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3120-71 Mariah Carey H.A.T.E.U. DAM Recommended
3913-28 Nicki Minaj HOV Lane DAM Recommended
4767-14 Green Day Ha Ha You're Dead DAM Recommended
3934-63 Filippa Giordano Habanera DAM Recommended
3593-88 Maria Callas Habanera from "Karmen" (Bizet) DAM Recommended
223-A-05 Ana Gabriel Hablame De Frente NUT Recommended
3876-13 Katy Perry Hackensack DAM Recommended
3127-18 Mr. Big Had Enough DAM Recommended
4998-03 Genghis Khan Hadschi Halef Omar DAM Recommended
1088-80 Manowar Hail & Kill DAM Recommended
3643-05 Cancer Bats Hail Destroyer DAM Recommended
936-11 Pearl Jam Hail Hail Radio Starz Recommended
6983-12 2Pac Hail Mary DAM Recommended
3919-97 Trez Songz ft. Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne Hail Mary DAM Recommended
6841-08 Eminem Hailie's Song DAM Recommended
65-11 Cowsills, The Hair DK Karaoke Recommended
865-04 Lady Gaga Hair Sunfly Recommended
3638-62 Nazareth Hair of The Dog DAM Recommended
4390-36 Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella, & Others Hakuna Matata DAM Recommended
3743-94 John Mayer with Taylor Swift Half My Heart DAM Recommended
270-12 H & Claire Half A Heart Sunfly Recommended
3925-41 One Direction Half A Heart DAM Recommended
55-12 Cher Half Breed DK Karaoke Recommended
436-15 Cher Half Breed Swt GA Brn
221-A-10 Lorrie Morgan Half Enough NUT Recommended
733-05 Mystery Jets with Elizabeth Half In Love Sunfly Recommended
715-03 Athlete Half Light Sunfly Recommended
3851-50 Royal Hunt Half Past Loneliness DAM Recommended
929-02 Oasis Half The World Away Sunfly Recommended
3577-67 Musiq Halfcrazy DAM Recommended
3585-29 Sheryl Crow Halfway There DAM Recommended
401-B-13 Bobby Vinton Halfway To Paradise Nikkodo Recommended
889-02 Script, The & Will. I. Am Hall of Fame Mr. Entertainer Recommended
879-05 Script, The & Will. I. Am Hall of Fame Sunfly
3925-51 Alexandra Burke Hallelujah DAM Recommended
974-01 Alexandra Burke Hallelujah Sunfly Recommended
3037-53 Alicia Keys Hallelujah DAM Recommended
3123-20 Jeff Buckley Hallelujah DAM Recommended
5150-03 K.D. Lang Hallelujah DAM Recommended
3751-15 Leonard Cohen Hallelujah DAM Recommended
3639-79 Paramore Hallelujah DAM Recommended
3939-40 Il Divo Hallelujah (Aleluya) DAM Recommended
547-04 Ray Charles Hallelujah I Love Her So Legends Series
366-B-04 Ray Charles Hallelujah I Love Her So Nikkodo Recommended
3121-06 Ace of Base Hallo Hallo DAM Recommended
3112-11 David Bowie Hallo Spaceboy DAM Recommended
3759-77 Cradle of Filth Hallowed Be Thy Name DAM Recommended
6761-04 Iron Maiden Hallowed Be Thy Name DAM Recommended
4225-36 Helloween Halloween DAM Recommended
812-03 Beyonce Halo Easy Karaoke
812-04 Beyonce Halo Sunfly
975-10 Beyonce Halo Sunfly Recommended
888-7 GLEE Halo-Walking On Sunshine Easy Karaoke Recommended
930-13 GLEE Halo-Walking On Sunshine Pocket Songs
930-09 GLEE Halo-Walking On Sunshine (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
3761-38 David Guetta ft. Rihanna Hamaica Song DAM Recommended
3713-50 Cannibal Corpse Hammer Smashed Face DAM Recommended
227-17 Queen Hammer To Fall Backstage
411-B-12 Queen Hammer To Fall Original Recommended
3759-90 Hammerfall Hammerfall DAM Recommended
5930-30 Offspring, The Hammerhead DAM Recommended
6557-62 Red Hot Chili Peppers Hanalei DAM Recommended
3127-45 Eric Martin Hanamizuki DAM Recommended
1090-13 Bullet For My Valentine Hand Blood DAM Recommended
180-01 Alanis Morissette Hand In My Pocket Top Hits Recommended
248-A-01 Sandi Patti Hand On My Shoulder NUT Recommended
557-A-09 Kylie Minogue Hand On Your Heart Pioneer Recommended
545-03 Kylie Minogue Hand On Your Heart Zoom
5148-05 Nine Inch Nails Hand That Feeds, The DAM Recommended
693-14 John Cougar Mellencamp Hand To Hold On To CDG Recommended
4967-40 Sum 41 Handle This DAM Recommended
355-01 Traveling Wilburies, The Handle With Care Ameri*Sing Recommended
406-B-04 Jewel Hands SDK Recommended
3857-26 Maroon 5 Hands All Over DAM Recommended
5249-07 Alanis Morissette Hands Clean DAM Recommended
6765-40 Linkin Park Hands Held High DAM Recommended
535-10 Breathe Hands To Heaven Sound Choice Recommended
691-08 Breathe Hands To Heaven Sunfly
3947-19 Selena Gomez Hands To MySelf DAM Recommended
3106-13 Black Eyed Peas, The Hands Up DAM Recommended
963-03 Offawan Hands Up Legends Recommended
574-04 TLC Hands Up Chartbuster Recommended
828-08 Ottawan Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) Zoom Recommended
5630-30 Stratovarius Hands of Time, The DAM Recommended
29-13 James Taylor Handy Man DK Karaoke
013-B-05 James Taylor Handy Man Pioneer Recommended
3855-33 Ting Tings, The Hang It Up DAM Recommended
834-08 Plumb Hang On Pop Hits Recommended
4221-02 Kajagoogoo Hang On Now DAM Recommended
67-11 McCoys, The Hang On Sloopy DK Karaoke
003-A-07 McCoys, The Hang On Sloopy Pioneer Recommended
26-15 Exile Hang On To Your Heart DK Karaoke Recommended
901-02 Sade Hang On To Your Love Sound Choice Recommended
924-04 Yellowcard Hang You Up Pop Hits Recommended
1079-31 Megadeth Hangar 18 DAM Recommended
167-07 Bobby Brown Hangin' Around Sound Choice Recommended
41-03 New Kids On The Block Hangin' Rough DK Karaoke Recommended
029-B-05 New Kids On The Block Hangin' Tough Pioneer Recommended
175-15 Lifehouse Hanging By A Moment Sound Choice
742-06 Lifehouse Hanging By A Moment Sound Choice Recommended
191-07 Lifehouse Hanging By A Moment Top Tunes
1044-16 Blondie Hanging On The Telephone DAM Recommended
730-05 Duffy Hanging On Too Long Zoom Recommended
3852-41 Taio Cruz ft. Flo Rida Hangover DAM Recommended
530-11 Madonna Hanky Panky Sound Choice Recommended
66-12 Tommy James & The Shondells Hanky Panky DK Karaoke
238-A-02 Tommy James & The Shondells Hanky Panky NUT Recommended
045-B-14 Hootie & The Blowfish Hannah Jane Pioneer Recommended
3537-17 Raiatea Haole Hula DAM Recommended
5868-05 Lonnie Gordon Happenin' All Over Again DAM Recommended
72-08 Supremes, The Happening DK Karaoke Recommended
591-13 Supremes, The Happening, The Motown Recommended
3923-64 Maia Hirasawa Happiest Fool DAM Recommended
59-17 Donna Fargo Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A. DK Karaoke Recommended
3925-07 One Direction Happily DAM Recommended
1077-53 One Direction Happily (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
900-06 Alexis Jordan Happiness Sunfly Recommended
577-03 Orson Happiness Sunfly Recommended
258-B-11 Vanessa Williams Happiness MD Recommended
5148-08 Nine Inch Nails Happiness In Slavery DAM Recommended
246-06 Beatles, The Happiness Is A Warm Gun Sunfly Recommended
369-12 Ashanti Happy Sound Choice Recommended
3931-74 C2C ft. Derek Martin Happy DAM Recommended
1064-69 Carpenters Happy DAM Recommended
803-13 Leona Lewis Happy Sunfly Recommended
5635-09 Pharrell Williams Happy DAM Recommended
342-12 Rolling Stones, The Happy Sound Choice Recommended
1190-94 Michael Jackson Happy (Love Theme from “Lady Sings The Blues) DAM Recommended
5635-16 Pharrell Williams Happy (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3958-79 New Found Glory Happy Being Miserable DAM Recommended
662-07 Altered Images Happy Birthday Sunfly Recommended
397-22 Specialty Happy Birthday Party Pak Recommended
552-B-01 Standard Happy Birthday Pioneer Recommended
260-A-06 Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday EMI Recommended
45-19 Traditional Happy Birthday DK Karaoke Recommended
660-14 Neil Sedaca Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen Sunfly Recommended
19-11 Neil Sedaka Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen DK Karaoke
006-A-09 Neil Sedaka Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen Pioneer Recommended
6342-13 Aqua Happy Boys And Girls DAM Recommended
3843-99 Maroon 5 Happy Christmas (War Is Over) DAM Recommended
377-08 TV Theme Happy Days Music Maestro
397-24 TV Theme Happy Days Party Pak Recommended
032-A-10 Cruisers Quartet, The Happy Days Are Here Again Pioneer Recommended
3361-01 Julia Fordham Happy Ever After DAM Recommended
1005-27 ABBA Happy Hawaii DAM Recommended
773-03 Who, The Happy Jack Legends
624-02 Who, The Happy Jack Zoom Recommended
3968-53 Neck Deep Happy Judgement Day DAM Recommended
3387-49 Korpiklaani Happy Little Boozer DAM Recommended
674-13 ABBA Happy New Year Sunfly Recommended
048-A-13 No Doubt Happy Now Pioneer Recommended
1579-96 R. Kelly Happy People DAM Recommended
1286-32 Temptations, The Happy People DAM Recommended
3855-90 Norah Jones Happy Pills DAM Recommended
1090-48 R. Kelly ft. Snoop Dogg Happy Sometime DAM Recommended
3939-78 Boney M. Happy Song DAM Recommended
3123-73 Bloody Mary Happy Talk DAM Recommended
3939-63 Harpers Bizarre Happy Talk DAM Recommended
1167-11 Simple Plan Happy Together DAM Recommended
44-13 Turtles, The Happy Together DK Karaoke Recommended
82-08 Roy Rogers Happy Trails DK Karaoke Recommended
3872-13 Disney Happy Working Song DAM Recommended
3843-84 Daniel Powter ft. The 7 Arrows Choir Happy Xmas (War Is Over) DAM Recommended
320-B-05 John Lennon Happy Xmas (War Is Over) EMI
776-12 John Lennon Happy Xmas (War Is Over) Legends
771-18 John Lennon Happy Xmas (War Is Over) Radio Starz
240-04 John Lennon Happy Xmas (War Is Over) Zoom Recommended
1149-45 John Lennon Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
022-B-04 Tune Weavers, The Happy, Happy Birthday Baby Pioneer Recommended
1088-33 Mudvayne Happy? DAM Recommended
1053-03 Boz Scaggs Harbor Lights DAM Recommended
207-A-02 Bruce Hornsby & The Range Harbor Lights NUT Recommended
10-11 Platters, The Harbor Lights DK Karaoke
017-B-02 Platters, The Harbor Lights Pioneer Recommended
3718-97 Rihanna ft. Jeezy Hard DAM Recommended
242-A-04 Brother Cane Hard Act To Follow NUT Recommended
3579-02 AC/DC Hard As Rock (LP Version) DAM Recommended
382-14 Best Little Whorehouse In Texas Hard Candy Christmas Music Maestro Recommended
738-05 Dolly Parton Hard Candy Christmas Chartbuster Recommended
11-06 Beatles, The Hard Day's Night, A DK Karaoke
007-A-05 Beatles, The Hard Day's Night, A Pioneer Recommended
645-07 Beatles, The Hard Day's Night, A Sound Choice
1088-95 Sugarcult Hard Day's Night, A DAM Recommended
034-B-08 Chicago Hard Habit To Break Pioneer Recommended
XA4 Elvis Presley Hard Headed Woman Music Maestro Recommended
108-10 Jay-Z Hard Knock Life Music Maestro
270-05 Jay-Z Hard Knock Life Sunfly Recommended
