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6702-48 P!NK F**kin' Perfect (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
6702-47 P!NK Just Give Me A Reason ft. Nate Ruess (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
6702-53 P!NK Walk Me Home DAM Recommended
6702-49 P!NK What About Us DAM Recommended
304-09 P. Diddy & Usher I Need A Girl Powerhits Recommended
1167-70 P. Diddy ft. Nicole Scherzinger Come To Me DAM Recommended
256-A-13 P.D.W.W. Amazing Grace U-Best Recommended
256-A-01 P.D.W.W. America The Beautiful U-Best Recommended
256-A-04 P.D.W.W. Ave Maria U-Best Recommended
256-B-10 P.D.W.W. Battle Hymn of The Republic U-Best Recommended
256-A-14 P.D.W.W. Do Lord, Remember Me U-Best Recommended
256-A-11 P.D.W.W. Great Is Thy Faithfulness U-Best Recommended
256-B-14 P.D.W.W. He Touched Me U-Best Recommended
256-B-01 P.D.W.W. He's Got Who, Thele World In His Hands U-Best Recommended
256-A-08 P.D.W.W. How Great Thou Art U-Best Recommended
256-B-06 P.D.W.W. It Is Well With My Soul U-Best Recommended
256-B-08 P.D.W.W. Just A Closer Walk With Thee U-Best Recommended
256-B-07 P.D.W.W. Love Found A Way U-Best Recommended
256-A-05 P.D.W.W. Onward Chirstian Soldiers U-Best Recommended
3931-83 P.Diddy ft. Keyshia Cole Last Night DAM Recommended
3842-42 P.Diddy, Black Rob & Mark Curry Bad Boy For Life DAM Recommended
3743-01 P.F. Sloan From A Distance DAM Recommended
040-A-09 P.M. Dawn I'd Die Without You Pioneer Recommended
043-B-06 P.M. Dawn Looking Through Patient Eyes Pioneer Recommended
350-B-10 P.M. Dawn Set Adrift On Memory Bliss SDK Recommended
214-08 P.O.D. Rock The Party (f The Hook) Sound Choice Recommended
171-14 P.O.D. School of Hard Knocks Top Hits Recommended
373-10 P.O.D. Will You Top Hits Recommended
3718-53 P.O.D. Youth The Nation DAM Recommended
133-08 PJ & Duncan Eternal Love Sunfly Recommended
3945-24 PVRIS My House DAM Recommended
028-A-11 Pablo Cruise Love Will Find A Way Pioneer Recommended
5445-31 Pablo Cruise Whatcha Gonna Do (When She Says Goodbye) DAM Recommended
558-B-07 Paddy Reilly Town I Loved So Well, The Pioneer Recommended
3837-76 Pale Waves Eighteen DAM Recommended
3834-52 Pale Waves Television Romance DAM Recommended
890-14 Paloma Faith Never Tear Us Apart Mr. Entertainer Recommended
251-04 Paloma Faith Only Love Can Hurt Like This Mr. Entertainer Recommended
887-03 Paloma Faith Picking Up The Pieces Sunfly Recommended
3441-22 Pam Hall My Heart Will Go On DAM Recommended
92-02 Pam Tillis Cleopatra, Queen of Denial DK Karaoke
339-A-05 Pam Tillis Cleopatra, Queen of Denial Pioneer Recommended
131-11 Pam Tillis Don't Tell Me What To Do Music Maestro Recommended
339-B-10 Pam Tillis It's Lonely Out There Pioneer Recommended
66-05 Pam Tillis Maybe It Was Memphis DK Karaoke Recommended
450-12 Pam Tillis Mi Vida Loca Karaoke Hits Recommended
396-05 Pam Tillis Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life) Party Pak Recommended
221-A-06 Pam Tillis Spilled Perfume NUT Recommended
90-04 Pam Tillis When You Walk In The Room DK Karaoke
233-A-04 Pam Tillis When You Walk In The Room NUT Recommended
5929-02 Pandora Tell The World DAM Recommended
5929-01 Pandora This Could Be Heaven DAM Recommended
923-05 Panic At The Disco Ballad of Mona Lisa, The Pop Hits Recommended
692-09 Panic At The Disco But It's Better If You Do Pop Hits Recommended
3327-33 Panic At The Disco Camisado DAM Recommended
3943-75 Panic At The Disco Death Of A Bachelor DAM Recommended
692-06 Panic At The Disco I Write Sins Not Tragedies Pop Hits Recommended
692-08 Panic At The Disco Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have… Pop Hits Recommended
972-17 Panic At The Disco Nine In The Afternoon Top Hits Recommended
692-07 Panic At The Disco Only Difference, The Pop Hits Recommended
856-01 Panic At The Disco Ready To Go (Get Me Out My Mind) Chartbuster Recommended
3551-43 Panic At The Disco Time To Dance DAM Recommended
3944-68 Panic At The Disco Victorious DAM Recommended
3995-74 Panic! At The Disco (Fuck A) Silver Lining DAM Recommended
3577-69 Panjabi MC Mundian To Bach Ke DAM Recommended
3993-66 Pantera 5 Minutes Alone DAM Recommended
766-06 Pantera Cemetary Gates Sound Choice Recommended
686-07 Pantera Cowboys From Hell Sound Choice Recommended
405-06 Pantera Fucking Hostile Original Recommended
3106-07 Pantera I'm Broken DAM Recommended
5630-12 Pantera Mouth For War DAM Recommended
576-04 Pantera Walk Sound Choice Recommended
3021-14 Paolo Nutini Last Request DAM Recommended
3932-83 Paolo Nutini Scream (Funk My Life Up) DAM Recommended
108-01 Papa Bear When The Rainbow Begins To Fall Music Maestro Recommended
796-01 Papa Roach Between Angels & Insects Top Tunes Recommended
214-05 Papa Roach Broken Home Sound Choice Recommended
1070-03 Papa Roach Dead Cell DAM Recommended
796-06 Papa Roach Last Resort Top Tunes Recommended
3593-05 Papa Roach Lifeline DAM Recommended
534-03 Papa Roach Scars Chartbuster Recommended
3526-33 Papa Roach To Be Loved DAM Recommended
1173-07 Papaya Hero DAM Recommended
559-B-06 Paper Lace Billy Don't Be A Hero Pioneer Recommended
205-A-11 Paperboys, The Ditty NUT Recommended
3746-30 Parachute She Is Love (Full Band Version) DAM Recommended
3748-67 Parachute Under Control DAM Recommended
856-12 Parachute ft. Lady Antebellum Kiss Me Slowly Chartbuster Recommended
3528-18 Paragons, The Tide Is High, The DAM Recommended
3923-80 Paramore Ain't It Fun DAM Recommended
830-05 Paramore Brick By Boring Brick Sunfly Recommended
3830-72 Paramore Careful DAM Recommended
3551-13 Paramore Crushcrushcrush DAM Recommended
3590-05 Paramore Decode DAM Recommended
3931-33 Paramore Decoy DAM Recommended
3761-19 Paramore Emergency DAM Recommended
3639-79 Paramore Hallelujah DAM Recommended
3968-55 Paramore Hard Times DAM Recommended
3721-98 Paramore I Caught Myself DAM Recommended
3717-84 Paramore Ignorance DAM Recommended
3993-72 Paramore Let The Flames Begin DAM Recommended
3928-98 Paramore Miracle DAM Recommended
3387-29 Paramore Misery Business DAM Recommended
764759 Paramore Pool DAM Recommended
3988-98 Paramore Pressure DAM Recommended
3638-28 Paramore That's What You Get DAM Recommended
3841-70 Paramore When It Rains It Really Hurts DAM Recommended
1173-43 Paris Hilton Nothing In This World DAM Recommended
968-11 Paris Hilton Stars Are Blind Chartbuster Recommended
033-A-10 Paris Sisters, The I Love How You Love Me Pioneer Recommended
3554-88 Parkway Drive Gimme A.D. DAM Recommended
5868-19 Parliament Flash Night DAM Recommended
284-08 Parliament Give Up The Funk (Tear The Ro...) Sound Choice Recommended
853-09 Parlotones, The Should We Fight Back Pop Hits Recommended
310-A-09 Parri Page I Went To Your Wedding EMI Recommended
371-B-14 Partners In Kryme Turtle Power Nikkodo Recommended
29-04 Partridge Family, The I Think I Love You DK Karaoke
452-08 Partridge Family, The I Think I Love You Karaoke Hits
033-B-07 Partridge Family, The I Think I Love You Pioneer Recommended
3571-40 Pasadenas, The I Believe In Miracles DAM Recommended
3934-58 Passenger Let Her Go DAM Recommended
3741-75 Passion Pit Eyes As Candles DAM Recommended
3939-19 Passion Pit Lifted Up (1985) DAM Recommended
3717-85 Passion Pit Reeling, The DAM Recommended
3943-51 Passion Pit Take A Walk DAM Recommended
691-12 Pat Benatar All Fired Up Sunfly Recommended
204-A-04 Pat Benatar Everybody Lay Down NUT Recommended
119-02 Pat Benatar Fire & Ice All Hits Recommended
3759-05 Pat Benatar Heartbreaker DAM Recommended
118-06 Pat Benatar Hit Me With Your Best Shot All Hits
21-06 Pat Benatar Hit Me With Your Best Shot DK Karaoke
451-09 Pat Benatar Hit Me With Your Best Shot Karaoke Hits
391-08 Pat Benatar Hit Me With Your Best Shot Party Pak
015-B-07 Pat Benatar Hit Me With Your Best Shot Pioneer Recommended
759-14 Pat Benatar Hit Me With Your Best Shot Sound Choice
201-05 Pat Benatar Invincible Sound Choice Recommended
28-09 Pat Benatar Love Is A Battlefield DK Karaoke
040-B-13 Pat Benatar Love Is A Battlefield Pioneer Recommended
937-05 Pat Benatar Love Is A Battlefield Pioneer
595-03 Pat Benatar Sex As A Weapon Sound Choice Recommended
027-A-03 Pat Benatar Shadows The Night Pioneer Recommended
95-13 Pat Benatar Treat Me Right DK Karaoke
010-B-14 Pat Benatar Treat Me Right Pioneer Recommended
54-04 Pat Benatar We Belong DK Karaoke
362-B-14 Pat Benatar We Belong Nikkodo Recommended
769-12 Pat Benatar We Belong Sound Choice
351-13 Pat Benatar We Live For Love Sound Choice Recommended
325-B-06 Pat Boone Anastasia EMI Recommended
657-10 Pat Boone April Love Chartbuster
14-17 Pat Boone April Love DK Karaoke
016-B-03 Pat Boone April Love Pioneer Recommended
77-16 Pat Boone Beyond The Sunset DK Karaoke Recommended
032-A-08 Pat Boone Don't Forbid Me Pioneer Recommended
1219-12 Pat Boone Exodus Song, The DAM Recommended
019-A-12 Pat Boone I'll Be Home Pioneer Recommended
308-B-06 Pat Boone It's A Sin To Tell A Lie EMI Recommended
259-B-04 Pat Boone Kansas City EMI Recommended
657-04 Pat Boone Love Letters In The Sand Chartbuster
36-14 Pat Boone Love Letters In The Sand DK Karaoke
013-B-02 Pat Boone Love Letters In The Sand Pioneer Recommended
95-18 Pat Boone Moody River DK Karaoke Recommended
320-A-09 Pat Boone Moody River EMI
008-B-01 Pat Boone Remember You're Mine Pioneer Recommended
016-A-09 Pat Boone Speedy Gonzales Pioneer Recommended
942-07 Pat Green Let Me Pop Hits Recommended
3931-99 Pat Metheny Group Last Train Home DAM Recommended
167-01 Pato Banton Baby Come Back Sound Choice Recommended
122-11 Patrice Rushen Forget Me Nots All Hits Recommended
3746-94 Patrice Rushen Remind Me DAM Recommended
122-08 Patrick Hernandez Born To Be Alive All Hits Recommended
3848-56 Patrick Stump This City DAM Recommended
