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362-A-08 D Nobb C'mon & Get My Love Nikkodo Recommended
667-10 D Ream You're The Best Thing Sunfly Recommended
4279-69 D Train You're The One For Me DAM Recommended
1070-29 D'Angelo Brown Sugar DAM Recommended
061-A-08 D'Angelo Lady MD Recommended
419-14 D'Angelo Untitled (How Does It Feel) Sound Choice Recommended
884-14 D'banj Oliver Twist Mr. Entertainer Recommended
886-13 D'banj Oliver Twist Sunfly
1126-61 D-Essex (D.Essex) Boom Boom Fire DAM Recommended
1126-60 D-Essex (D.Essex) Burning Love DAM Recommended
1173-17 D-Influence Magic DAM Recommended
1579-60 D-Side Invisible DAM Recommended
7012-06 D-Side ft. Antony from Blue Sacrifice DAM Recommended
246-A-07 D.C.Talk Free At Last NUT Recommended
5452-56 D.D. Sound 1-2-3-4 Give Me Some More DAM Recommended
4350-35 D.D. Sound Café DAM Recommended
4350-29 D.D. Sound Yes Sir, I Can Boogie DAM Recommended
370-A-05 D.Houston & B.Mandrell After Closing Time Nikkodo Recommended
1579-33 D12 6 In The Morning DAM Recommended
1579-54 D12 How Come DAM Recommended
309-01 D12 My Band Pop Hits Recommended
1079-04 D12 Purple Pills DAM Recommended
807-08 D4L Betcha Can't Do It Like Me Sound Choice Recommended
904-07 DC Talk Between You And Me Sound Choice Recommended
297-09 DF Dub Country Girl Top Tunes Recommended
720-04 DHT ft. Edmée Listen To Your Heart (Unplugged Version) Sound Choice Recommended
3834-36 DJ 6rb & Bonde R300 Oh Nanana (Remix) DAM Recommended
232-05 DJ Casper Cha Cha Slide Killer Tracks Recommended
889-17 DJ Fresh & RaVaughn Feeling, The Mr. Entertainer Recommended
879-12 DJ Fresh & RaVaughn Feeling, The Sunfly
252-06 DJ Fresh VS TC ft. Little Nikki Make U Bounce Mr. Entertainer Recommended
886-10 DJ Fresh ft. Dizzee Rascal Power (Clean) Sunfly Recommended
167-14 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Boom Shake The Room Sound Choice Recommended
399-08 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Nightmare On My Street, A Party Pak Recommended
6989-05 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Summertime DAM Recommended
372-A-06 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince You're Gonna Make Love Somebody Nikkodo Recommended
3569-54 DJ KAORI DJ Kaori Inmix Medley DAM Recommended
3993-82 DJ Khaled I Believe ft. Demi Lovato DAM Recommended
3968-05 DJ Khaled I'm The One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper, Lil Wayne DAM Recommended
3981-74 DJ Khaled I'm The One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper, Lil Wayne (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3979-36 DJ Khaled It's Secured ft. Nas & Travis Scott DAM Recommended
3831-50 DJ Khaled No Brainer ft. Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper & Quavo DAM Recommended
3968-89 DJ Khaled Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller DAM Recommended
3923-26 DJ Khaled ft. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne I'm On One DAM Recommended
3925-12 DJ Khaled ft. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross All I Do Is Win DAM Recommended
3021-75 DJ Luke Penn ft. Mr."M" Music Fever DAM Recommended
1070-09 DJ Miko What's Up (2000 edit) DAM Recommended
1126-64 DJ Nrg Kamikaze DAM Recommended
3021-32 DJ Sammy & Yanou ft. Do Heaven DAM Recommended
287-10 DJ Sammy & Yanou ft. Do Heaven (Candlelight Mix) Entertainer Recommended
3961-36 DJ Snake Let Me Love You (ft. Justin Bieber) (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3948-25 DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber Let Me Love You DAM Recommended
3021-67 DJ Zorro Bandido DAM Recommended
3021-70 DJ Zorro Cuerpo (Mission "Hmx" Re-Edit) DAM Recommended
3021-69 DJ Zorro Vamos A Baila (Mission "B" Re-Edit) DAM Recommended
892-15 DMX Already Pop Hits Recommended
938-07 DMX Party Up (Up In Here) Pop Hits Recommended
3950-91 DMX X Gon' Give It To Ya DAM Recommended
3951-27 DNCE Body Moves DAM Recommended
3946-19 DNCE Cake By The Ocean DAM Recommended
3981-75 DNCE Cake By The Ocean (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3952-86 DNCE Good Day DAM Recommended
3958-93 DNCE Kissing Strangers (ft. Nicki Minaj) DAM Recommended
3830-33 DNCE TV In The Morning DAM Recommended
3947-11 DNCE Toothbrush DAM Recommended
3834-78 DNCE Truthfully DAM Recommended
3985-30 DNCE, End of the World (SEKAI NO OWARI) Hollow-DNCE, End of the World (SEKAI NO OWARI) DAM Recommended
246-A-06 Da Brat Funkdafied NUT Recommended