151-11 Kiss Hard Luck Woman Kiss This
656-10 Kiss Hard Luck Woman Monster Hits
808-03 Kiss Hard Luck Woman Sound Choice Recommended
355-B-07 Garth Brooks Hard Luck Women SDK Recommended
3928-56 Lily Allen Hard Out There DAM Recommended
779-12 Bob Dylan Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall, A Legends Recommended
735-02 Bryan Ferry Hard Rain's Gonna Fall, A Sunfly Recommended
59-10 Randy Travis Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart DK Karaoke
336-A-06 Randy Travis Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart Pioneer Recommended
3106-40 Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah DAM Recommended
319-B-11 Boz Scaggs Hard Times EMI Recommended
1107-20 Eric Clapton Hard Times DAM Recommended
3968-55 Paramore Hard Times DAM Recommended
1088-90 HARD-FI Hard To Beat DAM Recommended
453-08 Black Crowes, The Hard To Handle Karaoke Hits
371-06 Black Crowes, The Hard To Handle Sound Choice Recommended
428-06 Black Crowes, The Hard To Handle Swt GA Brn
028-B-12 Otis Redding Hard To Handle Pioneer Recommended
760-04 Dan Fogelberg Hard To Say Sound Choice Recommended
131-12 Sawyer Brown Hard To Say Music Maestro
233-A-01 Sawyer Brown Hard To Say NUT Recommended
201-B-05 AZ Yet & Peter Cetera Hard To Say I'm Sorry GE Recommended
797-12 Chicago Hard To Say I'm Sorry Legends Recommended
3961-32 Chicago Hard To Say I'm Sorry (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3923-18 Strypes, The Hard To Say No DAM Recommended
206-A-10 Mary Chapin Carpenter Hard Way, The NUT Recommended
3881-02 Mick Jagger Hard Woman DAM Recommended
338-A-14 Brooks & Dunn Hard Workin' Man Pioneer Recommended
046-B-10 Quarterflash Harden My Heart Pioneer Recommended
735-10 Quarterflash Harden My Heart Sunfly
557-B-08 Brother Beyond Harder I Try, The Pioneer Recommended
889-16 Public Enemy Harder Than You Think Mr. Entertainer Recommended
879-18 Public Enemy Harder Than You Think Sunfly Recommended
5630-29 Stevie Salas Harder They Come ,The DAM Recommended
022-B-02 Jimmy Cliff Harder They Come, The Pioneer Recommended
764-09 Jimmy Cliff Harder They Come, The Sound Choice
526-08 Maroon 5 Harder To Breathe Sound Choice Recommended
528-02 Maroon 5 Harder To Breathe Zoom
6842-11 Daft Punk Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger DAM Recommended
1150-84 Coldplay Hardest Part, The DAM Recommended
882-06 Julia Price Hardest Part, The Pop Hits Recommended
160-10 98 Degrees Hardest Thing, The Just Tracks
409-B-09 98 Degrees Hardest Thing, The SDK Recommended
3578-30 Metallica Hardwired DAM Recommended
552-A-09 Standard Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Pioneer Recommended
1114-89 Frank Sinatra Hark, Herald Angels Sing, The DAM Recommended
132-10 Cynda Williams Harlem Blues Sound Choice Recommended
226-03 Rolling Stones, The Harlem Shuffle Backstage
21-04 Rolling Stones, The Harlem Shuffle DK Karaoke
018-A-03 Rolling Stones, The Harlem Shuffle Pioneer Recommended
429-08 Elton John Harmony Swt GA Brn Recommended
1126-78 Valentina Harmony DAM Recommended
3749-11 Sally Seltmann Harmony To My Heartbeat DAM Recommended
13-18 Jeannie C. Riley Harper Valley P.T.A. DK Karaoke Recommended
357-A-04 Jeannie C.Riley Harper Valley P.T.A. Nikkodo Recommended
874-10 Eric Benét (Eric Benet) Harriett Jones Pop Hits Recommended
822-08 Isley Brothers, The Harvest For The World CDG Recommended
338-B-11 John & Audrey Wiggens Has Anybody Seen Amy Pioneer Recommended
509-10 Weezer Hash Pipe Sound Choice Recommended
306-B-03 Argentina Tango Songs Hasta Siempre Amor Nikkodo Recommended
748-02 Plain White T's Hate (I Really Don't Like You) CDG Recommended
3528-54 Plain White T's Hate (I Really Don't Like You) DAM
1079-83 Children of Bodom Hate Crew Deathroll DAM Recommended
7012-33 50 Cent ft. The Game, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo Hate It Or Leave it (G-Unit Remix) DAM Recommended
730-11 Rihanna & Ne-Yo Hate That I Love You Chartbuster Recommended
818-08 Rihanna ft. Ne-Yo Hate That I Love You Sunfly Recommended
707-12 Hives, The Hate To Say I Told You So Ameri*Sing
801-03 Hives, The Hate To Say I Told You So CDG Recommended
708-03 Hives, The Hate To Say I Told You So Top Tunes
1256-69 Rolling Stones, The Hate To See You Go DAM Recommended
5724-09 Sweetbox Hate Without Frontiers DAM Recommended
3735-86 Slayer Hate Worldwide DAM Recommended
842-05 KoЯn Hating (Everything That I Could Find) Top Tunes Recommended
309-B-14 Del Shannon Hats f To Larry EMI Recommended
4082-71 Beyonce Haunted DAM Recommended
3852-90 Taylor Swift Haunted DAM Recommended
402-B-08 Sammy Kershaw Haunted Heart Nikkodo Recommended
399-03 Jumpin' Gene Simmons Haunted House Party Pak Recommended
4767-26 Green Day Haushinka DAM Recommended
005-B-01 Standard Havah Nagilah Pioneer Recommended
3987-40 Pentatonix Havana DAM Recommended
750-01 Pink Floyd Have A Cigar Sunfly Recommended
3579-34 AC/DC Have A Drink On Me DAM Recommended
416-02 Bonnie Raitt Have A Heart DK Karaoke
52-02 Bonnie Raitt Have A Heart DK Karaoke
038-B-13 Bonnie Raitt Have A Heart Pioneer Recommended
3116-21 Bon Jovi Have A Nice Day DAM Recommended
6902-01 Stereophonics Have A Nice Day DAM Recommended
221-15 Travis & The Stereophonics Have A Nice Day Sunfly Recommended
940-06 Rod Stewart Have I Told You Lately Chartbuster
055-B-05 Rod Stewart Have I Told You Lately MD Recommended
350-B-09 Rod Stewart Have I Told You Lately SDK
3950-42 Van Morrison Have I Told You Lately DAM Recommended
XS10 Elvis Presley Have I Told You Lately That I Love You Music Maestro Recommended
340-B-06 Standard Have I Told You Lately That I Love You Pioneer Recommended
57-14 Judds, The Have Mercy DK Karaoke
043-A-04 Judds, The Have Mercy Pioneer Recommended
3451-87 B.T. Express Have Some Fun DAM Recommended
409-A-12 Brandy Have You Ever SDK Recommended
677-08 S Club 7 Have You Ever Sunfly Recommended
403-01 Celine Dion Have You Ever Been In Love Just Tracks Recommended
007-A-10 Patsy Cline Have You Ever Been Lonely Pioneer Recommended
120-06 Derek & The Dominos Have You Ever Loved A Woman Swt GA Brn Recommended
609-09 Eric Clapton Have You Ever Loved A Woman Swt GA Brn Recommended
902-10 Def Leppard Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad CDG Recommended
415-A-01 Bryan Adams Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman HLD Recommended
37-07 Creedence Clearwater Revival Have You Ever Seen The Rain DK Karaoke
031-B-01 Creedence Clearwater Revival Have You Ever Seen The Rain Pioneer Recommended
458-06 Creedence Clearwater Revival Have You Ever Seen The Rain Swt GA Brn
1255-13 Rod Stewart Have You Ever Seen The Rain DAM Recommended
3961-34 Creedence Clearwater Revival Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
941-07 Robbie Williams Have You Met Miss Jones? Sunfly Recommended
4-06 Olivia Newton-John Have You Never Been Mellow DK Karaoke
003-A-12 Olivia Newton-John Have You Never Been Mellow Pioneer Recommended
6338-02 Olivia Project Have You Never Been Mellow (DDR Version) DAM Recommended
1214-40 Olivia Newton-John Have You Never Been Mellow (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
024-B-05 Chi-Lites, The Have You Seen Her Pioneer
903-07 Chi-Lites, The Have You Seen Her Sound Choice
1256-15 Rolling Stones, The Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The … DAM Recommended
307-A-06 Christmas Song Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas U-Best Recommended
045-A-04 Johnny Mathis Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Pioneer Recommended
18-17 Judy Garland Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas DK Karaoke Recommended
3942-25 Pentatonix Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas DAM Recommended
399-09 Perry Como Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Party Pak Recommended
4222-05 Pretenders, The Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas DAM Recommended
024-A-08 Carly Simon Haven't Got Time For The Pain Pioneer Recommended
804-16 Michael Buble Haven't Met You Yet Sunfly Recommended
354-B-04 Rod Stewart Having A Party SDK Recommended
1043-21 Bing Crosby Hawaiian Paradise DAM Recommended
3847-31 Jump5 Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride DAM Recommended
1145-04 Jo Stafford Hawaiian War Chant DAM Recommended
401-B-08 Ames Brothers, The Hawaiian War Chant (TA-HU-WA-HU-WA) Nikkodo Recommended
315-B-09 Elvis Presley Hawaiian Wedding Song EMI Recommended
1012-06 Andy Williams Hawaiian Wedding Song, The DAM Recommended
957-04 Joan Sebastian Hay Un Tren A Las Cinco Multi Karaoke Recommended
067-B-05 Richard Marx Hazard SDK Recommended
3559-04 Bangles, The Hazy Shade of Winter, A DAM Recommended
260-A-03 Simon & Garfunkel Hazy Shade of Winter, A EMI
291-13 Simon & Garfunkel Hazy Shade of Winter, A Legends Series Recommended
81-01 Hollies, The He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother DK Karaoke Recommended
013-A-06 Neil Diamond He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Pioneer Recommended
142-08 Neil Diamond He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Sound Choice
214-A-06 Toby Keith He Ain't Worth Missing NUT Recommended
704-02 Amy Winehouse He Can Only Hold Her Pocket Songs Recommended
3721-85 Hannah Montana He Could Be The One DAM Recommended
139-14 Josie Cotton He Could Be The One Sound Choice Recommended
5151-17 Tony Orlando & Dawn He Don't Love You (Like I Love You) DAM
41-11 Tony Orlando & Dawn He Don't Love You (Like I Love You) DK Karaoke Recommended
4390-41 Lebo M He Lives In You DAM Recommended
6996-01 Dream He Loves U Not DAM Recommended
3643-74 Ashley Tisdale He Said She Said DAM Recommended
73-15 George Jones He Stopped Loving Her Today DK Karaoke
359-A-02 George Jones He Stopped Loving Her Today Nikkodo Recommended
357-B-04 Lorrie Morgan He Talks To Me Nikkodo Recommended
219-A-02 Mary Chapin Carpenter He Thinks He'll Keep Her NUT Recommended
256-B-14 P.D.W.W. He Touched Me U-Best Recommended
581-15 Velvelettes, The He Was Really Saying Something Motown Recommended
4069-23 Avril Lavigne He Wasn't DAM Recommended
938-14 Toni Braxton He Wasn't Man Enough Pop Hits Recommended
190-06 Toni Braxton He Wasn't Man Enough Top Tunes
22-18 Jim Reeves He'll Have To Go DK Karaoke
370-A-11 Jim Reeves He'll Have To Go Nikkodo Recommended
