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3986-30 Britney Spears ...Baby One More Time (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
028-A-08 Carla Thomas B-A-B-Y Pioneer Recommended
724-11 Mutya Buena & Amy Winehouse B-Boy Baby CDG Recommended
3834-43 Outkast B.O.B. DAM Recommended
2221-18 System of A Down B.Y.O.B. DAM Recommended
3626-74 Jonas Brothers BB Good DAM Recommended
6367-03 Mondo Grosso BLZ DAM Recommended
2990-28 Children's Baa Baa Black Sheep DAM Recommended
552-B-08 Standard Baa Baa Black Sheep Pioneer Recommended
5249-11 Alanis Morissette Baba DAM Recommended
649-13 Who, The Baba O'Riley Sound Choice Recommended
624-03 Who, The Baba O'Riley Zoom
403-B-05 Dennis DeYoung Babe Nikkodo Recommended
14-04 Styx Babe DK Karaoke Recommended
325-B-09 Styx Babe EMI
1150-02 Helena Babe Follow Me DAM Recommended
3021-76 94 Sale Babe You Got The Key (Mission B Remix) DAM Recommended
134-09 Led Zeppelin Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You Sound Choice Recommended
892-05 Mumford & Sons Babel Pop Hits Recommended
C6 Ashanti Baby CDG Recommended
046-A-11 Brandy Baby Pioneer Recommended
923-18 Jagged Edge Baby Pop Hits Recommended
831-17 Justin Bieber & Ludacris Baby Quik Hitz
906-03 Justin Bieber & Ludacris Baby Sunfly Recommended
6985-08 LL Cool J ft. The Dream Baby DAM Recommended
3545-65 Micky Green Baby DAM Recommended
3832-63 Clean Bandit Baby (ft. Marina & Luis Fonsi) DAM Recommended
724-08 Joss Stone Baby Baby Baby CDG Recommended
97-10 Smokey Robinson Baby Baby Don't Cry DK Karaoke Recommended
1190-36 Michael Jackson Baby Be Mine DAM Recommended
874-16 Quadron Baby Be Mine Pop Hits Recommended
531-05 Beyonce & Sean Paul Baby Boy Sound Choice Recommended
812-12 Beyonce & Sean Paul Baby Boy Sunfly
305-05 Beyonce ft. Sean Paul Baby Boy Music Maestro Recommended
4741-02 ME & MY Baby Boy DAM Recommended
397-08 Children's Baby Bumblebee Party Pak Recommended
816-12 50 Cent ft. Ne-Yo Baby By Me Easy Karaoke Recommended
833-11 50 Cent ft. Ne-Yo Baby By Me Pop Hits
258-A-04 Boyzone Baby Can I Hold You Tonight MD Recommended
341-A-01 Equals, The Baby Come Back Pioneer Recommended
167-01 Pato Banton Baby Come Back Sound Choice Recommended
84-09 Player Baby Come Back DK Karaoke Recommended
533-03 Player Baby Come Back Sound Choice
794-12 Player Baby Come Back Sunfly
870-04 Bush Baby Come Home Pop Hits Recommended
6987-03 Samantha Mumba Baby Come Over (New Version) DAM Recommended
353-A-13 James Ingram Baby Come To Me SDK Recommended
34-02 Patti Austin & James Ingram Baby Come To Me DK Karaoke
051-B-04 Patti Austin & James Ingram Baby Come To Me MD Recommended
3713-40 Sly & Robbie Baby Don't Cry DAM Recommended
26-16 Mac Davis Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me DK Karaoke
341-B-05 Mac Davis Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me Pioneer Recommended
436-06 Cher Baby Don't Go Swt GA Brn Recommended
354-08 Sonny & Cher Baby Don't Go Music Maestro Recommended
293-15 Simon & Garfunkel Baby Driver Legends Series Recommended
61-11 Brian Hyland Baby Face DK Karaoke
004-B-08 Brian Hyland Baby Face Pioneer Recommended
72-01 Sir Mix-A-Lot Baby Got Back DK Karaoke
210-A-05 Sir Mix-A-Lot Baby Got Back NUT Recommended
781-07 Sir Mix-A-Lot Baby Got Back Sunfly
632-06 Billy Joel & Ray Charles Baby Grand Sound Choice Recommended
3934-22 Ariana Grande ft. Taro Hakase Baby I DAM Recommended
3958-41 Ariana Grande Baby I (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
XE14 Elvis Presley Baby I Don't Music Maestro Recommended
558-A-10 Transvision Vamp Baby I Don't Care Pioneer Recommended
781-08 Transvision Vamp Baby I Don't Care Sunfly
531-13 Jennifer Lopez Baby I Love U! Sound Choice Recommended
750-08 Aretha Franklin Baby I Love You Sunfly Recommended
3827-87 Che'Nelle Baby I Love You DAM Recommended
055-B-10 Big Mountain Baby I Love Your Way MD Recommended
028-B-05 Peter Frampton Baby I Love Your Way Pioneer Recommended
142-14 Peter Frampton Baby I Love Your Way Sound Choice
721-05 Will 2 Power Baby I Love Your Way Freebird Sunfly Recommended
10-05 Four Tops, The Baby I Need Your Lovin' DK Karaoke
539-B-10 Four Tops, The Baby I Need Your Lovin' DVK Recommended
588-09 Four Tops, The Baby I Need Your Lovin' Motown
3746-92 Melody Gardot Baby I'm A Fool DAM Recommended
236-02 Prince Baby I'm A Star Sound Choice Recommended
363-B-05 Bread Baby I'm A Want You Nikkodo Recommended
578-12 Originals, The Baby I'm For Real Motown Recommended
655-07 Bread Baby I'm-A Want You Chartbuster
3-02 Bread Baby I'm-A Want You DK Karaoke Recommended
420-16 Bread Baby I'm-A Want You Monster Hits
3934-64 Idina Menzel & Michael Buble Baby It's Cold Outside DAM Recommended
370-06 JoJo Baby It's You Sound Choice Recommended
835-11 JoJo Baby It's You Sunfly
71-13 Shirelles, The Baby It's You DK Karaoke Recommended
1255-20 Rod Stewart Baby Jane DAM Recommended
XD3 Elvis Presley Baby Let's Play House Music Maestro Recommended
339-B-08 Tractors, The Baby Likes To Rock It Pioneer Recommended
3432-05 Nicole ft. Will.I.Am Baby Love DAM Recommended
4-03 Supremes, The Baby Love DK Karaoke
578-13 Supremes, The Baby Love Motown Recommended
388-11 Supremes, The Baby Love Sound Choice
4390-59 Betty Noyes Baby Mine DAM Recommended
237-A-12 Restless Heart Baby Needs New Shoes NUT Recommended
896-11 Bowling For Soup Baby One More Time Karaoke Version Recommended
181-08 Britney Spears Baby One More Time Legends Series
398-02 Britney Spears Baby One More Time Party Pak
409-A-05 Britney Spears Baby One More Time SDK Recommended
275-14 Britney Spears Baby One More Time Sunfly
6053-53 Britney Spears Baby One More Time (Davidson Ospina Radio Mix) DAM Recommended
3021-34 Marko Polo Baby Queen Seventeen DAM Recommended
3831-73 Knack, The Baby Talks Dirty DAM Recommended
876-18 K. Michelle & R. Kelly Baby You & I Pop Hits Recommended
6900-06 Faith Hill Baby You Belong DAM Recommended
4967-49 Sum 41 Baby You Don't Wanna Know DAM Recommended
1075-46 Justin Bieber Baby ft. Ludacris (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
78-18 Mel McDaniel Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On DK Karaoke
336-A-12 Mel McDaniel Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On Pioneer Recommended
1033-88 Beatles, The Baby's In Black DAM Recommended
583-12 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Baby, Baby Don't Cry Motown Recommended
036-B-01 TLC Baby, Baby, Baby Pioneer Recommended
237-06 TLC Baby, Baby, Baby Sound Choice
190-02 Samantha Mumba Baby, Come Over Top Tunes Recommended
1079-60 Thaila Baby, I'm In Love DAM Recommended
449-06 Barbara Lewis Baby, I'm Yours Karaoke Hits
266-A-03 Barbara Lewis Baby, I'm Yours Pioneer Recommended
24-18 Peter & Gordon Baby, I'm Yours DK Karaoke Recommended
1084-15 Dean Martin & Martina McBride Baby, It's Cold Outside DAM Recommended
3932-53 Follow Your Insctinct ft. Alexandria Stan & Viper Baby, It's OK DAM Recommended
1033-86 Beatles, The Baby, It's You DAM Recommended
1064-58 Carpenters Baby, It's You DAM Recommended
423-A-08 Alison Krauss Baby, Now That I Found You HS Recommended
3574-41 Aerosmith Baby, Please Don't Go DAM Recommended
401-B-04 Glenn Yarbrough Baby, The Rain Must Fall Nikkodo Recommended
1033-87 Beatles, The Baby, You're A Rich Man DAM Recommended
1259-12 Sade Babyfather DAM Recommended
3834-63 5 Seconds Of Summer Babylon DAM Recommended
162-03 David Gray Babylon Music Maestro
196-06 David Gray Babylon NorthStar Pop Recommended
553-B-12 Cliff Richard & The Shadows Bachelor Boy Pioneer Recommended
3313-15 Bjork Bachelorette DAM Recommended
2833-96 Mashonda Back Da Club DAM Recommended
754-14 Ladyhawke Back The Van Sunfly Recommended
3429-01 Aaliyah Back & Forth (Mr. Lee & R. Kelly's - Remix) DAM Recommended
409-B-13 Matchbox 20 Back 2 Good SDK Recommended
3876-37 Sean Kingston ft. T.I. Back 2 Life (Live It Up) DAM Recommended
3920-82 Circle Jerks Back Against The Wall DAM Recommended
104-02 Brian McKnight Back At One Just Tracks
283-01 Brian McKnight Back At One Just Tracks Recommended
159-13 Brian McKnight Back At One Party Tyme
1242-56 Queen Back Chat DAM Recommended
607-07 Doors, The Back Door Man Legends Series
212-A-05 Doors, The Back Door Man NUT Recommended
530-05 Doors, The Back Door Man Sound Choice
427-03 Doors, The Back Door Man Swt GA Brn
866-09 Kings of Leon Back Down South Fast Trax Recommended
3934-67 Michelle Shaprow Back Down To Earth DAM Recommended
99-01 Take That Back For Good DK Karaoke
071-B-10 Take That Back For Good GE Recommended
156-10 Take That Back For Good Legends Bassline
133-07 Take That Back For Good Sunfly
180-02 Take That Back For Good Top Hits Recommended
6342-07 Aqua Back From Mars DAM Recommended
3889-02 BBMak Back Here DAM Recommended
516-04 AC/DC Back In Black Legends Recommended
430-11 AC/DC Back In Black Swt GA Brn
3719-89 Paul McCartney Back In Brazil DAM Recommended
682-08 L.T.D. Back In Love Again (Every Time I Turn Around) Chartbuster Recommended
1087-07 Diana Ross & The Supremes Back In My Arms Again DAM Recommended
74-10 Supremes, The Back In My Arms Again DK Karaoke
580-15 Supremes, The Back In My Arms Again Motown Recommended
349-06 Steve Winwood Back In The High Life Again Legends Series Recommended
387-16 Aerosmith Back In The Saddle Ameri*Sing
022-A-12 Aerosmith Back In The Saddle Pioneer Recommended
5361-21 Gene Autry Back In The Saddle Again (from "Sleepless In Seattle") DAM Recommended
13-14 Beatles, The Back In The U.S.S.R. DK Karaoke
029-A-14 Beatles, The Back In The U.S.S.R. Pioneer Recommended
647-02 Beatles, The Back In The U.S.S.R. Sound Choice
4775-18 Green Day Back In The USA DAM Recommended
823-02 Iron Maiden Back In The Village CDG Recommended
1135-19 Huey Lewis & The News Back In Time DAM Recommended
884-18 Pitbull Back In Time Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3397-99 Matt Dusk Back In Town DAM Recommended
3941-72 Prince Royce ft. Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull Back It Up DAM Recommended
552-03 Guns N' Roses Back Off Bitch Sound Choice Recommended
795-14 Guns N' Roses Back Off Bitch Sound Choice
240-18 Ringo Starr Back Off Boogaloo Zoom Recommended
026-B-02 Pretenders, The Back On The Chain Gang Pioneer Recommended
3719-49 Paul & Linda McCartney Back Seat Of My Car DAM Recommended
358-B-02 John Conlee Back Side Thirty Nikkodo Recommended
7-09 O'Jays, The Back Stabbers DK Karaoke
035-A-13 O'Jays, The Back Stabbers Pioneer Recommended
532-14 Juvenile Back That Thang Up Sound Choice
666-14 Juvenile Back That Thang Up Sound Choice Recommended
1079-38 Pretty Maids Back To Back DAM Recommended
685-04 Amy Winehouse Back To Black Sunfly Recommended
3759-60 Taylor Swift Back To December DAM Recommended
6030-57 Taylor Swift Back To December (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3928-38 Steve Aoki ft. Fall Out Boy Back To Earth DAM Recommended
3037-51 Alicia Keys Back To Life DAM Recommended
59-01 Soul II Soul Back To Life ( However Do You Want Me) DK Karaoke Recommended
3834-90 Hailee Steinfeld Back To Life (from "Bumblebee") DAM Recommended
164-11 Deftones Back To School Sound Choice Recommended
71-17 Merle Haggard Back To The Barrooms DK Karaoke Recommended
690-10 Lita Ford Back To The Cave Sound Choice Recommended
971-02 Juelz Santana ft. Chris Brown Back To The Crib Pop Hits Recommended
109-05 N2 Deep Back To The Hotel DK Karaoke Recommended
86-18 N2 Deep Back To The Hotel DK Karaoke
6692-42 Weezer Back To The Shack DAM Recommended
3993-53 Selena Gomez Back To You DAM Recommended
5528-12 Backstreet Boys Back To Your Heart DAM Recommended
3573-02 Maxi Priest & Elisha La'Verne Back Together Again DAM Recommended
003-B-03 Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway Back Together Again Pioneer Recommended
3947-16 Otto Knows ft. Avicii Back Where I Belong DAM Recommended
3526-82 Last Goodnight, The Back Where We Belong DAM Recommended
693-01 38 Special Back Where You Belong CDG Recommended
1075-34 Justin Bieber ft. Lil Wayne Backpack DAM Recommended
892-04 All Time Low Backseat Serenade Pop Hits Recommended
3876-46 Ke$ha (Kesha) Backstabber DAM Recommended
572-06 Bruce Springsteen Backstreets Legends Recommended
840-15 Fatback Band Backstrokin'  Sunfly Recommended
225-A-12 Meat Puppets Backwater NUT Recommended
7086-08 David Guetta & Showtek ft. Vassy Bad DAM Recommended
3845-88 James Bay Bad DAM Recommended
1190-05 Michael Jackson Bad DAM
110-06 Michael Jackson Bad DK Karaoke
14-02 Michael Jackson Bad DK Karaoke
342-A-02 Michael Jackson Bad Pioneer Recommended
127-18 Michael Jackson Bad Pocket Songs
967-12 U2 Bad Sound Choice Recommended
507-06 U2 Bad Sound Choice
3722-38 Michael Jackson Bad (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3716-94 Michael Jackson ft. Pitbull Bad (Remix) DAM Recommended
916-13 Lil Scrappy & Stuey Rock Bad (That's Her) Pop Hits Recommended
3995-45 Migos Bad And Boujee (ft. Lil Uzi Vert) DAM Recommended
3981-58 Halsey Bad At Love DAM Recommended
75-08 Jim Croce Bad Bad Leroy Brown DK Karaoke
449-19 Jim Croce Bad Bad Leroy Brown Karaoke Hits
451-18 Jim Croce Bad Bad Leroy Brown Karaoke Hits
010-A-04 Jim Croce Bad Bad Leroy Brown Pioneer Recommended
3927-08 Bastille Bad Blood DAM Recommended
71-10 Neil Sedaka Bad Blood DK Karaoke Recommended
3943-15 Ryan Adams Bad Blood DAM Recommended
6030-15 Talyor Swift Bad Blood DAM Recommended
6030-13 Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar Bad Blood DAM Recommended
1033-89 Beatles, The Bad Boy DAM Recommended
3674-06 Gloria Estefan Bad Boy DAM Recommended
3842-42 P.Diddy, Black Rob & Mark Curry Bad Boy For Life DAM Recommended
308-05 Bad Boy's Da Band Bad Boy This Bad Boy That Pop Hits Recommended
803-01 Alexandra Burke & Flo-Rida Bad Boys Sunfly Recommended
527-A-09 George Michael Bad Boys MEYKL Recommended
407-12 Wham! Bad Boys Sunfly Recommended