562-11 Patrick Swayze She's Like The Wind Sunfly Recommended
449-16 Patsy Cline Always Karaoke Hits Recommended
806-15 Patsy Cline Bill Bailey Chartbuster Recommended
15-18 Patsy Cline Crazy DK Karaoke
454-01 Patsy Cline Crazy Karaoke Hits
003-B-09 Patsy Cline Crazy Pioneer Recommended
389-04 Patsy Cline Crazy Sound Choice
3-17 Patsy Cline D-I-V-O-R-C-E DK Karaoke Recommended
007-A-10 Patsy Cline Have You Ever Been Lonely Pioneer Recommended
7-07 Patsy Cline I Fall To Pieces DK Karaoke
454-13 Patsy Cline I Fall To Pieces Karaoke Hits
003-B-10 Patsy Cline I Fall To Pieces Pioneer Recommended
99-13 Patsy Cline Leavin' On Your Mind DK Karaoke Recommended
26-09 Patsy Cline She's Got You DK Karaoke Recommended
455-03 Patsy Cline She's Got You Karaoke Hits
455-01 Patsy Cline So Wrong Karaoke Hits Recommended
447-04 Patsy Cline Strange Karaoke Hits Recommended
14-15 Patsy Cline Sweet Dreams DK Karaoke
023-A-10 Patsy Cline Sweet Dreams Pioneer Recommended
12-13 Patsy Cline Walking After Midnight DK Karaoke
012-A-11 Patsy Cline Walking After Midnight Pioneer Recommended
5056-01 Patti Austin Do You Love Me? DAM Recommended
5056-06 Patti Austin Say You Love Me DAM Recommended
34-02 Patti Austin & James Ingram Baby Come To Me DK Karaoke
051-B-04 Patti Austin & James Ingram Baby Come To Me MD Recommended
132-14 Patti LaBelle If Only You Knew Sound Choice Recommended
459-06 Patti LaBelle Lady Marmalade Swt GA Brn Recommended
901-09 Patti LaBelle Need & Want You Love Sound Choice Recommended
28-15 Patti LaBelle New Attitude DK Karaoke
005-A-14 Patti LaBelle New Attitude Pioneer Recommended
372-15 Patti LaBelle New Day Top Hits Recommended
165-08 Patti LaBelle When You Talk About Love Sound Choice Recommended
966-15 Patti LaBelle When You've Been Blessed (Feels Like Heaven) Sound Choice Recommended
3-05 Patti LaBelle & Michael McDonald On My Own DK Karaoke Recommended
3849-37 Patti Page Allegheny Moon DAM Recommended
36-15 Patti Page Changing Partners DK Karaoke Recommended
320-A-04 Patti Page Days of Wine & Roses EMI Recommended
1220-07 Patti Page How Much Is That Doggie In The Window DAM Recommended
72-16 Patti Page I Went To Your Wedding DK Karaoke Recommended
1220-08 Patti Page Lover Come Back To Me DAM Recommended
3849-13 Patti Page Mockin' Bird Hill DAM Recommended
312-A-12 Patti Page Mockin' Bird Hill EMI Recommended
3849-39 Patti Page Old Cape Cod DAM Recommended
1220-10 Patti Page Tenderly DAM Recommended
6-16 Patti Page Tennessee Waltz DK Karaoke
265-B-06 Patti Page Tennessee Waltz Pioneer Recommended
3961-56 Patti Page Tennessee Waltz (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3849-38 Patti Page Why Don't You Believe Me? DAM Recommended
3913-83 Patti Smith April Fool DAM Recommended
3919-01 Patti Smith Because The Night DAM Recommended
3919-02 Patti Smith Gloria DAM Recommended
456-08 Patty Loveless Blame It On Your Heart Karaoke Hits
337-B-08 Patty Loveless Blame It On Your Heart Pioneer Recommended
358-B-06 Patty Loveless Chains Nikkodo Recommended
248-A-09 Patty Loveless Here I Am NUT Recommended
227-A-05 Patty Loveless How Can I Help You Say Goodbye NUT Recommended
272-A-03 Patty Loveless Hurt Me Bad (In A Real Good Way) Pioneer Recommended
337-A-07 Patty Loveless I Try To Think About Elvis Pioneer Recommended
357-B-01 Patty Loveless I'm That Kind Girl Nikkodo Recommended
339-B-05 Patty Loveless Thousand Times A Day, A Pioneer Recommended
338-A-10 Patty Loveless You Don't Even Know Who I Am Pioneer Recommended
221-A-09 Patty Loveless You Will NUT Recommended
3944-11 Patty Ryan You're My Love, You're My Life DAM Recommended
050-A-08 Patty Smyth No Mistakes MD Recommended
049-B-04 Patty Smyth & Don Henley Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough MD Recommended
3719-49 Paul & Linda McCartney Back Seat Of My Car DAM Recommended
3719-62 Paul & Linda McCartney Dear Boy DAM Recommended
3719-57 Paul & Linda McCartney Monkberry Moon Delight DAM Recommended
3719-48 Paul & Linda McCartney Ram On DAM Recommended
3719-50 Paul & Linda McCartney Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey DAM Recommended
41-17 Paul & Paula Hey Paula DK Karaoke Recommended
310-B-12 Paul & Paula Hey Paula EMI
309-A-07 Paul Anka Crazy Love EMI Recommended
657-14 Paul Anka Diana Chartbuster
68-11 Paul Anka Diana DK Karaoke
014-A-02 Paul Anka Diana Pioneer Recommended
1221-28 Paul Anka Diana (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
1221-24 Paul Anka Eso Beso (That Kiss!) (Bossa Nova No. 1) DAM Recommended
1221-13 Paul Anka Everything Is Super Now DAM Recommended
413-A-08 Paul Anka I Don't Like To Sleep Alone HLD Recommended
664-14 Paul Anka It's Time To Cry Sound Choice Recommended
1221-14 Paul Anka Jump DAM Recommended
308-B-07 Paul Anka Kissin' On The Phone EMI Recommended
1221-22 Paul Anka Lonely Boy DAM Recommended
310-B-14 Paul Anka My Home Town EMI Recommended
80-14 Paul Anka Puppy Love DK Karaoke Recommended
72-11 Paul Anka Put Your Head On My Shoulder DK Karaoke
412-A-07 Paul Anka Put Your Head On My Shoulder HLD Recommended
230-A-07 Paul Anka Story My Life, The NUT Recommended
229-A-12 Paul Anka Tonight My Love Tonight NUT Recommended
1221-02 Paul Anka You Are My Destiny DAM Recommended
97-12 Paul Anka You're Having My Baby DK Karaoke Recommended
410-A-03 Paul Anka & Celine Dion It's Hard To Say Goodbye SDK Recommended
1221-27 Paul Anka ft. Sammy Davis Jr. I'm Not Anyone DAM Recommended
1221-15 Paul Anka with Ray Ellis & His Orchestra Steel Guitar, A & Glass Wine, A DAM Recommended
27-08 Paul Carrack Don't Shed A Tear DK Karaoke Recommended
165-07 Paul Carrack For Once In Our Lives Sound Choice Recommended
046-B-12 Paul Costa Never On Sunday Pioneer Recommended
1579-91 Paul Davis Cool Night DAM Recommended
420-05 Paul Davis I Go Crazy Monster Hits
340-A-03 Paul Davis I Go Crazy Pioneer Recommended
140-12 Paul Davis I Go Crazy Sound Choice
751-03 Paul Evans Hello, This Is Joannie Sunfly Recommended
3127-60 Paul Gilbert Boku No Atama DAM Recommended
3127-36 Paul Gilbert & Freddie Nelson Waste Time DAM Recommended
3571-39 Paul Hardcastle 19 DAM Recommended
530-01 Paul Lekakis Boom Boom (Le'ts Go Back To...) Sound Choice Recommended
3838-14 Paul Mauriat La Chanson Pour Anna DAM Recommended
3719-47 Paul McCartney Alligator DAM Recommended
637-13 Paul McCartney Another Day Sound Choice Recommended
345-08 Paul McCartney Another Day Zoom
3719-46 Paul McCartney Appreciate DAM Recommended
3719-89 Paul McCartney Back In Brazil DAM Recommended
3719-51 Paul McCartney Ballroom Dancing DAM Recommended
3719-26 Paul McCartney C'mon People DAM Recommended
3719-59 Paul McCartney Calico Skies DAM Recommended
3719-85 Paul McCartney Come On To Me DAM Recommended
240-09 Paul McCartney Coming Up Zoom Recommended
3719-88 Paul McCartney Confidante DAM Recommended
240-13 Paul McCartney Dance Tonight SBI Recommended
3719-27 Paul McCartney Driving Rain DAM Recommended
3719-44 Paul McCartney Early Days DAM Recommended
3719-67 Paul McCartney English Tea DAM Recommended
346-12 Paul McCartney Every Night Legends Series Recommended
3719-28 Paul McCartney Everybody Out There DAM Recommended
3719-29 Paul McCartney Figure Of Eight DAM Recommended
3719-07 Paul McCartney Fine Line DAM Recommended
3719-70 Paul McCartney Flaming Pie DAM Recommended
639-09 Paul McCartney Freedom Chartbuster Recommended
215-08 Paul McCartney Freedom (Concert For NYC Version) Sound Choice Recommended
215-06 Paul McCartney From A Lover To A Friend Sound Choice Recommended
3719-86 Paul McCartney Fuh You DAM Recommended
3719-37 Paul McCartney Get Me Out Of Here DAM Recommended
3719-66 Paul McCartney Great Day DAM Recommended
3719-55 Paul McCartney Heart Of The Country DAM Recommended
346-08 Paul McCartney Here There & Everywhere Legends Series Recommended
3719-69 Paul McCartney Honey Hush DAM Recommended
3719-61 Paul McCartney Hope For The Future DAM Recommended
240-06 Paul McCartney Hope of Deliverance SBI Recommended
3719-38 Paul McCartney Hosanna DAM Recommended
3719-39 Paul McCartney I Can Bet DAM Recommended
3719-84 Paul McCartney I Don't Know DAM Recommended
3719-60 Paul McCartney Jenny Wren DAM Recommended
346-14 Paul McCartney Junior's Farm Legends Series
637-05 Paul McCartney Junior's Farm Sound Choice Recommended
3719-56 Paul McCartney Junk DAM Recommended
346-07 Paul McCartney Lady Madonna Legends Series Recommended
6702-33 Paul McCartney Let 'Em In DAM Recommended
3719-11 Paul McCartney Let It Be DAM Recommended
346-01 Paul McCartney Live & Let Die Legends Series
344-05 Paul McCartney Live & Let Die Sound Choice
637-11 Paul McCartney Live & Let Die Sound Choice
763-05 Paul McCartney Live & Let Die Sound Choice
3719-52 Paul McCartney Lonely Road DAM Recommended
346-06 Paul McCartney Long & Winding Road, The Legends Series Recommended
3719-40 Paul McCartney Looking At Her DAM Recommended
3719-71 Paul McCartney Man We Was Lonely DAM Recommended
240-05 Paul McCartney Merry Had A Little Lamb SBI Recommended
3719-30 Paul McCartney My Brave Face DAM Recommended
3719-18 Paul McCartney My Valentine DAM Recommended
240-10 Paul McCartney New Zoom Recommended
346-11 Paul McCartney No More Lonely Nights Legends Series Recommended
3719-45 Paul McCartney On My Way To Work DAM Recommended
608-01 Paul McCartney Once Upon A Long Ago Sunfly Recommended
345-12 Paul McCartney Pipes Peace Zoom Recommended
3719-23 Paul McCartney Queenie Eye DAM Recommended
240-11 Paul McCartney Queenie Eye Zoom Recommended
3719-42 Paul McCartney Road DAM Recommended
3719-31 Paul McCartney Save Us DAM Recommended
3719-53 Paul McCartney Somebody Who Cares DAM Recommended
346-05 Paul McCartney Take It Away Legends Series Recommended
