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310-B-03 Connie Francis Vacation EMI Recommended
24-09 Go Go's Vacation DK Karaoke
027-A-02 Go Go's Vacation Pioneer Recommended
839-13 Young Jeezy Vacation Pop Hits Recommended
3871-09 Wanda Sa Vagamente DAM Recommended
3831-77 5 Seconds Of Summer Valentine DAM Recommended
201-A-01 Martina McBride Valentine GE Recommended
750-03 T'Pau Valentine Sunfly Recommended
6765-45 Linkin Park Valentine Day DAM Recommended
3916-32 Marilyn Manson Valentine's Day DAM Recommended
708-04 Mark Ronson ft Amy Winehouse Valerie Sunfly Recommended
349-09 Steve Winwood Valerie Legends Series
243-13 Steve Winwood Valerie Zoom Recommended
711-15 Zutons, The Valerie Sunfly Recommended
18-07 Monkees, The Valleri DK Karaoke
540-A-10 Monkees, The Valleri DKV Recommended
88-14 Bruce Hornsby & The Range Valley Road DK Karaoke Recommended
1090-44 Dragonforce Valley of The Damned DAM Recommended
3547-08 Jimi Hendrix Valleys Neptune DAM Recommended
571-05 Julian Lennon Valotte Sound Choice Recommended
3021-69 DJ Zorro Vamos A Baila (Mission "B" Re-Edit) DAM Recommended
240-14 Paul McCartney Vanilla Sky SBI Recommended
905-07 Owl City Vanilla Twilight Sunfly Recommended
U15 Air Supply Vanishing Race, The (Live) Original Recommended
3759-58 Susan Boyle Vapor Trail DAM Recommended
664-06 Les Paul & Mary Ford Vaya Con Dios Sound Choice Recommended
782-14 Les Paul & Mary Ford Vaya Con Dios Sunfly
1305-02 Nat King Cole Vaya Con Dios DAM Recommended
271-A-09 Julio Iglesias Veces Tu A veces Yo, A Pioneer Recommended
877-05 Conor Maynard Vegas Girl Mr. Entertainer Recommended
1126-77 Bazooka Girl Velfarre 2000 DAM Recommended
1141-21 Janet Jackson ft. Vanessa Mae Velvet Rope DAM Recommended
150-08 Lalo Rodriguez Ven Devorame Otra Vez (Spanish Version) Edit-A-Vision Recommended
3387-60 Nocturnal Rites Vengeance DAM Recommended
3940-73 Disturbed Vengeful One, The DAM Recommended
6841-60 Eminem Venom (Music From The Motion Picture) DAM Recommended
5888-20 Ricky Martin Vente Pa' Ca ft. Maluma DAM Recommended
3397-10 Little Tony Ventiquattromila Baci DAM Recommended
654-05 America Ventura Highway Chartbuster
024-B-08 America Ventura Highway Pioneer Recommended
533-09 America Ventura Highway Sound Choice
011-A-03 Bananarama Venus Pioneer Recommended
30-15 Frankie Avalon Venus DK Karaoke
013-A-01 Frankie Avalon Venus Pioneer Recommended
460-04 Frankie Avalon Venus Swt GA Brn
310-A-03 Shocking Blue, The Venus EMI Recommended
677-15 Sander Kleinenburg Venus & Mars Sunfly Recommended
3719-35 Wings Venus And Mars-Rock Show DAM Recommended
3313-11 Bjork Venus As A Boy DAM Recommended
340-B-12 Jimmy Clanton Venus In Blue Jean Pioneer Recommended
3920-46 Velvet Underground, The Venus In Furs DAM Recommended
613-02 Madonna Veras AVF Recommended
3940-22 Owl City ft. Aloe Blacc Verge DAM Recommended
3686-20 Slipknot Vermilion DAM Recommended
3686-19 Slipknot Vermilion Pt. 2 DAM Recommended
503-03 Elvis Costello Veronica Sound Choice
765-03 Elvis Costello Veronica Sound Choice Recommended
3952-21 Bruno Mars Versace On The Floor DAM Recommended
7086-14 Bruno Mars vs David Guetta Versace On The Floor (Bruno Mars vs. David Guetta) DAM Recommended
7086-17 Bruno Mars vs David Guetta Versace On The Floor (Bruno Mars vs. David Guetta) (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3961-88 Bruno Mars Versace On The Floor (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
697-13 U2 Vertigo CDG
708-12 U2 Vertigo Easy Karaoke Recommended
577-11 U2 Vertigo Sunfly
577-10 U2 Vertigo Top Hits
3388-65 U2 Vertigo (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
132-13 Debra Laws Very Special Sound Choice Recommended
369-A-12 Charlie Rich Very Special Love Song, A Nikkodo Recommended
149-07 Nat King Cole Very Thought of You, The Pocket Songs Recommended
050-B-05 Natalie Cole Very Thought of You, The MD Recommended
371-B-05 Paula Abdul Vibeology Nikkodo Recommended
927-11 Boyz II Men Vibin' Pocket Songs Recommended
542-04 Boyz II Men Vibin' Star Disc
3940-35 Memphis May Fire Vices DAM Recommended
3928-22 System of A Down Vicinity Of Obscenity DAM Recommended
3920-49 Lou Reed Vicious DAM Recommended
700-11 Joss Stone Victim of A Foolish Heart Zoom Recommended
401-13 Eagles Victim of Love Backstage Recommended
041-B-08 Erasure Victim of Love Pioneer Recommended
560-06 Erasure Victim of Love STTW
6765-85 Linkin Park Victimized DAM Recommended
1115-41 Sonata Arctica Victoria's Secret DAM Recommended
3944-68 Panic At The Disco Victorious DAM Recommended
3919-49 R. Kelly Victory DAM Recommended