881-16 Laura Izibor He'll Never Know Pop Hits Recommended
372-B-09 Janie Fricke He's A Heartache Nikkodo Recommended
14-12 Crystals, The He's A Rebel DK Karaoke
011-A-11 Crystals, The He's A Rebel Pioneer Recommended
3560-74 Vines, The He's A Rocker DAM Recommended
4154-12 Peggy Lee & The Mello Man He's A Tramp DAM Recommended
256-B-04 Don Francisco He's Alive U-Best Recommended
5361-89 Desert Rose Band, The He's Back And I'm Blue DAM Recommended
672-15 Billie Holiday He's Funny That Way Music Maestro Recommended
1236-96 Gospel He's Got The Whole World DAM Recommended
031-A-07 Laurie London He's Got The Whole World In His Hands Pioneer Recommended
256-B-01 P.D.W.W. He's Got Who, Thele World In His Hands U-Best Recommended
193-04 Mark Schultz He's My Son Music Maestro
174-05 Mark Schultz He's My Son Sound Choice Recommended
4350-52 Pointer Sisters, The He's So Shy DAM Recommended
107-12 Sister Sledge He's The Greatest Dancer Music Maestro Recommended
1126-43 King & Queen He-Hey Dancin' DAM Recommended
5930-14 Offspring, The Head Around You (Can't Get My) DAM Recommended
801-15 New Found Glory Head On Collision CDG Recommended
5249-03 Alanis Morissette Head Over Feet DAM Recommended
674-11 ABBA Head Over Heels Sunfly Recommended
D8 Go Go's Head Over Heels CDG
894-15 Go Go's Head Over Heels Sound Choice Recommended
136-10 Tears For Fears Head Over Heels Monster Hits Recommended
27-03 Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam Head To Toe DK Karaoke Recommended
5630-48 Winger Headed For A Heartbreak DAM Recommended
750-15 Traveling Wilburies, The Heading For The Light Sunfly Recommended
576-15 Judas Priest Heading Out To The Highway Sound Choice Recommended
251-05 Eminem ft. Nate Ruess Headlights (Clean version) Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3843-48 Drake Headlines DAM Recommended
4813-13 Spice Girls Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) DAM Recommended
7051-29 Queen Headlong DAM Recommended
3985-94 Butcher Babies Headspin DAM Recommended
676-06 Trapt Headstrong Sound Choice Recommended
974-14 Fratellis, The Heady Tale, A Sunfly Recommended
157-11 Concrete Blonde Heal It Up Sound Choice Recommended
844-08 Michael Jackson Heal The World Chartbuster Recommended
333-B-14 Michael Jackson Heal The World EMI
423-15 Michael Jackson Heal The World Music Maestro
3722-30 Michael Jackson Heal The World (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
775-14 Elton John Healing Hands Legends
633-10 Elton John Healing Hands Sound Choice Recommended
397-12 Holiday's Hear Comes Santa Claus Party Pak Recommended
3920-88 Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing DAM Recommended
3528-40 Kanye West ft. Adam Levine Heard 'Em Say DAM Recommended
188-13 Sunshine Anderson Heard It All Before Top Hits Recommended
163-15 Damn Yankees Heart Music Maestro Recommended
2-03 Huey Lewis & The News Heart & Soul DK Karaoke
967-03 Huey Lewis & The News Heart & Soul Sound Choice
87-17 Standard Heart & Soul DK Karaoke Recommended
218-11 T'Pau Heart & Soul Legends Bassline
410-10 T'Pau Heart & Soul Sound Choice
3934-19 Chris Brown Heart Ain't A Brain DAM Recommended
251-08 Twin Atlantic Heart And Soul Mr. Entertainer Recommended
F7 Olivia Newton-John Heart Attack CDG Recommended
3920-75 Trey Songz Heart Attack DAM Recommended
401-A-04 Yardbirds, The Heart Full Soul Nikkodo Recommended
1070-28 Strokes, The Heart In A Cage DAM Recommended
3719-55 Paul McCartney Heart Of The Country DAM Recommended
847-12 Gallagher & Lyle Heart On My Sleeve Sunfly Recommended
3932-70 1975, The Heart Out DAM Recommended
508-06 Nirvana Heart Shaped Box Sound Choice Recommended
788-02 Nirvana Heart Shaped Box Sunfly
3916-28 Marilyn Manson Heart Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand) DAM Recommended
854-05 Olly Murs ft. Rizzle Kicks Heart Skips A Beat Mr. Entertainer Recommended
6692-25 Weezer Heart Songs DAM Recommended
3569-83 Bird And The Bee, The & Cornelius Heart Throbs & Apple Seeds DAM Recommended
131-14 Martina McBride Heart Trouble Music Maestro
240-A-01 Martina McBride Heart Trouble NUT Recommended
3934-82 Selena Gomez Heart Wants What It Wants, The DAM Recommended
4260-05 Nick Carter Heart Without A Home (I'll Be Yours) DAM Recommended
424-B-07 Reba McEntire & Vince Gill Heart Won't Lie, The JLD Recommended
67-07 Blondie Heart of Glass DK Karaoke Recommended
326-A-12 Blondie Heart of Glass EMI
392-06 Blondie Heart of Glass Party Pak
44-14 Neil Young Heart of Gold DK Karaoke
630-13 Neil Young Heart of Gold Sound Choice Recommended
427-08 Neil Young Heart of Gold Swt GA Brn
3126-02 Bobby Caldwell Heart of Mine DAM Recommended
1053-11 Boz Scaggs Heart of Mine DAM Recommended
12-01 Huey Lewis & The News Heart of Rock & Roll, The DK Karaoke
390-10 Huey Lewis & The News Heart of Rock & Roll, The Party Pak
001-B-01 Huey Lewis & The News Heart of Rock & Roll, The Pioneer
3827-64 Manowar Heart of Steel DAM Recommended
436-11 Cher Heart of Stone Swt GA Brn Recommended
707-04 Don Henley Heart of The Matter Legends Recommended
1099-23 Don Henley Heart of The Matter, The DAM Recommended
760-06 Poco Heart of The Night Sound Choice Recommended
3852-04 John Cafferty Heart's On Fire DAM Recommended
401-03 Eagles Heartache Tonight Backstage
770-04 Eagles Heartache Tonight Zoom Recommended
314-B-02 Kathy Linden Heartaches At Sweet Sixteen EMI Recommended
35-16 Ray Price Heartaches By The Number DK Karaoke Recommended
872-07 Enrique Iglesias & Nicole Sherzinger Heartbeat Sunfly Recommended
3855-11 Fray, The Heartbeat DAM Recommended
1181-58 Madonna Heartbeat DAM Recommended
6401-01 Tahiti 80 Heartbeat DAM Recommended
3941-17 Magnificance & Alex Maire ft. Brooke Forman Heartbeat (Nicky Romero Edit) DAM Recommended
874-07 All-American Rejects, The Heartbeat Slowing Down Pop Hits Recommended
3934-77 Kelly Clarkson Heartbeat Song DAM Recommended
242-A-08 Linda Ronstadt Heartbeats Accelerating NUT Recommended
856-02 Pink Heartbreak Down Chartbuster
851-13 Pink Heartbreak Down Sunfly Recommended
3939-80 5 Seconds Of Summer Heartbreak Girl DAM Recommended
50-01 Elvis Presley Heartbreak Hotel DK Karaoke
001-A-02 Elvis Presley Heartbreak Hotel Pioneer Recommended
354-A-02 Whitney Houston Heartbreak Hotel SDK Recommended
XN3 Elvis Presley Heartbreak Hotel/Tiger Man Music Maestro Recommended
402-A-01 Standard Heartbreak Kid Nikkodo Recommended
3857-98 Cinderella Heartbreak Station DAM Recommended
832-03 John Mayer Heartbreak Warfare Quik Hitz Recommended
009-B-02 Bee Gees, The Heartbreaker Pioneer Recommended
51-10 Dionne Warwick Heartbreaker DK Karaoke Recommended
790-10 Dionne Warwick Heartbreaker Zoom
272-A-02 Dolly Parton Heartbreaker Pioneer Recommended
320-A-14 Grand Funk Railroad Heartbreaker EMI Recommended
1075-30 Justin Bieber Heartbreaker DAM Recommended
025-B-10 Led Zeppelin Heartbreaker Pioneer Recommended
134-06 Led Zeppelin Heartbreaker Sound Choice
104-12 Mariah Carey Heartbreaker Just Tracks
409-B-07 Mariah Carey Heartbreaker SDK Recommended
3759-05 Pat Benatar Heartbreaker DAM Recommended
3526-84 Will.I.Am Heartbreaker DAM Recommended
3735-37 HIM Heartkiller DAM Recommended
519-11 Heart Heartless Sound Choice
769-03 Heart Heartless Sound Choice Recommended
734-04 Kanye West Heartless Sunfly Recommended
6512-33 Craig David Heartline DAM Recommended
324-B-11 Marty Balin Hearts EMI Recommended
337-B-10 Hal Ketchum Hearts Are Gonna Roll Pioneer Recommended
3552-03 Bullet For My Valentine Hearts Burst Into Fire DAM Recommended
3112-04 David Bowie Hearts Filthy Lesson, The (LP Version) DAM Recommended
841-08 Eddie Rabbitt Hearts On Fire Chartbuster Recommended
3560-25 Carcass Heartwork DAM Recommended
3879-05 Asia Heat Goes On, The DAM Recommended
28-03 Glenn Frey Heat Is On, The DK Karaoke
006-B-11 Glenn Frey Heat Is On, The Pioneer Recommended
393-11 Linda Ronstadt Heat Wave Party Pak Recommended
629-06 Asia Heat of The Moment Sound Choice Recommended
3561-05 Bryan Adams Heat of The Night DAM Recommended
3947-88 Twenty One Pilots Heathens DAM Recommended
889-06 Wiley & Rymez & Ms D Heatwave Mr. Entertainer Recommended
878-01 Wiley & Rymez & Ms D Heatwave Sunfly
4082-72 Beyonce Heaven DAM Recommended
8-02 Bryan Adams Heaven DK Karaoke
021-A-03 Bryan Adams Heaven Pioneer Recommended
140-11 Bryan Adams Heaven Sound Choice
3021-32 DJ Sammy & Yanou ft. Do Heaven DAM Recommended
854-11 Emeli Sandé Heaven Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3577-62 Los Lonely Boys Heaven DAM Recommended
346-B-08 Nu Flavor Heaven MD Recommended
3572-92 Warrant Heaven DAM
142-12 Warrant Heaven Sound Choice Recommended
686-06 Black Sabbath Heaven & Hell Sound Choice Recommended
287-10 DJ Sammy & Yanou ft. Do Heaven (Candlelight Mix) Entertainer Recommended
3387-47 Gamma Ray Heaven Can Wait DAM Recommended
6761-08 Iron Maiden Heaven Can Wait DAM Recommended
850-06 Michael Jackson Heaven Can Wait Chartbuster Recommended
J33 Queen Heaven For Everyone Original Recommended
231-14 Lenny Kravitz Heaven Help Killer Tracks Recommended
361-02 Level 42 Heaven In My Hands CDG Recommended
753-06 Loverboy Heaven In Your Eyes Sunfly Recommended
164-01 OPM Heaven Is A Halfpipe Sound Choice Recommended
295-12 OPM Heaven Is A Halfpipe Sunfly
3451-22 ALLiSTER Heaven Is A Place On Earth DAM Recommended
95-09 Belinda Carlisle Heaven Is A Place On Earth DK Karaoke
008-A-01 Belinda Carlisle Heaven Is A Place On Earth Pioneer Recommended
3021-64 Soda Club ft. Hannah Alethea Heaven Is A Place On Earth DAM Recommended
3920-34 Pretty Reckless, The Heaven Knows DAM Recommended
663-08 Tavares Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel Sound Choice Recommended
581-14 Elgins, The Heaven Must Have Sent You Motown Recommended
3541-19 Boston Heaven On Earth DAM Recommended
6053-73 Britney Spears Heaven On Earth DAM Recommended
746-04 Jesus Christ Superstar Heaven On Their Minds Pocket Songs Recommended
3021-07 Joy Denalane ft. Raekwon Heaven Or Hell DAM Recommended
686-14 Yngwie. J.Malmsteen Heaven Tonight Sound Choice Recommended
3037-44 Alicia Keys Heaven's Door DAM Recommended
151-14 Kiss Heaven's On Fire Kiss This Recommended
238-14 Gloria Estefan Heaven's What I Feel Legends Series
347-A-08 Gloria Estefan Heaven's What I Feel MD Recommended
557-07 Erasure Heavenly Action STTW Recommended
3106-99 Genki Rockets Heavenly Star DAM Recommended