3719-72 Paul McCartney Temporary Secretary DAM Recommended
3719-65 Paul McCartney That Would Be Something DAM Recommended
3719-63 Paul McCartney This Never Happened Before DAM Recommended
788-06 Paul McCartney Tug War Sunfly Recommended
3719-43 Paul McCartney Turned Out DAM Recommended
344-08 Paul McCartney Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey Sound Choice
637-08 Paul McCartney Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey Sound Choice Recommended
240-14 Paul McCartney Vanilla Sky SBI Recommended
345-13 Paul McCartney We All Stand Together Zoom Recommended
3719-87 Paul McCartney Who Cares DAM Recommended
556-B-12 Paul McCartney Wonderful Christmas Time Pioneer Recommended
344-07 Paul McCartney World Tonight, The Sound Choice Recommended
3719-24 Paul McCartney & Linda Eat At Home DAM Recommended
3719-25 Paul McCartney & Linda Too Many People DAM Recommended
67-06 Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson Girl Is Mine DK Karaoke Recommended
3920-78 Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson Man, The DAM Recommended
4350-02 Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson Say Say Say DAM
240-12 Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson Say Say Say Sunfly Recommended
5363-29 Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson Say Say Say [Live Sound] DAM
639-12 Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder Ebony & Ivory Chartbuster
346-09 Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder Ebony & Ivory Legends Series
003-B-01 Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder Ebony & Ivory Pioneer
790-14 Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder Ebony & Ivory Zoom
4-01 Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder Ebony And Ivory DK Karaoke Recommended
639-07 Paul McCartney & Wings Band On The Run Chartbuster
85-04 Paul McCartney & Wings Band On The Run DK Karaoke
346-17 Paul McCartney & Wings Band On The Run Legends Series
019-B-04 Paul McCartney & Wings Band On The Run Pioneer Recommended
344-03 Paul McCartney & Wings Band On The Run Sound Choice
637-10 Paul McCartney & Wings Band On The Run Sound Choice
1223-23 Paul McCartney & Wings Big Barn Bed DAM Recommended
1223-19 Paul McCartney & Wings Bluebird DAM Recommended
1223-17 Paul McCartney & Wings C Moon DAM Recommended
90-13 Paul McCartney & Wings Coming Up DK Karaoke
018-A-13 Paul McCartney & Wings Coming Up Pioneer Recommended
637-01 Paul McCartney & Wings Coming Up (Live Version) Sound Choice Recommended
351-14 Paul McCartney & Wings Goodnight Tonight Sound Choice
637-09 Paul McCartney & Wings Goodnight Tonight Sound Choice Recommended
240-07 Paul McCartney & Wings Helen Wheels Sunfly
345-09 Paul McCartney & Wings Helen Wheels Zoom Recommended
789-01 Paul McCartney & Wings Hi Hi Hi Sunfly Recommended
346-10 Paul McCartney & Wings Jet Legends Series
019-B-05 Paul McCartney & Wings Jet Pioneer Recommended
637-04 Paul McCartney & Wings Jet Sound Choice
665-12 Paul McCartney & Wings Jet Sound Choice
1223-06 Paul McCartney & Wings Junior's Farm DAM Recommended
346-02 Paul McCartney & Wings Let 'Em In Legends Series
020-B-02 Paul McCartney & Wings Let 'Em In Pioneer Recommended
637-03 Paul McCartney & Wings Let 'Em In Sound Choice
637-06 Paul McCartney & Wings Let Me Roll It Sound Choice Recommended
639-08 Paul McCartney & Wings Listen To What The Man Said Chartbuster
346-16 Paul McCartney & Wings Listen To What The Man Said Legends Series
018-A-14 Paul McCartney & Wings Listen To What The Man Said Pioneer Recommended
1223-20 Paul McCartney & Wings Little Lamb Butterfly DAM Recommended
1223-21 Paul McCartney & Wings Mamunia DAM Recommended
346-15 Paul McCartney & Wings Maybe I'm Amazed Legends Series
031-A-13 Paul McCartney & Wings Maybe I'm Amazed Pioneer Recommended
344-06 Paul McCartney & Wings Maybe I'm Amazed Sound Choice
637-02 Paul McCartney & Wings Maybe I'm Amazed Sound Choice
1223-18 Paul McCartney & Wings Mull Of Kintyre DAM Recommended
19-06 Paul McCartney & Wings My Love DK Karaoke Recommended
346-04 Paul McCartney & Wings My Love Legends Series
344-04 Paul McCartney & Wings My Love Sound Choice
637-12 Paul McCartney & Wings My Love Sound Choice
1223-26 Paul McCartney & Wings My Love (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
1223-22 Paul McCartney & Wings No Words DAM Recommended
9-08 Paul McCartney & Wings Silly Love Songs DK Karaoke
346-03 Paul McCartney & Wings Silly Love Songs Legends Series
264-A-11 Paul McCartney & Wings Silly Love Songs Pioneer
344-02 Paul McCartney & Wings Silly Love Songs Sound Choice
637-14 Paul McCartney & Wings Sily Love Songs Sound Choice Recommended
639-10 Paul McCartney & Wings Spies Like Us Chartbuster Recommended
344-01 Paul McCartney & Wings With A Little Luck Sound Choice
637-07 Paul McCartney & Wings With A Little Luck Sound Choice Recommended
240-08 Paul McCartney & Wings Wonderful Christmas Time Zoom Recommended
046-A-10 Paul Mcuriat Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Pioneer Recommended
77-03 Paul Overstreet Ball And Chain DK Karaoke
359-B-04 Paul Overstreet Ball And Chain Nikkodo Recommended
76-05 Paul Overstreet Daddy's Come Around DK Karaoke Recommended
3713-34 Paul Potts Nessun Dorma DAM Recommended
3639-04 Paul Potts & Hayley Westenra Sei Con Me (There For Me) DAM Recommended
43-11 Paul Revere & The Raiders Good Thing DK Karaoke Recommended
030-A-04 Paul Revere & The Raiders Hungry Pioneer Recommended
5151-89 Paul Revere & The Raiders Indian Reservation DAM Recommended
5-15 Paul Revere & The Raiders Just Like Me DK Karaoke Recommended
20-13 Paul Revere & The Raiders Kicks DK Karaoke
030-A-03 Paul Revere & The Raiders Kicks Pioneer Recommended
3740-39 Paul Robeson Ol' Man River DAM Recommended
656-01 Paul Simon 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover Monster Hits
759-08 Paul Simon 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover Sound Choice Recommended
3727-05 Paul Simon Graceland DAM Recommended
3727-03 Paul Simon Kodachrome DAM Recommended
352-02 Paul Simon Late In The Evening Sound Choice Recommended
3727-04 Paul Simon Loves Me Like A Rock DAM Recommended
3727-06 Paul Simon Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard DAM Recommended
255-A-09 Paul Simon Mother & Child Reunion Singalong Recommended
293-04 Paul Simon You Can Call Me Al Legends Series
772-03 Paul Simon You Can Call Me Al Radio Starz
352-03 Paul Simon You Can Call Me Al Sound Choice Recommended
643-08 Paul Weller Broken Stones Zoom Recommended
643-10 Paul Weller Changingman, The Zoom Recommended
3883-53 Paul Weller Cowboys From Hell DAM Recommended
3327-34 Paul Weller Echoes Round The Sun DAM Recommended
643-13 Paul Weller Hung Up Zoom Recommended
643-11 Paul Weller Out of The Sinking Zoom Recommended
643-09 Paul Weller Peacock Suit Zoom Recommended
843-06 Paul Weller Thinking of You Sunfly Recommended
643-12 Paul Weller Wild Wood Zoom Recommended
643-07 Paul Weller You Do Something To Me Zoom Recommended
568-09 Paul Young Come Back And Stay Sunfly Recommended
12-04 Paul Young Every Time You Go Away DK Karaoke Recommended
017-B-10 Paul Young Everytime You Go Away Pioneer Recommended
629-07 Paul Young Everytime You Go Away Sound Choice
558-A-13 Paul Young Love of The Common People Pioneer Recommended
787-07 Paul Young Love of The Common People Sunfly
032-B-04 Paul Young Oh Girl Pioneer Recommended
568-10 Paul Young Senza Una Donna Sunfly Recommended
418-A-07 Paul Young What Becomes of The Broken Hearted MD Recommended
421-15 Paul Young What Becomes of The Broken Hearted Sound Choice Recommended
568-11 Paul Young Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home) Sunfly Recommended
052-A-08 Paula Abdul Blowing Kisses In The Wind MD Recommended
230-A-02 Paula Abdul Cold Hearted NUT Recommended
927-06 Paula Abdul Cold Hearted Pocket Songs
927-01 Paula Abdul Forever Your Girl Pocket Songs Recommended
022-A-02 Paula Abdul Knocked Out Pioneer Recommended
927-02 Paula Abdul Knocked Out Pocket Songs
927-04 Paula Abdul Next To You Pocket Songs Recommended
416-11 Paula Abdul Opposites Attract DK Karaoke
95-11 Paula Abdul Opposites Attract DK Karaoke
044-B-02 Paula Abdul Opposites Attract Pioneer Recommended
927-07 Paula Abdul Opposites Attract Pocket Songs
362-A-06 Paula Abdul Rush Rush Nikkodo Recommended
927-08 Paula Abdul State of Attraction Pocket Songs Recommended
927-05 Paula Abdul Straight Up Pocket Songs Recommended
459-16 Paula Abdul Straight Up Swt GA Brn
371-B-05 Paula Abdul Vibeology Nikkodo Recommended
927-03 Paula Abdul Way That You Love Me, The Pocket Songs Recommended
258-B-12 Paula Cole I Don't Want To Wait MD Recommended
615-07 Paula Cole I Don't Want To Wait Sunfly
347-B-09 Paula Cole Me MD Recommended
450-07 Paula Cole Where Have All The Cowbous Gone Karaoke Hits
269-A-04 Paula Cole Where Have All The Cowbous Gone Pioneer Recommended
1167-28 Paula DeAnda ft. Baby Bash Doing Too Much DAM Recommended
939-15 Paula Deanda & Bow Wow Easy Pop Hits Recommended
5562-01 Paulina Rubio Casanova DAM Recommended
369-10 Paulina Rubio Don't Say Goodbye Sound Choice Recommended
5562-09 Paulina Rubio I Was Made For Loving You DAM Recommended
5562-04 Paulina Rubio I'll Be Right Here (Sexual Lover) DAM Recommended
223-A-01 Paulina Rubio Mio NUT Recommended
5562-07 Paulina Rubio Nada De Ti DAM Recommended
5562-03 Paulina Rubio Nieva Nieva DAM Recommended
5562-05 Paulina Rubio Siempre Tuya Desde La Raiz DAM Recommended
5562-06 Paulina Rubio Soro Por Ti DAM Recommended
415-B-04 Peabo Bryson Can You Stop The Rain HLD Recommended
966-10 Peabo Bryson Closer Than Close Sound Choice Recommended
283-05 Peabo Bryson If Ever You're In My Arms Again Just Tracks