3387-95 Da Buzz Let Me Love You DAM Recommended
1070-59 Da'Ville In Heaven DAM Recommended
3643-49 Da'Ville My Grade DAM Recommended
1162-66 Da'Ville On My Mind DAM Recommended
3441-14 Da'Ville So Sick DAM Recommended
3593-35 Da'Ville & Fire Ball Ichiban DAM Recommended
3819-99 Da'Ville ft. RYO The Skywalker Yesterday DAM Recommended
855-18 DaCav5 Dirty Style Pop Hits Recommended
955-07 Daddy Yankee Brugal (Remix) Sound Choice Recommended
3837-84 Daddy Yankee Con Calma ft. Snow DAM Recommended
809-07 Daddy Yankee Corazones Tropical Zone Recommended
3828-54 Daddy Yankee Dura DAM Recommended
955-11 Daddy Yankee Gasolina Sound Choice Recommended
809-10 Daddy Yankee Gasolina Tropical Zone
3745-98 Daddy Yankee Grito Mundial DAM Recommended
809-01 Daddy Yankee Lo Que Paso Paso Tropical Zone Recommended
955-01 Daddy Yankee Lo Que Paso, Paso Sound Choice Recommended
809-06 Daddy Yankee Machete Tropical Zone Recommended
809-03 Daddy Yankee Mayor Que Yo Tropical Zone Recommended
809-09 Daddy Yankee Mirame Tropical Zone Recommended
809-04 Daddy Yankee No Me Dejes Solo Tropical Zone Recommended
809-02 Daddy Yankee Rompe Tropical Zone Recommended
799-11 Daddy Yankee Rompe (Radio Version) Sound Choice
807-07 Daddy Yankee Rompe (Radio Version) Sound Choice
809-05 Daddy Yankee Sabor A Melao Tropical Zone Recommended
809-08 Daddy Yankee Salud Y Vida Tropical Zone Recommended
3106-29 Daddy Yankee ft. Fergie Impacto DAM Recommended
955-10 Daddy Yankee, Yandel, Wisin, Baby Ranks, Héctor Delgado, Tony Tun Tun Mayor Que Yo Sound Choice Recommended
6842-12 Daft Punk Beyond DAM Recommended
6842-03 Daft Punk Digital Love DAM Recommended
6842-08 Daft Punk Doin' It Right DAM Recommended
6842-10 Daft Punk Game Of Love, The DAM Recommended
6842-07 Daft Punk Give Life Back To Music DAM Recommended
6842-11 Daft Punk Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger DAM Recommended
6842-06 Daft Punk Instant Crush DAM Recommended
209-07 Daft Punk One More Time Sunfly Recommended
6842-09 Daft Punk Within DAM Recommended
906-13 Daisy Dares You & Chipmunk Number One Enemy Sunfly Recommended
3643-46 Dakota Moon Promise I Make, A DAM Recommended
058-A-11 Dallas Holm Lean On Me MD Recommended
256-A-07 Dallas Holm Rise Again U-Best Recommended
257-A-11 Damage Forever MD Recommended
295-15 Damage So What If I Sunfly Recommended
163-14 Dames At Sea(Musical) Broadway Baby Music Maestro
383-09 Dames At Sea(Musical) Broadway Baby Music Maestro Recommended
3923-37 Damia Sombre Dimanche DAM Recommended
323-A-06 Damia Tu Ne Sais Pas Aimer EMI Recommended
764-10 Damian "Jr.Gong" Marley Welcome To Jamrock Sound Choice Recommended
3535-30 Damian "Jr.Gong" Marley ft.Nas Road To Zion DAM Recommended
3564-75 Damien Rice Blower's Daughter, The DAM Recommended
3932-51 Damien Rice I Don't Want To Change You DAM Recommended
166-06 Damn Yankees Coming of Age Sound Choice Recommended
163-15 Damn Yankees Heart Music Maestro Recommended
361-A-08 Damn Yankees High Enough Nikkodo Recommended
515-01 Damn Yankees High Enough Sound Choice
384-03 Damn Yankees Whatever Lola Wants Music Maestro Recommended
381-18 Damn Yankees You Gotta Have Heart Music Maestro Recommended
3861-05 Damned Things, The We've Got A Situation Here DAM Recommended
3715-03 Damned, The Disco Man DAM Recommended
3850-67 Damned, The Neat Neat Neat DAM Recommended
3715-01 Damned, The New Rose DAM Recommended
731-04 Damned, The Shadow of Love Sunfly Recommended
3761-36 Dan Baker O.M.B. Bring The Light DAM Recommended
3831-81 Dan Balan Numa Numa 2 ft. Marley Waters DAM Recommended
760-04 Dan Fogelberg Hard To Say Sound Choice Recommended
062-A-14 Dan Fogelberg Longer MD Recommended
3928-64 Dan Fogelberg Same Old Lang Syne DAM Recommended
362-B-07 Dan Hartman I Can Dream About You Nikkodo Recommended
1003-03 Dan Hartman Instant Replay DAM Recommended
1003-05 Dan Hartman Relight My Fire DAM Recommended
3919-63 Dan Hill It's A Long Road DAM Recommended
016-B-09 Dan Hill Sometimes When We Touch Pioneer Recommended
535-09 Dan Hill Sometimes When We Touch Sound Choice
239-A-09 Dan Hill & Rique Franks In Your Eyes NUT Recommended
540-04 Dana Glover Rain Chartbuster Recommended
615-14 Dandy Warholds, The Bohemian Like You Sunfly Recommended
1079-87 Danger Danger Bang Bang DAM Recommended
3947-46 Danger Danger Naughty Naughty DAM Recommended
224-01 Daniel Bedingfield Gotta Get Through This Sunfly Recommended
540-11 Daniel Bedingfield If You're Not The One Chartbuster