2706-50 Genki Rockets Heavenly Star (House Nation Remix) DAM Recommended
3981-53 Anne-Marie Heavy DAM Recommended
3721-10 Gossip Heavy Cross DAM Recommended
3839-35 Judas Priest Heavy Metal DAM Recommended
673-03 Sammy Hagar Heavy Metal Sound Choice Recommended
3841-58 Lady Gaga Heavy Metal Lover DAM Recommended
6765-89 Linkin Park Heavy ft. Kiiara DAM Recommended
6765-93 Linkin Park Heavy ft. Kiiara (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3441-60 Reverend & The Makers Heavyweight Champion The World DAM Recommended
3656-02 Boys Like Girls Heels Over Head DAM Recommended
4390-35 Dwarf Chorus, The Heigh-Ho DAM Recommended
212-05 Amy Grant Heirlooms Priddis Recommended
240-07 Paul McCartney & Wings Helen Wheels Sunfly
345-09 Paul McCartney & Wings Helen Wheels Zoom Recommended
2221-94 My Chemical Romance Helena DAM Recommended
3865-75 Foster The People Helena Beat DAM Recommended
2221-26 Bloc Party Helicopter DAM Recommended
3944-22 Chris Lake ft. Jareth Helium (Tiest Remix) DAM Recommended
512-06 Judas Priest Hell Bent For Leather Sound Choice Recommended
3580-20 Sebastian Bach Hell Inside My Head DAM Recommended
3728-46 Kiss Hell Or Hallelujah DAM Recommended
4967-04 Sum 41 Hell Song, The DAM Recommended
3944-46 Tiesto & Showtek Hell Yeah! DAM Recommended
680-11 No Doubt Hella Good Sunfly Recommended
3827-83 Arctic Monkeys Hellcat Spangled Shalalala, The DAM Recommended
766-10 Judas Priest Hellion/Electric Eye, The Sound Choice Recommended
3942-48 Adele Hello DAM Recommended
1819-38 Evanescence Hello DAM Recommended
42-06 Lionel Richie Hello DK Karaoke
033-A-02 Lionel Richie Hello Pioneer Recommended
911-14 Lionel Richie Hello Pocket Songs
935-02 Martin Solveig & Dragonette Hello Pop Hits Recommended
4816-33 Oasis Hello DAM Recommended
904-09 Poe Hello Sound Choice Recommended
3958-37 Adele Hello (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
404-02 Cars, The Hello Again Original Recommended
042-A-12 Neil Diamond Hello Again Pioneer Recommended
3557-19 Def Leppard Hello America DAM Recommended
5151-23 Conway Twitty Hello Darlin' DAM Recommended
384-12 Hello Dolly Hello Dolly Music Maestro Recommended
81-17 Louis Armstrong Hello Dolly DK Karaoke
263-B-06 Louis Armstrong Hello Dolly Pioneer Recommended
503-A-05 Louis Armstrong Hello Dolly Pioneer
3-06 Beatles, The Hello Goodbye DK Karaoke
341-A-03 Beatles, The Hello Goodbye Pioneer Recommended
644-14 Beatles, The Hello Goodbye Sound Choice
931-15 GLEE Hello Goodbye Pocket Songs Recommended
934-04 GLEE Hello Goodbye Sunfly
1126-97 Priscilla Hello Goodbye DAM Recommended
931-10 GLEE Hello Goodbye (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
437-13 Alice Cooper Hello Hooray Swt GA Brn Recommended
607-04 Doors, The Hello I Love You Legends Series Recommended
29-09 Todd Rundgren Hello It's Me DK Karaoke
341-A-07 Todd Rundgren Hello It's Me Pioneer Recommended
5452-53 Capricorn Hello Liverpool DAM Recommended
83-09 Ricky Nelson Hello Mary Lou DK Karaoke
452-16 Ricky Nelson Hello Mary Lou Karaoke Hits
265-A-03 Ricky Nelson Hello Mary Lou Pioneer Recommended
3867-01 Arabesque Hello Mr.Monkey DAM Recommended
121-03 Alan Sherman Hello Muddah Music Maestro Recommended
020-B-10 Allan Sherman Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh Pioneer Recommended
3876-50 Owl City Hello Seattle DAM Recommended
231-A-02 Barbara Lewis Hello Stranger NUT Recommended
6511-14 Zebrahead Hello Tomorrow DAM Recommended
358-A-11 Desert Rose Band, The Hello Trouble Nikkodo Recommended
62-15 Faron Young Hello Walls DK Karaoke Recommended
1176-01 Show Tunes (Louis Armstrong) Hello, Dolly! (From “Hello, Dolly”) DAM Recommended
3572-85 TNT Hello, Hello DAM Recommended
3865-16 New England Hello, Hello, Hello DAM Recommended
751-03 Paul Evans Hello, This Is Joannie Sunfly Recommended
3934-52 Jason Miraz Hello, You Beautiful Thing DAM Recommended
554-10 Sweet Hellraiser Sunfly Recommended
3839-37 Judas Priest Hellrider DAM Recommended
516-16 AC/DC Hells Bells Legends
430-01 AC/DC Hells Bells Swt GA Brn Recommended
1025-08 Bananarama ft.Lananeeneenoonoo Help DAM Recommended
777-06 Little River Band Help Is On The Way Legends Recommended
5868-13 Mela Help Me DAM Recommended
4260-01 Nick Carter Help Me (Album Version) DAM Recommended
243-A-06 Randy Travis Help Me Hold On NUT Recommended
58-06 Travis Tritt Help Me Hold On DK Karaoke Recommended
3769-12 Gladys Knight & The Pips Help Me Make It Through The Night DAM Recommended
367-A-05 Kris Kristferson Help Me Make It Through The Night Nikkodo Recommended
67-10 Sammi Smith Help Me Make It Through The Night DK Karaoke Recommended
908-14 Willie Nelson Help Me Make It Through The Night Sound Choice Recommended
7330-38 Maroon 5 Help Me Out + Julia Michaels DAM Recommended
18-09 Beach Boys, The Help Me Rhonda DK Karaoke
658-14 Beach Boys, The Help Me Rhonda Legends Series
263-A-14 Beach Boys, The Help Me Rhonda Pioneer Recommended
389-10 Beach Boys, The Help Me Rhonda Sound Choice
278-12 Pulp & The Lightening Seeds Help The Aged Gold Series Recommended
066-A-01 Tom Jones Help Yourself SDK Recommended
195-16 Tom Jones Help Yourself Sunfly
7-04 Beatles, The Help! DK Karaoke
264-A-07 Beatles, The Help! Pioneer Recommended
645-12 Beatles, The Help! Sound Choice
3957-18 Howie Day Help! DAM Recommended
1222-25 Beatles, The Help! (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3729-06 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Helpless DAM Recommended
5528-53 Backstreet Boys Helpless When She Smiles DAM Recommended
3574-72 Aerosmith Helter Skelter DAM Recommended
261-A-01 Beatles, The Helter Skelter EMI Recommended
176-02 Fuel Hemorrhage Music Maestro
152-06 Fuel Hemorrhage Pop Hits
214-01 Fuel Hemorrhage Sound Choice Recommended
3021-18 Fratellis, The Henrietta DAM Recommended
3917-08 Rob Thomas Her Diamonds DAM Recommended
542-07 Firehouse Her For You Star Disc Recommended
7042-11 Beatles, The Her Majesty DAM Recommended
H13 James Taylor & J.D. Souther Her Town Too CDG Recommended
5635-11 Pharrell Williams Here DAM Recommended
782-04 Del Amitri Here & Now Sunfly Recommended
710-15 Hellogoodbye Here (In Your Arms) Sunfly Recommended
038-B-10 Luther Vandross Here And Now Pioneer Recommended
3879-16 Asia Here Come The Feeling DAM Recommended
249-05 Jackson Browne Here Come Those Tears Again Music Maestro Recommended
229-A-04 Traffic Here Comes A Man NUT Recommended
3660-15 Rascal Flatts Here Comes Goodbye DAM Recommended
028-A-03 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Here Comes My Girl Pioneer Recommended
XP7 Elvis Presley Here Comes Santa Claus Music Maestro Recommended
3718-22 Gene Autry Here Comes Santa Claus DAM Recommended
5452-13 Fortunes, The Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again DAM Recommended
3638-89 Fair Warning Here Comes The Heartache DAM Recommended
3774-70 Ini Kamoze Here Comes The Hotstepper DAM Recommended
042-B-06 Eurythmics Here Comes The Rain Again Pioneer Recommended
647-14 Beatles, The Here Comes The Sun Sound Choice Recommended
786-05 Beatles, The Here Comes The Sun Sunfly
5724-25 Sweetbox Here Comes The Sun DAM Recommended
6702-36 Pink ft. Eminem Here Comes The Weekend DAM Recommended
571-08 Pixies Here Comes Your Man Sound Choice Recommended
252-15 Gorgon City ft. Laura Welsh Here For You Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3940-42 Dynasty Here I Am DAM Recommended
3840-09 Maia Hirasawa Here I Am DAM Recommended
248-A-09 Patty Loveless Here I Am NUT Recommended
73-02 UB40 Here I Am DK Karaoke Recommended
419-08 Al Green Here I Am (Come & Take Me) Sound Choice Recommended
109-09 UB40 Here I Am (Come And Take Me) DK Karaoke Recommended
417-05 Air Supply Here I Am (Jst When I Thought I Was Over You) Chartbuster Recommended
U8 Air Supply Here I Am (Live) Original Recommended
1579-39 Sertab Here I Am (Radio Edit) DAM Recommended
1167-45 Fergie Here I Come DAM Recommended
3656-95 Anuhea Here I Go Again DAM Recommended
47-14 Whitesnake Here I Go Again DK Karaoke
029-B-13 Whitesnake Here I Go Again Pioneer Recommended
466-10 Whitesnake Here I Go Again Sound Choice
242-13 Whitesnake Here I Go Again Zoom
3638-17 Madina Lake Here I Stand DAM Recommended
508-14 A-Ha Here I Stand & Face The Rain CDG Recommended
062-A-08 Chicago Here In My Heart MD Recommended
3044-01 Goo Goo Dolls, The Here Is Gone DAM Recommended
3577-65 Mel C Here It Comes Again DAM Recommended
3577-65 Melanie C Here It Comes Again DAM Recommended
910-03 OK GO Here It Goes Again Chartbuster
968-06 OK GO Here It Goes Again Chartbuster Recommended
348-B-12 Celine Dion Here There & Everywhere MD Recommended
346-08 Paul McCartney Here There & Everywhere Legends Series Recommended
1040-71 KoЯn Here To Stay DAM Recommended
336-B-09 Alabama Here We Are Pioneer Recommended
113-07 Gloria Estefan Here We Are Druid Recommended
3548-27 Journey Here We Are DAM Recommended
406-A-09 'N Sync Here We Go SDK Recommended
3528-31 Bowling For Soup Here We Go DAM Recommended
661-05 Stakka' Bo Here We Go Sunfly Recommended
3851-57 Psychotic Youth Here We Go (Oh Yeah) DAM Recommended
6400-04 'N Sync Here We Go (Radio Cut) DAM Recommended
3735-33 Demi Lovato Here We Go Again DAM Recommended
536-07 Kanye West Here We Go Again Pop Hits Recommended
1173-08 Laila Here We Go Again DAM Recommended
370-14 Ray Charles & Norah Jones Here We Go Again Sound Choice Recommended
3834-05 C+C Music Factory Here We Go, Let's Rock & Roll DAM Recommended
6876-03 Dido Here With Me DAM Recommended
222-A-11 Philip Bailey Here With Me NUT Recommended
925-16 3 Doors Down Here Without You Sound Choice Recommended
23-13 Dolly Parton Here You Come Again DK Karaoke
004-B-12 Dolly Parton Here You Come Again Pioneer Recommended
243-A-07 Randy Travis Here's A Quarter NUT Recommended
71-03 Travis Tritt Here's A Quarter DK Karaoke
208-A-12 Travis Tritt Here's A Quarter NUT Recommended
243-A-02 Tanya Tucker Here's Some Love NUT Recommended
1114-65 Frank Sinatra Here's That Rainy Day DAM Recommended
432-05 Sammy Davis Jr. Here's That Rainy Day Swt GA Brn Recommended
199-08 Eve 6 Here's To The Night Pop Hits Recommended
191-08 Eve 6 Here's To The Night Top Tunes
178-01 Tin Tin Out Here's Where The Story Ends Sunfly Recommended
2-10 Beatles, The Here, There & Everywhere DK Karaoke
024-A-09 Beatles, The Here, There & Everywhere Pioneer
644-08 Beatles, The Here, There & Everywhere Sound Choice