049-A-09 Peabo Bryson If Ever You're In My Arms Again MD Recommended
3958-50 Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme) (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
056-B-05 Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle Whole New World, A MD Recommended
315-A-12 Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack Tonight, I Celebrate My Love EMI Recommended
4999-02 Peaches & Herb Funtime DAM Recommended
24-07 Peaches & Herb Reunited DK Karaoke Recommended
011-B-09 Peaches & Herb Reunited Pioneer Recommended
3873-03 Pearl Jam Alive DAM
936-02 Pearl Jam Alive Radio Starz Recommended
936-16 Pearl Jam Animal Radio Starz Recommended
936-10 Pearl Jam Better Man Radio Starz Recommended
213-A-06 Pearl Jam Black NUT
936-13 Pearl Jam Black Radio Starz Recommended
936-09 Pearl Jam Breath Radio Starz Recommended
213-A-07 Pearl Jam Daughter NUT Recommended
936-05 Pearl Jam Daughter Radio Starz
936-07 Pearl Jam Dissident Radio Starz Recommended
720869 Pearl Jam Do The Evolution DAM Recommended
936-14 Pearl Jam Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town Radio Starz Recommended
936-01 Pearl Jam Even Flow Radio Starz Recommended
3873-04 Pearl Jam Fixer, The DAM Recommended
680-12 Pearl Jam Given To Fly Swt GA Brn Recommended
936-12 Pearl Jam Glorified G Radio Starz Recommended
936-03 Pearl Jam Go Radio Starz Recommended
936-11 Pearl Jam Hail Hail Radio Starz Recommended
936-06 Pearl Jam Hunger Strike Radio Starz Recommended
276-02 Pearl Jam I Am Mine Pop Hits Recommended
936-18 Pearl Jam I Got Id Radio Starz
680-13 Pearl Jam I Got Id Swt GA Brn Recommended
213-A-09 Pearl Jam Jeremy NUT Recommended
936-08 Pearl Jam Jeremy Radio Starz
832-13 Pearl Jam Just Breathe Quik Hitz Recommended
688-02 Pearl Jam Last Kiss Chartbuster Recommended
936-15 Pearl Jam Last Kiss Radio Starz
170-09 Pearl Jam Light Years Music Maestro
161-09 Pearl Jam Light Years Pop Hits Recommended
936-17 Pearl Jam Not For You Radio Starz Recommended
3873-10 Pearl Jam Rearviewmirror DAM Recommended
936-04 Pearl Jam Yellow Ledbetter Radio Starz Recommended
32-06 Pebbles Girlfriend DK Karaoke
342-B-09 Pebbles Girlfriend Pioneer Recommended
32-07 Pebbles Mercedes Boy DK Karaoke
340-A-12 Pebbles Mercedes Boy Pioneer Recommended
4154-06 Peggy Lee Bali Ha'i DAM Recommended
94-04 Peggy Lee Fever DK Karaoke Recommended
187-12 Peggy Lee Fever Music Maestro
4154-13 Peggy Lee I Don't Want To Play In Your Yard DAM Recommended
308-A-04 Peggy Lee Johnny Guitar EMI Recommended
4154-08 Peggy Lee Love Letters DAM Recommended
4154-05 Peggy Lee On The Sunny Side of The Street DAM Recommended
4154-12 Peggy Lee & The Mello Man He's A Tramp DAM Recommended
12 Pendulum Crush Original Recommended
732-16 Pendulum Granite Sunfly Recommended
3748-68 Pendulum Propane Nightmares DAM Recommended
3746-35 Pendulum Watercolors DAM Recommended
016-B-07 Penguins, The Earth Angel Pioneer Recommended
3849-41 Penguins, The Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) DAM Recommended
5868-21 Penny Mclean Lady Bump DAM Recommended
3038-22 Pennywise Bro Hymn Tribute DAM Recommended
3857-60 Pennywise Let Us Hear Your Voice DAM Recommended
3528-52 Pennywise Peaceful Day DAM Recommended
3832-14 Pennywise Same Old Story DAM Recommended
3432-99 Pennywise Stand By Me DAM Recommended
3944-89 Pentatonix Aha! DAM Recommended
3838-74 Pentatonix Can't Help Falling In Love DAM Recommended
3934-59 Pentatonix Can't Hold Us DAM Recommended
3941-57 Pentatonix Can't Sleep Love DAM Recommended
3941-58 Pentatonix Cheerleader DAM Recommended
3951-43 Pentatonix Christmas Sing-Along DAM Recommended
3927-35 Pentatonix Daft Punk Medley DAM Recommended
3985-35 Pentatonix Deck The Halls DAM Recommended
3952-93 Pentatonix Departure DAM Recommended
3987-40 Pentatonix Havana DAM Recommended
3942-25 Pentatonix Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas DAM Recommended
3932-43 Pentatonix I Need Your Love DAM Recommended
7315-66 Pentatonix Joy To The World DAM Recommended
3927-36 Pentatonix Let It Go DAM Recommended
3932-46 Pentatonix Love Again DAM Recommended
3832-72 Pentatonix Making Christmas DAM Recommended
3961-07 Pentatonix Na Na Na DAM Recommended
3988-89 Pentatonix Perfect DAM Recommended
3947-17 Pentatonix Perfume Medley DAM Recommended
3939-70 Pentatonix Radioactive DAM Recommended
3940-95 Pentatonix Rather Be DAM Recommended
3932-47 Pentatonix Royals DAM Recommended
3934-60 Pentatonix Say Something DAM Recommended
3942-27 Pentatonix Sing DAM Recommended
3932-15 Pentatonix Somebody That I Used To Know DAM Recommended
3932-44 Pentatonix Starships DAM Recommended
3932-45 Pentatonix We Are Young DAM Recommended
3941-93 Pentatonix ft. Tori Kelly Winter Wonderland/Don't Worry Be Happy DAM Recommended
5868-22 People's Choice Do It Any Way You Wanna DAM Recommended
255-18 Pep And Rash Rumors Mr. Entertainer Recommended
1819-64 Peppino Gagliardi Che Vuole Questa Musica Stasera DAM Recommended
414-A-08 Per Gessle It Must Have Been Love HLD Recommended
39-04 Percy Sledge When A Man Loves A Woman DK Karaoke
266-B-06 Percy Sledge When A Man Loves A Woman Pioneer Recommended
244-A-14 Percy Sledge & Joe Simon My Special Prayer NUT Recommended
71-14 Perry Como And I Love You So DK Karaoke
001-B-06 Perry Como And I Love You So Pioneer Recommended
9-15 Perry Como As Time Goes By DK Karaoke
537-B-01 Perry Como As Time Goes By DKV Recommended
3924-01 Perry Como Fly Me To The Moon DAM Recommended
399-09 Perry Como Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Party Pak Recommended
25-03 Perry Como It's Impossible DK Karaoke
017-A-10 Perry Como It's Impossible Pioneer Recommended
3924-17 Perry Como Magical Moments DAM Recommended
5-12 Perry Como My Funny Valentine DK Karaoke Recommended
3924-16 Perry Como Papa Loves Mambo DAM Recommended
316-B-13 Perry Como Rose Tattoo EMI Recommended
503-A-01 Perry Como Some Enchanted Evening Pioneer Recommended
327-A-03 Perry Como Somebody Loves Me EMI Recommended
3924-14 Perry Como Sunrise, Sunset (From "Fiddler On The Ro") DAM Recommended
45-09 Perry Como Till The End Time DK Karaoke Recommended
77-14 Perry Como When You Were Sweet Sixteen DK Karaoke Recommended
3924-18 Perry Como & The Fontaine Sisters It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas DAM Recommended
422-11 Pet Shop Boys Always On My Mind Just Tracks
787-01 Pet Shop Boys Always On My Mind Sunfly Recommended
363-02 Pet Shop Boys Domino Dancing CDG Recommended
3538-01 Pet Shop Boys Go West DAM Recommended
3538-04 Pet Shop Boys Home And Dry DAM Recommended
3538-19 Pet Shop Boys How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? DAM Recommended
3538-06 Pet Shop Boys I'm With Stupid DAM Recommended
422-09 Pet Shop Boys It's A Sin Just Tracks
465-04 Pet Shop Boys It's A Sin Sound Choice
909-01 Pet Shop Boys It's A Sin Sunfly Recommended
363-01 Pet Shop Boys Left To My Own Devices CDG Recommended
671-07 Pet Shop Boys New York City Boy Pocket Songs Recommended
422-10 Pet Shop Boys Opportunities Just Tracks Recommended
203-15 Pet Shop Boys Opportunities (Let's Make A lot Money) Sound Choice Recommended
3538-26 Pet Shop Boys Pop Kids, The DAM Recommended
3538-22 Pet Shop Boys Red Letter Day, A DAM Recommended
502-07 Pet Shop Boys Rent CDG Recommended
528-A-05 Pet Shop Boys Se A Vida E (That's Way Life Is) VMP Recommended
3538-15 Pet Shop Boys Suburbia DAM Recommended
3538-21 Pet Shop Boys This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave DAM Recommended
422-12 Pet Shop Boys West End Girls Just Tracks
141-13 Pet Shop Boys West End Girls Sound Choice
951-09 Pet Shop Boys West End Girls (Faded Ending) Sound Choice Recommended
204-08 Pet Shop Boys What Have I Done To Deserve This Sound Choice Recommended
363-03 Pet Shop Boys Where The Streets Have No Name/Can't Take My … CDG Recommended
3538-23 Pet Shop Boys Winner DAM Recommended
673-12 Pete Cuban Mask, The (Jim Carrey) Sound Choice Recommended
894-08 Pete Townshend Let My Love Open The Door Sound Choice Recommended
3950-97 Pete Townshend Little Is Enough, A DAM Recommended
3950-98 Pete Townshend Sea Refuses No River, The DAM Recommended
3950-99 Pete Townshend Slit Skirts DAM Recommended
849-13 Pete Wylie Sinful Sunfly Recommended
24-18 Peter & Gordon Baby, I'm Yours DK Karaoke Recommended
1230-03 Peter & Gordon I Go To Pieces DAM Recommended
14-07 Peter & Gordon World Without Love, A DK Karaoke Recommended
313-A-07 Peter & Gordon World Without Love, A EMI
058-B-10 Peter Allen Don't Cry Out Loud MD Recommended
800-16 Peter Andre Behind Closed Doors Sunfly Recommended
1173-69 Peter Bjorn & John Young Folks DAM Recommended
062-B-07 Peter Cetera Do You Love Me That Much MD Recommended
060-B-07 Peter Cetera Faithfully MD Recommended
697-09 Peter Cetera Glory of Love DK Karaoke
7-01 Peter Cetera Glory of Love DK Karaoke
697-10 Peter Cetera Glory of Love Phoenix
684-14 Peter Cetera Glory of Love Pocket Recommended
1229-06 Peter Cetera No Explanation DAM Recommended
1229-03 Peter Cetera One Good Woman DAM Recommended
324-A-07 Peter Cetera Stay With Me EMI Recommended
013-A-11 Peter Cetera & Amy Grant Next Time I Fall, The Pioneer Recommended
3441-59 Peter Cincotti Goodbye Philadelphia DAM Recommended
028-B-05 Peter Frampton Baby I Love Your Way Pioneer Recommended
142-14 Peter Frampton Baby I Love Your Way Sound Choice
243-11 Peter Frampton Do You Feel Like I Do SBI Recommended
021-B-08 Peter Frampton I'm In You Pioneer Recommended
021-B-07 Peter Frampton Show Me The Way Pioneer Recommended
243-12 Peter Frampton Show Me The Way Zoom
601-03 Peter Gabriel Big Time Just Tracks Recommended
601-04 Peter Gabriel Digging In The Dirt Just Tracks Recommended