3826-30 Whitesnake Bad Boys DAM Recommended
3675-05 Inner Circle Bad Boys (Original Version) DAM Recommended
934-17 Scorpions Bad Boys Running Wild Original Recommended
3830-51 Shyne Bad Boyz (ft. Barrington Levy) DAM Recommended
41-05 Robert Palmer Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor Doctor) DK Karaoke Recommended
420-09 Robert Palmer Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor Doctor) Monster Hits
135-06 Bad Company Bad Company Sound Choice Recommended
428-03 Bad Company Bad Company Swt GA Brn
1150-64 Daniel Powter Bad Day DAM Recommended
3644-02 Fuel Bad Day DAM Recommended
3961-35 Daniel Powter Bad Day (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3528-05 F.C.F. Bad Desire DAM Recommended
056-B-10 Madonna Bad Girl MD Recommended
4067-09 Avril Lavigne Bad Girl ft. Marilyn Manson DAM
16-03 Donna Summer Bad Girls DK Karaoke Recommended
234-06 Donna Summer Bad Girls Legends Series
3834-57 M.I.A. Bad Girls DAM Recommended
3842-91 Billie Eilish Bad Guy DAM Recommended
3590-43 Jenny Burton Bad Habits DAM Recommended
871-05 Feist Bad In Each Other Pop Hits Recommended
758-13 Huey Lewis & The News Bad Is Bad Sound Choice Recommended
3841-51 Lady Gaga Bad Kids DAM Recommended
1107-13 Eric Clapton Bad Love DAM Recommended
1107-60 Eric Clapton Bad Love (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
964-15 Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes Bad Luck (Part 1) Legends
419-06 Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes Bad Luck (Part 1) Sound Choice Recommended
3945-70 Pitbull ft. Robin Thicke, Joe Perry & Travis Barker Bad Man DAM Recommended
68-04 Bon Jovi Bad Medicine DK Karaoke
029-A-06 Bon Jovi Bad Medicine Pioneer Recommended
30-13 Creedence Clearwater Revival Bad Moon Rising DK Karaoke Recommended
449-20 Creedence Clearwater Revival Bad Moon Rising Karaoke Hits
849-04 Creedence Clearwater Revival Bad Moon Rising Sunfly
427-05 Creedence Clearwater Revival Bad Moon Rising Swt GA Brn
4069-68 Avril Lavigne Bad Reputation DAM Recommended
248-14 Joan Jett Bad Reputation Chartbuster Recommended
815-04 Lady Gaga Bad Romance Sunfly
830-02 Lady Gaga Bad Romance Sunfly Recommended
3961-45 Lady Gaga Bad Romance (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3993-67 Machine Gun Kelly.Camila Caballo Bad Things DAM Recommended
3756-06 Grand Funk Railroad Bad Time DAM Recommended
3850-64 Sabrina Carpenter Bad Time DAM Recommended
7012-15 No Warning Bad Timing DAM Recommended
458-02 George Thorogood & The Destroyers Bad To The Bone Swt GA Brn Recommended
117-01 Bloodhound Gang Bad Touch, The Pop Hits Recommended
3860-05 Melissa Manchester Bad Weather DAM Recommended
1190-38 Michael Jackson Bad [Live Sound] DAM
3577-03 B2K ft. Fabulous Badaboom DAM Recommended
3941-71 Pitbull ft. Mohombi & Wisin Baddest Girl In Town DAM Recommended
3345-06 Sublime Badfish DAM Recommended
764-04 Sublime Badfish Sound Choice Recommended
1077-15 Cream Badge DAM Recommended
609-15 Eric Clapton Badge Swt GA Brn Recommended
733-08 Spoon, Harris & Obernik Baditude Sunfly Recommended
125-05 Bruce Springsteen Badlands Legends Series Recommended
3573-25 Natty Badman DAM Recommended
852-13 Vato Gonzalez ft. Foreign Beggars Badman Riddim (Jump) Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3830-87 Benny Dayal & Shefali Alvares Badtameez Dil DAM Recommended
171-15 Isle of Q Bag Tricks Original
4816-65 Oasis Bag It Up DAM Recommended
213-12 Jill Scott & Erykah Bodu Bag Lady Just Tracks Recommended
174-13 Erykah Badu Bag Lady (Radio Version) Sound Choice Recommended
146-08 Madness Baggy Trousers Legends Bassline
825-03 Madness Baggy Trousers Sunfly
944-12 Madness Baggy Trousers Zoom Recommended
3761-75 Boney M. Bahama Mama DAM Recommended
4279-66 MDO Baila DAM Recommended
6851-09 Gipsy Kings Baila Me DAM Recommended
409-B-04 Enrique Iglesias Bailamos SDK Recommended
002-A-03 Sergio Dalma Bailar Pegados Pioneer Recommended
961-11 Timbiriche Baile Del Sapo Multi Karaoke Recommended
5646-07 Clementine Bakabon Medley DAM Recommended
548-07 Gerry Rafferty Baker Street Legends Series
599-13 Gerry Rafferty Baker Street Zoom Recommended
3943-03 Alexandra Stan ft. Mohombi Balans DAM Recommended
4154-06 Peggy Lee Bali Ha'i DAM Recommended
321-B-11 Juanita Hall Bali Ha'l EMI Recommended
64-10 Temptations, The Ball Confusion DK Karaoke Recommended
588-15 Temptations, The Ball Confusion (That's What.. World.. Today) Motown Recommended
77-03 Paul Overstreet Ball And Chain DK Karaoke
359-B-04 Paul Overstreet Ball And Chain Nikkodo Recommended
370-15 Chingy Balla Baby Sound Choice Recommended
5639-26 Rainbows, The Balla Balla DAM Recommended
3923-60 Kishi Bashi Ballad Of Mr. Steak, The DAM Recommended
3850-28 Chris Stapleton Ballad Of The Lonesome Cowboy, The DAM Recommended
4819-13 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Ballad Of The Mighty I DAM Recommended
207-03 Bloodhound Gang Ballad of Chasey Lain, The Sunfly Recommended
435-11 Lynyrd Skynyrd Ballad of Curtis Lowe Swt GA Brn Recommended
334-A-12 Bill Hayes Ballad of Davy Crockett, The EMI Recommended
437-14 Alice Cooper Ballad of Dwight Fry Swt GA Brn Recommended
268-A-08 Gilligan's Island Ballad of Gilligan's lsland Pioneer Recommended
92-13 TV Theme Ballad of Gilligan's lsland DK Karaoke Recommended
1126-22 Flatt & Scruggs Ballad of Jed Clampett, The (Beverley Hillbillies Theme) DAM Recommended
776-13 John Lennon Ballad of John & Yoko Legends Recommended
647-15 Beatles, The Ballad of John & Yoko, The Sound Choice Recommended
923-05 Panic At The Disco Ballad of Mona Lisa, The Pop Hits Recommended
260-B-04 Robin Moore & Barry Sadler Ballad of The Green Berets, The EMI Recommended
321-B-04 Johnny Burnette Ballad of The One Eyee Jack EMI Recommended
3748-44 Melee Ballad of You & I, The DAM Recommended
5630-13 Pink Cream 69 Ballerina DAM Recommended
719-11 Lionel Richie Ballerina Girl CDG Recommended
17-03 Sweet Ballroom Blitz DK Karaoke
543-A-02 Sweet Ballroom Blitz DKV Recommended
3719-51 Paul McCartney Ballroom Dancing DAM Recommended
H2 Accept Balls To The Wall CDG Recommended
3404-22 Prince Baltimore DAM Recommended
3404-22 Prince Baltimore DAM Recommended
6851-04 Gipsy Kings Bamboleo DAM Recommended
432-07 Frank Sinatra Bame It On My Youth Swt GA Brn Recommended
3844-30 Milo Manheim, Meg Donnelly and Kylee Russell Bamm DAM Recommended
3837-95 Nothing But Thieves Ban All The Music DAM Recommended
3925-91 Jack Johnson Banana Pancakes DAM Recommended
556-A-07 Dickies, The Banana Splits (The Tra-La-La Song) Pioneer Recommended
62-07 Freda Payne Band Gold DK Karaoke
016-A-04 Freda Payne Band Gold Pioneer
639-07 Paul McCartney & Wings Band On The Run Chartbuster
85-04 Paul McCartney & Wings Band On The Run DK Karaoke
346-17 Paul McCartney & Wings Band On The Run Legends Series
019-B-04 Paul McCartney & Wings Band On The Run Pioneer Recommended
344-03 Paul McCartney & Wings Band On The Run Sound Choice
637-10 Paul McCartney & Wings Band On The Run Sound Choice
1056-96 Mando Diao Band, The DAM Recommended
3021-67 DJ Zorro Bandido DAM Recommended
1126-89 Franz Tornado & The "Mad Cow Girls" Bandolero Comanchero DAM Recommended
306-B-08 Argentina Tango Songs Bandoneon Arrabalero Nikkodo Recommended
341-A-05 T. Rex Bang A Gong (Get It On) Pioneer Recommended
045-A-11 R.E.M. Bang And Blame Pioneer Recommended
436-07 Cher Bang Bang Swt GA Brn Recommended
1079-87 Danger Danger Bang Bang DAM Recommended
4775-13 Green Day Bang Bang DAM Recommended
3927-43 Jessie J + Ariana Grande + Nicki Minaj Bang Bang DAM Recommended
253-07 Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj Bang Bang Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3831-80 Jessie J + Ariana Grande + Nicki Minaj Bang Bang (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3751-87 Mark Ronson & The Business Intl Bang Bang Bang DAM Recommended
949-04 Dirty Pretty Things Bang Bang You're Dead Mr. Entertainer Recommended
457-10 Todd Rundgren Bang The Drum All Day Swt GA Brn Recommended
3919-79 Austin Mahone Banga! Banga! DAM Recommended
884-17 Skrillex ft. Sirah Bangarang Mr. Entertainer Recommended
870-01 Skrillex ft. Sirah Bangarang Pop Hits
1214-27 Olivia Newton-John Banks The Ohio DAM Recommended
81-07 Harry Belafonte Bannna Boat (Day-O) DK Karaoke Recommended
328-B-02 Harry Belafonte Bannna Boat (Day-O) EMI
2221-25 Bloc Party Banquet DAM Recommended
3950-89 Joan Baez Barbara Allen DAM Recommended
39-10 Beach Boys, The Barbara Ann DK Karaoke
543-A-13 Beach Boys, The Barbara Ann DKV Recommended
658-16 Beach Boys, The Barbara Ann Legends Series
156-03 Aqua Barbie Girl Legends Bassline
T1 Aqua Barbie Girl Original
6342-15 Aqua Barbie Girl (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
554-B-05 Kate Bush Barbooshka Pioneer Recommended
3593-64 Andrea Bocelli Barcarolle (from "Les Contes d'Hfmann") DAM Recommended
7051-77 Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe Barcelona DAM Recommended
3759-76 Blind Guardian Bard's Song: 1: In The Forest DAM Recommended
4390-21 Phil Harris & Bruce Reitherman Bare Necessities, The DAM Recommended
3923-75 Jake Owen Barefoot Blue Jean Night DAM Recommended
048-A-12 Duncan Sheik Barely Breathing Pioneer Recommended
4083-01 Jennifer Love Hewitt Barenaked DAM Recommended
649-12 Who, The Bargain Sound Choice Recommended
570-08 Ozzy Osbourne Bark At The Moon Sound Choice Recommended
218-A-09 Boo Radleys ,The Barney NUT Recommended
3123-92 Fergie Barracuda DAM Recommended
504-05 Heart Barracuda Sound Choice Recommended
558-01 Depeche Mode Barrel a Gun Sunfly Recommended
214-03 (Hed) Planet Earth Bartender Sound Choice Recommended
3526-10 T-Pain ft. Akon Bartender DAM Recommended
221-09 Travis & The Stereophonics Bartender & The Thief, The Sunfly Recommended
4767-18 Green Day Basket Case DAM Recommended
453-02 Green Day Basket Case Karaoke Hits
4775-16 Green Day Basket Case (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
807-13 Avenged Sevenfold Bat Country Sound Choice Recommended
548-11 Meatloaf Bat Out Hell Legends Series Recommended
403-B-04 Prince Batdance Nikkodo Recommended
176-14 No Doubt Bathwater Music Maestro Recommended
3993-39 Sofi Tukker Batshit DAM Recommended
3578-01 Metallica Battery DAM Recommended
3938-61 Imagine Dragons Battle Cry DAM Recommended
5363-55 Gospel Battle Hymn of The Republic DAM Recommended
256-B-10 P.D.W.W. Battle Hymn of The Republic U-Best Recommended
3554-83 Turisas Battle Metal DAM Recommended
1169-31 Led Zeppelin Battle of Evermore, The DAM Recommended
62-16 Johnny Horton Battle of New Orleans, The DK Karaoke
121-13 Johnny Horton Battle of New Orleans, The Music Maestro
016-B-08 Johnny Horton Battle of New Orleans, The Pioneer Recommended
3759-75 Blind Guardian Battlefield DAM Recommended
969-12 Jordin Sparks Battlefield Chartbuster
792-04 Jordin Sparks Battlefield Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3925-93 Lea Michele Battlefield DAM Recommended
3124-36 Lenny Kravitz Battlefield of Love DAM Recommended
3451-10 Marcos Valle Batucada DAM Recommended
173-04 Kid Rock Bawitdaba Sound Choice Recommended
3021-52 Mad Cow & The Royal Eb Orchestra Bazookistan DAM Recommended
3945-57 Ariana Grande Be Alright DAM Recommended
249-A-12 Elvis Presley Be Bop A Lula Ya-Ko Recommended
33-13 Gene Vincent Be Bop A Lula DK Karaoke
015-A-02 Gene Vincent Be Bop A Lula Pioneer Recommended
031-B-05 Ricky Nelson Be Bop Baby Pioneer Recommended
408-B-01 Ricky Martin & Madonna Be Careful GD
405-B-07 Ricky Martin & Madonna Be Careful SDK Recommended
681-08 Sparkle ft. R. Kelly Be Careful Sunfly Recommended
3852-56 Johnny Winter Be Careful With A Fool DAM Recommended
3950-87 Gregory Porter Be Good (Lion's Song) DAM Recommended
3397-35 Ashley Tisdale Be Good To Me DAM Recommended
266-B-10 Journey Be Good To Yourself Pioneer Recommended
406-07 Journey Be Good To Yourself Radio Starz
549-06 Norah Jones Be Here To Love Me Zoom Recommended
548-03 Oasis Be Here now Legends Series Recommended
3745-53 Fergie Be Italian DAM Recommended
3616-05 3 Doors Down Be Like That (Radio Version) DAM
925-13 3 Doors Down Be Like That (Radio Version) Sound Choice Recommended
297-04 David Gray Be Mine Top Tunes Recommended
3939-49 Ariana Grande ft. Cashmer Cat Be My Baby DAM Recommended
313-A-04 Ronettes, The Be My Baby EMI Recommended
332-A-03 Vanessa Paradis Be My Baby EMI Recommended
396-07 John Michael Montgomery Be My Baby Tonight Party Pak
337-A-11 John Michael Montgomery Be My Baby Tonight Pioneer Recommended
3638-34 Relient K Be My Escape DAM Recommended
030-A-12 Fats Domino Be My Guest Pioneer Recommended
3582-09 Kool & The Gang Be My Lady DAM Recommended
401-B-07 Mario Lanza Be My Love Nikkodo Recommended
107-07 La Bouche Be My Lover Music Maestro Recommended
437-11 Alice Cooper Be My Luver Swt GA Brn Recommended
371-A-08 ABC Be Near Me Nikkodo Recommended
3397-88 Chrisette Michele ft. Will.I.Am Be OK DAM Recommended
3638-73 Flo Rida ft. Ne-Yo Be On You DAM Recommended
4390-42 Jerry Orbach & Angela Lansbury Be Our Guest DAM Recommended
3931-65 Jeremy Irons with Whoopi, Cheech & Jim Be Prepared DAM Recommended
858-13 Yolanda Adams Be Still Pop Hits Recommended
898-08 Sting Be Still My Beating Heart Sound Choice Recommended
3829-04 Celine Dion Be The Man DAM Recommended
3968-06 Dua Lipa Be The One DAM Recommended
046-B-03 Hootie & The Blowfish Be The One Pioneer Recommended
3842-34 Ting Tings, The Be The One DAM Recommended
732-05 Ting Tings, The Be The One Sunfly Recommended
3946-32 Major Lazer ft. Wild Belle Be Together DAM Recommended
658-10 Beach Boys, The Be True To Your School Legends Series Recommended
921-11 David Banner & 9th Wonder ft. Ludacris & Marcia Ambrosius Be With You Pop Hits Recommended
159-03 Enrique Iglesias Be With You Party Tyme
117-06 Enrique Iglesias Be With You Pop Hits Recommended
5322-05 Mary J. Blige Be Without You DAM Recommended
