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3947-77 G Girls Call The Police DAM Recommended
307-01 G Unit Stunt 101 Pop Hits Recommended
3986-73 G-Eazy Plan, The DAM Recommended
3958-72 G-Eazy & Kehlani Good Life DAM Recommended
3979-78 G-Eazy & Kehlani Good Life (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3745-06 G-Wiz Teddy Bear (New Jack Smooth Mix) (No Rap) DAM Recommended
3942-57 G. Love & Special Sauce ft. David Hidalgo Love Saves The Day DAM Recommended
3920-85 G.B.H Sick Boy DAM Recommended
3920-84 G.B.H Time Bomb DAM Recommended
3038-56 G.I. Orange Psychic Magic DAM Recommended
254-17 G.R.L. Ugly Heart Mr. Entertainer Recommended
930-10 GLEE Alone Pocket Songs
888-1 GLEE Alone Sunfly Recommended
930-07 GLEE Alone (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
933-13 GLEE Another One Bites The Dust Pocket Songs Recommended
933-08 GLEE Another One Bites The Dust (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
931-14 GLEE Beth Pocket Songs Recommended
931-09 GLEE Beth (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
3927-54 GLEE Born This Way DAM Recommended
930-11 GLEE Bust Your Windows Pocket Songs Recommended
930-08 GLEE Bust Your Windows (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
930-12 GLEE Defying Gravity Pocket Songs Recommended
888-2 GLEE Don't Rain On My Parade CDG Recommended
865-03 GLEE Don't Stop Sunfly Recommended
888-3 GLEE Don't Stop Believin' Sunfly Recommended
930-06 GLEE Don't Stop Believing (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
933-14 GLEE Dream On Pocket Songs Recommended
933-09 GLEE Dream On (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
934-01 GLEE Empire State of Mind Sunfly Recommended
888-4 GLEE Express Yourself Sunfly Recommended
3928-17 GLEE Get It Right DAM Recommended
933-15 GLEE Gives U Hel Pocket Songs Recommended
933-10 GLEE Gives U Hell (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
888-5 GLEE Gives You Hell Easy Karaoke Recommended
888-6 GLEE Gold Digger Sunfly Recommended
888-7 GLEE Halo-Walking On Sunshine Easy Karaoke Recommended
930-13 GLEE Halo-Walking On Sunshine Pocket Songs
930-09 GLEE Halo-Walking On Sunshine (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
931-15 GLEE Hello Goodbye Pocket Songs Recommended
934-04 GLEE Hello Goodbye Sunfly
931-10 GLEE Hello Goodbye (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
931-12 GLEE I Dreamed A Dream Pocket Songs Recommended
931-07 GLEE I Dreamed A Dream (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
3940-64 GLEE I Say A Little Prayer DAM Recommended
888-8 GLEE It's My Life-Confessions Part 2 Sunfly Recommended
888-9 GLEE Jessie's Girl CDG Recommended
933-11 GLEE Jessie's Girl Pocket Songs
933-06 GLEE Jessie's Girl (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
888-10 GLEE Jump Sunfly Recommended
932-11 GLEE Keep Holding On Pocket Songs
888-11 GLEE Keep Holding On Sunfly Recommended
932-06 GLEE Keep Holding On (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
934-06 GLEE Lean On Me Sunfly Recommended
888-12 GLEE Like A Prayer Sunfly Recommended
888-13 GLEE Like A Virgin Sunfly
934-07 GLEE Like A Virgin Sunfly Recommended
851-17 GLEE Loser Like Me Sunfly Recommended
932-12 GLEE No Air Pocket Songs Recommended
932-07 GLEE No Air (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
933-12 GLEE Poker Face Pocket Songs Recommended
933-07 GLEE Poker Face (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
3928-20 GLEE Pretending DAM Recommended
3876-75 GLEE Rumor Has It/Someone Like You DAM Recommended
931-11 GLEE Safety Dance Pocket Songs Recommended
931-06 GLEE Safety Dance (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
932-13 GLEE SomeBody To Love Pocket Songs Recommended
888-14 GLEE Somebody To Love Easy Karaoke
934-12 GLEE Somebody To Love Sunfly
932-08 GLEE Somebody To Love (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
932-14 GLEE Take A Bow Pocket Songs Recommended
934-13 GLEE Take A Bow Sunfly
932-09 GLEE Take A Bow (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
3928-21 GLEE Take Me Or Leave Me DAM Recommended
934-14 GLEE Teenage Dream Sunfly Recommended
931-13 GLEE Total Eclipse of The Heart Pocket Songs Recommended
931-08 GLEE Total Eclipse of The Heart (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
888-15 GLEE True Colors Sunfly Recommended
3943-61 GLEE We Are Young DAM Recommended
932-15 GLEE You Keep Me Hanging On Pocket Songs Recommended
932-10 GLEE You Keep Me Hanging On (W/Vocals) Pocket Songs Recommended
3940-65 GLEE ft. Amber, Lea, Kevin, Chris & Matthew What The World Needs Now DAM Recommended
3940-52 GLEE ft. Charice As Long As You're There (Sunshine) DAM Recommended
3943-30 GLEE ft. Chris Colfer (Kurt) I Want To Hold Your Hand DAM Recommended
3940-53 GLEE ft. Melissa Benoist & Lea Michele New York State Of Mind DAM Recommended
3940-63 GLEE ft. Naya Rivera Alfie DAM Recommended
934-05 GLEE-Chris Colfer I Wanna Hold Your Hand Sunfly Recommended
934-02 GLEE-Gwyneth Paltrow Forget You Sunfly Recommended
934-15 GLEE-Heather Morris & Others Toxic Sunfly Recommended
934-16 GLEE-Jane Lynch Vogue Sunfly Recommended
934-03 GLEE-Lea Michele Gives You Hell Sunfly Recommended
934-08 GLEE-Lea Michele & Cory Monteith No Air Sunfly Recommended
934-10 GLEE-Lea Michele & Idina Menzel Poker Face Sunfly Recommended
934-09 GLEE-Mark Salling & Kevin Mchale One Love / People Get Ready Sunfly Recommended
934-11 GLEE-Matthew Morrison & G. Paltrow Singing In The Rain/Umbrella Sunfly Recommended
122-06 GQ Disco Nights All Hits Recommended
858-16 GT Mayne ft. Dallas Blocker & Z-Ro Hold Me Pop Hits Recommended
2706-55 GTS ft. Arvin Home Aya Life DAM Recommended
2706-51 GTS ft. Double Killing Me Stly With His Song DAM Recommended
2706-54 GTS ft. Melodie Sexton Greatest Love All, The DAM Recommended
3123-88 Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) When There Was Me And You DAM Recommended
6733-02 Gabrielle Don't Need The Sun To Shine (To Make Me Smile) DAM Recommended
6733-04 Gabrielle I Wish DAM Recommended
6733-01 Gabrielle Out of Reach (Blacksmith Rerub Radio Edit) DAM Recommended
207-05 Gabrielle Should I Stay Sunfly Recommended
186-10 Gabrielle When A Woman Legends Series Recommended
3987-80 Gabrielle Aplin Salvation DAM Recommended
3941-65 Gabrielle Aplin Sweet Nothing DAM Recommended
3913-90 Gabrielle Aplin Through The Ages DAM Recommended
3856-71 Galantis Faith (ft. Dolly Parton & Mr. Probz) DAM Recommended
3830-48 Galantis Hunter DAM Recommended
3945-83 Galantis In My Head DAM Recommended
3957-10 Galantis Rich Boy DAM Recommended
3943-97 Galantis Runaway (U & I) DAM Recommended
3830-35 Galantis Satisfied (ft. MAX) DAM Recommended
3947-33 Galantis You DAM Recommended
3985-31 Galantis & Rozes Girls On Boys DAM Recommended
36-09 Gale Garnett We'll Sing In The Sunshine DK Karaoke Recommended
44-18 Gale Storm I Hear You Knocking DK Karaoke Recommended
847-12 Gallagher & Lyle Heart On My Sleeve Sunfly Recommended
2833-22 Gallery Nice To Be With You DAM Recommended
971-09 Game, The Big Money Pop Hits Recommended
1819-66 Game, The How We Do ft. 50 Cent DAM Recommended
3564-52 Game, The ft. Keyshia Cole Game's Pain DAM Recommended
3843-50 Game, The ft. Lil Wayne Red Nation DAM Recommended
4225-46 Gamma Ray All You Need To Know DAM Recommended