806-13 India.Arie Video Chartbuster Recommended
857-15 Lana Del Rey Video Games Mr. Entertainer Recommended
54-15 Buggles, The Video Killed The Radio Star DK Karaoke
330-B-12 Buggles, The Video Killed The Radio Star EMI
138-15 Buggles, The Video Killed The Radio Star Sound Choice Recommended
751-11 Presidents U.S.A., The Video Killed The Radio Star Sunfly Recommended
833-14 Beyonce Video Phone Pop Hits
812-09 Beyonce Video Phone Sunfly Recommended
4082-40 Beyonce ft. Lady GaGa Video Phone (Extended Version) DAM Recommended
3849-19 Jose Carreras Vieni Sul Mar DAM Recommended
385-11 Billy Joel Vienna SQ
429-09 Billy Joel Vienna Swt GA Brn Recommended
737-10 Ultravox Vienna Zoom Recommended
3876-57 André Claveau Viens Valser Avec Papa DAM Recommended
956-01 Caifanes Viento Multi Karaoke Recommended
1070-64 Arctic Monkeys View From The Afternoon, The DAM Recommended
95-04 Duran Duran View To A Kill, A DK Karaoke
334-A-04 Duran Duran View To A Kill, A EMI
763-02 Duran Duran View To A Kill, A Sound Choice Recommended
230-03 Duran Duran View To A Kill, A Sunfly
822-11 Stevie Wonder Village Ghetto Land CDG Recommended
3856-34 Don McLean Vincent DAM Recommended
041-A-14 Don McLean Vincent (Starry Starry Night) Pioneer Recommended
1150-46 System of A Down Violent Pornography DAM Recommended
748-11 Bjork Violently Happy CDG Recommended
726-04 Coldplay Violet Hill Sunfly Recommended
538-11 Billie Holiday Violets For Your Furs JTG Recommended
3944-98 Scorpions Virgin Killer DAM Recommended
210-10 Roxy Music Virgina Plain All Hits
245-02 Roxy Music Virgina Plain Zoom Recommended
641-09 Bryan Ferry Virginia Plain Music Maestro Recommended
165-10 Jamiroquai Virtual Insanity Sound Choice
145-14 Jamiroquai Virtual Insanity Sunfly Recommended
1126-44 Ken Martin Virtual Love DAM Recommended
328-B-09 Mariah Carey Vision Love EMI Recommended
7330-48 Maroon 5 Visions DAM Recommended
1280-77 Stevie Wonder Visions DAM Recommended
3387-79 Stratovarius Visions DAM Recommended
927-09 Boyz II Men Visions A Sunset Pocket Songs Recommended
751-14 Ultravox Visions In Blue Sunfly Recommended
5452-06 Banzaii Viva America DAM Recommended
067-A-05 Spice Girls Viva Forever SDK Recommended
4279-35 Shampoo Viva La Megababes DAM Recommended
3851-64 Adicts, The Viva La Revolution DAM Recommended
726-03 Coldplay Viva La Vida Pop Hits Recommended
3961-33 Coldplay Viva La Vida (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
XA2 Elvis Presley Viva Las Vegas Music Maestro Recommended
002-B-13 Alejandro Sanz Viviendo Deprisa Pioneer Recommended
002-B-07 La Union Vivir Al Este Del Eden Pioneer Recommended
694-05 La India Vivir Lo Nuestro Tropical Recommended
5563-04 Marc Anthony Vivir Mi Vida DAM Recommended
3944-79 Andrea Bocelli & Giorgia Vivo Per Lei DAM Recommended
3397-09 Pierre Barouh Vivre! DAM Recommended
3853-70 Kasabian Vlad The Impaler DAM Recommended
3327-18 Carlos Lyra Voce E Eu DAM Recommended
3740-62 Korpiklaani Vodka DAM Recommended
934-16 GLEE-Jane Lynch Vogue Sunfly Recommended
036-A-06 Madonna Vogue Pioneer Recommended
3593-66 Cecilia Bartoli Voi, Che Sapete Che Cosa E Amor ("Le Nozze Di Figaro") DAM Recommended
3387-36 Angra Voice Commanding You, The DAM Recommended
6200-10 Christina Aguilera Voice Within, The DAM Recommended
3852-53 Celtic Woman Voice, The DAM Recommended
737-09 Ultravox Voice, The Sunfly Recommended
740-12 Disturbed Voices Sound Choice Recommended
G8 Til Tuesday Voices Carry CDG Recommended
94-11 Dean Martin Volare DK Karaoke
456-14 Dean Martin Volare Karaoke Hits
378-04 Dean Martin Volare Sound Choice Recommended
1084-09 Domenico Modugno Volare DAM Recommended
6851-01 Gipsy Kings Volare (Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu) DAM Recommended
323-B-06 Domenico Modugno Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) EMI Recommended
3060-04 Gigliola Cinquetti Volcano Le Rondini DAM Recommended
3397-27 Vincenzo Pastorelli Volevo Un Gatto Nero DAM Recommended
306-B-10 Argentina Tango Songs Volver Nikkodo Recommended
1152-05 Julio Iglesias Volver A Empezar (Begin The Beguine) DAM Recommended
3920-38 Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child (Slight Return) DAM Recommended
3928-47 5 Seconds Of Summer Voodoo Doll DAM Recommended
3127-26 Mr. Big Voodoo Kiss DAM Recommended
R14 ABBA Voulez Vous Original Recommended
958-11 El Puma Voy A Consquistarte Multi Karaoke Recommended
958-12 El Puma Voy A Perder La Cabeza Por Tu Amor Multi Karaoke Recommended
5888-11 Ricky Martin Vuelve DAM Recommended
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