294-04 Daniel Bedingfield If You're Not The One Sunfly Recommended
272-11 Daniel Bedingfield James Dean (I Wanna Know) Sunfly Recommended
715-04 Daniel Bedingfield Way Sunfly Recommended
3865-01 Daniel Boone Beautiful Sunday DAM Recommended
3850-50 Daniel Boone Beautiful Sunday (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
754-08 Daniel Merriweather Red Sunfly Recommended
975-13 Daniel Merriweather ft. Wale Change Sunfly Recommended
232-12 Daniel O'Donnell Forty Shades of Green Killer Tracks Recommended
1150-64 Daniel Powter Bad Day DAM Recommended
3961-35 Daniel Powter Bad Day (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3560-43 Daniel Powter Best of Me DAM Recommended
3876-72 Daniel Powter Cupid DAM Recommended
786-14 Daniel Powter Free Loop Sunfly Recommended
1070-32 Daniel Powter Jimmy Gets High DAM Recommended
3759-40 Daniel Powter Lose To Win DAM Recommended
1173-35 Daniel Powter Love You Lately DAM Recommended
733-14 Daniel Powter Next Plane Home Sunfly Recommended
3831-83 Daniel Powter Perfect For Me DAM Recommended
1070-33 Daniel Powter Song 6 DAM Recommended
3843-84 Daniel Powter ft. The 7 Arrows Choir Happy Xmas (War Is Over) DAM Recommended
4900-03 Daniele Vidal Aime Ceux Qui T'aiment DAM Recommended
322-A-07 Daniele Vidal Les Champs Elysees EMI Recommended
323-A-03 Daniele Vidal Sous Les Toits De Paris EMI Recommended
323-A-13 Danielle Licari Les Parapluies De Cherbourg EMI Recommended
3554-35 Danny Tokyo TOKYO DAM Recommended
39-15 Danny & The Juniors At The Hop DK Karaoke
014-B-01 Danny & The Juniors At The Hop Pioneer Recommended
388-03 Danny & The Juniors At The Hop Sound Choice
002-A-05 Danny Daniel Por El Amor De Una Mujer Pioneer Recommended
320-B-04 Danny Kaye Five Pennies Saints, The EMI Recommended
358-A-14 Danny O'Keefe Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues Nikkodo Recommended
758-08 Danny O'Keefe Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues Sound Choice
3838-29 Danny Ocean Me Rehuso DAM Recommended
3950-51 Danny Williams White On White DAM Recommended
3828-40 Dante Thomas Miss California DAM Recommended
879-07 Dappy Good Intentions Sunfly Recommended
867-18 Dappy No Regrets Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3301-49 Dara Sedaka Angel Queen DAM Recommended
835-13 Darius Campbell Live Twice Sunfly Recommended
294-05 Darius Campbell Rushes Sunfly Recommended
3942-12 Dark Moor Abduction DAM Recommended
3537-22 Dark Moor Beyond The Fire DAM Recommended
3752-45 Dark Moor Gadir DAM Recommended
3925-52 Dark Moor Maid Of Orleans DAM Recommended
3626-10 Dark Moor Phantom Queen DAM Recommended
3713-57 Dark Tranquillity Treason Wall, The DAM Recommended
3928-70 Darkness, The Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End) DAM Recommended
945-08 Darkness, The Growing On Me Top Hits Recommended
505-03 Darkness, The I Believe In A Thing Called Love Sound Choice Recommended
947-04 Darkness, The I Believe In A Thing Called Love Top Hits
3848-98 Darkness, The Love Is Only A Feeling DAM Recommended
807-01 Darkness, The One Way Ticket (Radio Version) Sound Choice Recommended
1167-79 Darlene Love Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) DAM Recommended
226-A-02 Daron Norwood Cowboys Don't Cry NUT Recommended
219-A-04 Daron Norwood If It Wasn't For Her, I Wouldn't Have You NUT Recommended
128-11 Darryl Worley When You Need My Love Star Disc Recommended
363-08 Daryl Hall Dreamtime CDG Recommended
699-01 Daryl Hall I'm In A Philly Mood Sound Choice Recommended
5653-01 Daryl Hall Justify DAM Recommended
1082-18 Daryl Hall & John Oates You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling DAM Recommended
1082-26 Daryl Hall & John Oates (Hall & Oates) Private Eyes (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3397-19 Darío Moreno Le Marchand De Bonheur DAM Recommended
3718-72 Das Pop Underground DAM Recommended
834-09 Dashboard Confessional Belle of The Boulevard Pop Hits Recommended
947-09 Dashboard Confessional Rapid Hope Loss Top Hits Recommended
3656-88 Datarock Give It Up DAM Recommended
3883-19 Daughtry Crawling Back To You DAM Recommended
3923-72 Daughtry Feels Like Tonight DAM Recommended
3397-65 Daughtry Home DAM Recommended
3021-86 Daughtry It's Not Over DAM Recommended
831-06 Daughtry Life After You Quik Hitz Recommended
3660-30 Daughtry No Surprise DAM Recommended
3874-33 Daughtry Over You DAM Recommended
871-08 Daughtry Renegade Pop Hits Recommended
912-07 Daughtry September Pop Hits Recommended