3362-10 Peter Gabriel Down To Earth DAM Recommended
784-02 Peter Gabriel Games Without Frontiers Sunfly Recommended
601-05 Peter Gabriel In Your Eyes Just Tracks
410-03 Peter Gabriel In Your Eyes Sound Choice Recommended
601-06 Peter Gabriel Red Rain Just Tracks
798-01 Peter Gabriel Red Rain Sunfly Recommended
137-06 Peter Gabriel Shock The Monkey Sound Choice Recommended
601-01 Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer Just Tracks
393-06 Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer Party Pak Recommended
731-06 Peter Gabriel Solsbury Hill Sunfly Recommended
F10 Peter Gabriel Solsbury Hill (Live Version) CDG Recommended
601-02 Peter Gabriel Steam Just Tracks Recommended
F11 Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush Don't Give Up CDG Recommended
554-A-04 Peter Mallan Annie Laurie Pioneer Recommended
558-B-11 Peter Morrison Ae Fond Kiss Pioneer Recommended
751-01 Peter Murphy Cuts You Up Sunfly Recommended
366-18 Peter Pan I Won't Grow Up Pocket Songs Recommended
366-16 Peter Pan I'm Flying Pocket Songs Recommended
366-14 Peter Pan I've Gotta Crow Pocket Songs Recommended
366-15 Peter Pan Never Never Land Pocket Songs Recommended
366-17 Peter Pan Wendy Pocket Songs Recommended
019-A-07 Peter Paul & Mary Leaving On A Jet Plane Pioneer Recommended
006-A-05 Peter Paul & Mary 500 Miles Pioneer Recommended
37-12 Peter Paul & Mary Blowing In The Wind DK Karaoke
011-A-09 Peter Paul & Mary Blowing In The Wind Pioneer Recommended
1231-04 Peter Paul & Mary Cruel War, The DAM Recommended
1231-19 Peter Paul & Mary Early In The Morning DAM Recommended
1231-20 Peter Paul & Mary Early Mornin' Rain DAM Recommended
334-A-11 Peter Paul & Mary Gone The Rainbow EMI Recommended
1231-10 Peter Paul & Mary Hurry Sundown DAM Recommended
94-10 Peter Paul & Mary If I Had A Hammer DK Karaoke
340-A-10 Peter Paul & Mary If I Had A Hammer Pioneer Recommended
1231-02 Peter Paul & Mary Leaving On A Jet Plane DAM
29-17 Peter Paul & Mary Leaving On A Jet Plane DK Karaoke
330-B-03 Peter Paul & Mary Lemon Tree EMI Recommended
11-04 Peter Paul & Mary Puff, The Magic Dragon DK Karaoke Recommended
316-A-04 Peter Paul & Mary Puff, The Magic Dragon EMI
331-B-10 Peter Paul & Mary San Francisco Bay Blues EMI Recommended
320-B-09 Peter Paul & Mary This Land Is Your Land EMI Recommended
1231-16 Peter Paul & Mary Where Have All The Flowers Gone DAM Recommended
760-15 Peter Schilling Major Tom (Coming Home) Sound Choice Recommended
829-09 Peter Skellern Warm Wet Circles Sunfly Recommended
764-11 Peter Tosh Stepping Razor Sound Choice Recommended
1231-17 Peter, Paul & Mary Don't Think Twice, It's All Right DAM Recommended
626-11 Peters & Lee Welcome Home Zoom Recommended
3577-28 Petey Pabro Freek-A-Leek DAM Recommended
3939-45 Petteri Sariola I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For DAM Recommended
269-A-09 Petticoat Junction Petticoat Junction Pioneer Recommended
5124-02 Petula Clark Dan Le Temps (Downtown) DAM Recommended
041-B-04 Petula Clark Downtown Pioneer Recommended
650-08 Petula Clark I Couldn't Live Without Your Love Sound Choice Recommended
412-A-09 Petula Clark Kiss Me Goodbye HLD Recommended
554-B-01 Petula Clark This Is My Song Pioneer Recommended
843-05 Phantom Planet California Sunfly Recommended
631-09 Phantom of The Opera, The All I Ask You CDG
503-A-10 Phantom of The Opera, The All I Ask You ELD
381-20 Phantom of The Opera, The All I Ask You Music Maestro
739-13 Phantom of The Opera, The Angel Music Pocket Songs Recommended
739-15 Phantom of The Opera, The Masquerade Pocket Songs Recommended
380-01 Phantom of The Opera, The Music of My Heart Music Maestro Recommended
631-08 Phantom of The Opera, The Music of The Night Pocket Recommended
631-07 Phantom of The Opera, The Phantom of The Opera CDG
384-05 Phantom of The Opera, The Phantom of The Opera Music Maestro
420-A-01 Phantom of The Opera, The Phantom of The Opera Unknown Recommended
739-16 Phantom of The Opera, The Point of No Return Pocket Songs Recommended
739-14 Phantom of The Opera, The Prima Donna Pocket Songs Recommended
631-06 Phantom of The Opera, The Think of Me CDG
420-B-07 Phantom of The Opera, The Think of Me ELD Recommended
384-07 Phantom of The Opera, The Think of Me Music Maestro
382-11 Phantom of The Opera, The Wishing You Were Here Music Maestro Recommended
420-A-05 Phantom of The Opera, The Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again LD Recommended
631-10 Phantom of The Opera, The Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again Pocket
5635-10 Pharrell Williams Come Get It Bae DAM Recommended
253-06 Pharrell Williams Come Get It Bae Mr. Entertainer Recommended
5635-12 Pharrell Williams Gust Of Wind DAM Recommended
5635-09 Pharrell Williams Happy DAM Recommended
5635-16 Pharrell Williams Happy (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
5635-11 Pharrell Williams Here DAM Recommended
5635-15 Pharrell Williams Marilyn Monroe DAM Recommended
5635-18 Pharrell Williams Runnin' DAM Recommended
5635-17 Pharrell Williams Yellow Light DAM Recommended
5635-13 Pharrell Williams & Alicia Keys Know Who You Are DAM Recommended
5635-14 Pharrell Williams & Justin Timberlake Brand New DAM Recommended
305-07 Pharrell Williams ft. Jay Z Frontin' Music Maestro Recommended
5635-21 Pharrell Williams x Camila Cabello Sangria Wine (Radio Edit) DAM Recommended
1115-94 Pharrell ft. Gwen Stefani Can I Have It Like That DAM Recommended
155-02 Phats & Small Turn Around Sunfly Recommended
217-13 Phd, It Ain't I Won't Let You Down Sunfly Recommended
601-10 Phil Collins Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) Just Tracks
020-A-01 Phil Collins Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) Pioneer Recommended
115-14 Phil Collins Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) Pocket Songs
893-05 Phil Collins Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) Sound Choice
748-03 Phil Collins All of My Life CDG Recommended
020-A-02 Phil Collins Another Day In Paradise Pioneer Recommended
3527-04 Phil Collins Can't Stop Loving You DAM Recommended
353-A-07 Phil Collins Do You Remember SDK Recommended
020-A-03 Phil Collins Don't Lose My Number Pioneer Recommended
353-A-08 Phil Collins Everyday SDK Recommended
748-04 Phil Collins Father To Son CDG Recommended
18-01 Phil Collins Groovy Kind of Love DK Karaoke
768-07 Phil Collins Groovy Kind of Love Monster Hits
043-A-02 Phil Collins Groovy Kind of Love Pioneer Recommended
115-18 Phil Collins Groovy Kind of Love Pocket Songs
691-14 Phil Collins Groovy Kind of Love Sunfly
205-07 Phil Collins I Don't Care Anymore Sound Choice Recommended
233-07 Phil Collins I Wish It Would Rain Down Sunfly Recommended
601-08 Phil Collins In The Air Tonight Just Tracks
115-10 Phil Collins In The Air Tonight Pocket Songs
233-04 Phil Collins In The Air Tonight Sunfly Recommended
070-B-02 Phil Collins It's In Your Eyes GE Recommended
3527-20 Phil Collins No Way Out DAM Recommended
020-A-04 Phil Collins One More Night Pioneer Recommended
115-17 Phil Collins One More Night Pocket Songs
350-10 Phil Collins One More Night Sound Choice
966-01 Phil Collins Something Happened On The Way To Heaven Sound Choice Recommended
423-B-06 Phil Collins Somewhere HS Recommended
601-07 Phil Collins Sussudio Just Tracks
020-A-05 Phil Collins Sussudio Pioneer Recommended
115-11 Phil Collins Sussudio Pocket Songs
608-04 Phil Collins Sussudio Sunfly
601-09 Phil Collins Take Me Home Just Tracks
115-15 Phil Collins Take Me Home Pocket Songs Recommended
353-A-01 Phil Collins True Colors SDK Recommended
3527-15 Phil Collins Two Hearts DAM Recommended
3527-05 Phil Collins Two Worlds DAM Recommended
3527-25 Phil Collins Welcome DAM Recommended
10-02 Phil Collins You Can't Hurry Love DK Karaoke
537-B-07 Phil Collins You Can't Hurry Love DKV Recommended
115-12 Phil Collins You Can't Hurry Love Pocket Songs
410-B-12 Phil Collins You'll Be In My Heart SDK Recommended
020-A-06 Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin Separate Lives Pioneer Recommended
115-13 Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin Separate Lives Pocket Songs
601-11 Phil Collins & Philip Bailey Easy Lover Just Tracks
020-A-07 Phil Collins & Philip Bailey Easy Lover Pioneer Recommended
115-16 Phil Collins & Philip Bailey Easy Lover Pocket Songs
4390-21 Phil Harris & Bruce Reitherman Bare Necessities, The DAM Recommended
3123-55 Phil Phillips & The Twilights Sea of Love DAM Recommended
942-16 Phil Vassar I Would Pop Hits Recommended
222-A-11 Philip Bailey Here With Me NUT Recommended
555-07 Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder Together In Electric Dreams Original Recommended
3939-20 Phillip Phillips Gone, Gone, Gone DAM Recommended
3740-68 Phish Farmhouse DAM Recommended
028-B-11 Phoebe Snow Poetry Man Pioneer Recommended
837-06 Phoenix 1901 Pop Hits Recommended
1167-90 Phoenix Everything Is Everything DAM Recommended
3968-56 Phoenix Ti Amo DAM Recommended
860-18 Phonte ft. Median Eternally Pop Hits Recommended
372-B-07 Phyllis Hyman Old Friend Nikkodo Recommended
3827-43 Phyllis Hyman You Know How To Love Me DAM Recommended
3939-94 Phyllis Nelson I Like You DAM Recommended
315-B-03 Pied Pipers, The Dream EMI Recommended
958-07 Piero Mi Viejo Multi Karaoke Recommended
3733-03 Pierre Bachelet (French) Emmanuelle Song DAM Recommended
3397-09 Pierre Barouh Vivre! DAM Recommended
710-04 Pigeon Detectives, The I'm Not Sorry Sunfly Recommended
3397-03 Pigeon Detectives, The Romantic Type DAM Recommended
3552-60 Pigeon Detectives, The This Is An Emergency DAM Recommended
3551-09 Pilot January DAM Recommended
847-10 Pilot Magic Sunfly Recommended
441-06 Pink 18 Wheeler Masterpiece Recommended