3572-43 Gamma Ray Guardians of Mankind, The DAM Recommended
3387-47 Gamma Ray Heaven Can Wait DAM Recommended
3713-60 Gamma Ray Induction-Dethrone Tyranny DAM Recommended
3123-98 Gamma Ray Land of The Free DAM Recommended
1090-38 Gamma Ray Lust For Life DAM Recommended
1090-25 Gamma Ray Man On A Mission DAM Recommended
4225-45 Gamma Ray Silence, The DAM Recommended
1079-97 Gamma Ray Somewhere Out In Space DAM Recommended
1079-98 Gamma Ray Tribute To The Past DAM Recommended
5868-44 Gap Band, The Burn Rubber (Why You Wanna Hurt Me) DAM Recommended
760-07 Gap Band, The Early In The Morning Sound Choice Recommended
122-01 Gap Band, The Party Train All Hits Recommended
6641-01 Garbage Androgyny DAM Recommended
873-03 Garbage Blood For Poppies Pop Hits Recommended
3876-43 Garbage Only Happy When It Rains DAM Recommended
826-12 Garbage Queer Sunfly Recommended
048-B-05 Garbage Stupid Girl Pioneer Recommended
689-05 Garbage Temptation Waits Sunfly Recommended
3752-11 Garbage World Is Not Enough, The DAM Recommended
1126-37 Garcon Pistol Man DAM Recommended
664-05 Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters Cry Baby Sound Choice Recommended
82-01 Garth Brooks Against The Grain DK Karaoke Recommended
438-07 Garth Brooks Against The Grain Swt GA Brn
449-14 Garth Brooks Ain't Goin' Down 'Til The Sun Comes Up Karaoke Hits
438-13 Garth Brooks Ain't Goin' Down 'Til The Sun Comes Up Swt GA Brn Recommended
214-A-09 Garth Brooks American Honky Tonk Bar Association NUT Recommended
355-B-05 Garth Brooks Beaches of Cheyenne, The SDK Recommended
277-04 Garth Brooks Beer Run Swt GA Brn Recommended
232-A-03 Garth Brooks Callin' Baton Rouge NUT Recommended
74-01 Garth Brooks Dance DK Karaoke Recommended
454-10 Garth Brooks Dance, The Karaoke Hits
355-B-02 Garth Brooks Dance, The SDK Recommended
438-01 Garth Brooks Dance, The Swt GA Brn
66-01 Garth Brooks Friends In Low Places DK Karaoke
454-02 Garth Brooks Friends In Low Places Karaoke Hits
336-A-05 Garth Brooks Friends In Low Places Pioneer Recommended
438-02 Garth Brooks Friends In Low Places Swt GA Brn
355-B-07 Garth Brooks Hard Luck Women SDK Recommended
438-09 Garth Brooks In Anothers Eyes Swt GA Brn Recommended
438-03 Garth Brooks It Don't Matter To The Sun Swt GA Brn Recommended
438-12 Garth Brooks Learning To Live Again Swt GA Brn Recommended
407-B-12 Garth Brooks Lost In You MD Recommended
438-10 Garth Brooks Neon Moon Swt GA Brn Recommended
337-A-10 Garth Brooks One Night A Day Pioneer Recommended
438-11 Garth Brooks Papa Loves Mama Swt GA Brn Recommended
952-07 Garth Brooks Red Strokes, The Sunfly Recommended
355-B-12 Garth Brooks River, The SDK Recommended
355-B-03 Garth Brooks Shameless SDK Recommended
438-05 Garth Brooks Somewhere Other Than The Night Swt GA Brn Recommended
355-B-04 Garth Brooks Standing Outside The Fire SDK Recommended
206-A-09 Garth Brooks That Summer NUT Recommended
355-B-13 Garth Brooks Thunder Rolls, The SDK Recommended
438-08 Garth Brooks Thunder Rolls, The Swt GA Brn
355-B-08 Garth Brooks To Make You Feel My Love SDK Recommended
355-B-09 Garth Brooks Two Pina Coladas SDK Recommended
84-02 Garth Brooks Two of A Kind DK Karaoke Recommended
438-04 Garth Brooks Two of A Kind Swt GA Brn
355-B-11 Garth Brooks We Shall Be Free SDK Recommended
438-06 Garth Brooks We Shall Be Free Swt GA Brn
355-B-10 Garth Brooks What She's Doing Now SDK Recommended
128-04 Garth Brooks When You Come Back To Me Again Star Disc Recommended
355-B-06 Garth Brooks You Move Me SDK Recommended
069-A-04 Gary Barlow Forever Love GE Recommended
201-A-08 Gary Barlow Love Won't Wait GE Recommended
063-A-06 Gary Barlow So Help Me Girl MD Recommended
887-02 Gary Barlow & The Commonwealth Band Sing Sunfly Recommended
526-B-01 Gary Benson Actor, The ELD Recommended
556-A-08 Gary Glitter Always Yours Pioneer Recommended
555-B-04 Gary Glitter Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah!) Pioneer Recommended
555-B-06 Gary Glitter I Love You Love Me Love Pioneer Recommended
554-01 Gary Glitter Leader ofThe Gang Easy Karaoke Recommended
595-07 Gary Glitter Rock & Roll Part 2 Sound Choice Recommended
1118-02 Gary Lewis & Playboys, The Everybody Loves A Clown DAM Recommended
650-14 Gary Lewis & Playboys, The Save Your Heart For Me Sound Choice Recommended
846-03 Gary Lewis & Playboys, The She's Just My Style Sound Choice Recommended
1-10 Gary Lewis & Playboys, The This Diamond Ring DK Karaoke Recommended
6991-07 Gary Moore After The War DAM Recommended
6991-02 Gary Moore Always Gonna Love You DAM Recommended
6991-10 Gary Moore Crying In The Shadows DAM Recommended
6991-11 Gary Moore Empty Room DAM Recommended
6991-08 Gary Moore Falling In Love With You DAM Recommended
277-10 Gary Moore King of The Blues Swt GA Brn Recommended
6991-06 Gary Moore Loner, The (Live) DAM Recommended
6991-03 Gary Moore Out In The Fields DAM Recommended
6991-01 Gary Moore Over The Hills & Far Away DAM Recommended
6991-09 Gary Moore Parisienne Walkways DAM Recommended
693-10 Gary Moore Parisienne Walkways Sunfly Recommended
120-02 Gary Moore Sky Is Crying, The Swt GA Brn Recommended
6991-05 Gary Moore Still Got The Blues DAM Recommended
372-B-03 Gary Morris Don't Look Back Nikkodo Recommended
356-A-10 Gary Morris Wind Beneath My Wings, The Nikkodo Recommended
138-04 Gary Numan Cars Sound Choice Recommended
750-14 Gary Numan We Are Glass Sunfly Recommended
22-07 Gary Puckett & The Union Gap Woman, Woman DK Karaoke Recommended
43-08 Gary Puckett & The Union Gap Young Girl DK Karaoke
016-B-05 Gary Puckett & The Union Gap Young Girl Pioneer Recommended
027-A-08 Gary U.S. Bonds New Orleans Pioneer Recommended
80-09 Gary U.S. Bonds Quarter To Three, A DK Karaoke
015-A-01 Gary U.S. Bonds Quarter To Three, A Pioneer Recommended
027-A-09 Gary U.S. Bonds School Is Out Pioneer Recommended
026-B-03 Gary Wright Dream Weaver Pioneer Recommended
457-09 Gary Wright Dream Weaver Swt GA Brn
533-11 Gary Wright Love Is Alive Sound Choice Recommended
4350-97 Gavin Degraw Follow Through DAM Recommended
720-08 Gavin Degraw I Don't Want To Be Sound Choice Recommended
3551-60 Gavin Degraw In Love With A Girl DAM Recommended
863-03 Gavin Degraw Not Over You Fast Trax Recommended
2833-64 Gayle McCormick It's A Cryin' Shame DAM Recommended
522-B-01 Gazebo I Like Chopin LAV Recommended
3569-98 Gef & Maria Muldaur Brazil DAM Recommended
5361-21 Gene Autry Back In The Saddle Again (from "Sleepless In Seattle") DAM Recommended
18-15 Gene Autry Frosty The Snowman DK Karaoke Recommended
3718-22 Gene Autry Here Comes Santa Claus DAM Recommended
37-09 Gene Chandler Duke Earl DK Karaoke
014-B-10 Gene Chandler Duke Earl Pioneer
3395-05 Gene Kelly Love Is Here To Stay DAM Recommended
66-15 Gene Kelly Singing In The Rain DK Karaoke
263-B-07 Gene Kelly Singing In The Rain Pioneer Recommended
3395-04 Gene Kelly & Georges Guetary S Wonderful DAM Recommended
3395-06 Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O'Connor Good Morning DAM Recommended
432-15 Gene Krupa & His Orchestra This Time The Dreams's On Me Swt GA Brn Recommended
022-A-05 Gene McDaniels Hundred Pounds Clay, A Pioneer Recommended
365-B-12 Gene Pitney Every Breath I Take Nikkodo Recommended
363-A-05 Gene Pitney I'm Gonna Be Strong Nikkodo Recommended
317-B-09 Gene Pitney Liberty Valance EMI Recommended
3744-47 Gene Pitney Louisiana Mama DAM Recommended
308-B-09 Gene Pitney Louisiana Mama EMI Recommended