3945-61 Daughtry Torches DAM Recommended
3945-61 Daughtry Torches DAM Recommended
3919-38 Daughtry Waiting For Superman DAM Recommended
804-08 Daughtry What About Now Sunfly Recommended
1126-65 Dave & Domino I Believe In You DAM Recommended
3021-41 Dave & Nuage Don't Make Me Cry DAM Recommended
839-04 Dave Archuleta Crush Pop Hits Recommended
342-B-13 Dave Clark Five, The Because Pioneer Recommended
560-A-07 Dave Clark Five, The Bits & Pieces Pioneer Recommended
029-B-12 Dave Clark Five, The Can't You See That She's Mine Pioneer Recommended
G9 Dave Clark Five, The Catch Us If You Can CDG Recommended
9-17 Dave Clark Five, The Do You Love Me DK Karaoke
539-A-13 Dave Clark Five, The Do You Love Me DVK Recommended
3950-92 Dave Clark Five, The Glad All Over DAM Recommended
G10 Dave Clark Five, The I Like It Like That CDG Recommended
015-B-06 Dave Clark Five, The Over & Over Pioneer Recommended
4380-89 Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich Legend Xanadu, The DAM Recommended
3827-32 Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich Okay! DAM Recommended
72-17 Dave Dudley Six Days On The Road DK Karaoke Recommended
2833-40 Dave Edmunds I Hear You Knocking DAM Recommended
540-15 Dave Hollister Tell Me Why Chartbuster Recommended
656-09 Dave Loggins Please Come To Boston Monster Hits
034-A-09 Dave Loggins Please Come To Boston Pioneer Recommended
90-12 Dave Mason We Just Disagree DK Karaoke Recommended
429-01 Dave Mason We Just Disagree Swt GA Brn
594-08 Dave Matthews Band Crash Into Me Chartbuster Recommended
594-11 Dave Matthews Band Crush Chartbuster Recommended
277-11 Dave Matthews Band Everyday Swt GA Brn Recommended
191-09 Dave Matthews Band I Did It Top Tunes Recommended
5159-01 Dave Matthews Band So Much To Say DAM Recommended
211-03 Dave Matthews Band Space Between, The Music Maestro Recommended
594-09 Dave Matthews Band Stay (Wasting Time) Chartbuster Recommended
594-07 Dave Matthews Band Too Much Chartbuster Recommended
594-10 Dave Matthews Band Tripping Billies Chartbuster Recommended
594-12 Dave Matthews Band What Would You Say Chartbuster Recommended
223-02 Dave Matthews Band Where Are You Going Sound Choice Recommended
1126-69 Dave McLoud Mikado DAM Recommended
796-12 Dave Navarro Rexall Top Tunes Recommended
6549-04 Dave Rodgers Ale' Japan DAM Recommended
6549-09 Dave Rodgers Deja-Vu DAM Recommended
6549-11 Dave Rodgers Don't Let Me Cry DAM Recommended
6549-10 Dave Rodgers Eldorado DAM Recommended
6549-01 Dave Rodgers Final Countdown, The DAM Recommended
6549-02 Dave Rodgers Kingdom of Rock DAM Recommended
6549-13 Dave Rodgers Love Train DAM Recommended
6549-05 Dave Rodgers Space Boy DAM Recommended
6549-03 Dave Rodgers Stay The Night DAM Recommended
6549-16 Dave Rodgers Take Me Higher DAM Recommended
6549-15 Dave Rodgers Wild Heaven DAM Recommended
1126-66 Dave Simon I Need Your Love DAM Recommended
1126-67 Dave Simon Killer DAM Recommended
1126-68 Dave, Domino & Virginelle Anniversary DAM Recommended
3656-04 David Archuleta Crush DAM Recommended
917-08 David Archuleta Something 'Bout Love Pop Hits Recommended
529-A-02 David Ball Look What Followed Me Home MS Recommended
308-08 David Banner Cadillac On 22's Pop Hits Recommended
921-11 David Banner & 9th Wonder ft. Ludacris & Marcia Ambrosius Be With You Pop Hits Recommended
3038-65 David Bisbal Oye El Boom DAM Recommended
3441-94 David Bisbal Silencio DAM Recommended
244-06 David Bowie 1984 SBI Recommended
605-09 David Bowie Absolute Beginners Legends Series Recommended
605-14 David Bowie Ashes To Ashes Legends Series
944-06 David Bowie Ashes To Ashes Zoom Recommended
3112-27 David Bowie Blackstar DAM Recommended
422-02 David Bowie Blue Jean Just Tracks Recommended
244-04 David Bowie Boys Keep Swinging SBI Recommended
673-08 David Bowie Cat People (Putting Out Fire) Sound Choice Recommended
605-02 David Bowie Changes Legends Series
268-A-07 David Bowie Changes Pioneer Recommended
205-10 David Bowie Changes Sound Choice
603-06 David Bowie Changes Sunfly
605-12 David Bowie China Girl Legends Series
268-A-10 David Bowie China Girl Pioneer Recommended
836-04 David Bowie China Girl Sound Choice
244-02 David Bowie D.J. SBI Recommended
3112-42 David Bowie Dancing Out In Space DAM Recommended
3112-43 David Bowie Days DAM Recommended
244-03 David Bowie Diamond Dogs SBI Recommended
605-05 David Bowie Drive In Saturday Legends Series Recommended
422-01 David Bowie Fame Just Tracks