2221-86 Audioslave Be Yourself DAM Recommended
541-B-01 Gene Vincent Be-Bop-A-Lula DKV Recommended
4811-02 Baha Men Beach Baby DAM Recommended
5445-20 First Class, The Beach Baby DAM Recommended
XW4 Elvis Presley Beach Boys Blues Music Maestro Recommended
355-B-05 Garth Brooks Beaches of Cheyenne, The SDK Recommended
397-02 Children's Bear Went Over The Mountain, The Party Pak Recommended
226-12 Rolling Stones, The Beast Burden Backstage
348-06 Rolling Stones, The Beast Burden Legends Series
342-07 Rolling Stones, The Beast Burden Sound Choice
804-13 Slow Moving Millie Beasts Sunfly Recommended
534-06 Hilary Duff Beat My Heart Chartbuster Recommended
792-02 Jls Beat Again Mr. Entertainer Recommended
1181-51 Madonna ft. Kanye West Beat Goes On DAM Recommended
4816-80 Beady Eye Beat Goes On, The DAM Recommended
436-08 Cher Beat Goes On, The Swt GA Brn Recommended
42-13 Sonny & Cher Beat Goes On, The DK Karaoke
452-15 Sonny & Cher Beat Goes On, The Karaoke Hits
018-A-06 Sonny & Cher Beat Goes On, The Pioneer Recommended
3572-12 Fall Out Boy ft. John Mayer Beat It DAM Recommended
1190-01 Michael Jackson Beat It DAM
32-01 Michael Jackson Beat It DK Karaoke
342-A-04 Michael Jackson Beat It Pioneer Recommended
127-10 Michael Jackson Beat It Pocket Songs
3722-26 Michael Jackson Beat It (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
1190-29 Michael Jackson Beat It [Live Sound] DAM
520-01 Charlie Sexton Beat So Lonely Original Recommended
785-13 Jam, The Beat Surrender Sunfly Recommended
1190-70 Michael Jackson with Fergie Beat it 2008 DAM Recommended
3923-90 Ellie Goulding Beating Heart DAM Recommended
251-03 Ellie Goulding Beating Heart Mr. Entertainer Recommended
4816-93 Beady Eye Beatles & Stones DAM Recommended
6552-32 Beatles, The Beatles Best Medley DAM Recommended
6552-33 Beatles, The Beatles Best Medley Vol. 2 DAM Recommended
6552-50 Beatles, The Beatles Best Medley Vol. 3 DAM Recommended
3660-56 Akon ft. BoA & Kardinal Offishall Beautiful DAM Recommended
3593-45 Akon ft. Colby O'Donis & Kardinal Offishall Beautiful DAM Recommended
7355-19 Carly Rae Jepsen ft. Justin Bieber Beautiful DAM Recommended
21-18 Carole King Beautiful DK Karaoke Recommended
287-11 Christina Aguilera Beautiful Entertainer Recommended
302-01 Christina Aguilera Beautiful Powerhits
6841-34 Eminem Beautiful DAM Recommended
174-12 Jennifer Paige Beautiful Sound Choice Recommended
853-16 Noel Gourdin Beautiful Pop Hits Recommended
3577-34 Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell & Uncle C. Wilson Beautiful DAM Recommended
3849-94 Bazzi Beautiful (ft. Camila Cabello) DAM Recommended
345-05 John Lennon Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) Zoom Recommended
78-14 Standard Beautiful Brown Eyes DK Karaoke Recommended
3102-33 Slash ft. Fergie Beautiful Dangerous DAM Recommended
3021-61 Lolita Beautiful Day DAM Recommended
164-02 U2 Beautiful Day Sound Choice Recommended
415-07 Kelly Clarkson Beautiful Disaster Legends Series Recommended
5360-76 Standard Beautiful Dreamer DAM Recommended
38-17 Traditional Beautiful Dreamer DK Karaoke Recommended
793-12 Taylor Swift Beautiful Eyes Chartbuster Recommended
6030-17 Taylor Swift Beautiful Eyes DAM
939-03 Sean Kingston Beautiful Girls Pop Hits Recommended
500-09 Van Halen Beautiful Girls Radio Starz Recommended
7330-14 Maroon 5 Beautiful Goodbye DAM Recommended
056-B-03 Joshua Kadison Beautiful In My Eyes MD Recommended
5363-56 Gospel Beautiful Isle of Somewhere DAM Recommended
812-11 Beyonce & Shakira Beautiful Liar, A Easy Karaoke Recommended
045-B-07 Ace of Base Beautiful Life Pioneer Recommended
894-02 Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band Beautiful Loser Sound Choice Recommended
1173-77 Anita O'Day Beautiful Love DAM Recommended
912-11 Ne-Yo Beautiful Monster Pop Hits Recommended
3121-07 Ace of Base Beautiful Morning DAM Recommended
3940-84 Zedd ft. Jon Bellion Beautiful Now DAM Recommended
3981-91 Zedd Beautiful Now (ft. Jon Bellion) (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
5368-02 Suede Beautiful Ones DAM Recommended
236-07 Prince Beautiful Onesv Sound Choice Recommended
935-18 Chris Brown ft. Benny Benassi Beautiful People Pop Hits
851-14 Chris Brown ft. Benny Benassi Beautiful People Sunfly Recommended
1113-26 Ed Sheeran Beautiful People ft. Khalid DAM Recommended
3916-01 Marilyn Manson Beautiful People, The DAM Recommended
892-13 Nicki Minaj Beautiful Sinner Pop Hits Recommended
1090-83 Jesse McCartney Beautiful Soul DAM Recommended
507-B-11 Madonna Beautiful Stranger MD Recommended
3865-01 Daniel Boone Beautiful Sunday DAM Recommended
3850-50 Daniel Boone Beautiful Sunday (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3927-34 Owl City ft. Lindsey Stirling Beautiful Times DAM Recommended
3554-70 In This Moment Beautiful Tragedy DAM Recommended
837-07 Jim Brickman & Adam Crossley Beautiful World Pop Hits Recommended
3656-89 Lady Gaga Beautiful, Dirty, Rich DAM Recommended
891-08 Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj Beauty & A Beat Mr. Entertainer Recommended
333-B-02 Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson Beauty & The Beast EMI Recommended
5409-05 World Sketch Beauty & The Beast DAM Recommended
1075-49 Justin Bieber Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3961-97 Ariana Grande & John Legend Beauty And The Beast (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
6214-33 Disney Beauty And The Beast (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
913-05 Macy Gray Beauty In The World Pop Hits Recommended
79-12 Temptations, The Beauty Is Only Skin Deep DK Karaoke Recommended
270-06 Natalie Imbruglia Beauty On The Fire Sunfly Recommended
652-05 Frankie Avalon Beauty School Drop Out Sound Choice Recommended
1167-65 Krystal Meyers Beauty of Grace, The DAM Recommended
1033-90 Beatles, The Because DAM Recommended
342-B-13 Dave Clark Five, The Because Pioneer Recommended
717-01 Afro Man Because I Got High Sunfly Recommended
3713-32 Nate James Because I Love You DAM Recommended
055-B-09 Stevie B. Because I Love You MD Recommended
3432-31 Pipettes, The Because It's Not Love (But It's Still A Feeling) DAM Recommended
3923-46 Nickelback Because Of You DAM Recommended
3985-42 Kelly Clarkson Because Of You (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3981-85 Ne-Yo Because Of You (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
239-A-04 10,000 Maniacs Because The Night NUT Recommended
3919-01 Patti Smith Because The Night DAM Recommended
1064-20 Carpenters Because We Are In Love (The Wedding Song) DAM Recommended
181-09 Billie Piper Because We Want To Legends Series
148-08 Billie Piper Because We Want To Sunfly Recommended
179-08 Billie Piper Because We Want To Sunfly
3571-54 Jesse McCartney Because You Live DAM Recommended
130-12 Jo Dee Messina Because You Love Me Chartbuster Recommended
250-01 Celine Dion Because You Loved Me Pocket Songs
064-A-02 Celine Dion Because You Loved Me SDK Recommended
417-A-05 Janet Jackson Because of Love MD Recommended
575-01 Janet Jackson Because of Love Sound Choice
3038-04 Ne-Yo Because of Love DAM Recommended
74-16 Standard Because of Love DK Karaoke Recommended
313-B-02 Tony Bennett Because of Love EMI Recommended
348-A-04 98 Degrees Because of You MD Recommended
279-08 98 Degrees Because of You Sunfly
620-07 Kelly Clarkson Because of You Radio Starz
807-10 Kelly Clarkson Because of You Sound Choice Recommended
3843-92 Maia Hirasawa Because of You DAM Recommended
3441-35 Ne-Yo ft. Kanye West Because of You (Remix) DAM Recommended
181-01 Spice Girls Become One Legends Series Recommended
3397-96 J. Holiday Bed DAM Recommended
3830-43 Nicki Minaj Bed (ft. Ariana Grande) DAM Recommended
3575-43 Bon Jovi Bed Of Roses (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
359-A-01 Highway 101 Bed You Made For Me, The Nikkodo Recommended
76-01 Bon Jovi Bed of Roses DK Karaoke Recommended
334-A-02 Bon Jovi Bed of Roses EMI
906-05 Young Money & Lloyd Bedrock Sunfly Recommended
897-14 Weird Al Yankovic Bedrock Anthem Sound Choice Recommended
1077-65 Liam Payne Bedroom Floor DAM Recommended
47-02 Midnight Oil Beds Are Burning DK Karaoke Recommended
205-15 Midnight Oil Beds Are Burning Sound Choice
233-09 Midnight Oil Beds Are Burning Sunfly
528-10 Keane Bedshaped Zoom Recommended
895-07 St Cell Bedsitter Zoom Recommended
3959-65 Bee Gees, The Bee Gees Medley DAM Recommended
826-09 Arthur Askey Bee Song, The (Busy Bee) Sunfly Recommended
5452-60 Puff Daddy & The Family ft. Notorious... Been Around The World DAM Recommended
607-05 Doors, The Been Down So Long Legends Series Recommended
3945-60 Corinne Bailey Rae Been To The Moon DAM Recommended
899-01 Pussycat Dolls, The ft. Will.I.Am Beep Zoom Recommended
96-07 Standard Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out The Barrel) DK Karaoke Recommended
908-16 Toby Keith & Willie Nelson Beer For My Horses Sound Choice Recommended
277-04 Garth Brooks Beer Run Swt GA Brn Recommended
725-01 Blur Beetlebum Sunfly Recommended
873-10 Nicki Minaj ft. 2 Chainz Beez In The Trap Pop Hits Recommended
3451-98 Carrie Underwood Before He Cheats DAM Recommended
864-16 Kirk Franklin Before I Die Pop Hits Recommended
687-07 Razorlight Before I Fall To Pieces Easy Karaoke
687-06 Razorlight Before I Fall To Pieces Sunfly Recommended
3686-22 Slipknot Before I Forget DAM Recommended
3590-44 Maze Before I Let Go DAM Recommended
3044-14 Goo Goo Dolls, The Before It's Too Late DAM Recommended
6053-37 Britney Spears Before The Goodbye DAM Recommended
4767-84 Green Day Before The Lobotomy DAM Recommended
026-B-09 Freddie Fender Before The Next Teardrop Falls Pioneer Recommended
5361-66 Freddy Fender Before The Next Teardrop Falls DAM Recommended
3744-24 Miley Cyrus Before The Storm DAM Recommended
3717-11 Jonas Brothers Before The Storm ft. Miley Cyrus DAM Recommended
3751-08 Everything But The Girl Before Today DAM Recommended
1107-14 Eric Clapton Before You Accuse Me (Take A Look At Yourself) DAM Recommended
636-02 Eric Clapton Before You Acuse Me Sound Choice Recommended
226-A-05 Randy Travis Before You Kill Us All NUT Recommended
044-A-01 Monica Before You Walk Out of My Life Pioneer Recommended
287-08 Kelly Clarkson Before Your Love Entertainer Recommended
415-08 Kelly Clarkson Before Your Love Legends Series
302-04 Kelly Clarkson Before Your Love Powerhits
620-10 Kelly Clarkson Before Your Love Radio Starz
1077-40 ZAYN Befour DAM Recommended
3743-25 H.E.A.T. Beg Beg Beg DAM Recommended
733-12 Madcon Beggin' Sunfly Recommended
1195-21 Monkees, The Beggin' DAM Recommended
3944-77 Victoria Justice Beggin' On Your Knees DAM Recommended
4823-03 Stone Roses, The Begging You DAM Recommended
3883-67 Taylor Swift Begin Again DAM Recommended
319-A-03 Bing Crosby Begin The Beguine EMI Recommended
266-B-02 Ella Fitzgerald Begin The Beguine Pioneer Recommended
61-14 Standard Begin The Beguine DK Karaoke Recommended
684-06 Chicago Beginnings CDG Recommended
797-10 Chicago Beginnings Legends
429-14 Neil Sedaca Beginnings Swt GA Brn Recommended
675-13 Isley Brothers, The Behind A Painted Smile Sunfly Recommended
6457-13 Limp Bizkit Behind Blue Eyes DAM Recommended
453-15 Who, The Behind Blue Eyes Karaoke Hits
773-08 Who, The Behind Blue Eyes Legends
649-15 Who, The Behind Blue Eyes Sound Choice Recommended
26-05 Charlie Rich Behind Closed Doors DK Karaoke
005-A-11 Charlie Rich Behind Closed Doors Pioneer Recommended
800-16 Peter Andre Behind Closed Doors Sunfly Recommended
4350-61 Teena Marie Behind The Groove DAM Recommended
849-11 Eric Clapton Behind The Mask Sunfly Recommended
3716-65 Michael Jackson Behind The Mask DAM Recommended
3441-69 Senor Coconut & His Orchestra Behind The Mask DAM Recommended
560-02 Depeche Mode Behind The Wheel STTW Recommended
620-03 Kelly Clarkson Behind These Hazel Eyes Radio Starz Recommended
925-08 3 Doors Down Behind Those Eyes Chartbuster Recommended
027-B-13 Andrews Sisters, The Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen Pioneer Recommended
648-02 Beatles, The Being For The Benefit Mr. Kite Sound Choice Recommended
3577-30 Liberty X Being Nobody DAM Recommended
3577-30 Richard X vs Liberty X Being Nobody DAM Recommended
3569-85 Coral, The Being Somebody Else DAM Recommended
10-04 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Being With You DK Karaoke
537-B-10 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Being With You DKV Recommended
592-13 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Being With You Motown
716-01 Boney M. Belfast Zoom Recommended
679-11 Simple Minds Belfast Child Sunfly Recommended
3797-37 Britt Nicole Believe DAM Recommended
181-10 Cher Believe Legends Series
409-A-02 Cher Believe SDK Recommended
775-03 Elton John Believe Legends
064-B-02 Elton John Believe SDK Recommended
133-01 Elton John Believe Sunfly
1075-56 Justin Bieber Believe DAM Recommended
126-08 Lenny Kravitz Believe Chartbuster
79-03 Lenny Kravitz Believe DK Karaoke
205-A-07 Lenny Kravitz Believe NUT Recommended
255-09 Mumford And Sons Believe Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3384-87 Orianthi Believe DAM Recommended
827-12 Staind Believe Sound Choice Recommended
1322-06 Yes Believe Again DAM Recommended
249-12 Eric Clapton Believe In Life Chartbuster Recommended
3841-84 Beta Wolf Believe In Love DAM Recommended
1088-89 Fort Minor ft. Bobo & Styles Beyond Believe Me DAM Recommended
801-05 Killers, The Believe Me Natalie CDG Recommended
3842-79 Imagine Dragons Believer (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
420-06 Derek & The Dominos Bell Bottom Blues Monster Hits
255-B-01 Derek & The Dominos Bell Bottom Blues Singalong Recommended
636-09 Derek & The Dominos Bell Bottom Blues Sound Choice
894-01 Derek & The Dominos Bell Bottom Blues Sound Choice