3686-07 Slipknot Heretic Anthem, The DAM Recommended
304-03 Chad Kroeger & Josey Scott Hero Powerhits Recommended
296-10 Enrique Iglesias Hero Sound Choice Recommended
277-09 Enrique Iglesias Hero Swt GA Brn
3127-37 Eric Martin Hero DAM Recommended
065-A-04 Mariah Carey Hero SDK Recommended
1173-07 Papaya Hero DAM Recommended
3744-04 Skillet Hero DAM Recommended
3120-95 Mariah Carey Hero (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
788-12 Bangles, The Hero Takes A Fall Sunfly Recommended
510-05 Metallica Hero of The Day Sound Choice Recommended
7051-55 Queen Hero, The DAM Recommended
3451-35 Boys Like Girls Hero/Heroine DAM Recommended
603-02 David Bowie Heroes Sunfly Recommended
244-15 David Bowie Heroes Zoom
4225-67 Helloween Heroes DAM Recommended
1088-82 Masterplan Heroes DAM Recommended
900-17 X-Factor Finalists 2010 Heroes Sunfly Recommended
1031-29 Beach Boys, The Heroes & Villains DAM Recommended
3938-39 Alesso ft. Tove Lo Heroes (We Could Be) DAM Recommended
3327-86 Dragonforce Heroes of Our Time DAM Recommended
913-04 3OH!3 & Lil Jon Hey Pop Hits Recommended
6843-04 Fatima Rainey Hey DAM Recommended
271-A-10 Julio Iglesias Hey Pioneer Recommended
3925-45 Pixies Hey DAM Recommended
285-03 Steely Dan Hey 19 Radio Starz Recommended
1077-21 One Direction Hey Angel DAM Recommended
680-10 No Doubt Hey Baby Sunfly Recommended
289-04 No Doubt & Bounty Killer Hey Baby Sound Choice Recommended
918-04 Pitbull & T-Pain Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) Pop Hits Recommended
120-14 Blues Brothers, The Hey Bartender Swt GA Brn
375-10 Blues Brothers, The Hey Bartender Zoom Recommended
448-19 Sweet Charity Hey Big Spender Karaoke Hits Recommended
382-01 Sweet Charity Hey Big Spender Music Maestro
536-09 Nitty Hey Bitty Pop Hits Recommended
5539-07 Chemical Brothers, The Hey Boy Hey Girl DAM Recommended
3919-80 Avicii Hey Brother DAM Recommended
673-11 Beatles, The Hey Bulldog Sound Choice Recommended
215-A-10 Suzy Bogguss Hey Cinderella NUT Recommended
3874-15 Lighter Shade of Brown Hey DJ DAM Recommended
837-11 Usher Hey Daddy Pop Hits Recommended
817-13 Usher & Plies Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home) Pop Hits Recommended
145-13 Kula Shaker Hey Dude Sunfly Recommended
3942-98 5 Seconds Of Summer Hey Everybody! DAM Recommended
031-B-13 Freddy Scott Hey Girl Pioneer Recommended
871-13 John Legend & Estelle Hey Girl Pop Hits Recommended
3951-20 Lady Gaga ft. Florence Welch Hey Girl DAM Recommended
558-B-08 Tams, The Hey Girl Don't Bother Me Pioneer Recommended
937-01 Tams, The Hey Girl Don't Bother Me Pioneer
3116-74 Bon Jovi Hey God DAM Recommended
5-14 Hank Williams Hey Good Lookin' DK Karaoke Recommended
313-A-11 Hank Williams Hey Good Lookin' EMI
454-16 Hank Williams Hey Good Lookin' Karaoke Hits
395-13 Hank Williams Hey Good Lookin' Party Pak
003-B-11 Hank Williams Jr. Hey Good Lookin' Pioneer Recommended
914-18 Dennis Ferrer Hey Hey Pop Hits Recommended
93-13 Monkees, The Hey Hey We're The Monkees DK Karaoke Recommended
412-07 Led Zeppelin Hey Hey What Can I Do Sound Choice Recommended
039-A-02 Gin Blossoms, The Hey Jealousy Pioneer Recommended
54-10 Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe DK Karaoke Recommended
778-03 Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe Legends
3851-02 Devil Wears Prada, The Hey John, What's your Name Again? DAM Recommended
13-02 Beatles, The Hey Jude DK Karaoke
452-02 Beatles, The Hey Jude Karaoke Hits
003-A-13 Beatles, The Hey Jude Pioneer Recommended
647-12 Beatles, The Hey Jude Sound Choice
1222-19 Beatles, The Hey Jude (Love Album Version) DAM Recommended
1222-24 Beatles, The Hey Jude (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
363-A-08 Dee Clark Hey Little Girl Nikkodo Recommended
6985-01 LL Cool J Hey Lover DAM Recommended
303-02 Cam'ron Hey Ma Powerhits Recommended
306-13 Black Eyed Peas, The Hey Mama Sound Choice Recommended
222-07 Nelly Furtado Hey Man Top Tunes Recommended
3441-89 Zhane Hey Mr. D.J. DAM Recommended
351-B-06 Backstreet Boys Hey Mr. DJ (Keep Playing My Song) SDK Recommended
811-05 Backstreet Boys Hey Mr. Dj (Keep Playin' This Song) CDG Recommended
853-17 Cam'ron & Vado Hey Muma Pop Hits Recommended
3939-66 London Grammar Hey Now DAM Recommended
947-05 Tantric Hey Now Top Hits Recommended
4819-15 Oasis Hey Now! DAM Recommended
41-17 Paul & Paula Hey Paula DK Karaoke Recommended
310-B-12 Paul & Paula Hey Paula EMI
211-10 Poe Hey Pretty Music Maestro Recommended
3941-13 NERVO ft. Kreayshawn, Dev & Alisa Hey Ricky DAM Recommended
679-05 Showaddywaddy Hey Rock & Roll Sunfly Recommended
6899-05 Shaggy ft. Brian & Tony Gold Hey Sexy Lady DAM Recommended
6454-05 Speech Hey Song, The DAM Recommended
3848-27 Taylor Swift Hey Stephen DAM Recommended
781-13 Alice Cooper Hey Stoopid Sunfly Recommended
326-B-06 Sammy Davis Jr. Hey There EMI Recommended
3526-09 Plain White T's Hey There Delilah DAM Recommended
22-10 Eddie Holman Hey There Lonely Girl DK Karaoke
543-A-10 Eddie Holman Hey There Lonely Girl DKV Recommended
457-01 Creedence Clearwater Revival Hey Tonight Swt GA Brn Recommended
722-07 Westlife Hey Whatever Sunfly Recommended
3327-32 Michael Franti & Spearhead Hey World (Remote Control Version) DAM Recommended
367-07 Outkast Hey Ya! Sound Choice Recommended
1181-42 Madonna Hey You DAM Recommended
3843-24 Pink Floyd Hey You DAM Recommended
5630-16 Quireboys Hey You DAM Recommended
3944-39 Showtek & Bassjackers Hey! DAM Recommended
910-08 Train Hey, Soul Sister CDG Recommended
3986-99 Bhad Bhabie Hi Bich (Remix) (ft. YBN Nahmir, Rich the Kid and Asian Doll) DAM Recommended
797-06 Blood, Sweat & Tears Hi De Ho Legends Recommended
789-01 Paul McCartney & Wings Hi Hi Hi Sunfly Recommended
3021-49 Bombers Hi Hi Mazinga DAM Recommended
79-09 Wings Hi, Hi, Hi DK Karaoke Recommended
401-A-12 Sweat Blood & Tears Hi-De-Do (That Old Sweet Roll) Nikkodo Recommended
4390-34 Walter Catlett Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor's Life For Me) DAM Recommended
558-A-04 Jeff Beck Hi-Ho Silver Lining Pioneer Recommended
368-A-02 Leslie Caron & Mel Ferre Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo Nikkodo Recommended
2224-20 Children's Hickory Dickory Dock DAM Recommended
298-02 Craig David Hidden Agenda Power Picks Recommended
297-12 Craig David Hidden Agenda Top Tunes
3761-55 Josh Groban Hidden Away DAM Recommended
3728-38 Kiss Hide Your Heart DAM Recommended
3939-34 Adele Hiding My Heart DAM Recommended
3733-60 Charles Aznavour Hier Encore DAM Recommended
2221-53 Feeder High DAM Recommended
1150-89 James Blunt High DAM Recommended
5156-05 Radiohead High & Dry DAM Recommended
566-09 Jamie Cullum High And Dry Zoom Recommended
361-A-08 Damn Yankees High Enough Nikkodo Recommended
515-01 Damn Yankees High Enough Sound Choice
1280-80 Stevie Wonder High Heel Sneakers DAM Recommended
3562-15 Bruce Springsteen ft. Tom Morello High Hopes DAM Recommended
89-18 Frank Sinatra High Hopes DK Karaoke
445-07 Frank Sinatra High Hopes Performance
018-B-09 Frank Sinatra High Hopes Pioneer Recommended
3934-91 Kodaline High Hopes DAM Recommended
313-A-06 Tex Ritter High Noon EMI Recommended
025-B-02 Survivor High On You Pioneer Recommended
3880-06 Night Ranger High Road DAM Recommended
242-A-05 Sass Jordan High Road Easy NUT Recommended
424-01 Rough Trade High School Confidential Gamesman Recommended
3626-65 High School Musical Cast High School Musical DAM Recommended
968-02 Bowling For Soup High School Never Ends Chartbuster Recommended
5630-31 Talas High Speed On Ice DAM Recommended
226-A-11 George Jones High Tech Redneck NUT Recommended
87-07 Joe Cocker High Time We Went DK Karaoke Recommended
516-15 AC/DC High Voltage Legends Recommended
6765-86 Linkin Park High Voltage DAM Recommended
910-14 Creed Higher CDG Recommended
159-06 Creed Higher Party Tyme
900-02 Saturdays, The Higher Sunfly Recommended
920-08 Taio Cruz & Kylie Minogue Higher Mr. Entertainer Recommended
918-07 Taio Cruz & Kylie Minogue Higher Pop Hits
53-06 Rita Coolidge Higher & Higher DK Karaoke Recommended
5151-32 Rita Coolidge Higher And Higher (Your Love Has Lifted Me) DAM Recommended
006-A-12 Aretha Franklin Higher Ground Pioneer Recommended
688-10 Red Hot Chili Peppers Higher Ground Sound Choice
701-09 Red Hot Chili Peppers Higher Ground Sound Choice Recommended
663-06 Stevie Wonder Higher Ground Sound Choice Recommended
167-10 UB40 Higher Ground Sound Choice Recommended
349-04 Steve Winwood Higher Love Legends Series
046-A-06 Steve Winwood Higher Love Pioneer Recommended
3943-65 Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft. Ne-Yo Higher Place DAM Recommended
5630-19 Rage Higher Than The Sky DAM Recommended
3913-94 Keane Higher Than The Sun DAM Recommended
971-03 Ledisi Higher Than This Pop Hits Recommended
573-05 Spandau Ballet Highly Strung Sunfly Recommended
815-11 Zac Brown Band Highway 20 Ride CDG Recommended
501-A-02 Deep Purple Highway Star Pioneer Recommended
3111-25 Deep Purple Highway Star (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
516-02 AC/DC Highway To Hell Legends Recommended
896-14 Hayseed Dixie Highway To Hell Karaoke Version Recommended
3840-25 Lady Gaga Highway Unicorn DAM Recommended
5151-33 Highwaymen, The Highwayman DAM Recommended
57-18 Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings Highwayman DK Karaoke Recommended
243-07 Rolling Stones, The Highwire SBI Recommended
3941-70 Omi Hila Hoop DAM Recommended
3943-80 Weeknd, The Hills, The DAM Recommended
760-12 Rupert Holmes Him Sound Choice Recommended
855-13 Kelly Price Himaholic Pop Hits Recommended
4816-16 Oasis Hindu Times, The DAM Recommended
107-05 Naughty By Nature Hip Hop Hooray Music Maestro Recommended
1183-30 Nas ft. Will.I.Am Hip Hop Is Dead DAM Recommended
10-01 Huey Lewis & The News Hip To Be Square DK Karaoke
537-A-08 Huey Lewis & The News Hip To Be Square DKV Recommended
503-08 Huey Lewis & The News Hip To Be Square Sound Choice
3746-88 Future Flight Hip-Notic Lady DAM Recommended
4820-05 Meja Hippies In The 60's DAM Recommended
3568-01 Georgia Satellites, The Hippy Hippy Shake DAM Recommended
697-11 Shakira ft. Wylcef Jean Hips Don't Lie Sunfly Recommended
3564-24 Ben Folds Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hits His Head) DAM Recommended
1079-26 Alcatrazz Hiroshima Mon Amour DAM Recommended