457-08 David Bowie Fame Swt GA Brn Recommended
268-B-11 David Bowie Fame ('90 remix) Pioneer Recommended
603-08 David Bowie Fashion Sunfly Recommended
3112-28 David Bowie Five Years DAM Recommended
244-08 David Bowie Five Years SBI Recommended
605-08 David Bowie Golden Years Legends Series
205-11 David Bowie Golden Years Sound Choice Recommended
3112-11 David Bowie Hallo Spaceboy DAM Recommended
3112-04 David Bowie Hearts Filthy Lesson, The (LP Version) DAM Recommended
603-02 David Bowie Heroes Sunfly Recommended
244-15 David Bowie Heroes Zoom
603-07 David Bowie Jean Genie Sunfly Recommended
244-14 David Bowie Jean Genie, The Zoom Recommended
244-01 David Bowie John I'm Only Dancing SBI Recommended
605-15 David Bowie Jump They Say Legends Series Recommended
3112-41 David Bowie Killing A Little Time DAM Recommended
244-10 David Bowie Lady Stardust SBI Recommended
3112-32 David Bowie Lazarus DAM Recommended
422-04 David Bowie Let's Dance Just Tracks
218-01 David Bowie Let's Dance Legends Bassline
605-11 David Bowie Let's Dance Legends Series
768-13 David Bowie Let's Dance Monster Hits
048-A-09 David Bowie Let's Dance Pioneer Recommended
140-05 David Bowie Let's Dance Sound Choice
603-05 David Bowie Let's Dance Sunfly
605-04 David Bowie Life On Mars Legends Series Recommended
748-05 David Bowie Loving The Alien CDG Recommended
781-01 David Bowie Man Who Sold The World, The Sunfly Recommended
422-03 David Bowie Modern Love Just Tracks
047-B-03 David Bowie Modern Love Pioneer Recommended
894-13 David Bowie Modern Love Sound Choice
3112-26 David Bowie Moonage Daydream DAM Recommended
3112-23 David Bowie Never Get Old DAM Recommended
3112-37 David Bowie No Plan DAM Recommended
605-07 David Bowie Rebel Rebel Legends Series
603-01 David Bowie Rebel Rebel Sunfly Recommended
244-12 David Bowie Rebel Rebel Zoom
605-03 David Bowie Rock 'N Roll Suicide Legends Series Recommended
244-05 David Bowie Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps) SBI Recommended
605-06 David Bowie Sorrow Legends Series Recommended
244-09 David Bowie Soul Love SBI Recommended
244-11 David Bowie Sound And Vision SBI Recommended
333-B-07 David Bowie Space Oddity EMI
605-01 David Bowie Space Oddity Legends Series
603-03 David Bowie Starman Sunfly Recommended
244-13 David Bowie Starman Zoom
428-09 David Bowie Suffragette City Swt GA Brn Recommended
605-13 David Bowie Tonight, Tonight, Tonight Legends Series Recommended
605-10 David Bowie Under Pressure Legends Series Recommended
244-07 David Bowie Wild Is The Wind SBI Recommended
420-11 David Bowie Young Americans Monster Hits
048-B-08 David Bowie Young Americans Pioneer Recommended
137-10 David Bowie Young Americans Sound Choice
330-A-09 David Bowie Ziggy Stardust EMI
603-04 David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Sunfly Recommended
430-10 David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Swt GA Brn
577-09 David Bowie & Mick Jagger Dancing In The Street CDG
698-07 David Bowie & Mick Jagger Dancing In The Street CDG
560-B-13 David Cassidy Daydreamer Pioneer
626-07 David Cassidy Daydreamer Zoom Recommended
041-A-13 David Cassidy How Can I Be Sure Pioneer Recommended
3923-73 David Cook Time Of My Life, The DAM Recommended
616-13 David Essex Gonna Make You A Star Sunfly Recommended
231-10 David Essex Silver Dream Machine Killer Tracks Recommended
3928-65 David Foster Grown Up Christmas List DAM Recommended
525-B-08 David Foster & Marylin Martin And When She Danced FIT Recommended
525-B-09 David Foster & Olivia Newton-John Best of Me, The FIT Recommended
412-A-10 David Gates Goodbye Girl HLD Recommended
162-03 David Gray Babylon Music Maestro
196-06 David Gray Babylon NorthStar Pop Recommended
297-04 David Gray Be Mine Top Tunes Recommended
294-12 David Gray Other Side, The Sunfly Recommended
295-13 David Gray Sail Away Sunfly Recommended
7086-13 David Guetta 2U (ft. Justin Bieber) DAM Recommended
7086-16 David Guetta 2U (ft. Justin Bieber) (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
7086-19 David Guetta Don't Leave Me Alone (ft. Anne-Marie) DAM Recommended
7086-21 David Guetta Stay (Don't Go Away) ft. Raye DAM Recommended
7086-12 David Guetta Titanium ft. Sia (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3717-69 David Guetta When Love Takes Over DAM Recommended
877-16 David Guetta & Chris Brown & Lil' Wayne I Can Only Imagine Mr. Entertainer Recommended
912-02 David Guetta & Fergie & LMFAO Getting' Over You Pop Hits Recommended