349-03 Steve Winwood Bell Bottom Blues Legends Series Recommended
243-05 Who, The Bell Boy Sunfly Recommended
3872-08 Disney Bella Notte (Lady & The Tramp) DAM Recommended
3872-10 Disney Belle (Beauty & The Beast) DAM Recommended
3987-27 Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Ensemble - Beauty And The Beast Belle (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
834-09 Dashboard Confessional Belle of The Boulevard Pop Hits Recommended
3872-43 Disney Bells of Notre Dame, The (The Bells N D) DAM Recommended
225-A-04 Color Me Badd Bells, The NUT Recommended
1190-08 Michael Jackson Ben DAM
583-10 Michael Jackson Ben Motown Recommended
527-07 Keane Bend & Break Zoom Recommended
668-12 Savage Garden Bend Me Shake Me Sunfly Recommended
86-12 American Breed Bend Me Shape Me DK Karaoke
032-A-13 American Breed Bend Me Shape Me Pioneer Recommended
5156-29 Radiohead Bends, The DAM Recommended
891-11 Labrinth ft. Emeli Sande Beneath Your Beautiful Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3927-15 Labrinth ft. Emeli Sandé Beneath Your Beautiful DAM Recommended
2833-17 Charlie Rich Benji's Theme-I Feel Love DAM Recommended
634-03 Electric Light Orchestra Bennie & The Jets Sound Choice Recommended
1-12 Elton John Bennie & The Jets DK Karaoke
774-05 Elton John Bennie & The Jets Legends
265-A-12 Elton John Bennie & The Jets Pioneer
806-11 Matchbox 20 Bent Chartbuster Recommended
71-09 Four Tops, The Bernadette DK Karaoke
578-11 Four Tops, The Bernadette Motown Recommended
237-09 Jimmy Castor Bunch, The Bertha Butt Boogie, The Sound Choice Recommended
3946-25 Andrea Bocelli Besame Mucho DAM Recommended
3910-08 Joao Gilberto Besame Mucho DAM Recommended
551-A-09 Nat King Cole & Trio Los Panchos Besame Mucho Pioneer Recommended
1304-02 Trio Los Panchos Besame Mucho DAM Recommended
3938-72 5 Seconds Of Summer Beside You DAM Recommended
961-04 Timbiriche Besos De Ceniza Multi Karaoke Recommended
854-13 Six D Best Damn Night Mr. Entertainer Recommended
4069-47 Avril Lavigne Best Damn Thing, The DAM Recommended
3123-70 Jesse McCartney Best Day of My Life DAM Recommended
820-10 Taylor Swift Best Day, The Chartbuster Recommended
965-02 Kellie Pickler Best Days Of Your Life Pocket Songs Recommended
4350-55 Richie Family Best Disco In Town, The DAM Recommended
268-A-14 Brandy Best Friend Pioneer Recommended
3904-02 JoJo Best Friend DAM Recommended
1181-80 Madonna Best Friend DAM Recommended
068-A-10 Toni Braxton Best Friend SDK Recommended
3850-66 Sofi Tukker Best Friend ft. NERVO, The Knocks & Alisa Ueno DAM Recommended
176-07 Vertical Horizon Best I Ever had Music Maestro
172-18 Vertical Horizon Best I Ever had Top Hits Recommended
1819-55 Blue Best In Me DAM Recommended
702-01 Michael Buble Best Is Yet To Come, The Pocket Songs
739-01 Michael Buble Best Is Yet To Come, The Pocket Songs Recommended
187-08 Nancy Wilson Best Is Yet To Come, The Music Maestro Recommended
923-16 Chris Brown & T-Pain Best Love Song Pop Hits Recommended
671-06 Ginuwine/R.L./Tyrese/Case Best Man I Can Be, The Pocket Songs Recommended
3945-91 Ariana Grande ft. Big Sean Best Mistake DAM Recommended
3923-42 LMFAO ft. Will.I.Am, GoonRock & Eva Simons Best Night DAM Recommended
1113-30 Ed Sheeran Best Part Of Me ft. Yebba DAM Recommended
1077-54 One Direction Best Song Ever (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3853-33 Maia Hirasawa Best Team, The DAM Recommended
5888-17 Ricky Martin ft. Joss Stone Best Thing Bout Me Is You, The DAM Recommended
565-06 Diana Krall Best Thing For You (Would Be Me), The Pocket Recommended
866-01 Beyonce Best Thing I Never Had Fast Trax
865-07 Beyonce Best Thing I Never Had Sunfly Recommended
946-02 Beyonce Best Thing I Never Had Sunfly
559-B-04 Gladys Knight & The Pips Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me, The Pioneer Recommended
1141-37 Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson Best Things In Life Are Free DAM Recommended
706-01 Janet Jackson & Luther Vandross Best Things In Life Are Free, The Legends
268-A-06 Janet Jackson & Luther Vandross Best Things In Life Are Free, The Pioneer Recommended
3927-65 Praying Mantis Best Years DAM Recommended
211-13 Baha Men Best Years Our Lives Music Maestro Recommended
2944-16 Various Artists Best of 70's Disco Album Medley Vol. 1 DAM Recommended
3397-94 Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds DAM Recommended
3716-75 Michael Jackson Best of Joy DAM Recommended
063-B-07 Michael Bolton Best of Love, The MD Recommended
870-14 Anthony Hamilton Best of Me Pop Hits Recommended
3560-43 Daniel Powter Best of Me DAM Recommended
3638-43 Starting Line, The Best of Me DAM Recommended
659-07 Cliff Richard Best of Me, The Legends Series Recommended
525-B-09 David Foster & Olivia Newton-John Best of Me, The FIT Recommended
5180-09 C.J.Lewis Best of My Love DAM Recommended
401-01 Eagles Best of My Love Backstage
770-09 Eagles Best of My Love Zoom Recommended
23-12 Emotions, The Best of My Love DK Karaoke
033-B-09 Emotions, The Best of My Love Pioneer Recommended
380-16 La Cage Aux Follies Best of Times Music Maestro Recommended
836-06 Styx Best of Times, The Sound Choice Recommended
745-05 Foo Fighters Best of You Pop Hits Recommended
414-15 Tina Turner Best, The Legends Series
559-B-03 Tina Turner Best, The Pioneer Recommended
201-11 Tina Turner Best, The Sound Choice
713-02 Tina Turner Best, The Sunfly
954-07 High School Musical 2 Cast Bet On It Disney Recommended
904-06 Prince Betcha By Golly Wow Sound Choice Recommended
604-05 Stylistics, The Betcha By Golly Wow Legends Series
268-B-07 Stylistics, The Betcha By Golly Wow Pioneer Recommended
911-06 Stylistics, The Betcha By Golly Wow Pocket Songs
807-08 D4L Betcha Can't Do It Like Me Sound Choice Recommended
068-B-07 Vanessa Williams Betcha Never SDK Recommended
218-A-07 Chantay Savage Betcha'll Never Find NUT Recommended
931-14 GLEE Beth Pocket Songs Recommended
151-15 Kiss Beth Kiss This
656-05 Kiss Beth Monster Hits Recommended
931-09 GLEE Beth (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
315-A-11 Kim Carnes Bette Davis Eyes EMI
448-15 Kim Carnes Bette Davis Eyes Karaoke Hits
392-10 Kim Carnes Bette Davis Eyes Party Pak
759-12 Kim Carnes Bette Davis Eyes Sound Choice Recommended
875-15 Bow Wow & T-Pain Better Pop Hits Recommended
873-17 K'naan Better Pop Hits Recommended
3856-36 Khalid Better DAM Recommended
31-08 Tina Turner Better Be Good To Me DK Karaoke Recommended
414-10 Tina Turner Better Be Good To Me Legends Series
181-11 Steps Better Best Forgotten Legends Series
279-04 Steps Better Best Forgotten Sunfly Recommended
67-04 Randy Travis Better Class of Losers DK Karaoke Recommended
726-09 Goo Goo Dolls, The Better Days Sound Choice Recommended
5179-05 Workshy Better Days DAM Recommended
1205-23 Neil Sedaka Better Days Are Coming DAM Recommended
3554-49 Leona Lewis Better In Time DAM Recommended
925-03 3 Doors Down Better Life, The Chartbuster Recommended
3947-32 Foxes Better Love DAM Recommended
3947-13 Hoizer Better Love DAM Recommended
555-A-11 Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show Better Love Next Time Pioneer Recommended
665-02 Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show Better Love Next Time Sound Choice Recommended
1107-32 Eric Clapton Better Make It Through Today DAM Recommended
3993-68 Little Big Town Better Man DAM Recommended
936-10 Pearl Jam Better Man Radio Starz Recommended
941-09 Robbie Williams Better Man Sunfly Recommended
1183-45 Thomas Barsoe Better Man DAM Recommended
612-11 Thunder Better Man Sunfly Recommended
3993-87 Post Malone Better Now DAM Recommended
3945-71 Rachel Platten Better Place DAM Recommended
1162-13 Donell Jones ft. Jermaine Dupri Better Start Talking DAM Recommended
3852-97 Adam Lambert Better Than I Know Myself DAM Recommended
3751-76 Hurts Better Than Love DAM Recommended
3638-09 Hinder Better Than Me DAM Recommended
3852-88 Taylor Swift Better Than Revenge DAM Recommended
752-03 Keane Better Than This Sunfly Recommended
3928-12 One Direction Better Than Words DAM Recommended
3873-01 Lisa Keith Better Than You DAM Recommended
545-04 Kylie Minogue Better The Devil You Know Zoom Recommended
3944-57 Fifth Harmony Better Together DAM Recommended
1150-67 Jack Johnson Better Together DAM Recommended
3942-17 Meghan Trainor Better When I'm Dancin' DAM Recommended
7086-20 David Guetta, Brooks & Loote Better When You're Gone DAM Recommended
227-A-01 Trisha Yearwood Better Your Heart Than Mine NUT Recommended
708-08 Rolling Stones, The Between A Rock & A Hard Place Sound Choice Recommended
796-01 Papa Roach Between Angels & Insects Top Tunes Recommended
838-04 Stone Temple Pilots Between The Lines Pop Hits Recommended
3942-77 Fourplay Between The Sheets DAM Recommended
364-A-03 Isley Brothers, The Between The Sheets Nikkodo Recommended
904-07 DC Talk Between You And Me Sound Choice Recommended
377-02 TV Theme Beverly Hillbillies, The Music Maestro
397-30 TV Theme Beverly Hillbillies, The Party Pak Recommended
509-09 Weezer Beverly Hills Pop Hits Recommended
1088-73 Impellitteri Beware of The Devil DAM Recommended
3837-96 Candlemass Bewitched DAM Recommended
038-B-08 Anita Boyer Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered Pioneer Recommended
411-08 Rod Stewart & Cher Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered Sound Choice
425-04 Rod Stewart & Cher Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered Top Tunes
6842-12 Daft Punk Beyond DAM Recommended
3574-19 Aerosmith Beyond Beautiful DAM Recommended
XY2 Elvis Presley Beyond The Bend Music Maestro Recommended
3537-22 Dark Moor Beyond The Fire DAM Recommended
3839-05 Judas Priest Beyond The Realms of Death DAM Recommended
1043-20 Bing Crosby Beyond The Reef DAM Recommended
314-B-09 Webley Edwards & The Hawaii Calls Beyond The Reef EMI Recommended
3126-18 Bobby Caldwell Beyond The Sea DAM Recommended
011-B-07 Bobby Darin Beyond The Sea Pioneer Recommended
378-06 Bobby Darin Beyond The Sea Sound Choice
3021-03 Celtic Woman Beyond The Sea DAM Recommended
4350-96 Robbie Williams Beyond The Sea DAM Recommended
77-16 Pat Boone Beyond The Sunset DK Karaoke Recommended
1219-05 Standard Beyond The Sunset DAM Recommended
3837-51 Sonu Nigam Bhagwaan Hai Kahan Re Tu DAM Recommended
4390-45 Verna Felton & James Macdonald Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Magic Song) DAM Recommended
3988-96 Ed Sheeran Bibia Be Ye Ye DAM Recommended
5361-67 Gospel Bible Tells Me So, The DAM Recommended
1242-09 Queen Bicycle Race DAM
426-A-08 Queen Bicycle Race Original Recommended
529-11 Queen Bicycle Race Sound Choice
894-06 Queen Bicycle Race Sound Choice
7051-94 Queen Bicycle Race (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
002-B-10 Miguel Rios Bienvenidos Pioneer Recommended
059-B-10 Amy Grant Big Yellow Taxi MD Recommended
4221-04 Kajagoogoo Big Apple DAM Recommended
357-A-12 Jimmy Dean Big Bad John Nikkodo Recommended
3021-31 Spring Break Big Bad Love (Cascada Remix) DAM Recommended
821-05 AC/DC Big Balls Sound Choice Recommended
3919-39 Havana Brown ft. R3hab & Prophet Of 7 Lions Big Banana DAM Recommended
4815-01 Stone Temple Pilots Big Bang Baby DAM Recommended
1223-23 Paul McCartney & Wings Big Barn Bed DAM Recommended
343-A-14 Emilia Rydberg Big Big Big MD Recommended
277-07 Full Monty Big Black Man Swt GA Brn Recommended
XW5 Elvis Presley Big Boots Music Maestro Recommended
XS2 Elvis Presley Big Boss Man Music Maestro Recommended
1150-16 Manuel Big Boy DAM Recommended
3407-15 Chuck Berry Big Boys DAM Recommended
1126-85 Fastway Big Brother DAM Recommended
3819-91 Benny Sings Big Brown Eyes DAM Recommended
3638-10 Jimmy Eat World Big Casino DAM Recommended
1819-24 R. Kelly & Jay-Z Big Chips DAM Recommended
35-10 Merle Haggard Big City DK Karaoke Recommended
329-B-03 Scorpions Big City Nights EMI Recommended
130-09 LeAnn Rimes Big Deal Chartbuster
189-01 LeAnn Rimes Big Deal Just Tracks Recommended
402-A-08 Restless Heart Big Dreams In A Small Town Nikkodo Recommended
687-12 Mika Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) Sunfly Recommended
3932-39 Sia Big Girls Cry DAM Recommended
1167-40 Fergie Big Girls Don't Cry DAM Recommended
13-12 Four Seasons, The Big Girls Don't Cry DK Karaoke
019-B-02 Four Seasons, The Big Girls Don't Cry Pioneer Recommended
3883-24 Jason Aldean Big Green Tractor DAM Recommended
516-03 AC/DC Big Gun Legends
204-A-08 AC/DC Big Gun NUT Recommended
3580-07 Skid Row Big Guns DAM Recommended
884-10 Nelly Furtado Big Hoops (Bigger The Better) Mr. Entertainer Recommended
886-15 Nelly Furtado Big Hoops (Bigger The Better) Sunfly
XB14 Elvis Presley Big Hunk O' Love Music Maestro Recommended
551-02 Alphaville Big In Japan Sunfly Recommended
1169-36 Robert Plant Big Log DAM Recommended
502-05 Fleetwood Mac Big Love CDG
596-11 Fleetwood Mac Big Love Zoom Recommended
745-09 Foo Fighters Big Me Sound Choice Recommended
406-B-10 Natalie Imbruglia Big Mistake SDK Recommended
971-09 Game, The Big Money Pop Hits Recommended
561-01 Rush Big Money, The Original Recommended
1150-09 Mike Hammer Big Mouth DAM Recommended
1150-29 Lisa Lion Big On Emotion DAM Recommended
3920-40 Jay-Z ft. UGK Big Pimpin DAM Recommended
5651-01 Notorious B.I.G., The Big Poppa DAM Recommended
105-02 Billy Joel Big Shot Just Tracks
602-14 Billy Joel Big Shot Legends Series
635-04 Billy Joel Big Shot Sound Choice Recommended
3123-46 Saw Loser Big Shot DAM Recommended
679-02 Shirley Bassey Big Spender Sunfly Recommended
263-B-05 Standard Big Spender Pioneer Recommended
3577-37 Thrills, The Big Sur DAM Recommended
3572-90 Warrant Big Talk DAM Recommended
387-10 Aerosmith Big Ten Inch Record Ameri*Sing Recommended
427-04 Aerosmith Big Ten Inch Record Swt GA Brn
939-13 T.I. Big Things Poppin' Pop Hits Recommended
3432-43 T.I. Big Things Poppin' (Do It) DAM Recommended