4380-94 Gene Pitney Only Love Can Break A Heart DAM Recommended
560-B-09 Gene Pitney Something's Gotten Hold My Heart Pioneer Recommended
33-13 Gene Vincent Be Bop A Lula DK Karaoke
015-A-02 Gene Vincent Be Bop A Lula Pioneer Recommended
541-B-01 Gene Vincent Be-Bop-A-Lula DKV Recommended
3950-59 Gene Vincent Lotta Lovin' DAM Recommended
225-A-09 General Public I'll Take You There NUT Recommended
3406-23 Generation X Dancing With Myself DAM Recommended
3406-15 Generation X Ready Steady Go DAM Recommended
651-01 Genesis Follow You Follow Me Sound Choice Recommended
057-B-10 Genesis Hold On My Heart MD Recommended
210-12 Genesis I Can't Dance All Hits Recommended
601-12 Genesis I Can't Dance Just Tracks
601-13 Genesis Invisible Touch Just Tracks
020-A-08 Genesis Invisible Touch Pioneer Recommended
601-17 Genesis Jesus, He Knows Me Just Tracks
615-11 Genesis Jesus, He Knows Me Sunfly Recommended
781-02 Genesis Keep It Dark Sunfly Recommended
601-14 Genesis Land of Confusion Just Tracks
020-A-09 Genesis Land of Confusion Pioneer Recommended
595-09 Genesis Land of Confusion Sound Choice
902-13 Genesis Man On The Corner Sound Choice Recommended
902-15 Genesis Misunderstanding Sound Choice Recommended
902-14 Genesis No Reply At All Sound Choice Recommended
784-11 Genesis No Son Mine Sunfly Recommended
020-A-10 Genesis That's All Pioneer Recommended
601-15 Genesis Throwing It All Away Just Tracks Recommended
601-16 Genesis Tonight, Tonight, Tonight Just Tracks Recommended
707-08 Genesis Turn It On Again Sunfly
849-03 Genesis Turn It On Again Sunfly Recommended
4998-01 Genghis Khan Genghis Khan DAM Recommended
4998-03 Genghis Khan Hadschi Halef Omar DAM Recommended
3837-23 Genghis Khan Loreley DAM Recommended
4998-02 Genghis Khan Moskau DAM Recommended
3837-24 Genghis Khan Rocking Son Of Dschinghis Khan DAM Recommended
2706-49 Genki Rockets Breeze (Star Breeze Mix) DAM Recommended
3106-99 Genki Rockets Heavenly Star DAM Recommended
2706-50 Genki Rockets Heavenly Star (House Nation Remix) DAM Recommended
2706-48 Genki Rockets Star Line (House Nation Sunset In Ibiza Remix) DAM Recommended
2706-42 Genki Rockets Star Surfer (Daishi Dance Remix) DAM Recommended
3838-34 Gente de Zona La Gozadera ft. Marc Anthony DAM Recommended
30-10 Gentrys, The Keep On Dancing DK Karaoke Recommended
544-A-02 Gentrys, The Keep On Dancing DKV
3397-92 George Talk To Me DAM Recommended
786-15 George Baker Selection, The Little Green Bag Sunfly Recommended
546-05 George Benson Give Me The Night Legends Series Recommended
675-01 George Benson Greatest Love All, The KC
546-03 George Benson Greatest Love All, The Legends Series
546-08 George Benson In Your Eyes Legends Series Recommended
004-A-02 George Benson Love Ballad Pioneer Recommended
546-07 George Benson Love X Love Legends Series Recommended
546-04 George Benson Never Give Up On A Good Thing Legends Series
604-07 George Benson Never Give Up On A Good Thing Legends Series Recommended
546-10 George Benson Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You Legends Series Recommended
546-01 George Benson On Broadway Legends Series
007-B-07 George Benson On Broadway Pioneer Recommended
9-11 George Benson This Masquerade DK Karaoke
546-02 George Benson This Masquerade Legends Series
340-A-01 George Benson This Masquerade Pioneer Recommended
429-03 George Benson This Masquerade Swt GA Brn
546-06 George Benson Turn Your Love Around Legends Series
023-A-14 George Benson Turn Your Love Around Pioneer Recommended
546-09 George Benson & Roberta Flack You Are The Love My Life Legends Series Recommended
3656-49 George Clinton Atomic Dog DAM Recommended
235-A-11 George Ducas Teardrops NUT Recommended
3590-40 George Duke Reach Out DAM Recommended
3432-75 George Duke Shine On DAM Recommended
252-03 George Ezra Budapest Mr. Entertainer Recommended
433-11 George Gershwin Summertime Swt GA Brn Recommended
556-01 George Harriosn Blow Away Original Recommended
350-07 George Harrison All Those Years Ago Sound Choice Recommended
240-15 George Harrison Cheer Down SBI Recommended
6717-10 George Harrison Dark Horse DAM Recommended
6717-09 George Harrison Ding Dong, Ding Dong DAM Recommended
231-04 George Harrison Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) Killer Tracks Recommended
355-07 George Harrison Got My Mind Set On You Ameri*Sing Recommended
826-05 George Harrison Isn’t It A Pity Sunfly Recommended
315-B-01 George Harrison My Sweet Lord EMI
273-16 George Harrison My Sweet Lord Sound Choice Recommended
224-11 George Harrison My Sweet Lord Sunfly
240-16 George Harrison My Sweet Lord Zoom
6717-13 George Harrison My Sweet Lord (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
6717-02 George Harrison Stuck Inside A Cloud DAM Recommended
6717-07 George Harrison Wah-Wah DAM Recommended
6717-03 George Harrison What Is Life DAM Recommended
781-03 George Harrison When We Was Fab Sunfly Recommended
369-B-06 George Jones Grand Tour, The Nikkodo Recommended
73-15 George Jones He Stopped Loving Her Today DK Karaoke
359-A-02 George Jones He Stopped Loving Her Today Nikkodo Recommended
226-A-11 George Jones High Tech Redneck NUT Recommended
370-A-10 George Jones Picture of Me (Without You), A Nikkodo Recommended
358-B-07 George Jones Race Is On, The Nikkodo Recommended
66-17 George Jones She Thinks I Still Care DK Karaoke Recommended
248-A-04 George Jones & Alan Jackson Good Year For The Roses, A NUT Recommended
369-A-02 George Jones & Johnnie Paycheck You Can Have Her (Him) Nikkodo Recommended
248-A-13 George Jones & Sammy Kershaw Never Bit A Bullet Like This Before NUT Recommended
310-B-13 George Maharis Route 66 EMI Recommended
34-05 George McCrae Rock Your Baby DK Karaoke Recommended
847-07 George McCrae Rock Your Baby Sunfly
1120-16 George Michael Amazing DAM Recommended
697-05 George Michael An Easier Affair Sunfly Recommended
527-A-09 George Michael Bad Boys MEYKL Recommended
3-01 George Michael Careless Whisper DK Karaoke Recommended
830-17 George Michael December Song Sunfly Recommended
527-A-11 George Michael Different Corner, A MEYKL Recommended
787-04 George Michael Different Corner, A Sunfly
49-05 George Michael Faith DK Karaoke
036-B-02 George Michael Faith Pioneer Recommended
071-B-09 George Michael Fast Love GE
145-07 George Michael Fast Love Sunfly Recommended
54-03 George Michael Father Figure DK Karaoke
035-A-02 George Michael Father Figure Pioneer Recommended
66-03 George Michael Freedom DK Karaoke Recommended
428-A-05 George Michael Freedom '90 Pioneer Recommended
48-04 George Michael I Want Your Sex DK Karaoke
768-12 George Michael I Want Your Sex Monster Hits Recommended
1120-28 George Michael I Want Your Sex (Part 1 & 2) DAM Recommended
527-A-12 George Michael I'm Your Man MEYKL Recommended
059-A-11 George Michael Jesus To Child MD Recommended
51-03 George Michael Kissing A Fool DK Karaoke
043-B-09 George Michael Kissing A Fool Pioneer Recommended
1120-24 George Michael Let Her Down Easy DAM Recommended
55-02 George Michael Monkey DK Karaoke
036-B-03 George Michael Monkey Pioneer Recommended
49-06 George Michael Mother's Pride DK Karaoke Recommended
55-01 George Michael One More Try DK Karaoke
036-B-04 George Michael One More Try Pioneer Recommended
668-14 George Michael Outside Sunfly Recommended
48-03 George Michael Praying For Time DK Karaoke Recommended