6702-41 Pink Are We All We Are DAM Recommended
6702-35 Pink Blow Me (One Last Kiss) DAM
880-13 Pink Blow Me (One Last Kiss) Mr. Entertainer Recommended
879-03 Pink Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Clean Version) Sunfly Recommended
441-09 Pink Dear Diary Masterpiece Recommended
441-02 Pink Don't Let Me Get Me Masterpiece Recommended
441-10 Pink Eventually Masterpiece Recommended
222-05 Pink Eventually Top Tunes
441-07 Pink Family Portrait Masterpiece Recommended
921-02 Pink Fuckin' Perfect Pop Hits
915-01 Pink Fuckin' Perfect Quik Hitz
872-11 Pink Fuckin' Perfect Sunfly Recommended
792-11 Pink Funhouse Mr. Entertainer Recommended
6702-01 Pink Get The Party Started DAM
441-04 Pink Get The Party Started Masterpiece
224-13 Pink Get The Party Started Sunfly Recommended
6702-17 Pink Glitter In The Air DAM Recommended
6702-07 Pink God Is A DJ DAM Recommended
441-13 Pink Gone To California Masterpiece Recommended
856-02 Pink Heartbreak Down Chartbuster
851-13 Pink Heartbreak Down Sunfly Recommended
441-03 Pink Just Like A Pill Masterpiece
222-11 Pink Just Like A Pill Top Tunes Recommended
6702-45 Pink Just Like Fire DAM Recommended
441-11 Pink Lonely Girl Masterpiece Recommended
441-08 Pink Misery Masterpiece Recommended
441-01 Pink Missundaztood Masterpiece Recommended
427-10 Pink Money Swt GA Brn Recommended
6702-02 Pink Most Girls DAM Recommended
441-14 Pink My Vietnam Masterpiece Recommended
6702-37 Pink Nobody Knows DAM
617-10 Pink Nobody Knows Sunfly Recommended
441-12 Pink Numb Masterpiece Recommended
920-05 Pink Perfect Mr. Entertainer Recommended
6702-16 Pink Please Don't Leave Me DAM
728-15 Pink Please Don't Leave Me Sunfly Recommended
918-02 Pink Raise Your Glass Pop Hits Recommended
900-10 Pink Raise Your Glass (Clean) Sunfly Recommended
441-05 Pink Respect Masterpiece Recommended
6702-10 Pink So What DAM
732-12 Pink So What Sunfly Recommended
974-16 Pink Sober Sunfly Recommended
685-14 Pink Stupid Girls Sunfly Recommended
564-14 Pink There You Go Sound Choice
622-15 Pink There You Go Sound Choice Recommended
6702-06 Pink Trouble DAM Recommended
891-06 Pink Try Mr. Entertainer Recommended
6702-27 Pink U & Ur Hand DAM Recommended
949-11 Pink Who Knew Mr. Entertainer Recommended
176-15 Pink You Make Me Sick Music Maestro
196-02 Pink You Make Me Sick NorthStar Pop
177-06 Pink You Make Me Sick Pop Hits
736-14 Pink You Make Me Sick Sunfly Recommended
172-12 Pink You Make Me Sick Top Hits
968-05 Pink & Indigo Girls Dear Mr. President Chartbuster Recommended
5630-13 Pink Cream 69 Ballerina DAM Recommended
218-03 Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall Legends Bassline
418-08 Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall Sound Choice Recommended
427-02 Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall Swt GA Brn
3938-86 Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) DAM Recommended
781-09 Pink Floyd Arnold Layne Sunfly Recommended
352-09 Pink Floyd Brain Damage/Eclipse Sound Choice
744-12 Pink Floyd Brain Damage/Eclipse Sound Choice Recommended
753-15 Pink Floyd Great Gig In The Sky, The Sunfly Recommended
750-01 Pink Floyd Have A Cigar Sunfly Recommended
3843-24 Pink Floyd Hey You DAM Recommended
270-10 Pink Floyd Just Like A Pill Sunfly Recommended
501-10 Pink Floyd Learning To Fly CDG Recommended
3931-57 Pink Floyd Louder Than Words DAM Recommended
325-A-12 Pink Floyd Money EMI Recommended
277-01 Pink Floyd Shine On You Crazy Diamond Swt GA Brn Recommended
966-05 Pink Floyd Take It Back Sound Choice Recommended
3752-23 Pink Floyd Time DAM Recommended
752-12 Pink Floyd Us & Them Sunfly Recommended
352-14 Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Sound Choice Recommended
277-17 Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Swt GA Brn
6702-36 Pink ft. Eminem Here Comes The Weekend DAM Recommended
5156-20 Pink ft. Indigo Girls Dear Mr. President DAM Recommended
6702-42 Pink ft. Lily Rose Cooper True Love DAM Recommended
6702-05 Pink ft. William Orbit Feel Good Time DAM Recommended
608-07 Pinkee Danger Games Sunfly Recommended
5639-11 Pinky & The Fellas Manchester & Liverpool DAM Recommended
323-B-10 Pino Donaggio Io Che Non Vivo EMI Recommended
4390-09 Pinto Colvig, Mary Moder & Others Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf DAM Recommended
3432-31 Pipettes, The Because It's Not Love (But It's Still A Feeling) DAM Recommended
3397-51 Pipettes, The Pull Shapes DAM Recommended
884-18 Pitbull Back In Time Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3855-95 Pitbull Bon, Bon DAM Recommended
3931-61 Pitbull Celebrate (From Penguins From Madagascar) DAM Recommended
254-12 Pitbull Fireball Mr. Entertainer Recommended
804-04 Pitbull Hotel Room Service Sunfly Recommended
792-12 Pitbull I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3958-80 Pitbull Options ft. Stephen Marley DAM Recommended
3913-98 Pitbull Timber ft. Ke$ha DAM Recommended
3961-57 Pitbull Timber ft. Ke$ha (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
946-16 Pitbull & Chris Brown International Love Sunfly Recommended
924-01 Pitbull & Ne-Yo & Nayer Afrojack Give Me Everything Pop Hits Recommended
878-06 Pitbull & Shakira Get It Started Sunfly Recommended
3985-36 Pitbull & Stereotypes Jungle ft. E-40 & Abraham Mateo DAM Recommended
918-04 Pitbull & T-Pain Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) Pop Hits Recommended
3857-86 Pitbull ft. Akon Shut It Down DAM Recommended
3947-83 Pitbull ft. Flo Rida & Lunch Money Lewis Greenlight DAM Recommended
3931-62 Pitbull ft. G.R.L. Wild Wild Love DAM Recommended
3923-66 Pitbull ft. Jennifer Lopez & Claudia Leitte We Are One DAM Recommended
3928-91 Pitbull ft. John Ryan Fireball DAM Recommended
3840-41 Pitbull ft. Marc Anthony Rain Over Me DAM Recommended
3941-71 Pitbull ft. Mohombi & Wisin Baddest Girl In Town DAM Recommended
3945-70 Pitbull ft. Robin Thicke, Joe Perry & Travis Barker Bad Man DAM Recommended
3840-39 Pitbull ft. T-Pain & Sean Paul Shake Senora DAM Recommended
3883-70 Pitbull ft. TJR Don't Stop The Party DAM Recommended
3745-90 Pitbull, TKZee & Dario G Game On DAM Recommended
867-07 Pixie Lott All About Tonight Mr. Entertainer Recommended
800-14 Pixie Lott Boys & Girls Sunfly Recommended
830-06 Pixie Lott Cry Me Out Sunfly Recommended
868-07 Pixie Lott Kiss The Stars Sunfly Recommended
3928-36 Pixie Lott Lay Me Down DAM Recommended
3923-01 Pixies Debaser DAM Recommended
3923-02 Pixies Dig For Fire DAM Recommended
3923-99 Pixies Gigantic DAM Recommended
3925-74 Pixies Greens And Blues DAM Recommended
571-08 Pixies Here Comes Your Man Sound Choice Recommended
3925-45 Pixies Hey DAM Recommended
3923-04 Pixies Monkey Gone To Heaven DAM Recommended
3923-05 Pixies Where Is My Mind? DAM Recommended
3946-36 Pixies Three, The Birthday Party DAM Recommended
1126-80 Pizza Girl Crazy For You DAM Recommended
3844-29 Placebo Every You Every Me DAM Recommended
3639-80 Placebo Nancy Boy DAM
736-04 Placebo Nancy Boy Sunfly Recommended
3849-16 Placido Domingo Catari', Catari' (Core 'ngrato) DAM Recommended
3593-90 Placido Domingo E Lucevan Le Stelle (from "Tosca" (Puccini)) DAM Recommended
3593-92 Placido Domingo Granada DAM Recommended
3944-90 Placido Domingo & Placido Domingo Jr. Perhaps Love DAM Recommended
748-02 Plain White T's Hate (I Really Don't Like You) CDG Recommended
3528-54 Plain White T's Hate (I Really Don't Like You) DAM
3526-09 Plain White T's Hey There Delilah DAM Recommended
3569-64 Plain White T's Natural Disaster DAM Recommended
748-09 Plain White T's Our Time Now Sunfly Recommended
915-18 Plain White T's Rhythm of Love Quik Hitz Recommended
3740-83 Plain White T's Welcome To Mystery DAM Recommended
889-11 Plan B Deepest Shame Mr. Entertainer Recommended
883-06 Plan B Ill Manors Mr. Entertainer Recommended
885-05 Plan B Ill Manors (Clean) Sunfly Recommended
3934-14 Plan B She Said DAM
905-10 Plan B She Said Sunfly Recommended
3831-78 Plastic Bertrand Ca Plane Pour Moi DAM Recommended
3941-74 Platina Jazz Devil Man DAM Recommended
3945-88 Platina Jazz ft. Niklas Gabrielsson Galaxy Express 999, The DAM Recommended
91-08 Platters, The (You've Got) The Magic Touch DK Karaoke Recommended
319-B-07 Platters, The Ebb Tide EMI Recommended
85-14 Platters, The Great Pretender, The DK Karaoke Recommended
313-B-03 Platters, The Great Pretender, The EMI
10-11 Platters, The Harbor Lights DK Karaoke
017-B-02 Platters, The Harbor Lights Pioneer Recommended
61-12 Platters, The My Prayer DK Karaoke Recommended
313-A-02 Platters, The My Prayer EMI
456-01 Platters, The My Prayer Karaoke Hits
62-10 Platters, The Only You DK Karaoke Recommended
057-B-06 Platters, The Only You MD
1234-19 Platters, The Only You (And You Alone) (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
25-06 Platters, The Red Sails In The Sunset DK Karaoke Recommended
312-A-05 Platters, The Red Sails In The Sunset EMI
1234-18 Platters, The September Song (From "Knickerbocker Holiday") DAM Recommended
15-16 Platters, The Sixteen Tons DK Karaoke Recommended
25-14 Platters, The Smoke Gets In Your Eyes DK Karaoke
012-B-09 Platters, The Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Pioneer Recommended
66-14 Platters, The Twilight Time DK Karaoke Recommended
308-A-05 Platters, The Twillight Time EMI Recommended
79-13 Platters, The You'll Never Know DK Karaoke Recommended
316-A-12 Platters, The You'll Never Never Know EMI Recommended
84-09 Player Baby Come Back DK Karaoke Recommended
533-03 Player Baby Come Back Sound Choice
794-12 Player Baby Come Back Sunfly
3545-69 Plies ft. Ne-Yo Bust It Baby (Part 2) DAM Recommended
535-03 Plimsouls, The Million Miles Away, A Sound Choice Recommended