601-03 Peter Gabriel Big Time Just Tracks Recommended
3577-84 Counting Crows Big Yellow Taxi DAM Recommended
81-11 Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi DK Karaoke Recommended
5528-72 Backstreet Boys Bigger DAM Recommended
1075-27 Justin Bieber Bigger DAM Recommended
4350-79 John Mayer Bigger Than My Body DAM Recommended
449-02 Joe Diffie Bigger Than The Beatles Karaoke Hits Recommended
3934-20 Chris Brown Biggest Fan DAM Recommended
C3 Ambrosia Biggest Part Me CDG Recommended
7082-17 Queen Bijou DAM Recommended
806-15 Patsy Cline Bill Bailey Chartbuster Recommended
015-A-13 Bobby Darin Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home Pioneer Recommended
1190-72 Michael Jackson Bille Jean 2008 (Kayne West Mix) DAM Recommended
1190-03 Michael Jackson Billie Jean DAM
32-02 Michael Jackson Billie Jean DK Karaoke
342-A-01 Michael Jackson Billie Jean Pioneer Recommended
127-11 Michael Jackson Billie Jean Pocket Songs
3722-31 Michael Jackson Billie Jean (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
1190-37 Michael Jackson Billie Jean [Live Sound] DAM
437-08 Alice Cooper Billion Dollar Babies Swt GA Brn Recommended
3945-50 Ross Lynch Billion Hits, A DAM Recommended
3748-53 Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars Billionaire DAM Recommended
838-03 Travis McCoy & Bruno Mars Billionaire Pop Hits Recommended
3939-15 LunchMoney Lewis Bills DAM Recommended
574-01 Destiny's Child Bills Bills Bills Chartbuster Recommended
2833-58 Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods Billy Don't Be A Hero DAM Recommended
559-B-06 Paper Lace Billy Don't Be A Hero Pioneer Recommended
731-02 Jam, The Billy Hunt Sunfly Recommended
3959-67 Billy Joel Billy Joel Medley DAM Recommended
1819-27 Skye Sweetnam Billy S. DAM Recommended
2990-27 Children's Bingo DAM Recommended
3856-30 Kiiara Bipolar DAM Recommended
3106-46 Used, The Bird & The Worm, The (Album Version) DAM Recommended
3940-49 Owl City Bird & Worm, The DAM Recommended
42-16 Everly Brothers, The Bird Dog DK Karaoke Recommended
040-A-12 They Might Be Giants Birdhouse In Your Soul Pioneer Recommended
3537-84 Manhattan Transfer, The Birdland DAM Recommended
4127-02 Aztec Camera Birds DAM Recommended
48-18 Jewel Akens Birds & The Bees, The DK Karaoke
018-B-05 Jewel Akens Birds & The Bees, The Pioneer
245-05 Electric Light Orchestra Birmingham Blues Sunfly Recommended
44-09 Beatles, The Birthday DK Karaoke
963-08 Beatles, The Birthday Legends
029-A-09 Beatles, The Birthday Pioneer Recommended
3923-38 Katy Perry Birthday DAM Recommended
921-07 Kings of Leon Birthday Pop Hits Recommended
397-19 Specialty Birthday Party Pak Recommended
3718-15 Sugarcubes, The Birthday DAM Recommended
3913-20 Rihanna Birthday Cake DAM Recommended
3946-36 Pixies Three, The Birthday Party DAM Recommended
800-06 Jeremih Birthday Sex Sunfly Recommended
3844-27 Fall Out Boy Bishops Knife Trick DAM Recommended
257-A-04 Meredith Brooks Bitch MD Recommended
348-09 Rolling Stones, The Bitch Legends Series
758-12 Rolling Stones, The Bitch Sound Choice Recommended
881-17 Lupe Fiasco Bitch Bad Pop Hits Recommended
3938-51 Rihanna Bitch Better Have My Money DAM Recommended
447-11 Elton John Bitch Is Back, The Karaoke Hits
774-06 Elton John Bitch Is Back, The Legends
633-09 Elton John Bitch Is Back, The Sound Choice Recommended
1181-76 Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj Bitch, I'm Madonna DAM Recommended
3941-21 Chris Brown, Tyga ft. Schoolboy Q Bitches N Marijuana DAM Recommended
4067-11 Avril Lavigne Bitchin' Summer DAM
3564-41 Lordi Bite It Like A Bulldog DAM Recommended
3855-39 Finch Bitemarks & Bloodstains DAM Recommended
560-A-07 Dave Clark Five, The Bits & Pieces Pioneer Recommended
346-A-07 Verve, The Bitter Sweet Symphony MD Recommended
XR3 Elvis Presley Bitter They Are Harder They Fall Music Maestro Recommended
785-04 Jam, The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow), The Sunfly Recommended
3749-70 Fantasia Bittersweet DAM Recommended
268-B-13 R.E.M. Bittersweet Me Pioneer Recommended
3932-66 Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass Bittersweet Samba DAM Recommended
107-03 New Order Bizarre Love Triangle Music Maestro Recommended
143-01 New Order Bizarre Love Triangle (Radio Version) Sound Choice Recommended
213-A-06 Pearl Jam Black NUT
936-13 Pearl Jam Black Radio Starz Recommended
3569-80 Sam Sparro Black & Gold DAM Recommended
420-03 Three Dog Night Black & White Monster Hits
031-B-06 Three Dog Night Black & White Pioneer
784-03 Doves, The Black & White Town Sunfly
3819-58 Wiz Khalifa Black & Yellow DAM Recommended
692-17 Goo Goo Dolls, The Black Balloon Chartbuster
688-07 Goo Goo Dolls, The Black Balloon Sound Choice Recommended
3849-42 Ram Jam Black Betty DAM Recommended
575-12 Janet Jackson Black Cat Sunfly Recommended
3537-88 Living End, The Black Cat DAM Recommended
973-02 All Saints Black Coffee Sunfly Recommended
239-A-06 Heavy D & The Boys Black Coffee NUT Recommended
139-02 Squeeze Black Coffee In Bed Sound Choice Recommended
3728-07 Kiss Black Diamond DAM Recommended
1115-35 Stratovarius Black Diamond DAM Recommended
025-B-12 Led Zeppelin Black Dog Pioneer Recommended
134-12 Led Zeppelin Black Dog Sound Choice
072-A-11 Texas Black Eyed Boy GE Recommended
3837-14 Bradley Cooper Black Eyes DAM Recommended
6201-13 Shania Twain Black Eyes Blue Tears DAM Recommended
285-02 Steely Dan Black Friday Radio Starz Recommended
870-11 Esperanza Spalding ft. Algebra Blessett Black Gold Pop Hits Recommended
877-08 Stooshe Black Heart Mr. Entertainer Recommended
887-14 Stooshe Black Heart Sunfly
1090-53 Ana Johnsson Black Hole DAM Recommended
5155-03 Soundgarden Black Hole Sun DAM Recommended
1162-70 KT Tunstall Black Horse & The Cherry Tree DAM Recommended
46-11 Los Bravos Black Is Black DK Karaoke
014-A-06 Los Bravos Black Is Black Pioneer Recommended
3876-64 Lady Gaga Black Jesus & Amen Fashion DAM Recommended
3940-19 Little Mix Black Magic DAM Recommended
598-02 Fleetwood Mac Black Magic Woman Zoom Recommended
53-11 Santana Black Magic Woman DK Karaoke Recommended
319-B-10 Santana Black Magic Woman EMI
458-14 Santana Black Magic Woman Swt GA Brn
3852-42 Dragonland Black Mare, The DAM Recommended
3941-77 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Black Moon DAM Recommended
329-B-10 Deep Purple Black Night EMI
246-19 Deep Purple Black Night Zoom Recommended
3111-26 Deep Purple Black Night (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
1190-02 Michael Jackson Black Or White DAM
035-B-01 Michael Jackson Black Or White Pioneer Recommended
1190-32 Michael Jackson Black Or White [Live Sound] DAM
3957-11 Creeper Black Rain DAM Recommended
3753-09 Black Sabbath Black Sabbath DAM Recommended
369-A-13 John Anderson Black Sheep Nikkodo Recommended
1115-44 Sonata Arctica Black Sheep DAM Recommended
4069-72 Avril Lavigne Black Star DAM Recommended
6989-10 Will Smith ft. Tra Knox Black Suit Comin' DAM Recommended
223-01 Will Smith & Tra-Knox Black Suits Comin' (Radio Version) Sound Choice Recommended
5156-14 Thom Yorke Black Swan DAM Recommended
3925-25 Arctic Monkeys Black Treacle DAM Recommended
3021-35 Lupin Black U.F.O. DAM Recommended
86-05 Alannah Myles Black Velvet DK Karaoke Recommended
449-08 Robin Lee Black Velvet Karaoke Hits Recommended
3124-10 Lenny Kravitz Black Velveteen DAM Recommended
54-05 Doobie Brothers, The Black Water DK Karaoke
024-A-04 Doobie Brothers, The Black Water Pioneer Recommended
253-13 Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora Black Widow Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3928-83 Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora Black Widow DAM Recommended
3848-65 Amorphis Black Winter Day DAM Recommended
1115-46 Dragonforce Black Winter Night DAM Recommended
032-A-03 Beatles, The Blackbird Pioneer Recommended
648-12 Beatles, The Blackbird Sound Choice
1222-37 Beatles, The Blackbird (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3578-08 Metallica Blackened DAM Recommended
6765-87 Linkin Park Blackout DAM Recommended
1079-44 Scorpions Blackout DAM Recommended
3388-63 U2 Blackout, The DAM Recommended
3112-27 David Bowie Blackstar DAM Recommended
834-03 Kesha ft. 3 OH!3 Blah Blah Blah Pop Hits Recommended
254-01 Calvin Harris ft. John Newman Blame Mr. Entertainer Recommended
567-08 Jamie Cullum Blame It On My Youth Zoom Recommended
3716-30 Jackson 5, The (The Jacksons) Blame It On The Boogie DAM Recommended
1038-71 Eydie Gormé Blame It On The Bossa Nova DAM Recommended
19-15 Eydie Gormé Blame It On The Bossa Nova DK Karaoke Recommended
3717-77 Mika Blame It On The Girls DAM Recommended
019-A-01 Milli Vanilli Blame It On The Rain Pioneer Recommended
696-05 Stevie Wonder Blame It On The Sun Dangerous Recommended
275-15 B*Witched Blame It On The Weatherman Sunfly Recommended
456-08 Patty Loveless Blame It On Your Heart Karaoke Hits
337-B-08 Patty Loveless Blame It On Your Heart Pioneer Recommended
3845-85 Charli XCX Blame It On Your Love (ft. Lizzo) DAM Recommended
3928-80 Calvin Harris Blame ft. John Newman DAM Recommended
1115-11 Sonata Arctica Blank File DAM Recommended
3928-44 Taylor Swift Blank Space DAM Recommended
6030-33 Taylor Swift Blank Space (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
559-04 Depeche Mode Blasphemous Rumours STTW
562-06 Depeche Mode Blasphemous Rumours STTW Recommended
3569-58 Dúné Blast Beat, A DAM Recommended
3575-01 Bon Jovi Blaze of Glory DAM
53-02 Bon Jovi Blaze of Glory DK Karaoke
029-A-07 Bon Jovi Blaze of Glory Pioneer Recommended
466-06 Bon Jovi Blaze of Glory Sound Choice
1121-17 Ariana Grande Blazed ft. Pharrell Williams DAM Recommended
1275-24 Simon & Garfunkel Bleecker Street DAM Recommended
838-05 Hot Chelle Rae Bleed Pop Hits Recommended
3560-40 Meshuggah Bleed DAM Recommended
737-07 Jimmy Eat World Bleed American Top Tunes Recommended
3993-51 Eclipse Bleed And Scream DAM Recommended
1819-51 Music, The Bleed From Within DAM Recommended
6765-32 Linkin Park Bleed It Out DAM Recommended
3526-91 Leona Lewis Bleeding Love DAM Recommended
3939-64 Imagine Dragons Bleeding Out DAM Recommended
3037-52 Alicia Keys ft. A$AP Rocky Blended Family DAM Recommended
1064-31 Carpenters Bless The Beasts & Children DAM Recommended
3761-23 Rascal Flatts Bless The Broken Road DAM Recommended
365-B-02 Tony Orlando & Dawn Bless You Nikkodo Recommended
718-06 Christina Aguilera Blessed Chartbuster Recommended
045-B-10 Elton John Blessed Pioneer Recommended
749-06 Martina McBride Blessed Chartbuster Recommended
3940-23 Powerwolf Blessed & Possessed DAM Recommended
5363-57 Gospel Blessed Assurance DAM Recommended
005-A-02 Standard Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine Pioneer Recommended
3833-21 Nirvana Blew DAM Recommended
3751-40 Ke$ha (Kesha) Blind DAM Recommended
1819-60 KoЯn Blind DAM Recommended
534-09 Lifehouse Blind Chartbuster
742-12 Lifehouse Blind Top Hits Recommended
5630-27 Stevie Salas Blind DAM Recommended
920-06 Chase & Status & Liam Bailey Blind Faith Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3574-03 Aerosmith Blind Man DAM Recommended
3943-84 At The Gates Blinded By Fear DAM Recommended
572-14 Bruce Springsteen Blinded By The Light Legends Recommended
418-14 Manfred Mann Blinded By The Light Sound Choice Recommended
3552-45 Protest The Hero Blindfolds Aside DAM Recommended
3686-18 Slipknot Blister Exists, The DAM Recommended
836-14 Violent Femmes Blister In The Sun Sound Choice Recommended
3532-01 Ramones, The Blitzkrieg Bop DAM Recommended
399-05 Five Blobs, The Blob, The Party Pak Recommended
858-04 Matt & Kim Block After Block Pop Hits Recommended
910-11 Flux Block Party Sunfly Recommended
555-A-12 Sweet Blockboster! Pioneer Recommended
626-01 Sweet Blockboster! Zoom
881-05 In This Moment Blood Pop Hits Recommended
873-03 Garbage Blood For Poppies Pop Hits Recommended
3116-58 Bon Jovi Blood On Blood DAM Recommended
1190-07 Michael Jackson Blood On The Dance Floor DAM
257-A-05 Michael Jackson Blood On The Dance Floor MD Recommended
3432-48 Arch Enemy Blood On Your Hands DAM Recommended
3988-99 MuteMath Blood Pressure DAM Recommended
860-05 Mutemath Blood Pressure Pop Hits Recommended
4767-19 Green Day Blood, Sex & Booze DAM Recommended
3850-39 Ava Max Blood, Sweat & Tears DAM Recommended
3038-46 Rancid Bloodclot DAM Recommended
3537-50 Children of Bodom Blooddrunk DAM Recommended
3946-27 Ed Sheeran Bloodstream DAM Recommended
3841-53 Lady Gaga Bloody Mary DAM Recommended
621-01 Diana Krall Blossom Fell, A Pocket Recommended
1272-03 Shocking Blue, The Blossom Lady DAM Recommended
4082-68 Beyonce Blow DAM Recommended
915-16 Ke$ha (Kesha) Blow Quik Hitz Recommended
556-01 George Harriosn Blow Away Original Recommended
6702-35 Pink Blow Me (One Last Kiss) DAM
880-13 Pink Blow Me (One Last Kiss) Mr. Entertainer Recommended
879-03 Pink Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Clean Version) Sunfly Recommended
405-04 Kix Blow My Fuse Original Recommended
6972-01 Hikaru Utada ft. Foxy Brown Blow My Whistle DAM Recommended
5155-02 Soundgarden Blow Up The Outside World DAM Recommended
3874-59 J. Williams Blow Your Mind DAM Recommended
3948-26 Dua Lipa Blow Your Mind (Mwah) DAM Recommended
1113-27 Ed Sheeran Blow w/ Bruno Mars & Chris Stapleton DAM Recommended
3564-75 Damien Rice Blower's Daughter, The DAM Recommended
3119-43 Bob Dylan Blowin' In The Wind (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
779-09 Bob Dylan Blowing In The Wind Legends Recommended
37-12 Peter Paul & Mary Blowing In The Wind DK Karaoke
011-A-09 Peter Paul & Mary Blowing In The Wind Pioneer Recommended
052-A-08 Paula Abdul Blowing Kisses In The Wind MD Recommended
3920-70 Carrie Underwood Blown Away DAM Recommended
181-12 Eiffel 65 Blue Legends Series Recommended
189-02 LeAnn Rimes Blue Just Tracks