035-A-03 George Michael Too Funky Pioneer Recommended
258-A-09 George Michael You Have Been Loved MD Recommended
049-A-04 George Michael & Elton John Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me MD
423-08 George Michael & Elton John Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me Music Maestro
95-05 George Michael & Lisa Stanfield These Are The Days Our Lives DK Karaoke Recommended
279-06 George Michael & Mary J. Blige As Sunfly Recommended
617-13 George Michael ft. Mutya This Is Not Real Love Sunfly Recommended
2833-65 George Moustaki Ma Solitude DAM Recommended
5361-14 George Strait Ace In The Hole DAM Recommended
356-A-01 George Strait All My Ex's Live In Texas Nikkodo Recommended
395-01 George Strait All My Ex's Live In Texas Party Pak
449-01 George Strait Am I Blue Karaoke Hits Recommended
357-A-10 George Strait Am I Blue (Yes I'm Blue) Nikkodo Recommended
5361-47 George Strait Amarillo By Morning DAM Recommended
448-02 George Strait Carrying Your Love With Me Karaoke Hits Recommended
448-16 George Strait Check Yes Or No Karaoke Hits
339-A-02 George Strait Check Yes Or No Pioneer Recommended
359-B-13 George Strait Chill of An Early Fall, The Nikkodo Recommended
359-A-05 George Strait Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind Nikkodo Recommended
336-A-01 George Strait I Cross My Heart Pioneer Recommended
338-A-03 George Strait I Know She Still Loves Me Pioneer Recommended
424-A-12 George Strait I've Come To Expect It From You JLD Recommended
57-12 George Strait Love Without End, Amen DK Karaoke Recommended
357-A-14 George Strait Ocean Front Property Nikkodo Recommended
402-B-04 George Strait When Did You Stop Loving Me Nikkodo Recommended
458-02 George Thorogood & The Destroyers Bad To The Bone Swt GA Brn Recommended
352-13 George Thorogood & The Destroyers Get A Haircut Sound Choice Recommended
762-14 George Thorogood & The Destroyers Move It On Over Sound Choice
894-09 George Thorogood & The Destroyers Move It On Over Sound Choice Recommended
3876-85 Georges moustaki Le Meteque DAM Recommended
36-18 Georgia Gibbs Kiss of Fire DK Karaoke Recommended
324-B-03 Georgia Gibbs Kiss of Fire EMI
3568-01 Georgia Satellites, The Hippy Hippy Shake DAM Recommended
69-03 Georgia Satellites, The Keep Your Hands To Yourself DK Karaoke
006-B-13 Georgia Satellites, The Keep Your Hands To Yourself Pioneer Recommended
673-10 Gerard McMann Cry Little Sister (From "The Lost Boys") Sound Choice Recommended
751-15 Gerard McMann Cry Little Sister (From "The Lost Boys") Sunfly
3925-67 Gerard Way Action Cat DAM Recommended
3927-92 Gerard Way No Shows DAM Recommended
3577-50 Geri Halliwell It's Raining Men DAM Recommended
183-06 Geri Halliwell Lift Me Up Legends Series Recommended
379-02 Geri Halliwell Look At Me Sunfly Recommended
183-14 Geri Halliwell Mi Chico Latino Legends Series Recommended
835-08 Geri Halliwell Ride It Sunfly Recommended
80-07 Gerry & Pacemakers, The Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying DK Karaoke Recommended
23-09 Gerry & Pacemakers, The Ferry 'Cross The Mersey DK Karaoke Recommended
553-B-06 Gerry & Pacemakers, The Ferry' Cross The Mersey Pioneer Recommended
559-B-07 Gerry & Pacemakers, The How Do You Do It? Pioneer Recommended
553-A-12 Gerry & Pacemakers, The I Like It Pioneer Recommended
554-A-06 Gerry & Pacemakers, The You'll Never Walk Alone Pioneer Recommended
548-07 Gerry Rafferty Baker Street Legends Series
599-13 Gerry Rafferty Baker Street Zoom Recommended
651-06 Gerry Rafferty Get It Right Next Time Sound Choice Recommended
508-02 Get Up Kids, The Holiday CDG Recommended
3843-32 Get Up Kids, The Red Letter Day DAM Recommended
3925-68 Ghost Town You're So Creepy DAM Recommended
3552-79 Gianni Morandi Go-Kart Twist DAM Recommended
4380-95 Gianni Morandi In Ginocchio Da Te DAM Recommended
215-A-02 Gibson Miller Band, The Stone Cold Country NUT Recommended
337-B-12 Gibson Miller Band, The Texas Tattoo Pioneer Recommended
3060-09 Gigliola Cinquetti Alle Porte Del Sole DAM Recommended
3060-10 Gigliola Cinquetti Anema E Core DAM Recommended
3060-05 Gigliola Cinquetti Dio, Come Ti Amo DAM Recommended
3060-11 Gigliola Cinquetti Ho Bisogno Di Vederti DAM Recommended
3060-02 Gigliola Cinquetti La Pioggia 雨 DAM Recommended
3060-13 Gigliola Cinquetti Napoli, Fortuna Mia DAM Recommended
323-B-14 Gigliola Cinquetti Non Ho L'eta EMI Recommended
3060-04 Gigliola Cinquetti Volcano Le Rondini DAM Recommended
789-12 Gigolo Aunts Where I Find My Heaven Sunfly Recommended
321-B-02 Gilbert O' Sullivan Alone Again (Naturally) EMI
247-03 Gilbert O' Sullivan Alone Again (Naturally) Zoom
3544-04 Gilbert O' Sullivan Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting) DAM Recommended
3544-03 Gilbert O' Sullivan Clair DAM Recommended
626-09 Gilbert O' Sullivan Get Down Zoom Recommended
247-02 Gilbert O' Sullivan Matrimony Zoom Recommended
3544-06 Gilbert O' Sullivan Nothing Rhymed DAM Recommended
142-03 Gilbert O' Sullivan Ooh Baby Sound Choice Recommended
3544-02 Gilbert O' Sullivan Tomorrow Today DAM Recommended
247-01 Gilbert O' Sullivan Why Oh Why Oh Why SBI Recommended
3544-09 Gilbert O'Sullivan All They Wanted To Say DAM Recommended
3544-05 Gilbert O'Sullivan Make My Day DAM Recommended
600734 Gilbert O'Sullivan Tomorrow Today (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
268-A-08 Gilligan's Island Ballad of Gilligan's lsland Pioneer Recommended
268-A-01 Gin Blossoms, The Follow You Down Pioneer Recommended
044-A-10 Gin Blossoms, The Found Out About You Pioneer Recommended
157-01 Gin Blossoms, The Found Out About You Sound Choice
039-A-02 Gin Blossoms, The Hey Jealousy Pioneer Recommended
047-A-03 Gin Blossoms, The Til' I Hear From You Pioneer Recommended
231-A-06 Gin Blossoms, The Until I Fall Away NUT Recommended
145-01 Gina G Ooh Ah Just A Little Bit Sunfly Recommended
301-A-12 Gina G Ooh-Ahh Just A Little Bit SUN Recommended
1126-50 Gino Caria Nobody Knows DAM Recommended
3432-71 Gino Vannelli Appaloosa DAM Recommended
533-14 Gino Vannelli I Just Wanna Stop Sound Choice Recommended
693-11 Gino Vannelli Living Inside Myself CDG Recommended
3919-95 Ginuwine Differences DAM Recommended
531-01 Ginuwine In Those Jeans (Radio Version) Sound Choice Recommended
106-08 Ginuwine Pony Music Maestro Recommended
106-09 Ginuwine Tell Me Do You Wanna Music Maestro Recommended
197-07 Ginuwine There It Is (Radio Version) Power Picks Recommended
923-14 Ginuwine What Could Have Been Pop Hits Recommended
671-06 Ginuwine/R.L./Tyrese/Case Best Man I Can Be, The Pocket Songs Recommended
3939-27 Giorgio Moroder ft. Britney Spears Tom's Diner DAM Recommended
3939-28 Giorgio Moroder ft. Kylie Minogue Right Here, Right Now DAM Recommended
3939-26 Giorgio Moroder ft. Sia Déjà Vu DAM Recommended
3573-09 Giovanca All Colorful DAM Recommended
3743-23 Giovanca Drop It DAM Recommended
3560-45 Giovanca On My Way DAM Recommended
6851-09 Gipsy Kings Baila Me DAM Recommended
6851-04 Gipsy Kings Bamboleo DAM Recommended
6851-02 Gipsy Kings Djobi Djoba DAM Recommended
6851-05 Gipsy Kings Mi Manera, A (Comme D'habitude) DAM Recommended
6851-01 Gipsy Kings Volare (Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu) DAM Recommended
6851-10 Gipsy Kings (Spanish Mix) Hotel California DAM Recommended
3843-54 Girls Honey Bunny DAM Recommended
973-14 Girls Aloud I'll Stand By You Sunfly Recommended