834-08 Plumb Hang On Pop Hits Recommended
141-12 Poco Crazy Love Sound Choice Recommended
760-06 Poco Heart of The Night Sound Choice Recommended
904-09 Poe Hello Sound Choice Recommended
211-10 Poe Hey Pretty Music Maestro Recommended
1167-83 Pogues ft. Kirsty MacColl Fairytale of New York DAM Recommended
558-B-12 Pogues ft. The Dubliners Isrish Rover, The Pioneer Recommended
3749-55 Pogues, The Fiesta DAM Recommended
3855-55 Pogues, The If I Should Fall From Grace With God DAM Recommended
212-06 Point of Grace Hope Is Born Again Priddis Recommended
39-07 Pointer Sisters, The Automatic DK Karaoke
544-A-13 Pointer Sisters, The Automatic DKV Recommended
3571-55 Pointer Sisters, The Don't It Drive You Crazy DAM Recommended
418-04 Pointer Sisters, The Fire Sound Choice Recommended
4350-52 Pointer Sisters, The He's So Shy DAM Recommended
31-06 Pointer Sisters, The I'm So Excited DK Karaoke
016-B-10 Pointer Sisters, The I'm So Excited Pioneer Recommended
F12 Pointer Sisters, The Jump (For My Love) CDG Recommended
31-07 Pointer Sisters, The Neutron Dance DK Karaoke Recommended
17-14 Pointer Sisters, The Santa Claus Is Coming To Town DK Karaoke Recommended
49-11 Pointer Sisters, The Slow Hand DK Karaoke
036-B-11 Pointer Sisters, The Slow Hand Pioneer Recommended
401-A-14 Pointer Sisters, The Yes, We Can Can Nikkodo Recommended
142-01 Poison Every Rose Has Its Thorn Sound Choice Recommended
430-04 Poison Every Rose Has Its Thorn Swt GA Brn
3565-02 Poison Fallen Angel DAM Recommended
755-10 Poison I Want Action Sound Choice Recommended
166-08 Poison Nothin' But A Good Time Sound Choice Recommended
808-07 Poison Something To Believe In Sound Choice Recommended
430-16 Poison Something To Believe In Swt GA Brn
3565-16 Poison Talk Dirty To Me DAM
364-07 Poison Talk Dirty To Me Monster Hits Recommended
3565-03 Poison Unskinny Bop DAM Recommended
304-B-10 Poison Your Mama Don't Dance CITY Recommended
544-03 Police, The Can't Stand Losing You Legends Series
640-07 Police, The Can't Stand Losing You Zoom Recommended
544-07 Police, The De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da Legends Series
638-10 Police, The De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da Sound Choice
760-01 Police, The De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da Sound Choice Recommended
597-05 Police, The De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da Top Tunes
640-09 Police, The De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da Zoom
544-06 Police, The Don't Stand So Close To Me Legends Series
638-03 Police, The Don't Stand So Close To Me Sound Choice Recommended
597-06 Police, The Don't Stand So Close To Me Top Tunes
640-05 Police, The Don't Stand So Close To Me Zoom
944-09 Police, The Don't Stand So Close To Me Zoom
218-04 Police, The Every Breath You Take Legends Bassline
544-02 Police, The Every Breath You Take Legends Series
524-B-10 Police, The Every Breath You Take Pioneer Recommended
638-13 Police, The Every Breath You Take Sound Choice
597-07 Police, The Every Breath You Take Top Tunes
640-04 Police, The Every Breath You Take Zoom
1235-19 Police, The Every Breath You Take (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
544-09 Police, The Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Legends Series
638-01 Police, The Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Sound Choice Recommended
597-08 Police, The Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Top Tunes
640-06 Police, The Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Zoom
544-15 Police, The Fall Out Legends Series Recommended
597-11 Police, The If I Ever Lose My Faith In You Top Tunes Recommended
544-08 Police, The Invisible Sun Legends Series Recommended
544-13 Police, The King of Pain Legends Series
638-06 Police, The King of Pain Sound Choice Recommended
544-04 Police, The Message In A Bottle Legends Series
352-10 Police, The Message In A Bottle Sound Choice Recommended
597-13 Police, The Message In A Bottle Top Tunes
640-03 Police, The Message In A Bottle Zoom
544-01 Police, The Roxanne Legends Series
638-05 Police, The Roxanne Sound Choice Recommended
759-04 Police, The Roxanne Sound Choice
597-14 Police, The Roxanne Top Tunes
640-01 Police, The Roxanne Zoom
544-14 Police, The So Lonely Legends Series
758-03 Police, The So Lonely Sound Choice Recommended
640-08 Police, The So Lonely Zoom
544-10 Police, The Spirits In The Material World Legends Series Recommended
597-16 Police, The Spirits In The Material World Top Tunes
262-B-13 Police, The Synchronicity EMI Recommended
544-12 Police, The Synchronicity Legends Series
219-06 Police, The Synchronicity Sound Choice
260-B-11 Police, The Synchronicity II EMI Recommended
597-17 Police, The Twenty Five To Midnight Top Tunes Recommended
544-05 Police, The Walking On The Moon Legends Series
640-02 Police, The Walking On The Moon Zoom Recommended
597-18 Police, The When We Dance Top Tunes Recommended
544-11 Police, The Wrapped Around Your Finger Legends Series
135-08 Police, The Wrapped Around Your Finger Sound Choice
638-15 Police, The Wrapped Around Your Finger Sound Choice Recommended
3942-62 Pop Etc Please Don't Forget Me DAM Recommended
5452-52 Pop Tops Mamy Blue DAM Recommended
873-18 Popcaan Only Man She Want Pop Hits Recommended
3694-20 Popular Standard When The Saints Go Marching In (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
735-04 Porno For Pyros Pets Sunfly Recommended
878-11 Porter Robinson Language Sunfly Recommended
3954-24 Porter Robinson & Madeon Shelter DAM Recommended
3934-39 Porter Robinson ft. Urban Cone Lionhearted DAM Recommended
370-B-02 Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton Last Thing On My Mind Nikkodo Recommended
3830-58 Portugal. The Man Live In The Moment DAM Recommended
3993-87 Post Malone Better Now DAM Recommended
3856-77 Post Malone Circles DAM Recommended
3850-10 Post Malone Goodbyes (ft. Young Thug) DAM Recommended
3988-90 Post Malone Psycho ft. Ty Dolla $ign DAM Recommended
3985-95 Post Malone Rockstar (ft. 21 Savage) DAM Recommended
3834-64 Post Malone Stay DAM Recommended
3856-78 Post Malone Take What You Want (ft. Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott) DAM Recommended
3834-27 Post Malone & Swae Lee Sunflower DAM Recommended
5161-03 Power Station, The Get It On (Bang A Gong) DAM Recommended
331-A-05 Power Station, The Some Like It Hot EMI
768-11 Power Station, The Some Like It Hot Monster Hits Recommended
1126-79 Powerful T. Original Sin DAM Recommended
3940-23 Powerwolf Blessed & Possessed DAM Recommended
108-12 Pras Blue Angels Music Maestro Recommended
108-14 Pras Michael Ghetto Superstar Music Maestro Recommended
3927-65 Praying Mantis Best Years DAM Recommended
3718-07 Prefab Sprout Cruel DAM Recommended
231-12 Prefab Sprout King of Rock N' Roll, The Killer Tracks Recommended
731-05 Prefab Sprout When Love Breaks Down Sunfly Recommended
371-05 Presidents U.S.A., The Kitty Sound Choice Recommended
047-A-04 Presidents U.S.A., The Lump Pioneer Recommended
046-B-01 Presidents U.S.A., The Peaches Pioneer Recommended
751-11 Presidents U.S.A., The Video Killed The Radio Star Sunfly Recommended
889-10 Pressor Green & Sierra Kusterbeck Avalon Mr. Entertainer Recommended
026-B-02 Pretenders, The Back On The Chain Gang Pioneer Recommended
4222-02 Pretenders, The Brass In Pocket DAM Recommended
331-B-12 Pretenders, The Don't Get Me Wrong EMI Recommended
4222-05 Pretenders, The Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas DAM Recommended
784-10 Pretenders, The Hymn To Her Sunfly Recommended
059-B-06 Pretenders, The I'll Stand By You MD Recommended
4222-04 Pretenders, The Kid DAM Recommended
410-B-09 Pretenders, The Loving You Is All I Know SDK Recommended
4222-06 Pretenders, The Middle Of The Road DAM Recommended
229-A-02 Pretenders, The Night In My Veins NUT Recommended
758-07 Pretenders, The Stop Your Sobering Sound Choice Recommended
794-13 Pretenders, The Talk The Town Sunfly Recommended
267-B-06 Pretenders, The Thin Line Between Love And Hate Pioneer Recommended
5630-14 Pretty Boy Floyd Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz DAM Recommended
1079-38 Pretty Maids Back To Back DAM Recommended
1079-39 Pretty Maids Please Don't Leave Me DAM Recommended
32-05 Pretty Poison Catch Me (I'm Falling) DK Karaoke
544-A-12 Pretty Poison Catch Me (I'm Falling) DKV Recommended
3938-33 Pretty Reckless, The Going To Hell DAM Recommended
3920-34 Pretty Reckless, The Heaven Knows DAM Recommended
3941-08 Pretty Reckless, The Just Tonight DAM Recommended
3774-60 Pretty Reckless, The Make Me Wanna Die DAM Recommended
3938-34 Pretty Reckless, The Miss Nothing DAM Recommended
3941-09 Pretty Reckless, The My Medicine DAM Recommended
3952-17 Pretty Reckless, The Take Me Down DAM Recommended
3941-10 Pretty Reckless, The You DAM Recommended
3038-81 Pretty Ricky On The Hotline DAM Recommended
799-10 Pretty Ricky Your Body Sound Choice Recommended
3387-61 Primal Fear Demons & Angles DAM Recommended
3932-25 Primal Fear Evil Spell DAM Recommended
1183-37 Primal Fear Metal Is Forever DAM Recommended
3397-63 Primal Fear Nuclear Fire DAM Recommended
3925-79 Primal Fear Sign Of Fear DAM Recommended
6556-06 Primal Scream Can't Go Back DAM Recommended
6556-03 Primal Scream Country Girl DAM Recommended
798-06 Primal Scream Movin' On Up Sunfly Recommended
6556-02 Primal Scream Rocks DAM Recommended
6556-05 Primal Scream Star DAM Recommended
6556-01 Primal Scream Swastika Eyes DAM Recommended
6556-10 Primal Scream Where The Light Get In DAM Recommended
3925-54 Primus South Park Theme DAM Recommended
342-B-05 Prince 1999 Pioneer Recommended
228-03 Prince 1999 Sunfly