396-04 LeAnn Rimes Blue Party Pak
339-B-01 LeAnn Rimes Blue Pioneer Recommended
3432-30 Used, The Blue & Yellow DAM Recommended
426-10 Roy Orbison Blue Angel Backstage Recommended
108-12 Pras Blue Angels Music Maestro Recommended
3766-06 Linda Ronstadt Blue Bayou DAM Recommended
426-11 Roy Orbison Blue Bayou Backstage
265-A-01 Roy Orbison Blue Bayou Pioneer Recommended
7-11 Roy Orbison & Linda Ronstadt Blue Bayou DK Karaoke Recommended
311-B-13 Dinah Shore Blue Canary EMI Recommended
307-A-01 Christmas Song Blue Christmas U-Best Recommended
399-11 Elvis Presley Blue Christmas Party Pak
552-A-13 Elvis Presley Blue Christmas Pioneer Recommended
3575-05 Jon Bon Jovi Blue Christmas DAM Recommended
3928-72 Lady Antebellum Blue Christmas DAM Recommended
3747-09 Styx Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) DAM Recommended
160-11 Eiffel 65 Blue Da Ba Dee Just Tracks Recommended
507-B-09 Eric Clapton Blue Eyes Blue MD
521-06 Eric Clapton Blue Eyes Blue Original Recommended
1107-62 Eric Clapton Blue Eyes Blue (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
26-02 Willie Nelson Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain DK Karaoke
538-A-13 Willie Nelson Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain DKV Recommended
3722-17 Michael Jackson Blue Gangsta DAM Recommended
82-03 Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii DK Karaoke Recommended
314-A-09 Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii EMI
4068-45 Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
789-09 Chris Isaak Blue Hotel Sunfly Recommended
4082-70 Beyonce ft. Blue Ivy Blue Ivy DAM Recommended
7042-17 Beatles, The Blue Jay Way DAM Recommended
422-02 David Bowie Blue Jean Just Tracks Recommended
120-09 Jeff Healy Blue Jean Blues Swt GA Brn Recommended
3925-92 Lana Del Rey Blue Jeans DAM Recommended
885-16 Lana Del Rey Blue Jeans (Clean) Sunfly Recommended
57-15 Emmylou Harris Blue Kentucky Girl DK Karaoke
008-A-13 Emmylou Harris Blue Kentucky Girl Pioneer Recommended
203-A-10 Johnny Mullins Blue Kentucky Girl NUT Recommended
596-04 Fleetwood Mac Blue Letter Zoom Recommended
3995-72 Jorja Smith Blue Lights DAM Recommended
3876-61 Jay-Z Blue Magic DAM Recommended
030-A-13 Fats Domino Blue Monday Pioneer Recommended
218-05 New Order Blue Monday Legends Bassline Recommended
3950-95 New Order Blue Monday '88 DAM Recommended
4826-13 Beck Blue Moon DAM Recommended
1173-86 Julie London Blue Moon DAM Recommended
12-18 Marcels, The Blue Moon DK Karaoke
014-B-04 Marcels, The Blue Moon Pioneer Recommended
363-B-03 Mel Torme Blue Moon Nikkodo Recommended
89-09 Elvis Presley Blue Moon of Kentucky DK Karaoke Recommended
1079-80 Blue Murder Blue Murder DAM Recommended
30-18 Bobby Vinton Blue On Blue DK Karaoke Recommended
737-05 White Stripes, The Blue Orchid Pop Hits Recommended
229-06 Erasure Blue Savannah Sunfly Recommended
3919-66 Ella Fitzgerald Blue Skies DAM Recommended
026-B-06 Willie Nelson Blue Skies Pioneer Recommended
508-12 A-Ha Blue Sky CDG Recommended
3565-08 Richie Kotzen Blue Star DAM Recommended
317-A-03 Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes EMI Recommended
12-06 Elvis Presley Blue Suede Shoes DK Karaoke
449-05 Elvis Presley Blue Suede Shoes Karaoke Hits
263-A-02 Elvis Presley Blue Suede Shoes Pioneer Recommended
3721-73 Tom Waits Blue Valentines DAM Recommended
8-17 Bobby Vinton Blue Velvet DK Karaoke
031-A-08 Bobby Vinton Blue Velvet Pioneer Recommended
XM7 Elvis Presley Blueberry Hill Music Maestro Recommended
25-17 Fats Domino Blueberry Hill DK Karaoke Recommended
315-A-06 Fats Domino Blueberry Hill EMI
XT10 Elvis Presley Blueberry Hill/Can't Stop Loving You Music Maestro Recommended
4380-87 Buffalo Springfield Bluebird DAM Recommended
1223-19 Paul McCartney & Wings Bluebird DAM Recommended
1056-95 Steely Dan Blues Beach DAM Recommended
375-13 Blues Brothers, The Blues Brothers Medley 1 Zoom Recommended
375-14 Blues Brothers, The Blues Brothers Medley 2 Zoom Recommended
45-14 Dinah Shore Blues In The Night DK Karaoke Recommended
427-07 Eric Clapton Blues Power Swt GA Brn Recommended
402-A-09 Restless Heart Bluest Eyes In Texas, The Nikkodo Recommended
273-12 Puddle of Mudd Blurry Sound Choice Recommended
5445-19 Bo Diddley Bo Diddley DAM Recommended
3106-03 Nx Bob DAM Recommended
358-B-09 Oak Ridge Boys, The Bobbie Sue Nikkodo Recommended
708-01 Bruce Springsteen Bobby Jean Sound Choice Recommended
014-A-07 Marcie Blaine Bobby's Girl Pioneer Recommended
3985-28 Cardi B Bodak Yellow DAM Recommended
285-16 Steely Dan Bodhisattva Radio Starz Recommended
804-12 Robbie Williams Bodies Sunfly Recommended
3108-05 Sex Pistols Bodies DAM Recommended
833-17 Marques Houston Body Pop Hits Recommended
3883-17 Amy Winehouse & Tony Bennett Body & Soul DAM Recommended
93-07 Anita Baker Body & Soul DK Karaoke
045-A-03 Anita Baker Body & Soul Pioneer
432-02 Billie Holiday Body & Soul Swt GA Brn Recommended
525-02 Diana Krall Body & Soul Legends Recommended
5099-05 Quincy Jones Body Heat DAM Recommended
3834-92 Intersection Body Language DAM Recommended
1242-58 Queen Body Language DAM Recommended
3951-27 DNCE Body Moves DAM Recommended
6553-11 Beastie Boys, The Body Movin' (Fatboy Slim Remix) DAM Recommended
3560-64 Nelly ft. Akon & Ashanti Body On Me DAM Recommended
3819-41 Kaci Battaglia ft. Ludacris Body Shots DAM Recommended
3944-69 Foxes Body Talk DAM Recommended
787-10 Imagination Body Talk Sunfly Recommended
3539-08 Ratt Body Talk DAM Recommended
190-03 Samantha Mumba Body To Body Top Tunes Recommended
5156-17 Radiohead Bodysnatchers DAM Recommended
227-02 Queen Bohemiam Rhapsody Backstage
94-01 Queen Bohemiam Rhapsody DK Karaoke
146-04 Queen Bohemiam Rhapsody Legends Bassline
426-A-01 Queen Bohemiam Rhapsody Original Recommended
529-03 Queen Bohemiam Rhapsody Sound Choice
893-06 Queen Bohemiam Rhapsody Sound Choice
615-14 Dandy Warholds, The Bohemian Like You Sunfly Recommended
1242-06 Queen Bohemian Rhapsody DAM
7051-83 Queen Bohemian Rhapsody (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
7051-19 Queen Bohemian Rhapsody [Live Sound] DAM
7051-43 Queen Bohemian Rhapsody [Live Sound] DAM
6457-10 Limp Bizkit Boiler DAM Recommended
3127-60 Paul Gilbert Boku No Atama DAM Recommended
5724-26 Sweetbox Bold & Delicious DAM Recommended
3845-40 Kavita Krishnamurthy, Alka Yagnik, Amit Kumar, Udit Narayan & Sonu Nigam Bole Chudiyan DAM Recommended
889-04 Sam & The Womp Bom Bom Mr. Entertainer Recommended
878-09 Sam & The Womp Bom Bom Sunfly
6053-15 Britney Spears Bombastic Love DAM Recommended
3958-98 Katy Perry Bon Appetit ft. Migos DAM Recommended
6411-04 Bon Jovi Bon Jovi Medley DAM Recommended
5995-60 Bon Jovi Bon Jovi Medley Vol. 2 DAM Recommended
3855-95 Pitbull Bon, Bon DAM Recommended
1173-73 Killers, The Bones DAM Recommended
801-02 Killers, The Bones Easy Karaoke
814-06 Killers, The Bones Sunfly Recommended
737-04 Radiohead Bones Sunfly Recommended
716-02 Boney M. Boney M Megamix (Duet) Zoom Recommended
716-03 Boney M. Boney M Megamix (Female Solo) Zoom Recommended
871-16 Childish Gambino Bonfire Pop Hits Recommended
3919-41 James Blunt Bonfire Heart DAM Recommended
754-13 Dizzee Rascal Bonkers Sunfly Recommended
574-10 Beyonce ft. Jay-Z Bonnie & Clyde Easy Karaoke Recommended
3832-64 Ella Mai Boo'd Up DAM Recommended
49-14 Sylvers, The Boogie DK Karaoke Recommended
352-B-11 Bee Gees, The Boogie Child SDK Recommended
84-18 Eddie Kendricks Boogie Down DK Karaoke Recommended
1040-41 Silvers, The Boogie Fever DAM Recommended
238-05 Heatwave Boogie Nights Legends Series
107-14 Heatwave Boogie Nights Music Maestro
021-A-11 Heatwave Boogie Nights Pioneer Recommended
284-06 Heatwave Boogie Nights Sound Choice
69-06 Stevie Wonder Boogie On Reggae Woman DK Karaoke Recommended
56-04 Taste of Honey, The Boogie Oogie Oogie DK Karaoke
040-B-06 Taste of Honey, The Boogie Oogie Oogie Pioneer Recommended
238-07 K.C. & The Sunshine Band Boogie Shoes Legends Series Recommended
31-10 Earth, Wind & Fire Boogie Wonderland DK Karaoke Recommended
262-A-07 Earth, Wind & Fire Boogie Wonderland EMI
45-15 Andrews Sisters, The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy DK Karaoke
020-B-08 Andrews Sisters, The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Pioneer Recommended
391-02 Bette Midler Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Party Pak Recommended
5450-08 Enya Book Days DAM Recommended
846-11 Monotones, The Book Love Sound Choice
460-03 Monotones, The Book Love Swt GA Brn
1275-32 Simon & Garfunkel Bookends DAM Recommended
1579-88 Anastacia Boom (2002 FIFA World Cup TM ficial Song) DAM Recommended
73-10 Animals, The Boom Boom DK Karaoke Recommended
762-05 Animals, The Boom Boom Sound Choice
530-01 Paul Lekakis Boom Boom (Le'ts Go Back To...) Sound Choice Recommended
408-B-07 Vangboy Boom Boom Boom GD Recommended
3666-02 King Kong & D. Jungle Girls Boom Boom Dollar DAM Recommended
6338-04 King Kong & D. Jungle Girls Boom Boom Dollar (DDR Version) DAM Recommended
1126-61 D-Essex (D.Essex) Boom Boom Fire DAM Recommended
728-01 Black Eyed Peas, The Boom Boom Pow CDG Recommended
3927-89 Charli XCX Boom Clap DAM Recommended
252-12 Charli XCX Boom Clap Mr. Entertainer Recommended
167-14 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Boom Shake The Room Sound Choice Recommended
3819-51 Maia Hirasawa Boom! DAM Recommended
363-13 Scritti Politti Boom! There She Was CDG
520-08 Scritti Politti Boom! There She Was Original Recommended
6456-03 Vengaboys Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! DAM Recommended
6899-04 Shaggy Boombastic DAM Recommended
87-09 Brooks & Dunn Boot Scootin' Boogie DK Karaoke
450-08 Brooks & Dunn Boot Scootin' Boogie Karaoke Hits
395-10 Brooks & Dunn Boot Scootin' Boogie Party Pak
548-A-09 Brooks & Dunn Boot Scootin' Boogie Pioneer Recommended
345-A-05 All Saints Bootie Call MD Recommended
921-09 Killers, The Boots Pop Hits Recommended
213-10 Jill Scott & Erykah Bodu Booty Just Tracks Recommended
924-11 T-Pain ft. T. Penderazdoun & J. Galaxy Booty Work (One Cheek At A Time) Pop Hits Recommended
190-04 Destiny's Child Bootylicious Top Tunes Recommended
3934-83 Showtek ft. We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson Booyah DAM Recommended
722-05 Westlife Bop Bop Baby Sunfly Recommended
953-05 High School Musical Cast Bop To The Top Disney Recommended
634-04 Elton John Border Song Sound Choice Recommended
555-03 Eric Clapton ft. Elton John Border Song Original Recommended
66-06 Madonna Borderline DK Karaoke
351-A-07 Madonna Borderline SDK Recommended
459-09 Madonna Borderline Swt GA Brn
3948-31 M.I.A. Borders DAM Recommended
3946-53 Blink 182 Bored To Death DAM Recommended
3759-98 Nevermore Born DAM Recommended
89-15 Alabama Born Country DK Karaoke Recommended
73-12 Andy Williams Born Free DK Karaoke Recommended
3837-35 Kid Rock Born Free DAM Recommended
325-A-10 Matt Monro Born Free EMI
443-02 Matt Monro Born Free TSG Recommended
045-B-08 Roger Williams Born Free Pioneer Recommended
1012-17 Show Tunes (Andy Williams) Born Free DAM Recommended
3694-16 Standard Born Free DAM Recommended
3387-38 Blind Guardian Born In A Mourning Hall DAM Recommended
313-B-11 Bruce Springsteen Born In The U.S.A. EMI
455-11 Bruce Springsteen Born In The U.S.A. Karaoke Hits
125-09 Bruce Springsteen Born In The U.S.A. Legends Series
458-01 Bruce Springsteen Born In The U.S.A. Swt GA Brn Recommended
908-07 Creedence Clearwater Revival Born On The Bayou Sound Choice Recommended
407-11 Underworld Born Slippy Sunfly Recommended
4350-73 Underworld Born Slippy 2003 -edit DAM Recommended
3927-54 GLEE Born This Way DAM Recommended
3774-17 Lady Gaga Born This Way DAM Recommended
3874-29 Lady Gaga Born This Way (LA Riots Remix) DAM Recommended
3961-46 Lady Gaga Born This Way (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3851-56 Lady Gaga Born This Way (Twin Shadow Remix) DAM Recommended
122-08 Patrick Hernandez Born To Be Alive All Hits Recommended
241-A-05 Judds, The Born To Be Blue NUT Recommended
61-06 Bon Jovi Born To Be My Baby DK Karaoke
266-B-13 Bon Jovi Born To Be My Baby Pioneer Recommended
466-14 Bon Jovi Born To Be My Baby Sound Choice
3827-20 Justin Bieber Born To Be Somebody DAM Recommended
30-02 Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild DK Karaoke
451-02 Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild Karaoke Hits
003-A-06 Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild Pioneer Recommended
389-02 Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild Sound Choice
1279-06 Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3834-21 Imagine Dragons Born To Be Yours (with Kygo) DAM Recommended
208-A-01 Hank Williams Jr. Born To Boggie NUT Recommended
3925-36 Lana Del Rey Born To Die DAM Recommended
652-10 Sha-na-na Born To Hand Jive Sound Choice Recommended
1070-68 Hoobastank Born To Lead DAM Recommended
3851-74 Heartbreakers Born To Lose DAM Recommended
89-08 Ray Charles Born To Lose DK Karaoke Recommended
728-03 Britney Spears Born To Make You Happy Zoom Recommended
331-B-14 Bruce Springsteen Born To Run EMI
125-01 Bruce Springsteen Born To Run Legends Series
418-13 Bruce Springsteen Born To Run Sound Choice Recommended
947-02 Crystal Method, The Born Too Slow Top Hits Recommended
614-14 Albert King Born Under A Bad Sign Sunfly Recommended
457-14 Cream Born Under A Bad Sign Swt GA Brn Recommended
789-02 James Born of Frustration Sunfly Recommended
3844-75 Maluma Borro Cassette DAM Recommended
834-18 Eric Roberson Borrow You Pop Hits Recommended
1149-26 John Lennon Borrowed Time DAM Recommended
689-04 Sham 69 Borstal Breakout Sunfly Recommended
XV3 Elvis Presley Bosom Abraham Music Maestro Recommended
3943-69 Fifth Harmony Boss (Bo$$) DAM Recommended
736-03 Shamen Boss Drum Sunfly Recommended
1087-18 Diana Ross Boss, The DAM Recommended