835-04 Girls Aloud I'll Stand By You Sunfly
973-11 Girls Aloud Jump (For My Love) Sunfly Recommended
973-13 Girls Aloud Love Machine Sunfly Recommended
734-07 Girls Aloud Loving Kind, The Sunfly Recommended
732-09 Girls Aloud Promise, The Sunfly Recommended
973-12 Girls Aloud Show, The Sunfly Recommended
899-11 Girls Aloud Something Kinda Oooh Zoom Recommended
899-13 Girls Aloud Sound of The Underground Zoom Recommended
973-15 Girls Aloud Wake Me Up Sunfly
899-12 Girls Aloud Wake Me Up Zoom Recommended
899-14 Girls Aloud Walk This Way Zoom Recommended
559-B-04 Gladys Knight & The Pips Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me, The Pioneer Recommended
3769-12 Gladys Knight & The Pips Help Me Make It Through The Night DAM Recommended
584-16 Gladys Knight & The Pips I Heard It Through The Grapevine Motown Recommended
40-10 Gladys Knight & The Pips I've Got To Use My Imagination DK Karaoke Recommended
74-08 Gladys Knight & The Pips If I Were Your Woman DK Karaoke
590-14 Gladys Knight & The Pips If I Were Your Woman Motown Recommended
763-11 Gladys Knight & The Pips Licence To Kill Sound Choice Recommended
304-B-11 Gladys Knight & The Pips License To Kill CITY Recommended
10-16 Gladys Knight & The Pips Midnight Train To Georgia DK Karaoke
008-A-06 Gladys Knight & The Pips Midnight Train To Georgia Pioneer Recommended
8-A-06 Gladys Knight & The Pips Midnight Train To Georgia Pioneer
256-A-09 Gladys Knight & The Pips Midnight Train To Georgia U-Best
48-14 Gladys Knight & The Pips Neither One of Us DK Karaoke
579-15 Gladys Knight & The Pips Neither One of Us Motown Recommended
3769-08 Gladys Knight & The Pips That Special Time Year DAM Recommended
768-16 Glass Tiger Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone) Monster Hits
562-02 Glass Tiger Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone) Sound Choice Recommended
142-05 Glass Tiger Someday Sound Choice Recommended
733-11 Glasvegas Daddy's Gone Sunfly
810-12 Glasvegas Daddy's Gone Sunfly Recommended
530-07 Gleaming Spires Are You Ready For The Sex Sound Choice Recommended
3993-26 Glee Cast Don't Stop Believin' (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3932-54 Glee Cast Somebody To Love DAM Recommended
3913-91 Glee Cast Yesterday ft. Rachel DAM Recommended
21-05 Glen Campbell By The Time I Get To Phoenix DK Karaoke
265-A-02 Glen Campbell By The Time I Get To Phoenix Pioneer Recommended
367-A-10 Glen Campbell Dreams of The Everyday Housewife Nikkodo Recommended
69-11 Glen Campbell Galveston DK Karaoke Recommended
26-14 Glen Campbell Gentle On My Mind DK Karaoke
007-A-06 Glen Campbell Gentle On My Mind Pioneer Recommended
317-B-10 Glen Campbell If You Go Away EMI Recommended
2-08 Glen Campbell It's Only Make Believe DK Karaoke Recommended
372-B-02 Glen Campbell Old Hometown Nikkodo Recommended
12-09 Glen Campbell Rhinestone Cowboy DK Karaoke
263-B-10 Glen Campbell Rhinestone Cowboy Pioneer Recommended
50-15 Glen Campbell Southern Nights DK Karaoke
008-B-08 Glen Campbell Southern Nights Pioneer Recommended
359-A-10 Glen Campbell Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye Nikkodo Recommended
367-B-14 Glen Campbell Try A Little Kindness Nikkodo Recommended
035-B-07 Glen Campbell Turn Around & Look At Me Pioneer Recommended
62-14 Glen Campbell Wichita Lineman DK Karaoke
266-A-06 Glen Campbell Wichita Lineman Pioneer Recommended
370-B-13 Glen Campbell & Rita Coolidge Somethin' 'Bout You Baby I Like Nikkodo Recommended
3751-09 Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova Falling Slowly DAM Recommended
3942-78 Glen Weston What Is A Youth DAM Recommended
28-03 Glenn Frey Heat Is On, The DK Karaoke
006-B-11 Glenn Frey Heat Is On, The Pioneer Recommended
453-03 Glenn Frey One You Love, The Karaoke Hits Recommended
4997-03 Glenn Frey You Belong To The City DAM Recommended
3717-47 Glenn Jones I Am Somebody DAM Recommended
3848-01 Glenn Medeiros Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You DAM Recommended
3848-99 Glenn Medeiros Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
806-03 Glenn Medeiros ft. Bobby Brown She Ain't Worth It Chartbuster Recommended
017-A-05 Glenn Miller Chattanooga Choo Choo Pioneer Recommended
3842-70 Glenn Miller I Got Rhythm DAM Recommended
026-A-08 Glenn Miller I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo Pioneer Recommended
3849-29 Glenn Miller In The Mood DAM Recommended
401-B-04 Glenn Yarbrough Baby, The Rain Must Fall Nikkodo Recommended
113-01 Gloria Estefan 1-2-3 Druid Recommended
113-12 Gloria Estefan Always Tomorrow Druid Recommended
113-09 Gloria Estefan Anything For You Druid Recommended
262-A-06 Gloria Estefan Anything For You EMI
3674-06 Gloria Estefan Bad Boy DAM Recommended
113-10 Gloria Estefan Can't Stay Away From You Druid Recommended
3674-17 Gloria Estefan Christmas Through Your Eyes DAM Recommended
113-06 Gloria Estefan Coming Out The Dark Druid Recommended
113-04 Gloria Estefan Conga Druid Recommended
963-12 Gloria Estefan Conga Legends
3674-19 Gloria Estefan Cuba Libre (Spanish Version) DAM Recommended
113-05 Gloria Estefan Cut Both Ways Druid Recommended
113-13 Gloria Estefan Don't Wanna Lose You Druid
049-A-10 Gloria Estefan Don't Wanna Lose You MD Recommended
90-02 Gloria Estefan Everlasting Love DK Karaoke
046-A-02 Gloria Estefan Everlasting Love Pioneer Recommended
113-03 Gloria Estefan Get On Your Feet Druid Recommended
238-14 Gloria Estefan Heaven's What I Feel Legends Series
347-A-08 Gloria Estefan Heaven's What I Feel MD Recommended
113-07 Gloria Estefan Here We Are Druid Recommended
3674-13 Gloria Estefan Hoy (Spanish) DAM Recommended
113-14 Gloria Estefan I See Your Smile Druid
056-A-09 Gloria Estefan I See Your Smile MD Recommended
113-15 Gloria Estefan Live For Loving You Druid Recommended
3674-14 Gloria Estefan Love On Layaway DAM Recommended
3674-12 Gloria Estefan Mi Tierra DAM Recommended
3674-20 Gloria Estefan Oye DAM Recommended
113-08 Gloria Estefan Oyo Mi Canto Druid Recommended
060-A-11 Gloria Estefan Reach MD Recommended
113-02 Gloria Estefan Rhythm Is Gonna Get You Druid Recommended
057-A-04 Gloria Estefan Turn The Beat Around MD Recommended
113-11 Gloria Estefan Words Get In The Way Druid Recommended
752-08 Gloria Gaynor Honeybee Sunfly Recommended
1-09 Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive DK Karaoke
006-B-04 Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive Pioneer Recommended
3981-79 Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
304-A-10 Gloria Gaynor Never Can Say Goodbye CITY Recommended
61-07 Gloria Gaynor Never Can Say Goodbye DK Karaoke
323-A-05 Gloria Lasso Et Maintenant EMI Recommended
3749-21 Gloria Lynne I Wish You Love DAM Recommended
1070-44 Gnarls Barkley Crazy DAM Recommended
3552-16 Gnarls Barkley Run (I'm A Natural Disaster) DAM Recommended
617-02 Gnarls Barkley Who Cares Sunfly Recommended
6550-05 Go Go Girls Cyber Dance DAM Recommended
6550-03 Go Go Girls Gimme The Count DAM Recommended
6550-06 Go Go Girls Hot Vampire DAM Recommended
6550-07 Go Go Girls My Sweet Banana DAM Recommended
6550-02 Go Go Girls O Sole Mio DAM Recommended
6550-01 Go Go Girls One Night In Arabia DAM Recommended
D8 Go Go's Head Over Heels CDG
894-15 Go Go's Head Over Heels Sound Choice Recommended
1124-04 Go Go's Our Lips Are Sealed DAM
015-B-10 Go Go's Our Lips Are Sealed Pioneer Recommended