838-18 David Guetta & Kid Cudi Memories Pop Hits Recommended
7086-06 David Guetta & Nicky Romero Metropolis DAM Recommended
253-05 David Guetta & Sam Martin Lovers On The Sun Mr. Entertainer Recommended
7086-08 David Guetta & Showtek ft. Vassy Bad DAM Recommended
7086-18 David Guetta & Sia Flames DAM Recommended
854-03 David Guetta & Taio Cruz & Ludacris Little Bad Girl Mr. Entertainer Recommended
800-13 David Guetta ft. Akon Sexy Bitch Sunfly Recommended
3932-93 David Guetta ft. Emeli Sandé What I Did For Love DAM Recommended
3853-44 David Guetta ft. Estelle One Love DAM Recommended
3741-25 David Guetta ft. Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj Where Them Girls At DAM Recommended
3865-32 David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj Turn Me On DAM Recommended
3761-38 David Guetta ft. Rihanna Hamaica Song DAM Recommended
3928-81 David Guetta ft. Sam Martin Dangerous DAM Recommended
3928-32 David Guetta ft. Sam Martin Lovers On Th Sun DAM Recommended
890-11 David Guetta ft. Sia She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) Mr. Entertainer Recommended
879-14 David Guetta ft. Sia She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) Sunfly
868-02 David Guetta ft. Sia Titanium Sunfly Recommended
3923-08 David Guetta ft. Skylar Grey Shot Me Down DAM Recommended
857-18 David Guetta ft. Usher Without You Mr. Entertainer Recommended
7086-09 David Guetta ft. Zara Larsson This One's For You DAM Recommended
851-11 David Guetta vs. Snoop Dogg Sweat Sunfly Recommended
7086-20 David Guetta, Brooks & Loote Better When You're Gone DAM Recommended
367-B-08 David Houston Almost Persuaded Nikkodo Recommended
228-A-04 David Houston You Mean The World To Me NUT Recommended
131-15 David Lee Murphy Fish Ain't Bitin' Music Maestro Recommended
766-05 David Lee Roth California Girls Sound Choice Recommended
5164-06 David Lee Roth Goin' Crazy! DAM Recommended
391-06 David Lee Roth Just A Gigolo Party Pak
035-B-03 David Lee Roth Just A Gigolo Pioneer Recommended
759-06 David Lee Roth Just A Gigolo Sound Choice
325-A-14 David Lee Roth Just Like Paradise EMI Recommended
5164-05 David Lee Roth Skyscraper DAM Recommended
5164-04 David Lee Roth Yankee Rose DAM Recommended
238-10 David Naughton Making It Legends Series Recommended
399-06 David Seville Witch Doctor Party Pak Recommended
2833-83 David Soul Don't Give Up On Us DAM Recommended
600-12 David Soul Silver Lady Zoom Recommended
881-02 Dawes If I Wanted Someone Pop Hits Recommended
3945-62 Dawin ft. Silento Dessert DAM Recommended
3828-81 Dawn Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
133-13 Dawn Penn You Don't Love Me (No No No) Sunfly Recommended
1162-88 Dawn Thomas If I'm Not In Love With You DAM Recommended
873-12 Day 26 Made Love Lately Pop Hits Recommended
855-06 Day To Remember, A All Signs Point To Lauderdale Pop Hits Recommended
864-04 Day To Remember, A It's Complicated Pop Hits Recommended
3947-72 Day To Remember, A Paranoia DAM Recommended
3968-86 Daya Sit Still, Look Pretty DAM Recommended
3590-32 Dayton Sound of Music, The DAM Recommended
3995-59 Daz Dillinger ft. Lady "V" In California DAM Recommended
592-10 Dazz Band Let It Whip Motown Recommended
568-07 De Barge All This Love Sound Choice
663-04 De Barge All This Love Sound Choice
683-08 De Barge All This Love Sound Choice Recommended
229-A-01 De Barge Can't Get Enough NUT Recommended
4279-82 De Barge I Like It DAM Recommended
17-04 De Barge Rhythm of The Night DK Karaoke
543-A-05 De Barge Rhythm of The Night DKV Recommended
3537-37 De Barge Stay With Me DAM Recommended
5363-41 De Barge Time Will Reveal DAM Recommended
407-07 De Barge Who's Holding Donna Now Sunfly Recommended
683-03 De Barge Who's Johnny Original Recommended
558-B-14 De Danann Maggie Pioneer Recommended
3545-80 De De Party DAM
532-07 De La Soul Me Myself & I Sound Choice
666-07 De La Soul Me Myself & I Sound Choice
3844-18 De La Soul Me Myself And I DAM Recommended
1126-70 De La Vega Incredible Love DAM Recommended
907-13 Deacon Blue Real Gone Kid Sunfly Recommended
3923-24 Dead By April Promise Me DAM Recommended
6765-50 Dead By Sunrise Fire DAM Recommended
3920-91 Dead Kennedys Califorinia Ober Alles DAM Recommended
3883-49 Dead Kennedys Holiday In Cambodia DAM Recommended
3851-71 Dead Kennedys Kill The Poor DAM Recommended
3920-92 Dead Kennedys Too Drunk To Fuck DAM Recommended
741-14 Dead Kennedys (Adult) Too Drunk To Fuck Sound Choice Recommended