XG3 Elvis Presley Bossa Nova Baby Music Maestro Recommended
3387-06 Augustana Boston DAM Recommended
877-15 B.o.B & Taylor Swift Both Us Mr. Entertainer Recommended
326-B-02 Joni Mitchell Both Sides Now EMI Recommended
51-09 Judy Collins Both Sides Now DK Karaoke
016-A-11 Judy Collins Both Sides Now Pioneer Recommended
276-09 Stone Sour Bother Pop Hits
297-05 Stone Sour Bother Top Tunes Recommended
3927-93 Grown Kids ft. Taka & Megan Joy Bottle Rocket DAM Recommended
3113-24 Toto Bottom of Your Soul DAM Recommended
3848-55 Nickelback Bottoms Up DAM Recommended
621-02 Diana Krall Boulevard of Broken Dreams Pocket Recommended
4767-52 Green Day Boulevard of Broken Dreams DAM Recommended
576-08 Hanoi Rocks Boulevard of Broken Dreams Sound Choice Recommended
3116-52 Bon Jovi Bounce DAM Recommended
3931-75 Calvin Harris ft. Kelis Bounce DAM
865-15 Calvin Harris ft. Kelis Bounce Sunfly Recommended
946-12 Harris, Calvin & Kelis Bounce Sunfly Recommended
3931-60 Iggy Azalea Bounce DAM Recommended
3577-97 Sarah Connor Bounce DAM Recommended
1115-65 System of A Down Bounce DAM Recommended
1579-17 Wayne Wonder Bounce Along DAM Recommended
3944-48 TJR & Vinai Bounce Generation DAM Recommended
3944-42 Showtek & Ookay Bouncer DAM Recommended
3733-18 Kyte Boundaries DAM Recommended
3745-11 Miss Li Bourgeois Shangri-La DAM Recommended
259-A-02 Simon & Garfunkel Boxer, The EMI
293-18 Simon & Garfunkel Boxer, The Legends Series
772-02 Simon & Garfunkel Boxer, The Radio Starz Recommended
3837-94 Charlie Puth Boy DAM Recommended
3932-13 Little Mix Boy DAM Recommended
5445-01 Marcella Detroit Boy DAM Recommended
729-02 Alesha Dixon Boy Does Nothing Easy Karaoke Recommended
974-06 Alesha Dixon Boy Does Nothing, The Sunfly Recommended
565-12 Diana Krall Boy From Ipenema Priddis Recommended
90-01 Ad Libs, The/Manhattan Transfer, The Boy From New York City, The DK Karaoke Recommended
009-B-04 Manhattan Transfer, The Boy From New York City, The Pioneer Recommended
292-07 Simon & Garfunkel Boy In The Bubble Legends Series Recommended
345-A-08 Brandy & Monica Boy Is Mine, The MD Recommended
148-10 Brandy & Monica Boy Is Mine, The Sunfly
179-10 Brandy & Monica Boy Is Mine, The Sunfly
194-10 Monica Boy Is Mine, The Pocket Songs Recommended
3717-35 Tynisha Keli & BENI Boy Is Mine, The DAM Recommended
449-18 Johnny Cash Boy Named Sue, A Karaoke Hits Recommended
121-06 Johnny Cash Boy Named Sue, A Music Maestro
3985-88 Alexandra Stan Boy Oh Boy DAM Recommended
3123-84 Sophia Loren Boy On A Dolphin DAM Recommended
1121-18 Ariana Grande & Social House Boyfriend DAM Recommended
622-01 Ashlee Simpson Boyfriend Top Tunes Recommended
883-02 Justin Bieber Boyfriend Mr. Entertainer Recommended
885-17 Justin Bieber Boyfriend Sunfly
5724-13 Sweetbox Boyfriend DAM Recommended
3947-23 Tegan And Sara Boyfriend DAM Recommended
3941-43 Walk The Moon Boyfriend DAM Recommended
1033-93 Beatles, The Boys DAM Recommended
223-05 Britney Spears Boys Sound Choice Recommended
3979-35 Charli XCX Boys DAM Recommended
6558-02 Smile. Dk Boys DAM Recommended
800-14 Pixie Lott Boys & Girls Sunfly Recommended
325-B-08 Vbryan Ferry Boys & Girls EMI Recommended
217-A-12 Sawyer Brown Boys & Me, The NUT Recommended
673-07 Bus Boys, The Boys Are Back In Town, The Sound Choice Recommended
6992-01 Thin Lizzy Boys Are Back In Town, The DAM Recommended
3626-71 High School Musical Cast Boys Are Back, The DAM Recommended
3744-34 Lady Gaga Boys Boys Boys DAM Recommended
632-08 Cure, The Boys Don't Cry Sunfly Recommended
3545-87 Moulin Rouge Boys Don't Cry DAM Recommended
244-04 David Bowie Boys Keep Swinging SBI Recommended
3944-74 Ataris, The Boys Of Summer, The DAM Recommended
811-04 Backstreet Boys Boys Will Be Boys CDG Recommended
3838-01 Hooters, The Boys Will Be Boys DAM Recommended
327-A-14 Don Henley Boys of Summer, The EMI Recommended
3883-84 Nicki Minaj ft. Cassie Boys, The DAM Recommended
87-13 TV Theme Brady Bunch DK Karaoke Recommended
377-01 TV Theme Brady Bunch, The Music Maestro Recommended
6454-02 Speech ft. 1 Giant Leap & Neneh Cherry Braided Hair DAM Recommended
352-09 Pink Floyd Brain Damage/Eclipse Sound Choice
744-12 Pink Floyd Brain Damage/Eclipse Sound Choice Recommended
3626-98 Fight Fair Brain Freeze! DAM Recommended
4767-08 Green Day Brain Stew DAM Recommended
5635-14 Pharrell Williams & Justin Timberlake Brand New DAM Recommended
3469-06 Brian Setzer Orchestra, The Brand New Cadillac DAM Recommended
3872-56 Demi Lovato Brand New Day DAM Recommended
638-09 Sting Brand New Day (Radio Version) Sound Choice Recommended
597-03 Sting Brand New Day (Radio Version) Top Tunes
46-12 Melanie Brand New Key DK Karaoke
012-A-05 Melanie Brand New Key Pioneer Recommended
571-14 Dead Or Alive Brand New Lover (Radio Version) Sound Choice Recommended
548-A-07 Brooks & Dunn Brand New Man Pioneer Recommended
33-18 Springfield & Aretha Brand New Me, A DK Karaoke Recommended
794-01 Merle Haggard Branded Man Sunfly Recommended
452-19 Looking Glass Brandy Karaoke Hits
340-B-07 Looking Glass Brandy Pioneer Recommended
57-09 Looking Glass Brandy You're A Fine Girl DK Karaoke Recommended
4222-02 Pretenders, The Brass In Pocket DAM Recommended
532-06 Beastie Boys Brass Monkey Sound Choice
666-06 Beastie Boys Brass Monkey Sound Choice Recommended
4767-20 Green Day Brat DAM Recommended
3938-07 Lorde Bravado DAM Recommended
3944-56 Fifth Harmony ft. Meghan Trainor Brave Honest Beautiful DAM Recommended
3932-82 Neon Jungle Braveheart DAM Recommended
3968-87 Declan McKenna Brazil DAM Recommended
99-14 Frank Sinatra Brazil DK Karaoke Recommended
3569-98 Gef & Maria Muldaur Brazil DAM Recommended
018-A-10 Newbeats, The Bread & Butter Pioneer Recommended
833-04 Three Days Grace Break Pop Hits Recommended
3968-11 Kirstin Break A Little DAM Recommended
252-17 Ariana Grande ft. Zedd Break Free Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3958-40 Ariana Grande Break Free (ft. Zedd) (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3993-65 Valentine ft. Rui & Afrojack Break Into The Dark DAM Recommended
502-13 Tears For Fears Break It Down Again CDG Recommended
1167-30 Rihanna & Sean Paul Break It Off DAM Recommended
1167-30 Rihanna ft. Sean Paul Break It Off DAM Recommended
022-B-03 Brenda Lee Break It To Me Gently Pioneer Recommended
4279-91 Hot Gossip Break Me Into Little Pieces DAM Recommended
917-15 New Boyz & Lyaz Break My Bank Pop Hits Recommended
533-13 Matthew Wilder Break My Stride Sound Choice Recommended
607-15 Doors, The Break On Through Legends Series
458-03 Doors, The Break On Through Swt GA Brn Recommended
173-02 Limp Bizkit Break Stuff (Radio Version) Sound Choice Recommended
728-04 Britney Spears Break The Ice CDG
789-13 Britney Spears Break The Ice Sunfly Recommended
3931-93 Charli XCX Break The Rules DAM Recommended
3961-10 Chainsmokers, The Break Up Every Night DAM Recommended
837-19 Jeremih Break Up To Make Up Pop Hits Recommended
682-07 Stylistics, The Break Up To Make Up Chartbuster
911-07 Stylistics, The Break Up To Make Up Pocket Songs Recommended
224-A-07 Will Downing Break Up To Make Up NUT Recommended
1121-12 Ariana Grande Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored DAM Recommended
2221-04 Marion Raven Break You DAM Recommended
2221-60 Roots, The ft. Musiq Break You Off DAM Recommended
803-16 Taio Cruz Break Your Heart Sunfly Recommended
3716-58 Michael Jackson Break of Dawn DAM Recommended
1092-02 Donna Summer Breakaway DAM Recommended
5452-12 Ernie Bush Breakaway DAM Recommended
505-07 Kelly Clarkson Breakaway CDG
415-02 Kelly Clarkson Breakaway Legends Series
620-05 Kelly Clarkson Breakaway Radio Starz Recommended
3571-64 Tracey Ullman Breakaway DAM Recommended
1053-10 Boz Scaggs Breakdown Dead Ahead DAM Recommended
3404-18 Prince Breakdown, The DAM Recommended
3590-10 Script, The Breakeven DAM
833-06 Script, The Breakeven Pop Hits Recommended
832-06 Script, The Breakeven Quik Hitz
713-08 Deep Blue Something Breakfast At Tiffany's Sunfly Recommended
180-05 Deep Blue Something Breakfast At Tiffany's Top Hits
537-04 Supertramp Breakfast In America Zoom Recommended
787-11 UB40 & Chrissie Hynde Breakfast In Bed Sunfly Recommended
2221-64 Music, The Breakin' DAM Recommended
3528-56 Rihanna Breakin' Dishes DAM Recommended
3656-34 Ollie & Jerry Breakin' There's No Stopping Us DAM Recommended
242-A-01 Violent Femmes Breakin' Up NUT Recommended
4279-28 Jaki Graham Breaking Away DAM Recommended
707-10 High School Musical Cast Breaking Free CDG
953-06 High School Musical Cast Breaking Free Disney Recommended
707-09 High School Musical Cast Breaking Free Easy Karaoke
3638-80 Troy & Gabriella Breaking Free DAM Recommended
071-A-10 Michael Learns To Rock Breaking My Heart GE Recommended
3853-76 Keri Hilson Breaking Point DAM Recommended
515-04 Dokken Breaking The Chains Sound Choice Recommended
6557-29 Red Hot Chili Peppers Breaking The Girl DAM Recommended
6765-10 Linkin Park Breaking The Habit DAM Recommended
6765-98 Linkin Park Breaking The Habit (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
512-04 Judas Priest Breaking The Law Sound Choice Recommended
3942-81 Charli XCX Breaking Up DAM Recommended
453-11 Neil Sedaca Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Karaoke Hits Recommended
20-08 Neil Sedaka Breaking Up Is Hard To Do DK Karaoke
265-A-05 Neil Sedaka Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Pioneer Recommended
429-13 Chicago Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Ballad Version) Swt GA Brn Recommended
898-06 Joe Jackson Breaking Us In Two Sound Choice Recommended
3324-07 Foo Fighters Breakout DAM Recommended
3847-96 Miley Cyrus Breakout DAM Recommended
034-B-10 Swing Out Sister Breakout Pioneer Recommended
894-12 Swing Out Sister Breakout Sound Choice
4279-98 Kurtis Blow Breaks, The DAM Recommended
3848-13 Hope 7 Breakthrough DAM Recommended
1242-29 Queen Breakthru DAM
411-A-07 Queen Breakthru Original Recommended
564-04 Ashanti Breakup 2 Makeup Chartbuster Recommended
3845-34 Arijit Singh, Badshah, Jonita Gandhi & Nakash Aziz Breakup Song, The DAM Recommended
137-01 Greg Kihn Band Breakup Song, The (They Don't Write Like That Anymore) Sound Choice Recommended
972-10 Breaking Benjamin Breath Top Hits Recommended
936-09 Pearl Jam Breath Radio Starz Recommended
212-01 Amy Grant Breath of Heaven Priddis Recommended
559-10 Erasure Breath of Life STTW Recommended
875-01 Florence & The Machine Breath of Life Pop Hits Recommended
305-08 Blu Cantrell ft. Sean Paul Breathe Music Maestro
297-06 Blu Cantrell ft. Sean Paul Breathe Top Tunes
501-11 Erasure Breathe CDG Recommended
402-01 Faith Hill Breathe Backstage Recommended
130-03 Faith Hill Breathe Chartbuster
6642-04 Michelle Branch Breathe DAM Recommended
556-04 Midge Ure Breathe Original Recommended
613-15 Prodigy, The Breathe CDG
737-01 Prodigy, The Breathe Sunfly Recommended
3733-55 Taylor Swift ft. Colbie Caillat Breathe DAM Recommended
632-02 Anna Nalick Breathe (2am) Sound Choice Recommended
3572-66 Metal Church Breathe Again DAM Recommended
416-13 Toni Braxton Breathe Again DK Karaoke
83-05 Toni Braxton Breathe Again DK Karaoke
039-A-03 Toni Braxton Breathe Again Pioneer Recommended
1579-14 Blue Breathe Easy DAM Recommended
3946-59 Jack Garratt Breathe Life DAM Recommended
734-05 Alesha Dixon Breathe Slow Sunfly Recommended
2221-73 Mase ft. P. Diddy Breathe, Strech, Shake DAM Recommended
3831-46 Ariana Grande Breathin DAM Recommended
3834-83 Ariana Grande Breathin (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
868-05 Jason Derulo Breathing Sunfly Recommended
742-13 Lifehouse Breathing Chartbuster Recommended
2221-68 Yellowcard Breathing DAM Recommended
701-01 Corinne Bailey Rae Breathless Pocket Recommended
181-13 Corrs, The Breathless Legends Series
190-05 Corrs, The Breathless Top Tunes Recommended
948-05 Jerry Lee Lewis Breathless Sound Choice Recommended
3451-97 Shayne Ward Breathless DAM Recommended
6455-15 Corrs, The Breathless (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3833-04 Nirvana Breed DAM Recommended
2706-49 Genki Rockets Breeze (Star Breeze Mix) DAM Recommended
3526-69 Wouter Hamel Breezy DAM Recommended
6557-57 Red Hot Chili Peppers Brendan's Death Song DAM Recommended
169-10 Barenaked Ladies Brian Wilson Sound Choice Recommended
3038-63 Arctic Monkeys Brianstorm DAM Recommended
699-04 Lionel Richie Bric House Legends Recommended
505-13 Ben Folds Five Brick CDG
615-10 Ben Folds Five Brick Sunfly Recommended
830-05 Paramore Brick By Boring Brick Sunfly Recommended
3925-26 Arctic Monkeys Brick By Brick DAM Recommended
592-16 Commodores, The Brick House Motown Recommended
107-06 Commodores, The Brick House Music Maestro
391-03 Commodores, The Brick House Party Pak
284-13 Commodores, The Brick House Sound Choice
98-09 Robin Trower Bridge Sighs DK Karaoke Recommended
3324-36 Foo Fighters Bridge Burning DAM Recommended
772-01 Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubed Water Radio Starz Recommended
3853-09 Celtic Woman Bridge Over Troubled Water DAM Recommended
1102-60 Elvis Presley Bridge Over Troubled Water DAM Recommended
3920-45 Hayley Westenra Bridge Over Troubled Water DAM Recommended
316-B-01 Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water EMI
291-02 Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water Legends Series
1275-26 Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
616-05 Art Garfunkel Bright Eyes Sunfly Recommended
293-14 Simon & Garfunkel Bright Eyes Legends Series Recommended
949-10 Orson Bright Ideas Mr. Entertainer Recommended
868-16 Tinchy Stryder ft. Pixie Lott Bright Lights Sunfly Recommended
853-02 Cee Lo Green Bright Lights Bigger City Pop Hits Recommended
5363-58 Gospel Brighten The Corner DAM Recommended
863-07 Colbie Caillat Brighter Than The Sun Fast Trax Recommended
853-04 Colbie Caillat Brighter Than The Sun Pop Hits