24-09 Go Go's Vacation DK Karaoke
027-A-02 Go Go's Vacation Pioneer Recommended
18-04 Go Go's We Got The Beat DK Karaoke
018-A-12 Go Go's We Got The Beat Pioneer Recommended
056-B-06 Go West Faithful MD Recommended
535-15 Go West King of Wishful Thinking, The Sound Choice Recommended
3746-59 Go West We Close Our Eyes DAM Recommended
3451-59 Go! Team, The Wrath Marcie, The DAM Recommended
1124-04 Go-Go's Our Lips Are Sealed DAM Recommended
1126-46 Go2 Funky Funlover DAM Recommended
3021-37 Go2 Looka Bomba DAM Recommended
1126-45 Go2 Not For Sale DAM Recommended
3390-06 Godley & Creme Cry DAM Recommended
175-11 Godsmack Awake Sound Choice Recommended
838-02 Godsmack Cryin' Like A Bitch! Pop Hits Recommended
918-06 Godsmack Love-Hate-Sex-Pain Pop Hits Recommended
924-07 Godsmack Saints & Sinners Pop Hits Recommended
303-A-15 Golden Earring Radar Love SUN Recommended
759-10 Golden Earring Radar Love Sound Choice
427-13 Golden Earring Radar Love Swt GA Brn
1183-69 Goldfinger 99 Red Balloons DAM Recommended
3327-92 Gonzales Working Together DAM Recommended
3044-14 Goo Goo Dolls, The Before It's Too Late DAM Recommended
726-09 Goo Goo Dolls, The Better Days Sound Choice Recommended
692-17 Goo Goo Dolls, The Black Balloon Chartbuster
688-07 Goo Goo Dolls, The Black Balloon Sound Choice Recommended
714-10 Goo Goo Dolls, The Broadway Sound Choice Recommended
3044-01 Goo Goo Dolls, The Here Is Gone DAM Recommended
917-05 Goo Goo Dolls, The Home Pop Hits Recommended
346-B-04 Goo Goo Dolls, The Iris MD Recommended
857-06 Goo Goo Dolls, The Iris Mr. Entertainer
821-09 Goo Goo Dolls, The Iris Sound Choice
714-11 Goo Goo Dolls, The Let Love In Chartbuster Recommended
688-08 Goo Goo Dolls, The Long Way Down Sound Choice Recommended
045-B-05 Goo Goo Dolls, The Naked Pioneer Recommended
045-A-02 Goo Goo Dolls, The Name Pioneer Recommended
180-04 Goo Goo Dolls, The Name Top Hits
919-06 Goo Goo Dolls, The Not Broken Pop Hits Recommended
839-09 Goo Goo Dolls, The Real Pop Hits Recommended
409-A-11 Goo Goo Dolls, The Slide SDK Recommended
726-10 Goo Goo Dolls, The Stay With You Sound Choice Recommended
688-14 Goo Goo Dolls, The Sympathy Panorama Recommended
3044-13 Goo Goo Dolls, The Think About Me DAM Recommended
303-14 Good Charlotte Anthem, The Powerhits Recommended
297-19 Good Charlotte Anthem, The Top Tunes
1090-68 Good Charlotte Chronicles of Life & Death DAM Recommended
3106-69 Good Charlotte Dance Floor Anthem DAM Recommended
692-15 Good Charlotte Girls & Boys Sound Choice Recommended
692-14 Good Charlotte Hold On Sound Choice Recommended
947-12 Good Charlotte Hold On Top Hits
1819-29 Good Charlotte I Just Wanna Live DAM Recommended
3021-04 Good Charlotte Keep Your Hands Off My Girl DAM Recommended
922-05 Good Charlotte Last Night Pop Hits Recommended
3948-28 Good Charlotte Life Changes DAM Recommended
276-05 Good Charlotte Lifestyles of The Not So Rich & Famous Pop Hits
303-13 Good Charlotte Lifestyles of The Not So Rich & Famous Powerhits
918-03 Good Charlotte Like It's Her Birthday Pop Hits Recommended
1819-15 Good Charlotte Little Things DAM Recommended
3571-85 Good Charlotte Los Angelers World Wide (JNRSNCHZ Remix) DAM Recommended
3432-69 Good Charlotte Misery DAM Recommended
3831-85 Good Charlotte Prayers DAM Recommended
1579-97 Good Charlotte Predictable DAM Recommended
1090-69 Good Charlotte Riot Girl DAM Recommended
710-03 Good Charlotte River, The Sunfly Recommended
1090-67 Good Charlotte S.O.S. S.O.S. DAM Recommended
3038-22 Good Charlotte Say Anything DAM Recommended
3774-11 Good Charlotte Sex On The Radio DAM Recommended
3638-05 Good Charlotte Waldorfworldwide DAM Recommended
2221-02 Good Charlotte We Believe DAM Recommended
3038-23 Good Charlotte Wondering DAM Recommended
1819-39 Good Charlotte Young & The Hopeless, The DAM Recommended
382-04 Good Morning Vietnam What A Wonderful World Music Maestro Recommended
231-03 Goodies Funky Gibbon, The Killer Tracks Recommended
651-08 Gordon Lightfoot Circle Is Small,The (I Can See It In Your Eyes) Sound Choice Recommended
656-08 Gordon Lightfoot If You Could Read My Mind Monster Hits Recommended
656-13 Gordon Lightfoot Sundown Monster Hits Recommended
429-06 Gordon Lightfoot Sundown Swt GA Brn
252-15 Gorgon City ft. Laura Welsh Here For You Mr. Entertainer Recommended
273-04 Gorillaz 19/2000 Sound Choice Recommended
295-11 Gorillaz 19/2000 Sunfly
5327-22 Gorillaz Clint Eastwood DAM Recommended
215-01 Gorillaz Clint Eastwood Sound Choice Recommended
3432-28 Gorillaz Dare DAM Recommended
661-12 Gorillaz El Manana Sunfly Recommended
715-07 Gorillaz Feel Good Inc Sunfly Recommended
5327-23 Gorillaz Humility (ft. George Benson) DAM Recommended
5327-24 Gorillaz On Melancholy Hill DAM Recommended
5327-20 Gorillaz We Got The Power (ft. Jehnny Beth) DAM Recommended
5363-54 Gospel Abide With Me DAM Recommended
027-B-14 Gospel Amazing Grace Pioneer Recommended
5363-55 Gospel Battle Hymn of The Republic DAM Recommended
5363-56 Gospel Beautiful Isle of Somewhere DAM Recommended
5361-67 Gospel Bible Tells Me So, The DAM Recommended
5363-57 Gospel Blessed Assurance DAM Recommended
5363-58 Gospel Brighten The Corner DAM Recommended
1065-51 Gospel Down By The Riverside DAM Recommended
5363-60 Gospel Down In The Valley DAM Recommended
5363-61 Gospel Give Me That Old Time Religion DAM Recommended
5361-85 Gospel Go Down Moses (Let My People Go) DAM Recommended
5363-62 Gospel Go Tell It On The Mountain DAM Recommended
1236-96 Gospel He's Got The Whole World DAM Recommended
5361-90 Gospel How Great Thou Art DAM Recommended
5363-63 Gospel I Love To Tell The Story DAM Recommended
5363-64 Gospel I Need Thee Every Hour DAM Recommended
5361-94 Gospel I'll Fly Away DAM Recommended
5363-66 Gospel In The Garden DAM Recommended
5363-67 Gospel In The Sweet By & By DAM Recommended
5361-98 Gospel It Is No Secret What God Can Do DAM Recommended
5363-69 Gospel Jesus Is Coming Soon DAM Recommended
5363-70 Gospel Lily The Valley DAM Recommended
5363-76 Gospel Lord's Prayer, The DAM Recommended
5363-16 Gospel Nearer My God To Thee DAM Recommended
5363-84 Gospel Old Rugged Cross, The DAM Recommended
5363-22 Gospel Onward Christian Solders DAM Recommended
5363-71 Gospel Peace In The Valley DAM Recommended
5363-72 Gospel Precious Memories DAM Recommended
5363-26 Gospel Rock of Ages DAM Recommended
5363-73 Gospel Standing On The Promises DAM Recommended
5363-74 Gospel Sweet Hour of Prayer DAM Recommended
5363-75 Gospel Take My Hand Precious Lord DAM Recommended
5363-48 Gospel What A Friend We Have In Jesus DAM Recommended
5363-77 Gospel When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder DAM Recommended
5363-78 Gospel When They Ring These Golden Bells DAM Recommended
5363-79 Gospel Whispering Hope DAM Recommended
3721-10 Gossip Heavy Cross DAM Recommended
3387-09 Gossip Standing In The Way of Control DAM Recommended
3573-75 Gotthard Homerun DAM Recommended
3733-97 Gotthard One Life, One Soul DAM Recommended
3954-14 Gotthard Stay With Me DAM Recommended
3660-70 Gotthard Unspoken Words DAM Recommended
3761-50 Gotthard ft. Ryan Tedder Rocketeer DAM Recommended
764636 Gotye Eyes Wide Open DAM Recommended
868-04 Gotye ft. Kimbra Somebody That I Used To Know Sunfly Recommended
869-11 Goyte Eyes Wide Open Sunfly Recommended
3951-29 Grace You Don't Own Me ft. G-Eazy DAM Recommended
