ending) Sound Choice Recommended
615-13 Sting It's Probably Me Sunfly Recommended
3109-37 Sting Last Ship, The DAM Recommended
638-14 Sting Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot Sound Choice Recommended
3109-04 Sting Little Wing DAM Recommended
3109-07 Sting Moon Over Bourbon Street (Cornelius Mix) DAM Recommended
3109-33 Sting My Funny Friend & Me DAM Recommended
411-02 Sting My One & Only Love Sound Choice Recommended
248-07 Sting Nothing About Me SBI Recommended
3109-40 Sting One Fine Day DAM Recommended
501-02 Sting Russians CDG Recommended
248-01 Sting Send Your Love Music Maestro Recommended
640-11 Sting Shape My Heart Zoom Recommended
3109-42 Sting Shape Of My Heart (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3109-15 Sting Someone To Watch Over Me DAM Recommended
3109-20 Sting Until… DAM Recommended
638-11 Sting We'll Be Together Sound Choice Recommended
415-A-02 Sting When We Dance HLD Recommended
3109-30 Sting Windmills of Your Mind, The DAM Recommended
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