012-B-14 Elvis Presley His Latest Flame (Marie's The Name) Pioneer Recommended
551-B-03 Trio Los Panchos Historia De Un Amor Pioneer Recommended
850-08 Michael Jackson History Chartbuster Recommended
971-08 Mos Def ft. Talib Kweli History Pop Hits Recommended
1077-33 One Direction History DAM Recommended
208-03 Blu Cantrell Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!) Music Maestro
197-08 Blu Cantrell Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!) Power Picks Recommended
3920-33 Dirty Loops Hit Me DAM Recommended
118-06 Pat Benatar Hit Me With Your Best Shot All Hits
21-06 Pat Benatar Hit Me With Your Best Shot DK Karaoke
451-09 Pat Benatar Hit Me With Your Best Shot Karaoke Hits
391-08 Pat Benatar Hit Me With Your Best Shot Party Pak
015-B-07 Pat Benatar Hit Me With Your Best Shot Pioneer Recommended
759-14 Pat Benatar Hit Me With Your Best Shot Sound Choice
303-A-06 Ian Dury & The Blockheads Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick SUN Recommended
4819-01 New Edition Hit Me f (Single Edit) DAM Recommended
3528-12 New Found Glory Hit Or Miss DAM Recommended
947-03 Offspring, The Hit That Top Hits Recommended
6765-25 Linkin Park Hit The Floor DAM Recommended
621-13 Diana Krall Hit The Jive Jack Pocket Recommended
405-09 Metallica Hit The Light Original Recommended
404-03 Metallica Hit The Lights Original Recommended
326-B-05 Ray Charles Hit The Road Jack EMI Recommended
187-09 Shirly Horn Hit The Road Jack Music Maestro Recommended
591-11 Marvin Gaye Hitchhike Motown Recommended
4767-06 Green Day Hitchin' A Ride DAM Recommended
3717-01 Vanity Fare Hitchin' A Ride DAM Recommended
7051-33 Queen Hitman, The DAM Recommended
3401-11 Clash, The Hitsville UK DAM Recommended
3552-67 Those Dancing Days Hitten DAM Recommended
852-11 Chase & Status ft. Tinie Tempah Hitz Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3060-11 Gigliola Cinquetti Ho Bisogno Di Vederti DAM Recommended
3560-05 Nicola Di Bari Ho Capito Che Ti Amo DAM Recommended
891-17 Lumineers Ho Hey Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3923-45 Miley Cyrus Hoedown Throwdown DAM Recommended
963-11 Ray Anthony Hokey Pokey, The Legends Recommended
397-21 Specialty Hokey Pokey, The Party Pak Recommended
552-B-13 Standard Hokey Pokey, The Pioneer Recommended
858-16 GT Mayne ft. Dallas Blocker & Z-Ro Hold Me Pop Hits Recommended
404-04 Duran Duran Hold Back The Rain Original Recommended
3943-10 James Bay Hold Back The River DAM Recommended
3942-99 Great Big World, A ft. Futuristic Hold Each Other DAM Recommended
920-03 Britney Spears Hold It Against Me Mr. Entertainer Recommended
922-02 Britney Spears Hold It Against Me Pop Hits
915-10 Britney Spears Hold It Against Me Quik Hitz
757-11 Fleetwood Mac Hold Me Sound Choice Recommended
596-09 Fleetwood Mac Hold Me Zoom
3746-12 Michael Johns Hold Me DAM Recommended
193-15 Savage Garden Hold Me Music Maestro
209-12 Savage Garden Hold Me Sunfly Recommended
233-A-10 Rich Mullins Hold Me Jesus NUT Recommended
5935-29 Thompson Twins Hold Me Now DAM Recommended
1361-18 Beatles, The Hold Me Tight DAM Recommended
764-03 Johnny Nash Hold Me Tight Sound Choice Recommended
3986-65 Fall Out Boy Hold Me Tight Or Don't DAM Recommended
363-B-08 Johnny Mathis Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me Nikkodo Recommended
198-07 U2 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me Legends Series Recommended
90-03 Hootie & The Blowfish Hold My Hand DK Karaoke
042-A-01 Hootie & The Blowfish Hold My Hand Pioneer Recommended
614-05 Hootie & The Blowfish Hold My Hand Sunfly
3941-25 Jess Glynne Hold My Hand DAM Recommended
255-01 Jess Glynne Hold My Hand Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3716-59 Michael Jackson and Akon Hold My Hand DAM Recommended
3717-02 Sean Kingston Hold My Hand DAM Recommended
3717-02 Sean Paul Hold My Hand DAM Recommended
028-B-03 En Vogue Hold On Pioneer Recommended
692-14 Good Charlotte Hold On Sound Choice Recommended
947-12 Good Charlotte Hold On Top Hits
4767-27 Green Day Hold On DAM Recommended
415-A-05 Jamie Walters Hold On HLD Recommended
3847-90 Jonas Brothers Hold On DAM Recommended
3387-16 KT Tunstall Hold On DAM Recommended
3733-74 Lazee Hold On DAM Recommended
687-08 Razorlight Hold On Sunfly Recommended
1264-07 Santana Hold On DAM Recommended
922-09 Tobymac Hold On Pop Hits Recommended
416-08 Wilson Phillips Hold On DK Karaoke
57-01 Wilson Phillips Hold On DK Karaoke
033-B-01 Wilson Phillips Hold On Pioneer Recommended
786-10 Wilson Phillips Hold On Sunfly
057-B-10 Genesis Hold On My Heart MD Recommended
736-01 Electric Light Orchestra Hold On Tight Sunfly Recommended
537-11 Electric Light Orchestra Hold On Tight Zoom
768-10 Richard Marx Hold On To The Nights Monster Hits
015-B-08 Richard Marx Hold On To The Nights Pioneer Recommended
870-09 Mumford & Sons Hold On To What You Believe Pop Hits Recommended
49-09 Sam & Dave Hold On, I'm Coming DK Karaoke
025-A-10 Sam & Dave Hold On, I'm Coming Pioneer Recommended
023-B-11 Toto Hold The Line Pioneer Recommended
1075-32 Justin Bieber Hold Tight DAM Recommended
715-09 Jennifer Lopez Hold You Down Sunfly Recommended
3593-56 My Last Fall Hold Your Breath DAM Recommended
2833-56 Argent Hold Your Head Up DAM Recommended
3876-66 Michael Buble Hold on DAM Recommended
204-14 Ambrosia Holdin' On To Yesterday Sound Choice Recommended
503-05 Simply Red Holding Back The Years CDG
4-04 Simply Red Holding Back The Years DK Karaoke
263-B-03 Simply Red Holding Back The Years Pioneer Recommended
367-B-13 Earl Thomas Conley Holding Her & Loving You Nikkodo Recommended
251-11 Foxes Holding Onto Heaven Mr. Entertainer Recommended
34-18 Bonnie Tyler Holding Out For A Hero DK Karaoke
541-B-13 Bonnie Tyler Holding Out For A Hero DKV Recommended
836-08 Bonnie Tyler Holding Out For A Hero Sound Choice
720-05 Extreme Hole Hearted Sound Choice Recommended
3574-24 Aerosmith Hole In My Soul DAM Recommended
973-07 Sugababes Hole In The Head Sunfly Recommended
899-10 Sugababes Hole In The Head Zoom
728-14 Chingy ft. Ludacris & Snoop Dogg Holidae In CDG
308-02 Chingy ft. Ludacris & Snoop Dogg Holidae In Pop Hits
367-05 Chingy ft. Ludacris & Snoop Dogg Holidae In Sound Choice Recommended
72-07 Bee Gees, The Holiday DK Karaoke
352-B-07 Bee Gees, The Holiday SDK Recommended
800-10 Dizzee Rascal Holiday Sunfly Recommended
508-02 Get Up Kids, The Holiday CDG Recommended
4767-53 Green Day Holiday DAM Recommended
038-A-06 Madonna Holiday Pioneer Recommended
408-04 Madonna Holiday Sound Choice
902-05 Scorpions Holiday CDG Recommended
6692-26 Weezer Holiday DAM Recommended
N6 Bee Gees, The Holiday (Analog) Original Recommended
3432-73 Jack's Mannequin Holiday From Real DAM Recommended
3883-49 Dead Kennedys Holiday In Cambodia DAM Recommended
3108-03 Sex Pistols Holiday In The Sun DAM Recommended
5868-07 MC Miker G & Deejay Sven Holiday Rap DAM Recommended
673-13 Lindsey Buckingham Holiday Road Sound Choice Recommended
6345-03 Michel Polnareff Holidays DAM Recommended
3571-75 Akon ft. T-Pain Holla Holla DAM Recommended
718-15 Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl Sound Choice Recommended
715-08 Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl Sunfly
4813-09 Spice Girls Holler DAM Recommended
3985-30 DNCE, End of the World (SEKAI NO OWARI) Hollow-DNCE, End of the World (SEKAI NO OWARI) DAM Recommended
042-A-08 Neil Diamond Holly Holy Pioneer Recommended
XP4 Elvis Presley Holly Leaves & Christmas Trees Music Maestro Recommended
1181-30 Madonna Hollywood DAM Recommended
872-06 Michael Buble Hollywood Sunfly Recommended
512-01 Dio Holy Diver Sound Choice Recommended
823-06 Iron Maiden Holy Smoke CDG Recommended
1115-25 Rhapsody Holy Thunderforce DAM Recommended
3037-54 Alicia Keys Holy War DAM Recommended
1090-35 Megadeth Holy Wars…Punishment Due, The DAM Recommended
339-B-02 Alan Jackson Home Pioneer Recommended
3397-65 Daughtry Home DAM Recommended
558-03 Depeche Mode Home Sunfly Recommended
3564-31 Elliott Yamin Home DAM Recommended
3938-20 Foxes Home DAM Recommended
917-05 Goo Goo Dolls, The Home Pop Hits Recommended
3985-96 Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha Home DAM Recommended
523-05 Michael Buble Home JTG
566-03 Michael Buble Home Zoom Recommended
252-16 Naughty Boy ft. Sam Romans Home Mr. Entertainer Recommended
816-09 Ne-Yo Home Chartbuster Recommended
1077-34 One Direction Home DAM Recommended
1162-29 Rooster Home DAM Recommended
6988-14 Westlife Home DAM Recommended
1063-20 Carole King Home Again DAM Recommended
868-17 Michael Kiwanuka Home Again Sunfly Recommended
114-15 Shania Twain Home Ain't Where His Heart Is Pocket Songs
355-A-05 Shania Twain Home Ain't Where His Heart Is SDK Recommended
129-08 Shania Twain Home Ain't Where His Heart Is Top Hits
3538-04 Pet Shop Boys Home And Dry DAM Recommended
3951-42 R. Kelly Home For Christmas DAM Recommended
5165-40 Standard Home On The Range DAM Recommended
38-18 Traditional Home On The Range DK Karaoke Recommended
877-14 Misha B Home Run Mr. Entertainer Recommended
330-B-08 Motley Crue Home Sweet Home EMI
808-10 Motley Crue Home Sweet Home Sound Choice Recommended
362-11 Toto Home of The Brave CDG Recommended
896-02 Toto Home of The Brave Karaoke Version
440-06 Dixie Chicks Home, A Masterpiece Recommended
4767-57 Green Day Homecoming DAM Recommended
3626-42 Hey Monday Homecoming DAM Recommended
3927-57 Kanye West Homecoming DAM Recommended
3552-62 Teenagers, The Homecoming DAM Recommended
3831-05 UB40 Homely Girl DAM Recommended
3573-75 Gotthard Homerun DAM Recommended
3923-34 Strypes, The Hometown Girls DAM Recommended
3733-52 Adele Hometown Glory DAM Recommended
366-A-12 Alabama Hometown Honeymoon Nikkodo Recommended
292-18 Simon & Garfunkel Homeward Bound Legends Series Recommended
772-08 Simon & Garfunkel Homeward Bound Radio Starz
3986-61 Chainsmokers, The Honest (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
780-02 Cartel Honestly Pop Hits Recommended
755-11 Stryper Honestly Sound Choice
795-12 Stryper Honestly Sound Choice Recommended
1040-76 Zwan Honestly DAM Recommended
4082-19 Beyonce Honesty DAM Recommended
124-13 Billy Joel Honesty Backstage
105-03 Billy Joel Honesty Just Tracks
602-02 Billy Joel Honesty Legends Series
023-A-03 Billy Joel Honesty Pioneer Recommended
385-13 Billy Joel Honesty SQ