787-15 Grace Jones Pull Up To The Bumper Sunfly Recommended
3761-94 Grace Potter Something That I Want DAM Recommended
892-02 Grace Potter & The Nocturnals Stars Pop Hits Recommended
3957-12 Grace VanderWaal Clay DAM Recommended
3993-32 Grace VanderWaal Clearly DAM Recommended
3952-88 Grace VanderWaal I Don't Know My Name DAM Recommended
3979-41 Grace VanderWaal Moonlight DAM Recommended
3981-56 Grace VanderWaal Over The Rainbow DAM Recommended
3986-76 Grace VanderWaal Sick Of Being Told DAM Recommended
3981-57 Grace VanderWaal So Much More Than This DAM Recommended
3856-72 Grace VanderWaal Waste My Time DAM Recommended
3951-29 Grace ft. G-Easy You Don't Own Me DAM Recommended
556-A-04 Gracie Fields Around The World Pioneer Recommended
4768-19 Graham Bonnet Night Games DAM Recommended
4279-86 Graham Central Station It's Alright DAM Recommended
3756-06 Grand Funk Railroad Bad Time DAM Recommended
320-A-14 Grand Funk Railroad Heartbreaker EMI Recommended
3756-03 Grand Funk Railroad Inside Looking Out DAM Recommended
3756-01 Grand Funk Railroad Loco-Motion, The DAM Recommended
3756-07 Grand Funk Railroad Sin's A Good Man's Brother DAM Recommended
451-07 Grand Funk Railroad Some Kind Wonderful Karaoke Hits
266-B-08 Grand Funk Railroad Some Kind Wonderful Pioneer
47-17 Grand Funk Railroad We're An American Band DK Karaoke
020-A-12 Grand Funk Railroad We're An American Band Pioneer Recommended
532-05 Grand Master Flash Message, The Sound Choice
666-05 Grand Master Flash Message, The Sound Choice Recommended
3993-33 Grand Theft Culture Get Away DAM Recommended
3441-77 Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel White Lines DAM Recommended
7-13 Grass Roots, The Let's Live For Today DK Karaoke Recommended
019-B-07 Grass Roots, The Let's Live For Today Pioneer
342-B-10 Grass Roots, The Midnight Confessions Pioneer Recommended
42-15 Grass Roots, The Sooner Or Later DK Karaoke Recommended
533-10 Grass Roots, The Temptation Eyes Sound Choice Recommended
204-02 Grass Roots, The Two Divided By Love Sound Choice Recommended
458-15 Grateful Dead, The Casey Jones Swt GA Brn Recommended
407-06 Grateful Dead, The Touch of Grey Sunfly Recommended
371-B-08 Grayson Hugh Talk It Over (Can't We Talk It Over In Bed) Nikkodo Recommended
383-14 Grease Grease Music Maestro Recommended
381-11 Grease Greased Lightning Music Maestro Recommended
12-07 Grease Hopelessly Devoted To You DK Karaoke Recommended
383-11 Grease Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee Music Maestro Recommended
118-05 Grease Summer Nights All Hits
81-05 Grease Summer Nights DK Karaoke
123-03 Grease Summer Nights Legends Bassline
383-02 Grease Summer Nights Music Maestro
382-09 Grease We Go Together Music Maestro Recommended
11-02 Grease You're The One That I Want DK Karaoke
123-04 Grease You're The One That I Want Legends Bassline
381-19 Grease You're The One That I Want Music Maestro
3928-76 Great Big World, A Cheer Up! DAM Recommended
3928-74 Great Big World, A I Really Want It DAM Recommended
3928-78 Great Big World, A Land Of Opportunity DAM Recommended
6692-41 Great Big World, A Rockstar DAM Recommended
3928-75 Great Big World, A There Is An Answer DAM Recommended
3928-77 Great Big World, A This Is The New Year DAM Recommended
3923-53 Great Big World, A ft. Christina Aguilera Say Something DAM Recommended
3942-99 Great Big World, A ft. Futuristic Hold Each Other DAM Recommended
364-02 Great White Once Bitten Twice Shy Monster Hits
034-A-04 Great White Once Bitten Twice Shy Pioneer Recommended
690-12 Great White Rollin' Stoned Sound Choice Recommended
048-B-12 Green Acres Green Acres Theme Pioneer Recommended
4767-15 Green Day 2000 Light Years Away DAM Recommended
792-09 Green Day 21 Guns Mr. Entertainer Recommended
810-14 Green Day 21st Century Breakdown Sunfly Recommended
4767-16 Green Day 86 DAM Recommended
4767-51 Green Day American Idiot DAM Recommended
4775-15 Green Day American Idiot (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
4767-55 Green Day Are We The Waiting DAM Recommended
4767-17 Green Day Armatage Shanks DAM Recommended
4775-18 Green Day Back In The USA DAM Recommended
4775-13 Green Day Bang Bang DAM Recommended
4767-18 Green Day Basket Case DAM Recommended
453-02 Green Day Basket Case Karaoke Hits
4775-16 Green Day Basket Case (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
4767-84 Green Day Before The Lobotomy DAM Recommended
4767-19 Green Day Blood, Sex & Booze DAM Recommended
4767-52 Green Day Boulevard of Broken Dreams DAM Recommended
4767-08 Green Day Brain Stew DAM Recommended
4767-20 Green Day Brat DAM Recommended
4775-12 Green Day Brutal Love DAM Recommended
4767-09 Green Day Burnout DAM Recommended
4767-13 Green Day Castaway DAM Recommended
4767-21 Green Day Church On Sunday DAM Recommended
4767-22 Green Day Deadbeat Holiday DAM Recommended
4767-56 Green Day Desensitized DAM Recommended
810-13 Green Day East Jesus Nowhere CDG Recommended
4767-24 Green Day Emenius Sleepus DAM Recommended
4767-71 Green Day Favorite Son DAM Recommended
4767-05 Green Day Geek Stink Breath DAM Recommended
4767-92 Green Day Give Me Novacaine DAM Recommended
4767-50 Green Day Going To Pasalacqua DAM Recommended
4767-03 Green Day Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) DAM Recommended
4767-25 Green Day Green Day DAM Recommended
4678-89 Green Day Green Day Medley DAM Recommended
4767-45 Green Day Grouch, The DAM Recommended
4767-14 Green Day Ha Ha You're Dead DAM Recommended
4767-26 Green Day Haushinka DAM Recommended
4767-06 Green Day Hitchin' A Ride DAM Recommended
4767-27 Green Day Hold On DAM Recommended
4767-53 Green Day Holiday DAM Recommended
4767-57 Green Day Homecoming DAM Recommended
4767-93 Green Day I Viva La Gloria! DAM Recommended
4767-58 Green Day I Want To Be On T.V. DAM Recommended
4767-28 Green Day In The End DAM Recommended
4767-29 Green Day J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Reiva) DAM Recommended
4767-30 Green Day Jaded DAM Recommended
4767-65 Green Day Jesus Suburbia DAM Recommended
4767-31 Green Day Jinx DAM Recommended
4767-94 Green Day Kill The DJ DAM Recommended
4767-32 Green Day King For A Day DAM Recommended
4767-75 Green Day Know Your Enemy DAM Recommended
4767-80 Green Day Last Night On Earth DAM Recommended
4767-69 Green Day Letterbomb DAM Recommended
4767-10 Green Day Longview DAM Recommended
4767-33 Green Day Macy's Day Parade DAM Recommended
4767-34 Green Day Maria DAM Recommended
162-04 Green Day Minority Music Maestro Recommended
4775-17 Green Day Minority (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
4767-35 Green Day Misery DAM Recommended
4775-23 Green Day Missing You DAM Recommended
4775-11 Green Day Murder City DAM Recommended
4767-36 Green Day Nice Guys Finish Last DAM Recommended
4767-37 Green Day No Pride DAM Recommended
880-18 Green Day Oh Love Mr. Entertainer Recommended
4767-38 Green Day Only You DAM Recommended
4775-22 Green Day Ordinary World (ft. Miranda Lambert) DAM Recommended
4767-95 Green Day Peacemaker DAM Recommended
4767-12 Green Day Poprocks & Coke DAM Recommended
4767-39 Green Day Pulling Teeth DAM Recommended
4767-40 Green Day Redundant DAM Recommended
4767-41 Green Day Scattered DAM Recommended
4767-43 Green Day She DAM Recommended
4767-64 Green Day She's A Rebel DAM Recommended
4767-59 Green Day St. Jimmy DAM Recommended
4767-99 Green Day State Of Shock DAM Recommended