037-A-05 Prince 7 Pioneer Recommended
236-11 Prince 7 Sound Choice
228-07 Prince Alphabet Street Sunfly Recommended
236-02 Prince Baby I'm A Star Sound Choice Recommended
3404-22 Prince Baltimore DAM Recommended
3404-22 Prince Baltimore DAM Recommended
403-B-04 Prince Batdance Nikkodo Recommended
236-07 Prince Beautiful Onesv Sound Choice Recommended
904-06 Prince Betcha By Golly Wow Sound Choice Recommended
3404-18 Prince Breakdown, The DAM Recommended
901-06 Prince Controversy Sound Choice Recommended
228-13 Prince Controversy Sunfly
530-12 Prince Cream Sound Choice Recommended
508-15 Prince Darling Nikki Sound Choice Recommended
267-A-02 Prince Delirious Pioneer Recommended
236-15 Prince Diamonds & Pearls Sound Choice
228-08 Prince Diamonds & Pearls Sunfly
132-03 Prince Do Me, Baby Sound Choice Recommended
4206-01 Prince Endorphinmachine DAM Recommended
236-14 Prince Erotic City Sound Choice Recommended
461-02 Prince Free Original Recommended
3404-20 Prince Funkroll DAM Recommended
228-10 Prince Get Off Sunfly Recommended
236-03 Prince Gett Off Sound Choice Recommended
228-15 Prince Gold Sunfly Recommended
896-06 Prince I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man Karaoke Version Recommended
410-08 Prince I Wanna Be Your Lover Sound Choice Recommended
3404-39 Prince I Would Die 4 U DAM Recommended
201-09 Prince I Would Die 4 U Sound Choice Recommended
342-B-03 Prince I Would Die For You Pioneer Recommended
51-01 Prince Kiss DK Karaoke
342-B-02 Prince Kiss Pioneer Recommended
228-05 Prince Kiss Sunfly
233-16 Prince Kiss Sunfly
675-09 Prince Let It Go Star Disc Recommended
228-04 Prince Let's Go Carzy Sunfly Recommended
110-10 Prince Let's Go Crazy DK Karaoke
60-02 Prince Let's Go Crazy DK Karaoke
342-B-01 Prince Let's Go Crazy Pioneer Recommended
110-08 Prince Little Red Corvette DK Karaoke
23-08 Prince Little Red Corvette DK Karaoke
342-B-04 Prince Little Red Corvette Pioneer Recommended
3404-34 Prince Moonbeam Levels DAM Recommended
037-A-06 Prince Morning Papers, The Pioneer Recommended
043-B-02 Prince Most Beautiful Girl In The World, The Pioneer Recommended
228-14 Prince Most Beautiful Girl In The World, The Sunfly
372-16 Prince Musicology Top Hits Recommended
228-12 Prince My Name Is Prince Sunfly Recommended
3404-19 Prince New Power Generation DAM Recommended
236-01 Prince P###y Control Sound Choice Recommended
236-13 Prince Pop Life Sound Choice Recommended
110-09 Prince Purple Rain DK Karaoke
52-03 Prince Purple Rain DK Karaoke
342-B-06 Prince Purple Rain Pioneer Recommended
228-02 Prince Purple Rain Sunfly
037-A-07 Prince Raspberry Beret Pioneer Recommended
595-10 Prince Raspberry Beret Sound Choice
236-04 Prince Sexy MF Sound Choice Recommended
228-11 Prince Sexy MF Sunfly
236-08 Prince Sign The Times Sound Choice Recommended
228-06 Prince Sign "O" The Times Sunfly Recommended
3404-13 Prince Song The Heart DAM Recommended
228-09 Prince Thieves In The Temple Sunfly Recommended
461-08 Prince When 2 R In Love Original Recommended
110-07 Prince When Doves Cry DK Karaoke
9-01 Prince When Doves Cry DK Karaoke
342-B-07 Prince When Doves Cry Pioneer Recommended
228-01 Prince When Doves Cry Sunfly
3404-17 Prince When You Were Mine DAM Recommended
236-09 Prince & Apollonia Take Me With You Sound Choice Recommended
236-06 Prince & Sheena Easton U Got The Look Sound Choice Recommended
3941-73 Prince Royce Extraordinary DAM Recommended
3941-72 Prince Royce ft. Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull Back It Up DAM Recommended
3761-20 Princess After The Love Has Gone DAM Recommended
526-B-05 Princess All For Love ELD Recommended
557-B-07 Princess Say I'm Your Number One Pioneer Recommended
1126-98 Princess F. Shadows In The Night DAM Recommended
1126-99 Princess F. Technotronic Flight DAM Recommended
420-B-01 Prind Por Life Amigos Para Siempre ELD Recommended
1126-97 Priscilla Hello Goodbye DAM Recommended
3560-68 Priscilla Ahn Dream DAM Recommended
3943-83 Priscilla Ahn Forever & Forever DAM Recommended
3827-25 Priscilla Ann I Don't Have Time To Be In Love DAM Recommended
3876-99 Priscilla Ann I'll Be Here DAM Recommended
3883-45 Priscilla Ann Sayonara Color (English Version) DAM Recommended
3837-56 Priyanka Chopra & Farhan Akhtar Dil Dhadakne Do DAM Recommended
040-A-11 Proclaimers, The I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) Pioneer Recommended
904-01 Procol Harum Conquistador Sound Choice Recommended
1239-01 Procol Harum Whiter Shade Pale DAM
448-13 Procol Harum Whiter Shade Pale Karaoke Hits Recommended
613-15 Prodigy, The Breathe CDG
737-01 Prodigy, The Breathe Sunfly Recommended
301-A-02 Prodigy, The Firestarter SUN Recommended
145-02 Prodigy, The Firestarter Sunfly
5323-07 Prodigy, The Invaders Must Die DAM Recommended
5323-05 Prodigy, The Mindfields DAM Recommended
5323-04 Prodigy, The Omen DAM Recommended
780-05 Prodigy, The Smack My Bitch Up CDG Recommended
5323-06 Prodigy, The Spitfire DAM Recommended
381-01 Producers, The Springtime For Hitler Music Maestro Recommended
254-08 Professor Green ft. Tori Kelly Lullaby Mr. Entertainer Recommended
5868-23 Propaganda P-Machinery DAM Recommended
3986-68 Prophets Of Rage Unfuck The World DAM Recommended
3552-45 Protest The Hero Blindfolds Aside DAM Recommended
743-04 Pseudo Echo Funkytown Chartbuster Recommended
890-06 Psy Gangnam Style Mr. Entertainer Recommended
879-04 Psy Gangnam Style Sunfly
205-01 Psychedelic Furs, The Ghost In You, The Sound Choice Recommended
138-10 Psychedelic Furs, The Love My Way Sound Choice Recommended
038-A-09 Psychedelic Furs, The Pretty In Pink Pioneer Recommended
898-13 Psychedelic Furs, The Pretty In Pink Sound Choice
3851-57 Psychotic Youth Here We Go (Oh Yeah) DAM Recommended
252-A-04 Public Domain Nearer My God To Thee PKGP Recommended
252-A-06 Public Domain Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child PKGP Recommended
6986-09 Public Enemy Don't Believe The Hype DAM Recommended
6986-03 Public Enemy Fight The Power DAM Recommended
6986-01 Public Enemy Give It Up DAM Recommended
889-16 Public Enemy Harder Than You Think Mr. Entertainer Recommended
879-18 Public Enemy Harder Than You Think Sunfly Recommended
6986-02 Public Enemy Yo! Bum Rush The Show Yo! Bum DAM Recommended
6986-08 Public Enemy with Anthrax Bring The Noise DAM Recommended
3108-10 Public Image Limited One Drop DAM Recommended
3108-09 Public Image Limited Public Images DAM Recommended
273-12 Puddle of Mudd Blurry Sound Choice Recommended
827-13 Puddle of Mudd Psycho Sound Choice Recommended
304-05 Puddle of Mudd She Hates Me Powerhits Recommended
842-13 Puddle of Mudd She Hates Me Top Tunes
3940-24 Pudra Watashini Tsuite DAM Recommended
597-12 Puff Daddy & Faith Evans I'll Be Missing You Top Tunes Recommended
666-08 Puff Daddy & The Family It's All About The Benjamins (Remix) Sound Choice Recommended
532-08 Puff Daddy & The Family It's All About The Benjamins (Remix) Sound Choice
5452-60 Puff Daddy & The Family ft. Notorious... Been Around The World DAM Recommended
257-B-01 Puff Daddy ft. Faith Evans I'll Be Missing You MD Recommended
1167-19 Puff Daddy ft. Jimmy Page Come With Me DAM Recommended
278-15 Pulp & The Lightening Seeds All Time High Gold Series Recommended
278-03 Pulp & The Lightening Seeds Change Gold Series Recommended
278-16 Pulp & The Lightening Seeds Common People Gold Series Recommended
278-09 Pulp & The Lightening Seeds Disco 2000 Gold Series Recommended
278-14 Pulp & The Lightening Seeds Do You Remember The First Time Gold Series Recommended
278-12 Pulp & The Lightening Seeds Help The Aged Gold Series Recommended
278-01 Pulp & The Lightening Seeds Life of Riley, The Gold Series Recommended
278-02 Pulp & The Lightening Seeds Lucky You Gold Series Recommended
278-13 Pulp & The Lightening Seeds Mile End Gold Series Recommended
278-10 Pulp & The Lightening Seeds Monday Morning Gold Series Recommended
278-05 Pulp & The Lightening Seeds Perfect Gold Series Recommended
278-04 Pulp & The Lightening Seeds Pure Gold Series Recommended
278-07 Pulp & The Lightening Seeds Ready Or Not Gold Series Recommended
278-06 Pulp & The Lightening Seeds Sugar Coated Iceberg Gold Series Recommended
278-11 Pulp & The Lightening Seeds This Is Hardcore Gold Series Recommended
278-08 Pulp & The Lightening Seeds Three Lions Gold Series Recommended
656-04 Pure Prairie League Amie Monster Hits
026-B-05 Pure Prairie League Amie Pioneer Recommended
429-04 Pure Prairie League Amie Swt GA Brn
424-07 Pursuit of Happiness, The I'm An Adult Now Gamesman Recommended
3927-97 Puss N Boots Don't Know What It Means DAM Recommended
3441-42 Pussycat Dolls, The Buttons DAM Recommended
1088-98 Pussycat Dolls, The Don't Cha DAM Recommended
899-04 Pussycat Dolls, The Don't Cha (No Raping) Zoom Recommended
3852-93 Pussycat Dolls, The Hush Hush DAM Recommended
3573-89 Pussycat Dolls, The I Don't Need A Man DAM Recommended
3569-69 Pussycat Dolls, The I Hate This Part DAM
965-11 Pussycat Dolls, The I Hate This Part Pocket Songs
974-08 Pussycat Dolls, The I Hate This Part Sunfly Recommended
899-02 Pussycat Dolls, The Stickwitu Zoom Recommended
899-03 Pussycat Dolls, The Sway Zoom Recommended
968-07 Pussycat Dolls, The Wait A Minute Chartbuster Recommended
732-14 Pussycat Dolls, The When I Grow Up Sunfly Recommended
975-07 Pussycat Dolls, The ft. Missy Elliot Whatcha Think About That Sunfly Recommended
3554-05 Pussycat Dolls, The ft. Timbaland Wait A Minute DAM Recommended
899-01 Pussycat Dolls, The ft. Will.I.Am Beep Zoom Recommended
786-09 Python Lee Jackson In A Broken Dream Sunfly Recommended
1255-43 Python Lee Jackson ft. Rod Stewart In A Broken Dream DAM Recommended
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