635-13 Billy Joel Honesty Sound Choice
926-11 Billy Joel Honesty Zoom
4930-28 Billy Joel Honesty (Cheek Version) DAM Recommended
3961-19 Billy Joel Honesty (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
1-15 Bobby Goldsboro Honey DK Karaoke
016-A-02 Bobby Goldsboro Honey Pioneer Recommended
3528-70 Erykah Badu Honey DAM Recommended
548-10 Mariah Carey Honey Legends Series Recommended
3940-58 Owl City Honey And The Bee DAM Recommended
3843-54 Girls Honey Bunny DAM Recommended
1222-11 Beatles, The Honey Don't DAM Recommended
50-08 Carl Perkins Honey Don’t DK Karaoke Recommended
674-10 ABBA Honey Honey Sunfly Recommended
R20 ABBA Honey Honey (Analog) Original Recommended
3719-69 Paul McCartney Honey Hush DAM Recommended
355-A-06 Shania Twain Honey I'm Home SDK
129-01 Shania Twain Honey I'm Home Top Hits
1361-19 Beatles, The Honey Pie DAM Recommended
408-B-14 Billie Piper Honey To The Bee GD Recommended
155-14 Billie Piper Honey To The Bee Sunfly Recommended
114-13 Shania Twain Honey, I'm Home Pocket Songs Recommended
752-08 Gloria Gaynor Honeybee Sunfly Recommended
657-07 Jimmie Rogers Honeycomb Chartbuster
14-18 Jimmie Rogers Honeycomb DK Karaoke Recommended
5151-38 Jimmy Rogers Honeycomb DAM Recommended
3923-22 Ariana Grande Honeymoon Avenue DAM Recommended
73-14 Standard Honeysuckle Rose DK Karaoke Recommended
775-12 Elton John Honky Cat Legends Recommended
206-A-07 Joe Diffie Honky Tonk Attitude NUT Recommended
358-A-03 Hank Williams Jr. Honky Tonk Blues Nikkodo Recommended
221-A-04 Rick Trevino Honky Tonk Crowd NUT Recommended
26-11 Johnny Horton Honky Tonk Man DK Karaoke Recommended
315-A-07 Johnny Horton Honky Tonk Man EMI
221-A-01 Aaron Tippin Honky Tonk Superman NUT Recommended
226-10 Rolling Stones, The Honky Tonk Woman Backstage
347-15 Rolling Stones, The Honky Tonk Woman Legends Series
761-07 Rolling Stones, The Honky Tonk Women Sound Choice Recommended
356-B-11 Hank Williams Jr. Honky Tonkin' Nikkodo Recommended
212-A-10 Allman Brothers Band, The Hoochie Coochie Man NUT Recommended
5360-84 Muddy Waters Hoochie Coochie Man DAM Recommended
3451-34 Bow Wow & Omarion Hood Star DAM Recommended
116-16 Blues Traveler Hook Pocket Songs Recommended
180-06 Blues Traveler Hook Top Hits
19-13 B.J. Thomas Hooked On A Feeling DK Karaoke
007-B-06 B.J. Thomas Hooked On A Feeling Pioneer Recommended
3819-85 Vonda Shepard Hooked On A Feeling DAM Recommended
383-03 Hollywood Hotel Hooray For Hollywood Music Maestro Recommended
716-06 Boney M. Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday Zoom Recommended
3719-61 Paul McCartney Hope For The Future DAM Recommended
212-06 Point of Grace Hope Is Born Again Priddis Recommended
964-11 Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes Hope That We Can Be Together Soon Legends Recommended
3931-21 Avicii Hope There's Someone DAM Recommended
240-06 Paul McCartney Hope of Deliverance SBI Recommended
418-A-10 Rick Astley Hopelessly MD Recommended
12-07 Grease Hopelessly Devoted To You DK Karaoke Recommended
001-A-11 Olivia Newton-John Hopelessly Devoted To You Pioneer Recommended
652-02 Olivia Newton-John Hopelessly Devoted To You Sound Choice
1150-75 Jack Johnson Horizon Has Been Defeated, The DAM Recommended
182-11 Mousse TV Hot N' Juicy Horny Legends Series
148-05 Mousse TV Hot N' Juicy Horny Sunfly Recommended
179-05 Mousse TV Hot N' Juicy Horny Sunfly
1126-53 Scream Team Horror Fantasy DAM Recommended
654-03 America Horse With No Name, A Chartbuster
7-18 America Horse With No Name, A DK Karaoke
019-B-01 America Horse With No Name, A Pioneer Recommended
243-16 America Horse Without A Name, A Zoom Recommended
3719-38 Paul McCartney Hosanna DAM Recommended
974-11 Razorlight Hostage of Love Sunfly Recommended
4069-40 Avril Lavigne Hot DAM Recommended
905-09 Inna Hot Sunfly Recommended
732-15 Katy Perry Hot & Cold Sunfly Recommended
307-02 112 & Ludacris Hot & Wet Pop Hits Recommended
030-B-13 Foreigner Hot Blooded Pioneer Recommended
201-13 Foreigner Hot Blooded Sound Choice
3932-14 Missy Elliott Hot Boyz DAM Recommended
34-13 Nick Gilder Hot Child In The City DK Karaoke
007-A-11 Nick Gilder Hot Child In The City Pioneer Recommended
3939-53 LMFAO Hot Dog DAM Recommended
6457-05 Limp Bizkit Hot Dog DAM Recommended
500-04 Van Halen Hot For Teacher Radio Starz
166-02 Van Halen Hot For Teacher Sound Choice Recommended
110-12 Sly & The Family Stone Hot Fun In The Summertime DK Karaoke
77-09 Sly & The Family Stone Hot Fun In The Summertime DK Karaoke
045-A-09 Sly & The Family Stone Hot Fun In The Summertime Pioneer Recommended
364-B-04 Loverboy Hot Girls In Love Nikkodo Recommended
304-06 Nelly Hot In Herre Powerhits
369-09 Nelly Hot In Herre Sound Choice Recommended
967-05 Billy Idol Hot In The City Sound Choice Recommended
660-11 Billy Idol Hot In The City Sunfly
3038-87 Juliette & The Licks Hot Kiss DAM Recommended
940-13 Rod Stewart Hot Legs Chartbuster Recommended
319-A-12 Rod Stewart Hot Legs EMI
106-06 Aaliyah Hot Like Fire Music Maestro Recommended
31-15 Sylvers Hot Line DK Karaoke Recommended
603-13 Marc Bolan & T Rex Hot Love Sunfly Recommended
6551-05 Virginelle Hot Love & Emotion DAM Recommended
903-06 James Brown Hot Pants, Pt.1 Sound Choice Recommended
3931-85 Rita Ora with DJ Fresh Hot Right Now DAM Recommended
9-07 Donna Summer Hot Staff DK Karaoke Recommended
6512-07 Craig David Hot Stuff DAM Recommended
324-B-06 Donna Summer Hot Stuff EMI
234-05 Donna Summer Hot Stuff Legends Series
917-11 Usher & Jay-Z Hot Tottie Pop Hits Recommended
6550-06 Go Go Girls Hot Vampire DAM Recommended
963-04 Arrow Hot, Hot, Hot Legends Recommended
82-05 Buster Poindexter Hot, Hot, Hot DK Karaoke Recommended
3577-15 Cassidy ft. R. Kelly Hotel DAM Recommended
3932-98 Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown Hotel DAM Recommended
451-05 Eagles Hotel California Karaoke Hits
524-A-12 Eagles Hotel California Pioneer Recommended
6851-10 Gipsy Kings (Spanish Mix) Hotel California DAM Recommended
770-06 Eagles Hotel California (Full Version) Zoom Recommended
1099-47 Eagles Hotel California (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
770-07 Eagles Hotel California (Shorter Ending) Zoom Recommended
401-04 Eagles Hotel Califronia Backstage Recommended
804-04 Pitbull Hotel Room Service Sunfly Recommended
3728-35 Kiss Hotter Than Hell DAM Recommended
890-03 J.L.S. Hottest Girl In The World Mr. Entertainer Recommended
879-06 J.L.S. Hottest Girl In The World Sunfly
855-08 Mark Ballas Hotwire Pop Hits Recommended
3865-78 Foster The People Houdini DAM Recommended
14-01 Elvis Presley Hound Dog DK Karaoke
265-B-04 Elvis Presley Hound Dog Pioneer Recommended
389-12 Elvis Presley Hound Dog Sound Choice
3944-51 Zedd ft. Liz Hourglass DAM Recommended
3853-03 Loggins & Messina House At Pooh Corner DAM Recommended
F1 Luther Vandross House Is Not A Home, A CDG Recommended
753-07 Tracie House That Jack Built Sunfly Recommended
3106-42 Madina Lake House of Cards DAM Recommended
3101-01 Alice Cooper House of Fire DAM Recommended
825-06 Madness House of Fun Sunfly Recommended
790-02 Madness House of Fun Zoom
059-B-08 Amy Grant & Vince Gill House of Love MD Recommended
3752-86 East 17 House of Love DAM Recommended
4279-34 Shampoo House of Love DAM Recommended
30-04 Animals, The House of The Rising Sun, The DK Karaoke
341-A-04 Animals, The House of The Rising Sun, The Pioneer Recommended
625-06 Animals, The House of The Rising Sun, The Zoom
412-09 Led Zeppelin Houses of The Holy Sound Choice Recommended
240-03 John Lennon How Sunfly Recommended
901-11 Champaign How 'Bout Us Sound Choice Recommended
450-20 Frank Sinatra How About You? Karaoke Hits
444-10 Frank Sinatra How About You? Performance Recommended
013-A-08 Laura Branigan How Am I Supposed To Live Without You Pioneer Recommended
065-B-12 Michael Bolton How Am I Supposed To Live Without You SDK Recommended
53-01 Michael Bolton How Am I To Live Without You DK Karaoke Recommended
145-10 OMC How Bizarre Sunfly
528-A-10 OMC How Bizarre VMP Recommended
041-A-13 David Cassidy How Can I Be Sure Pioneer Recommended
846-06 Rascals, The How Can I Be Sure Sound Choice Recommended
227-A-05 Patty Loveless How Can I Help You Say Goodbye NUT Recommended
1115-60 Ill Nino How Can I Live DAM Recommended
413-A-04 Lobo How Can I Tell Her HLD Recommended
S1 Lobo How Can I Tell Her Original
463-08 Sound of Music, The How Can Love Survive Pocket Songs Recommended
038-B-11 Michael Bolton How Can We Be Lovers Pioneer Recommended
3538-19 Pet Shop Boys How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? DAM Recommended
54-17 Bee Gees, The How Can You Mend A Broken Heart DK Karaoke
007-B-08 Bee Gees, The How Can You Mend A Broken Heart Pioneer Recommended
522-15 Michael Buble How Can You Mend A Broken Heart Pocket Songs Recommended
566-05 Michael Buble How Can You Mend A Broken Heart Zoom
N15 Bee Gees, The How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (Analog) Original Recommended
286-09 Al Green How Can You Menda A Broken Heart Just Tracks Recommended
1579-54 D12 How Come DAM Recommended
269-B-05 Babyface How Come How Long Pioneer Recommended
5630-38 Dogs D'Amour, The How Come It Never Rains (Dynamite Mix) DAM Recommended
695-01 Alicia Keys How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore Easy Karaoke
287-12 Alicia Keys How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore Entertainer Recommended
862-04 Feist How Come You Never Go There Pop Hits Recommended
062-A-06 Babyface & Stevie Wonder How Come, How Long MD Recommended
269-A-14 Toni Braxton How Could An Angel Break My Heart Pioneer Recommended
3943-49 K-Ci & Jojo How Could You DAM Recommended
2221-93 Mario How Could You DAM Recommended
4820-01 Meja How Crazy Are You? DAM Recommended
608-03 Dean Martin & Helen O'Connell How D'Ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning Sunfly Recommended
565-08 Diana Krall How Deep Is The Ocean Pocket Recommended
1-04 Bee Gees, The How Deep Is Your Love DK Karaoke
015-B-01 Bee Gees, The How Deep Is Your Love Pioneer Recommended
600-07 Bee Gees, The How Deep Is Your Love Zoom
345-B-06 Dru Hill ft. Redman How Deep Is Your Love MD Recommended
301-A-03 Take That How Deep Is Your Love SUN Recommended
145-03 Take That How Deep Is Your Love Sunfly
N21 Bee Gees, The How Deep Is Your Love (Analog) Original Recommended