1242-48 Queen Brighton Rock DAM Recommended
125-07 Bruce Springsteen Brilliant Disguise Legends Series Recommended
3593-85 Luciano Pavarotti with Joan Sutherland Brindisi from "La Traviata" (Verdi) DAM Recommended
3857-67 Lostprophets Bring 'Em Down DAM Recommended
7051-27 Queen Bring Back That Leroy Brown DAM Recommended
631-05 Les Miserables Bring Him Home Pocket Recommended
3733-65 Cobra Starship Bring It (Snakes On A Plane) DAM Recommended
181-14 S Club 7 Bring It All Back Legends Series Recommended
507-A-13 Blaque Bring It All To Me MD Recommended
144-06 Blaque & 'N Sync Bring It All To Me Power Picks Recommended
6729-03 Seal Bring It On DAM Recommended
3387-89 Jet Bring It On Back DAM Recommended
4819-22 Oasis Bring It On Down DAM Recommended
412-06 Led Zeppelin Bring It On Home Sound Choice Recommended
212-A-06 Van Morrison Bring It On Home NUT Recommended
625-09 Animals, The Bring It On Home To Me Zoom Recommended
677-14 Sam Cooke Bring It On Home To Me Sunfly Recommended
542-10 Melissa Etheridge Bring Me Some Water Star Disc Recommended
540-02 Evanescence Bring Me To Life Chartbuster
302-09 Evanescence Bring Me To Life Powerhits Recommended
3986-60 Evanescence Bring Me To Life (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
6455-13 Corrs, The Bring On The Night DAM Recommended
3761-36 Dan Baker O.M.B. Bring The Light DAM Recommended
511-13 Anthrax & Public Enemy Bring The Noise Sound Choice Recommended
6986-08 Public Enemy with Anthrax Bring The Noise DAM Recommended
239-A-01 Method Man Bring The Rain NUT Recommended
6761-13 Iron Maiden Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter DAM Recommended
364-01 Def Leppard Bringin' On The Heartbreak Monster Hits
506-08 Def Leppard Bringin' On The Heartbreak Sound Choice
3945-72 Tim Christensen & Mads Langer Bringing Back Tomorrow DAM Recommended
402-02 Faith Hill Bringing Out The Elvis Backstage Recommended
5368-03 Brett Anderson Brittle Heart DAM Recommended
3038-22 Pennywise Bro Hymn Tribute DAM Recommended
6511-11 Zebrahead Broadcast To The World DAM Recommended
714-10 Goo Goo Dolls, The Broadway Sound Choice Recommended
163-14 Dames At Sea(Musical) Broadway Baby Music Maestro
383-09 Dames At Sea(Musical) Broadway Baby Music Maestro Recommended
1819-34 Seether ft. Amy Lee Broken DAM Recommended
843-04 Seether ft. Amy Lee Broken Sunfly Recommended
3942-07 Avicii Broken Arrows DAM Recommended
2221-05 MxPx Broken Bones, The DAM Recommended
947-17 Sevendust Broken Down Top Hits Recommended
661-10 Nazareth Broken Down Angel Sunfly Recommended
3981-64 Rachel Platten Broken Glass DAM Recommended
3387-24 Motion City Soundtrack Broken Heart DAM Recommended
3938-35 White Lion Broken Heart DAM Recommended
812-08 Beyonce Broken Hearted Girl Sunfly
830-04 Beyonce Broken Hearted Girl Sunfly Recommended
015-A-05 Anne Murray Broken Hearted Me Pioneer Recommended
214-05 Papa Roach Broken Home Sound Choice Recommended
369-A-03 Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers Broken Lady Nikkodo Recommended
3985-98 Logic & Rag'n'Bone Man Broken People DAM Recommended
643-08 Paul Weller Broken Stones Zoom Recommended
3593-32 James Morrison ft. A1 Broken Strings DAM Recommended
974-04 James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtado Broken Strings Sunfly Recommended
54-01 Mr. Mister Broken Wings DK Karaoke
265-A-10 Mr. Mister Broken Wings Pioneer Recommended
046-A-14 Brandy Brokenhearted Pioneer Recommended
880-06 Karmin Brokenhearted Mr. Entertainer Recommended
878-07 Karmin Brokenhearted Sunfly
3988-93 Jay-Z Brooklyn's Finest ft. Notorious B.I.G. DAM Recommended
1183-23 Annekei Brother DAM Recommended
370-B-03 Mark Chesnutt Brother Jukebox Nikkodo Recommended
31-14 Stories, The Brother Louie DK Karaoke Recommended
3734-20 Neil Diamond Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show DAM Recommended
211-09 Everclear Brown Eyed Girl Music Maestro Recommended
70-09 Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl DK Karaoke
451-06 Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl Karaoke Hits
039-B-01 Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl Pioneer Recommended
365-B-10 Bill Medley Brown Eyed Woman Nikkodo Recommended
6802-06 Destiny's Child Brown Eyes DAM Recommended
3744-30 Lady Gaga Brown Eyes DAM Recommended
548-12 Boney M. Brown Girl In The Ring Legends Series Recommended
1070-29 D'Angelo Brown Sugar DAM Recommended
226-11 Rolling Stones, The Brown Sugar Backstage
316-A-14 Rolling Stones, The Brown Sugar EMI
347-14 Rolling Stones, The Brown Sugar Legends Series
761-12 Rolling Stones, The Brown Sugar Sound Choice Recommended
1256-62 Rolling Stones, The Brown Sugar (with Eric Clapton) DAM Recommended
955-07 Daddy Yankee Brugal (Remix) Sound Choice Recommended
947-18 Bens, The Bruised Top Hits Recommended
3717-15 Chairlift Bruises DAM Recommended
4775-12 Green Day Brutal Love DAM Recommended
3736-05 1910 Fruitgum Co. Bubble Gum World DAM Recommended
1088-52 System of A Down Bubbles DAM Recommended
1150-55 Blue ft. L.A.D.E Bubblin' DAM Recommended
724-04 Colbie Caillat Bubbly Sunfly Recommended
3913-78 Carly Rae Jepsen Bucket DAM Recommended
252-03 George Ezra Budapest Mr. Entertainer Recommended
232-02 Weezer Buddy Holly Killer Tracks Recommended
96-02 Standard Buffalo Girls DK Karaoke Recommended
3535-02 Bob Marley & The Wailers Buffalo Soldier DAM Recommended
836-10 Neneh Cherry Buffalo Stance Sound Choice Recommended
564-09 Neneh Cherry Buffalo Stance Sunfly
160-17 Destiny's Child Bug A Boo Just Tracks Recommended
1126-96 Boogaboo Bugabuga Chew Chew DAM Recommended
3867-13 Arabesque Buggy Boy DAM Recommended
76-11 Foundations, The Build Me Up Buttercup DK Karaoke Recommended
269-B-03 Sarah McLachlan Building A Mystery Pioneer Recommended
165-09 Sarah McLachlan Building A Mystery Sound Choice
3123-38 Melee Built To Last DAM Recommended
3849-54 Imagine Dragons Bullet In A Gun DAM Recommended
047-A-09 Smashing Pumpkins, The Bullet With Butterfly Wings Pioneer Recommended
821-07 La Roux Bulletpro Sunfly Recommended
3849-67 My Chemical Romance Bulletproof Heart DAM Recommended
3327-01 Rage Against The Machine Bulls On Parade DAM Recommended
3920-81 Extreme Noise Terror Bullshit Propaganda DAM Recommended
T5 Aqua Bumble Bees Original Recommended
3934-54 Kasabian Bumblebee DAM Recommended
303-07 B2K & P. Diddy Bump Bump Bump Powerhits Recommended
3572-14 R. Kelly Bump N' Grind DAM Recommended
3529-18 Commodores, The Bump, The DAM Recommended
3840-13 Mohombi ft. Pitbull Bumpy Ride DAM Recommended
92-03 Jethro Tull Bungle In The Jungle DK Karaoke Recommended
3572-58 HIM Buried Alive By Love DAM Recommended
3387-85 Used, The Buried Myself Alive DAM Recommended
321-B-12 Deep Purple Burn EMI
697-01 Deep Purple Burn Honky Cat Recommended
3920-53 Ellie Goulding Burn DAM Recommended
372-10 Usher Burn Top Hits Recommended
3111-27 Deep Purple Burn (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3038-89 Ash Burn Baby Burn DAM Recommended
3551-32 Lostprophets Burn Burn DAM Recommended
884-16 Linkin Park Burn It Down Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3721-97 Nickelback Burn It To The Ground DAM Recommended
860-15 Cali Swag District Burn Out (Drive Fast) Pop Hits Recommended
5868-44 Gap Band, The Burn Rubber (Why You Wanna Hurt Me) DAM Recommended
3932-38 Sia Burn The Pages DAM Recommended
692-12 Queens of The Stone Age Burn The Witch Top Hits Recommended
5156-36 Radiohead Burn The Witch DAM Recommended
3761-04 Sonic Syndicate Burn This City DAM Recommended
253-09 Jason Aldean Burnin' It Down Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3942-96 Wynonna Burnin' Love DAM Recommended
3928-85 Jessie J ft. 2 Chainz Burnin' Up DAM Recommended
3847-89 Jonas Brothers Burnin' Up DAM Recommended
3985-89 Sam Smith Burning DAM Recommended
1079-74 Arch Enemy Burning Angel DAM Recommended
3717-55 Status Quo Burning Bridges DAM Recommended
1150-24 Mega Nrg Man Burning Desire DAM Recommended
51-02 Talking Heads Burning Down The House DK Karaoke
267-B-14 Talking Heads Burning Down The House Pioneer Recommended
1079-92 Fair Warning Burning Heart DAM Recommended
025-B-05 Survivor Burning Heart Pioneer Recommended
H6 Vandenberg Burning Heart CDG Recommended
6765-65 Linkin Park Burning In The Skies DAM Recommended
3387-53 Ministry Burning Inside DAM Recommended
515-05 Dokken Burning Like A Flame Sound Choice Recommended
1126-60 D-Essex (D.Essex) Burning Love DAM Recommended
6-14 Elvis Presley Burning Love DK Karaoke
005-A-09 Elvis Presley Burning Love Pioneer Recommended
248-11 Jimi Hendrix Burning Of The Midnight Lamp, The Sunfly Recommended
4225-62 Helloween Burning Sun DAM Recommended
951-16 Madonna Burning Up Original Recommended
4260-16 Nick Carter ft. Briton "Briddy" Shaw Burning Up DAM Recommended
1141-50 Janet Jackson ft. Missy Elliott Burnitup! DAM Recommended
4767-09 Green Day Burnout DAM Recommended
3837-81 Billie Eilish Bury A Friend DAM Recommended
3849-87 Billie Eilish Bury A Friend (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
1079-75 Arch Enemy Bury Me An Angel DAM Recommended
96-03 Standard Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie DK Karaoke Recommended
1302-20 Traditional Bury Not On The Lone Prairie DAM Recommended
74-11 Hollies, The Bus Stop DK Karaoke Recommended
316-B-08 Hollies, The Bus Stop EMI
3941-69 Ninja Kore Bushido DAM Recommended
6841-09 Eminem Business DAM
813-04 Eminem Business Sunfly Recommended
3552-52 Agonist, The Business Suits & Combat Boots DAM Recommended
861-18 Lil Kee Buss It Wide Open Pop Hits Recommended
40-02 Young M.C. Bust A Move DK Karaoke
022-B-08 Young M.C. Bust A Move Pioneer
743-01 Young M.C. Bust A Move Sound Choice Recommended
3545-69 Plies ft. Ne-Yo Bust It Baby (Part 2) DAM Recommended
930-11 GLEE Bust Your Windows Pocket Songs Recommended
930-08 GLEE Bust Your Windows (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
78-16 John Conlee Busted DK Karaoke Recommended
5179-02 Workshy But Alive DAM Recommended
806-05 Blues Traveler But Anyway Chartbuster Recommended
538-09 Billie Holiday But Beautiful JTG Recommended
192-03 LeAnn Rimes But Do I Love You Top Tunes Recommended
567-09 Jamie Cullum But For Now Zoom Recommended
402-03 Faith Hill But I Will Backstage
462-04 Faith Hill But I Will C K Classics Recommended
421-03 Huey Lewis & The News But It's Alright Sound Choice Recommended
027-B-10 J.J. Jackson But It's Alright Pioneer Recommended
692-09 Panic At The Disco But It's Better If You Do Pop Hits Recommended
3564-93 Chet Baker But Not For Me DAM Recommended
850-03 Michael Jackson Butterflies Chartbuster
3716-80 Michael Jackson Butterflies DAM
273-06 Michael Jackson Butterflies Sound Choice Recommended
431-02 Michael Jackson Butterflies Top Tunes
742-03 Muse Butterflies & Hurricanes Sunfly Recommended
019-A-10 Andy Williams Butterfly Pioneer Recommended
701-02 Corinne Bailey Rae Butterfly Pocket Recommended
3327-29 Jason Mraz Butterfly DAM Recommended
065-A-01 Mariah Carey Butterfly SDK Recommended
6558-01 Smile. Dk Butterfly DAM Recommended
6338-03 Smile. Dk Butterfly (DDR Version) DAM Recommended
3740-85 Miley Cyrus & Billy Ray Cyrus Butterfly Fly Away DAM Recommended
269-B-02 Bob Carlisle Butterfly Kisses Pioneer Recommended
717-02 Alicia Keys Butterflyz Legends Recommended
3441-42 Pussycat Dolls, The Buttons DAM Recommended
78-15 Standard Buttons & Bows DK Karaoke Recommended
313-B-05 Dinah Shore & Happy Valley Boys Buttons And Bows EMI Recommended
706-02 Luther Vandross Buy Me A Rose Legends
706-03 Luther Vandross Buy Me A Rose Sound Choice Recommended
741-05 Bob & Tom Band (Adult) Buzz, Buzz The Vibrator Song Sound Choice Recommended
3938-85 Lorde Buzzcut Season DAM Recommended
851-09 Mann ft. 50 Cent Buzzin (Clean) Sunfly Recommended
851-19 Mann ft. 50 Cent Buzzin (Explicit) Sunfly Recommended
XZ11 Elvis Presley By & By Music Maestro Recommended
339-B-06 Lorrie Morgan & Jon Randall By My Side Pioneer Recommended
6765-04 Linkin Park By Myself DAM Recommended
3920-12 Katy Perry By The Grace Of God DAM Recommended
3102-30 Slash ft. Andrew Stockdale By The Sword DAM Recommended
21-05 Glen Campbell By The Time I Get To Phoenix DK Karaoke
265-A-02 Glen Campbell By The Time I Get To Phoenix Pioneer Recommended
6557-04 Red Hot Chili Peppers By The Way DAM Recommended
6557-68 Red Hot Chili Peppers By The Way (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
176-12 Sade By Your Side Music Maestro
172-15 Sade By Your Side Top Hits Recommended
5867-64 Timbaland ft. Kiley Dean & Utada By Your Side DAM Recommended
3954-20 Jonas Blue By Your Side (ft. RAYE) DAM Recommended
3120-58 Mariah Carey Bye Bye DAM Recommended
245-13 Bay City Rollers Bye Bye Baby Zoom Recommended
5100-22 Marilyn Monroe Bye Bye Baby DAM Recommended
5868-09 Max Coveri Bye Bye Baby DAM Recommended
679-04 Showaddywaddy Bye Bye Baby Sunfly Recommended
3735-73 Nightwish Bye Bye Beautiful DAM Recommended
318-B-10 Ann Margret Bye Bye Birdie EMI Recommended
1012-33 Andy Williams Bye Bye Blues DAM Recommended
811-02 'N Sync Bye Bye Bye CDG Recommended
160-01 'N Sync Bye Bye Bye Just Tracks
159-10 'N Sync Bye Bye Bye Party Tyme
111-04 'N Sync Bye Bye Bye Pop Hits
5528-70 Backstreet Boys Bye Bye Love DAM Recommended
657-01 Everly Brothers, The Bye Bye Love Chartbuster
70-13 Everly Brothers, The Bye Bye Love DK Karaoke
452-13 Everly Brothers, The Bye Bye Love Karaoke Hits
455-19 Everly Brothers, The Bye Bye Love Karaoke Hits
012-A-02 Everly Brothers, The Bye Bye Love Pioneer Recommended
293-10 Simon & Garfunkel Bye Bye Love Legends Series Recommended
3887-71 Taylor Swift The Best Day DAM
4967-53 Sum 41 The Bitter End DAM
3850-48 Billie Eilish bad guy (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3850-08 Billie Eilish bad guy (with Justin Bieber) DAM Recommended
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