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249-04 Eagles After The Thrill Is Gone Sunfly Recommended
401-01 Eagles Best of My Love Backstage
770-09 Eagles Best of My Love Zoom Recommended
569-04 Eagles Certain Kind Fool Zoom Recommended
401-12 Eagles Desperado Backstage
632-07 Eagles Desperado Sound Choice Recommended
770-08 Eagles Desperado Zoom
1099-48 Eagles Desperado (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
569-03 Eagles Doolin-Dalton Zoom Recommended
569-12 Eagles Eagles Medley 1 (Peaceful Easy Feeling) Zoom
770-13 Eagles Eagles Medley 1 (Peaceful Easy Feeling) Zoom Recommended
569-13 Eagles Eagles Medley 2 (New Kid In Town) Zoom
770-14 Eagles Eagles Medley 2 (New Kid In Town) Zoom Recommended
569-14 Eagles Eagles Medley 3 Zoom Recommended
1099-18 Eagles Fast Company DAM Recommended
401-02 Eagles Get Over It Backstage Recommended
569-08 Eagles Good Day In Hell Zoom Recommended
569-09 Eagles Greeks Don't Want No Freaks, The Zoom Recommended
401-03 Eagles Heartache Tonight Backstage
770-04 Eagles Heartache Tonight Zoom Recommended
451-05 Eagles Hotel California Karaoke Hits
524-A-12 Eagles Hotel California Pioneer Recommended
770-06 Eagles Hotel California (Full Version) Zoom Recommended
1099-47 Eagles Hotel California (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
770-07 Eagles Hotel California (Shorter Ending) Zoom Recommended
401-04 Eagles Hotel Califronia Backstage Recommended
1099-16 Eagles How Long DAM Recommended
401-14 Eagles I Can't Tell You Why Backstage Recommended
1099-22 Eagles I Love To Watch A Woman Dance DAM Recommended
277-06 Eagles James Dean Swt GA Brn Recommended
1099-43 Eagles Last Resort, The DAM Recommended
401-11 Eagles Life In The Fast Lane Backstage Recommended
401-05 Eagles Long Run, The Backstage Recommended
058-A-02 Eagles Love Will Keep Us Alive MD Recommended
401-06 Eagles Lyin' Eyes Backstage
770-10 Eagles Lyin' Eyes Zoom Recommended
401-07 Eagles New Kid In Town Backstage
770-03 Eagles New Kid In Town Zoom Recommended
569-10 Eagles Nightingale Zoom Recommended
569-07 Eagles On The Border Zoom Recommended
401-08 Eagles One of These Nights Backstage
770-01 Eagles One of These Nights Zoom Recommended
569-02 Eagles Out of Control Zoom Recommended
401-15 Eagles Peaceful, Easy Feeling Backstage
770-12 Eagles Peaceful, Easy Feeling Zoom Recommended
H10 Eagles Please Come Home For Christmas CDG Recommended
569-11 Eagles Sad Cafe, The Zoom Recommended
569-05 Eagles Saturday Night Zoom Recommended
401-17 Eagles Seven Bridges Road Backstage Recommended
401-09 Eagles Take It Easy Backstage
501-A-06 Eagles Take It Easy Pioneer Recommended
770-02 Eagles Take It Easy Zoom
1099-50 Eagles Take It Easy (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
770-11 Eagles Take It To The Limit Zoom Recommended
401-10 Eagles Take It To the Limit Backstage Recommended
770-05 Eagles Tequila Sunrise Zoom Recommended
401-13 Eagles Victim of Love Backstage Recommended
1099-27 Eagles Waiting In The Weeds DAM Recommended
569-01 Eagles Wasted Time Zoom Recommended
401-16 Eagles Witchy Woman Backstage Recommended
569-06 Eagles You Never Cry Like A Lover Zoom Recommended
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