137-11 Dead Milkmen, The Punk Rock Girl Sound Choice Recommended
571-14 Dead Or Alive Brand New Lover (Radio Version) Sound Choice Recommended
3556-07 Dead Or Alive Lover Come Back To Me DAM Recommended
363-07 Dead Or Alive My Heart Goes Bang CDG Recommended
3556-04 Dead Or Alive Something In My House DAM Recommended
3556-03 Dead Or Alive Turn Around & Count 2 Ten DAM Recommended
140-08 Dead Or Alive You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) Sound Choice
219-08 Dead Or Alive You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) Sound Choice
748-14 Dead Or Alive You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) Zoom Recommended
951-11 Deadmau5 Pressional Griefers Original Recommended
3774-90 Deadmau5 ft. Rob Swire Ghosts 'n' Stuff DAM Recommended
707-03 Dean Martin Ain't That A Kick In The Head Music Maestro Recommended
25-13 Dean Martin Everybody Loves Somebody DK Karaoke
001-B-08 Dean Martin Everybody Loves Somebody Pioneer Recommended
411-01 Dean Martin Innamorata (Sweetheart) Sound Choice Recommended
818-11 Dean Martin Magic Moments Easy Karaoke Recommended
45-07 Dean Martin Memories Are Made This DK Karaoke
017-A-02 Dean Martin Memories Are Made This Pioneer
314-A-06 Dean Martin My Rifle, My Pony And Me EMI Recommended
455-09 Dean Martin Return To Me Karaoke Hits Recommended
378-08 Dean Martin Return To Me (Ritorna-Me) Sound Choice Recommended
1084-14 Dean Martin Rio Bravo DAM Recommended
1084-12 Dean Martin Sway (Quien Sera) DAM Recommended
86-17 Dean Martin That's Amore DK Karaoke
378-03 Dean Martin That's Amore Sound Choice Recommended
94-11 Dean Martin Volare DK Karaoke
456-14 Dean Martin Volare Karaoke Hits
378-04 Dean Martin Volare Sound Choice Recommended
92-15 Dean Martin You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You DK Karaoke Recommended
447-03 Dean Martin You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You Karaoke Hits
434-08 Dean Martin Young & Foolish Swt GA Brn Recommended
1084-20 Dean Martin & Dave Koz Just In Time DAM Recommended
608-03 Dean Martin & Helen O'Connell How D'Ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning Sunfly Recommended
1084-15 Dean Martin & Martina McBride Baby, It's Cold Outside DAM Recommended
450-11 Deana Carter Strawberry Wine Karaoke Hits Recommended
3919-55 Deap Vally End Of The World DAM Recommended
1183-48 Death Cab For Cutie Marching Bands Manhattan DAM Recommended
837-08 Death Cab For Cutie Meet Me On The Equinox Pop Hits Recommended
3865-72 Death Cab For Cutie You Are A Tourist DAM Recommended
5054-02 Debbie Gibson Electric Youth DAM Recommended
025-A-05 Debbie Gibson Foolish Beat Pioneer Recommended
025-A-01 Debbie Gibson Lost In Your Eyes Pioneer Recommended
3832-56 Debbie Gibson Lost In Your Eyes (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
025-A-02 Debbie Gibson Only In My Dreams Pioneer Recommended
025-A-03 Debbie Gibson Out of The Blue Pioneer Recommended
025-A-04 Debbie Gibson Shake Your Love Pioneer Recommended
3946-70 Debbie Gibson Without You DAM Recommended
5054-04 Debbie Gibson with Eric Martin Sekaiju No Dareyori Kitto (MSV version) DAM Recommended
787-14 Debbie Harry French Kissing In The USA Sunfly Recommended
657-06 Debbie Reynolds Tammy Chartbuster
013-A-13 Debbie Reynolds Tammy Pioneer Recommended
76-06 Debby Boone You Light Up My Life DK Karaoke
015-A-12 Debby Boone You Light Up My Life Pioneer Recommended
893-09 Debby Boone You Light Up My Life Sound Choice
152-05 Debelah Morgan Dance With Me Pop Hits Recommended
3746-55 Debelah Morgan I Love You DAM Recommended
3748-95 Debi Nova Drummer Boy DAM Recommended
738-08 Deborah Allen Rockin' Little Christmas Chartbuster Recommended
343-B-11 Deborah Cox Nobody's Supposed To Be Here MD Recommended
132-13 Debra Laws Very Special Sound Choice Recommended
3552-09 Decadence Corrosion DAM Recommended
3968-87 Declan McKenna Brazil DAM Recommended
3958-70 Declan McKenna Kids Don't Wanna Come Home, The DAM Recommended
3986-72 Declan McKenna Why Do You Feel So Down? DAM Recommended
363-A-08 Dee Clark Hey Little Girl Nikkodo Recommended
59-07 Dee Dee Sharp Mashed Potato Time DK Karaoke Recommended
371-10 Deee-Lite Groove Is In The Heart Sound Choice Recommended
713-08 Deep Blue Something Breakfast At Tiffany's Sunfly Recommended
180-05 Deep Blue Something Breakfast At Tiffany's Top Hits
3593-41 Deep Forest Will You Be Ready (Be Prepared Remix) DAM Recommended
329-B-10 Deep Purple Black Night EMI
246-19 Deep Purple Black Night Zoom Recommended