3986-25 Bee Gees How Deep Is Your Love (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
5528-25 Backstreet Boys How Did I Fall In Love With You DAM Recommended
529-A-04 John Waite How Did I Get By Without You MS Recommended
3123-37 Mario How Do I Breathe DAM Recommended
189-06 LeAnn Rimes How Do I Live Just Tracks
182-12 LeAnn Rimes How Do I Live Legends Series Recommended
062-A-02 Trisha Yearwood How Do I Live (From "Con Air") MD Recommended
248-A-11 Randy Travis How Do I Wrap My Heart Up NUT Recommended
738-13 Randy Travis How Do I Wrap My Heart Up For Christmas Chartbuster Recommended
6983-02 2Pac How Do U Want It DAM Recommended
7042-18 Beatles, The How Do You Do It DAM Recommended
559-B-07 Gerry & Pacemakers, The How Do You Do It? Pioneer Recommended
445-08 Frank Sinatra How Do You Keep The Music Playing Performance Recommended
675-05 James Ingram & Patti Austin How Do You Keep The Music Playing Legends Recommended
776-07 John Lennon How Do You Sleep Legends Recommended
3829-63 Celine Dion How Does A Moment Last Forever (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
718-03 Avril Lavigne How Does It Feel Zoom Recommended
749-10 Martina McBride How Far Chartbuster Recommended
3958-89 Alessia Cara How Far I'll Go DAM Recommended
3981-67 Alessia Cara How Far I'll Go (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3961-85 Auli'i Cravalho How Far I'll Go (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3917-10 Matchbox 20 How Far We've Come DAM Recommended
2221-14 Keri Noble How Far You've Come DAM Recommended
XC3 Elvis Presley How Great Thou Art Music Maestro Recommended
5361-90 Gospel How Great Thou Art DAM Recommended
256-A-08 P.D.W.W. How Great Thou Art U-Best Recommended
XT15 Elvis Presley How Great Thou Art (Live Version) Music Maestro Recommended
902-09 Madonna How High CDG Recommended
026-A-07 Ella Fitzgerald How High The Moon Pioneer Recommended
780-11 Rage Against The Machine How I Could Just Kill A Man Sound Choice Recommended
434-12 Frank Sinatra How Intensive Swt GA Brn Recommended
3851-83 Leatherface How Lonely DAM Recommended
218-08 Ace How Long Legends Bassline
418-11 Ace How Long Sound Choice Recommended
3985-92 Charlie Puth How Long DAM Recommended
1099-16 Eagles How Long DAM Recommended
3934-25 Ellie Goulding How Long Will I Love You DAM Recommended
279-15 Beautiful South, The How Long's A Tear Take To Dry Sunfly Recommended
837-12 Ludacris How Low Pop Hits Recommended
252-A-10 M People How Majestic Is Your Name PKGP Recommended
006-A-10 Sandi Patti How Majestic Is Your Name Pioneer Recommended
741-13 Lil' Kim & Sisqo (Adult) How Many Licks Sound Choice Recommended
686-09 Led Zeppelin How Many More Times Sound Choice Recommended
4225-07 Helloween How Many Tears DAM Recommended
935-11 K. Michelle How Many Times Pop Hits Recommended
706-09 Luther Vandross How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye Legends Recommended
068-A-08 Toni Braxton How Many Ways SDK Recommended
C5 Ambrosia How Much I Feel CDG Recommended
1220-07 Patti Page How Much Is That Doggie In The Window DAM Recommended
4350-09 t.A.T.u. How Soon Is Now DAM Recommended
465-09 Smiths, The How Soon Is Now? Sound Choice Recommended
523-13 Michael Buble How Sweet It Is JTG Recommended
8-07 Marvin Gaye How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) DK Karaoke
413-14 Marvin Gaye How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) Legends Series
578-15 Marvin Gaye How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) Motown Recommended
XT13 Elvis Presley How The Web Was Woven Music Maestro Recommended
048-B-04 R.E.M. How The West Was Won Pioneer Recommended
3946-54 Cash Cash ft. Sofia Reyes How To Love DAM Recommended
856-14 Lil Wayne How To Love Chartbuster Recommended
1173-71 Fray, The How To Save A Life DAM Recommended
3656-50 JoJo How To Touch A Girl DAM Recommended
3944-25 Hardwell & Showtek How We Do DAM Recommended
880-03 Rita Ora How We Do (Party) Mr. Entertainer Recommended
878-08 Rita Ora How We Do (Party) Sunfly
1819-66 Game, The How We Do ft. 50 Cent DAM Recommended
3944-32 R3hab & Vinai How We Party DAM Recommended
852-05 Loick Essien ft. Tanya Lacey How We Roll (Male Solo) Mr. Entertainer Recommended
408-A-08 Jessica Folcker How Will I Know GD Recommended
5-07 Whitney Houston How Will I Know DK Karaoke
543-05 Whitney Houston How Will I Know Legends Series
005-A-13 Whitney Houston How Will I Know Pioneer Recommended
3819-52 Medi How Would You Do It DAM Recommended
6030-10 Taylor Swift How You Get The Girl DAM Recommended
540-09 Tyrese How You Gonna Act Like That Chartbuster Recommended
3927-20 Heavy, The How You Like Me Now DAM Recommended
4069-99 Avril Lavigne How You Remind Me DAM Recommended
208-05 Nickelback How You Remind Me Music Maestro
296-02 Nickelback How You Remind Me Sound Choice Recommended
796-17 Nickelback How You Remind Me Top Tunes
3674-13 Gloria Estefan Hoy (Spanish) DAM Recommended
961-02 Timbiriche Hoy Tengo Que Decirte Papa Multi Karaoke Recommended
3528-97 Alfred Apaka Hukilau Song, The DAM Recommended
3927-26 Christina Perri Human DAM Recommended
21-02 Human League, The Human DK Karaoke Recommended
827-11 Killers, The Human Sound Choice Recommended
801-14 Killers, The Human Sunfly
814-03 Killers, The Human Sunfly
3957-21 Rag'n'Bone Man Human DAM Recommended
3551-98 Skye Sweetnam Human DAM Recommended
3313-16 Bjork Human Behavior DAM Recommended
1181-44 Madonna Human Nature DAM Recommended
850-12 Michael Jackson Human Nature Chartbuster
28-04 Michael Jackson Human Nature DK Karaoke Recommended
572-12 Bruce Springsteen Human Touch Legends Recommended
789-03 Rick Springfield Human Touch Sunfly Recommended
3531-10 Van Halen Humans Being DAM Recommended
549-09 Norah Jones Humble Me Zoom Recommended
741-15 Barry Martin Hummers In Heaven Sound Choice Recommended
3876-62 Katy Perry Hummingbird Heartbeat DAM Recommended
688-05 Red Hot Chili Peppers Hump De Bump Mr. Entertainer Recommended
743-13 Red Hot Chili Peppers Hump De Bump Top Hits
371-14 Digital Underground Humpty Dance, The Sound Choice Recommended
3944-70 Brandon, Britt, Dhani, Jonathan, Wayne & Weird Al Hundle With Care DAM Recommended
3958-02 Ocean Colour Scene Hundred Mile High City DAM Recommended
022-A-05 Gene McDaniels Hundred Pounds Clay, A Pioneer Recommended
695-12 Madonna Hung Up Easy Karaoke
695-13 Madonna Hung Up Sunfly Recommended
643-13 Paul Weller Hung Up Zoom Recommended
3840-48 Amaranthe Hunger DAM Recommended
936-06 Pearl Jam Hunger Strike Radio Starz Recommended
751-12 Temple of The Dog Hunger Strike Sunfly Recommended
3751-45 Ke$ha (Kesha) Hungover DAM Recommended
030-A-04 Paul Revere & The Raiders Hungry Pioneer Recommended
1106-06 Eric Carmen Hungry Eyes DAM Recommended
333-A-03 Bruce Springsteen Hungry Heart EMI
125-04 Bruce Springsteen Hungry Heart Legends Series Recommended
326-B-08 Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf EMI
410-01 Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf Sound Choice Recommended
230-07 Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf Sunfly
42-09 Duran Duran Hungry Like Thw Wolf DK Karaoke Recommended
3313-07 Bjork Hunter DAM Recommended
295-06 Dido Hunter, The Sunfly Recommended
190-07 Dido Hunter, The Top Tunes
3525-03 A-Ha Hunting High & Low DAM Recommended
1115-30 Stratovarius Hunting High And Low DAM Recommended
1162-47 Korpiklaani Hunting Song DAM Recommended
779-13 Donovan Hurdy Gurdy Man Legends Recommended
709-10 Athlete Hurricane Sunfly Recommended
779-05 Bob Dylan Hurricane Legends Recommended
1126-36 Karen Hurricane DAM Recommended
3934-16 Vamps, The Hurricane DAM Recommended
3919-28 Domine Hurricane Master, The DAM Recommended
214-A-07 McBride & The Ride Hurry Sundown NUT Recommended
1231-10 Peter Paul & Mary Hurry Sundown DAM Recommended
3432-54 Che'Nelle Hurry Up DAM Recommended
221-14 Travis & The Stereophonics Hurry Up & Wait Sunfly Recommended
678-06 Sham 69 Hurry Up Harry Sunfly Recommended
617-12 Christina Aguilera Hurt Sunfly Recommended
XD1 Elvis Presley Hurt Music Maestro Recommended
3927-55 Johnny Cash Hurt DAM Recommended
5148-07 Nine Inch Nails Hurt DAM Recommended
XT11 Elvis Presley Hurt (Live Version) Music Maestro Recommended
3923-56 Blue Hurt Lovers DAM Recommended
189-07 LeAnn Rimes Hurt Me Just Tracks Recommended
272-A-03 Patty Loveless Hurt Me Bad (In A Real Good Way) Pioneer Recommended
11-12 Linda Ronstadt Hurt So Bad DK Karaoke
005-B-09 Linda Ronstadt Hurt So Bad Pioneer Recommended
3913-11 Carly Rae Jepsen Hurt So Good DAM Recommended
447-15 John Cougar Mellencamp Hurt So Good Karaoke Hits Recommended
3862-11 Toni Braxton & Babyface Hurt You DAM Recommended
55-09 Carpenters Hurting Each Other DK Karaoke Recommended
262-A-04 Carpenters Hurting Each Other EMI
P9 Carpenters Hurting Each Other (Analog) Original Recommended
881-01 Coldplay Hurts Like Heaven Pop Hits Recommended
629-13 John Cougar Mellencamp Hurts So Good Sound Choice Recommended
36-04 Deep Purple Hush DK Karaoke Recommended
4822-04 Kula Shaker Hush DAM Recommended
6985-04 LL Cool J ft. 7 Aurelius Hush DAM Recommended
1173-31 Basement Jaxx Hush Boy DAM Recommended
851-08 Alexis Jordan Hush Hush Sunfly Recommended
3852-93 Pussycat Dolls, The Hush Hush DAM Recommended
884-08 Wretch 32 & Ed Sheeran Hush Little Baby Mr. Entertainer Recommended
1043-50 Bing Crosby Hush-A-Bye DAM Recommended
5452-33 Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony Hustle DAM Recommended
3876-56 50 Cent Hustler's Ambition DAM Recommended
799-13 Rick Ross Hustlin' Sound Choice Recommended
14 Toto Hydra Original Recommended
794-14 Ultravox Hymn Sunfly Recommended
3947-60 Coldplay Hymn For The Weekend DAM Recommended
784-10 Pretenders, The Hymn To Her Sunfly Recommended
322-A-01 Edith Piaf Hymne A L' Amour EMI Recommended
3021-80 Mission One Hyper Techno Mission (Mission "B" Remix) DAM Recommended
203-05 Thomas Dolby Hyperactive! Sound Choice Recommended
3313-06 Bjork Hyperballad DAM Recommended
1162-54 Tami Chynn Hyperventilating DAM Recommended
6840-40 Jennifer Lopez Hypnotico DAM Recommended
5651-02 Notorious B.I.G., The Hypnotize DAM Recommended
1150-98 System of A Down Hypnotize DAM Recommended
466-03 Def Leppard Hysteria Sound Choice
506-10 Def Leppard Hysteria Sound Choice
1070-70 Muse Hysteria DAM Recommended
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