4775-14 Green Day Still Breathing DAM Recommended
4767-96 Green Day Stray Heart DAM Recommended
4767-07 Green Day Stuck With Me DAM Recommended
4767-60 Green Day Suffocate DAM Recommended
4767-44 Green Day Take Back DAM Recommended
347-A-12 Green Day Time of Your Life MD Recommended
4775-10 Green Day Troublemaker DAM Recommended
4767-46 Green Day Waiting DAM Recommended
1819-78 Green Day Wake Me Up When September Ends DAM Recommended
4767-63 Green Day Walking Alone DAM Recommended
4767-70 Green Day Walking Contradiction DAM Recommended
171-10 Green Day Warning Top Hits Recommended
4767-47 Green Day Welcome To Paradise DAM Recommended
4767-62 Green Day Whatsername DAM Recommended
508-01 Green Day When I Come Around CDG Recommended
4767-72 Green Day Working Class Hero DAM Recommended
4767-49 Green Day Worry Rock DAM Recommended
205-A-01 Green Jelly Three Little Pigs NUT Recommended
4279-88 Green Olives Jive Into The Night DAM Recommended
1088-38 Greenhouse Wake Me Up Before You Go Go DAM Recommended
024-B-09 Greg Allman Midnight Rider Pioneer Recommended
137-01 Greg Kihn Band Breakup Song, The (They Don't Write Like That Anymore) Sound Choice Recommended
191-05 Greg Kihn Band For You I Will Top Tunes Recommended
D9 Greg Kihn Band Jeopardy CDG Recommended
191-15 Greg Kihn Band They Don't Write Like That Anymore (Breakup Song) Top Tunes Recommended
040-B-08 Gregory Abbott Shake You Down Pioneer Recommended
3950-87 Gregory Porter Be Good (Lion's Song) DAM Recommended
3844-49 Greta Van Fleet Highway Tune DAM Recommended
3832-65 Greta Van Fleet When The Curtain Falls DAM Recommended
3577-20 Gretchen Wilson Redneck Woman DAM Recommended
4350-42 Grey & Hanks You Fooled Me DAM Recommended
709-03 Groove Armada ft. Mutya Buena Song 4 Mutya Sunfly Recommended
4350-18 Groove Coverage Moonlight Shadow DAM Recommended
1173-13 Groove Coverage Poison (Friday Night Posse Remix) DAM Recommended
3397-59 Groove Theory Tell Me DAM Recommended
3876-44 Grouplove Colours DAM Recommended
3853-08 Grouplove Tongue Tied DAM Recommended
450-02 Grovegrass Boyz Macarena Karaoke Hits Recommended
283-06 Grover Washington Jr. Just The Two Us Just Tracks
027-A-06 Grover Washington Jr. Just The Two Us Pioneer Recommended
3948-29 Grown Kids In My Head DAM Recommended
3927-93 Grown Kids ft. Taka & Megan Joy Bottle Rocket DAM Recommended
3441-95 Guadalupe Pineda Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado DAM Recommended
3733-15 Gucci Mane Spotlight ft. Usher DAM Recommended
4-16 Guess Who, The American Woman DK Karaoke
266-B-12 Guess Who, The American Woman Pioneer Recommended
98-08 Guess Who, The Laughing DK Karaoke
846-04 Guess Who, The Laughing Sound Choice
948-04 Guess Who, The Laughing Sound Choice Recommended
342-B-12 Guess Who, The No Sugar Tonight Pioneer Recommended
97-07 Guess Who, The No Time DK Karaoke
342-B-11 Guess Who, The No Time Pioneer Recommended
760-03 Guess Who, The Share The Land Sound Choice Recommended
99-06 Guess Who, The Undone DK Karaoke Recommended
3827-15 Gummy Bear Nuki Nuki DAM Recommended
552-05 Guns N' Roses Ain't No Fun Zoom Recommended
552-03 Guns N' Roses Back Off Bitch Sound Choice Recommended
795-14 Guns N' Roses Back Off Bitch Sound Choice
3102-20 Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy DAM Recommended
552-02 Guns N' Roses Civil War Sunfly Recommended
552-04 Guns N' Roses Don't Cry Pocket Recommended
552-11 Guns N' Roses Don't Cry Zoom
224-A-03 Guns N' Roses Estranged NUT Recommended
3102-17 Guns N' Roses If The World DAM Recommended
3102-09 Guns N' Roses It's So Easy DAM Recommended
210-01 Guns N' Roses Knockin' On Heaven's Door All Hits
697-06 Guns N' Roses Knockin' On Heaven's Door Sunfly
428-05 Guns N' Roses Knockin' On Heaven's Door Swt GA Brn Recommended
362-A-09 Guns N' Roses Live & Let Die Nikkodo Recommended
H4 Guns N' Roses Mr. Brownstone CDG Recommended
552-08 Guns N' Roses My Michelle Sound Choice
686-12 Guns N' Roses My Michelle Sound Choice Recommended
3102-14 Guns N' Roses Nightrain DAM Recommended
037-B-03 Guns N' Roses November Rain Pioneer Recommended
795-09 Guns N' Roses November Rain Sound Choice
3102-36 Guns N' Roses Out Ta Get Me DAM Recommended
32-04 Guns N' Roses Paradise City DK Karaoke
037-B-02 Guns N' Roses Paradise City Pioneer Recommended
037-B-04 Guns N' Roses Patience Pioneer Recommended
3102-16 Guns N' Roses Rocket Queen DAM Recommended
3102-19 Guns N' Roses Shackler's Revenge DAM Recommended
552-09 Guns N' Roses Since I Don't Have You Sound Choice Recommended
667-09 Guns N' Roses Since I Don't Have You Sunfly
27-06 Guns N' Roses Sweet Child O' Mine DK Karaoke
037-B-01 Guns N' Roses Sweet Child O' Mine Pioneer Recommended
3102-48 Guns N' Roses Sweet Child O'Mine (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
552-07 Guns N' Roses Sympathy For The Devil Zoom Recommended
3102-38 Guns N' Roses Think About You DAM Recommended
504-14 Guns N' Roses Used To Love Her CDG Recommended
32-03 Guns N' Roses Welcome To The Jungle DK Karaoke
037-B-05 Guns N' Roses Welcome To The Jungle Pioneer Recommended
3102-50 Guns N' Roses Welcome To The Jungle (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
552-06 Guns N' Roses Yesterdays Zoom Recommended
680-01 Guns N' Roses You Could Be Mine Sunfly Recommended
3102-39 Guns N' Roses You're Crazy DAM Recommended
3106-36 Gunther Teeny Weeny String Bikini DAM Recommended
4380-96 Gus Backus Short On Love DAM Recommended
144-07 Guy Dancin' (Radio Version) Power Picks Recommended
3830-62 Guy Wanna Get With U DAM Recommended
434-01 Guy Lombardo & Royal Canadians Auld Lang Syne Swt GA Brn Recommended
341-B-02 Guy Mitchell Singin' The Blues Pioneer Recommended
163-04 Guys & Dolls Adelaide's Lament Music Maestro Recommended
5362-19 Gwen Stefani 4 In The Morning DAM Recommended
517-01 Gwen Stefani Cool Pop Hits Recommended
972-11 Gwen Stefani Early Winter Top Hits Recommended
718-15 Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl Sound Choice Recommended
715-08 Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl Sunfly
534-10 Gwen Stefani Luxurious Chartbuster Recommended
5362-24 Gwen Stefani Make Me Like You DAM Recommended
5362-25 Gwen Stefani Truth DAM Recommended
1819-23 Gwen Stefani What Are You Waiting For? DAM Recommended
5362-10 Gwen Stefani Wind It Up DAM Recommended
5362-14 Gwen Stefani ft. Akon Sweet Escape DAM Recommended
718-16 Gwen Stefani ft. Eve Rich Girl Sound Choice Recommended
3432-37 Gym Class Heroes Clothes f!! DAM Recommended
3106-53 Gym Class Heroes Cupid's Chokehold DAM Recommended
863-08 Gym Class Heroes & Adam Levine Stereo Hearts Fast Trax
857-11 Gym Class Heroes & Adam Levine Stereo Hearts Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3593-47 Gym Class Heroes ft. Busta Rhymes Peace Sign/Index Down DAM Recommended
869-17 Gym Class Heroes ft. Neon Hitch Ass Back Home (Clean) Sunfly Recommended
3038-68 Gym Class Heroes ft. Patrick Stump Cupid's Chokehold (Album Version) DAM Recommended
3852-38 Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder Fighter, The DAM Recommended
3564-34 Gym Class Heroes ft. The-Dream Cookie Jar DAM Recommended
384-16 Gypsy Everything's Coming Up Roses Music Maestro Recommended
380-14 Gypsy Let Me Entertain You Music Maestro
039-B-13 Gypsy Let Me Entertain You Pioneer Recommended
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