3111-26 Deep Purple Black Night (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
321-B-12 Deep Purple Burn EMI
697-01 Deep Purple Burn Honky Cat Recommended
3111-27 Deep Purple Burn (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3111-17 Deep Purple Child In Time DAM Recommended
3111-13 Deep Purple Demon's Eye DAM Recommended
826-15 Deep Purple Fireball Sunfly Recommended
501-A-02 Deep Purple Highway Star Pioneer Recommended
3111-25 Deep Purple Highway Star (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
36-04 Deep Purple Hush DK Karaoke Recommended
682-14 Deep Purple Kentucky Woman Sound Choice Recommended
3111-15 Deep Purple Knocking At Your Back Door DAM Recommended
3111-24 Deep Purple Lady Double Dealer DAM Recommended
3111-18 Deep Purple Lazy DAM Recommended
3111-21 Deep Purple Maybe I'm A Leo DAM Recommended
3111-16 Deep Purple Mistreated DAM Recommended
782-10 Deep Purple Never Before Sunfly Recommended
3111-20 Deep Purple Perfect Strangers DAM Recommended
3111-23 Deep Purple Pictures Of Home DAM Recommended
64-07 Deep Purple Smoke On The Water DK Karaoke
472-A-03 Deep Purple Smoke On The Water Pioneer Recommended
3111-28 Deep Purple Smoke On The Water (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
766-03 Deep Purple Space Truckin' Sound Choice Recommended
430-14 Deep Purple Space Truckin' Swt GA Brn
3111-05 Deep Purple Speed King DAM Recommended
3111-14 Deep Purple Stormbringer DAM Recommended
333-A-09 Deep Purple Strange Kind Woman EMI Recommended
3111-29 Deep Purple Strange Kind Of Woman (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3111-06 Deep Purple Woman From Tokyo DAM Recommended
232-08 Deepest Blue Give It Away Killer Tracks Recommended
466-04 Def Leppard Animal Sound Choice
506-11 Def Leppard Animal Sound Choice
457-15 Def Leppard Animal Swt GA Brn
788-14 Def Leppard Animal Nitrate Sunfly Recommended
506-04 Def Leppard Armageddon It Sound Choice
519-03 Def Leppard Armageddon It Sound Choice
951-01 Def Leppard Armageddon It (Faded Ending) Sound Choice Recommended
364-01 Def Leppard Bringin' On The Heartbreak Monster Hits
506-08 Def Leppard Bringin' On The Heartbreak Sound Choice
404-01 Def Leppard Don't Shoot Shotgun Original Recommended
506-05 Def Leppard Foolin' Sound Choice
519-04 Def Leppard Foolin' Sound Choice
405-08 Def Leppard Gods of War Original Recommended
902-10 Def Leppard Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad CDG Recommended
3557-19 Def Leppard Hello America DAM Recommended
466-03 Def Leppard Hysteria Sound Choice
506-10 Def Leppard Hysteria Sound Choice
466-02 Def Leppard Let's Get Rocked Sound Choice
736-07 Def Leppard Let's Get Rocked Sunfly
506-03 Def Leppard Love Bites Sound Choice
519-02 Def Leppard Love Bites Sound Choice
506-02 Def Leppard Love Bites Sunfly
3557-13 Def Leppard Miss You In A Heartbeat DAM Recommended
504-13 Def Leppard Now Chartbuster Recommended
842-11 Def Leppard Now Top Tunes
506-01 Def Leppard Photograph Sound Choice
519-01 Def Leppard Photograph Sound Choice
951-02 Def Leppard Photograph (Faded Ending) Sound Choice Recommended
330-A-12 Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me EMI
466-07 Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me Sound Choice
430-02 Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me Swt GA Brn
506-12 Def Leppard Promises Sound Choice
695-06 Def Leppard Promises Sound Choice
576-02 Def Leppard Rock Rock (Till You Drop) Sound Choice Recommended
135-10 Def Leppard Rock of Ages Sound Choice Recommended
466-05 Def Leppard Rocket Sound Choice Recommended
902-02 Def Leppard Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion) CDG Recommended
506-09 Def Leppard Too Late For Love Sound Choice Recommended
506-06 Def Leppard Two Steps Behind Sound Choice Recommended
3557-07 Def Leppard Two Steps Behind (Acoustic Version) DAM Recommended
3557-17 Def Leppard Undefeated DAM Recommended
3557-21 Def Leppard When Love & Hate Collide (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
506-07 Def Leppard When Love And Hate Collide Sound Choice Recommended
508-05 Def Leppard Women CDG
766-12 Def Leppard Women Sound Choice Recommended
4279-26 Def Leppard Work It Out DAM Recommended
3557-12 Def Leppard ft. Tim McGraw Nine Lives DAM Recommended
276-07 Default Live A Lie Pop Hits Recommended
945-01 Default Throw It All Away Top Hits Recommended
164-11 Deftones Back To School Sound Choice Recommended
3874-93 Deftones Changes (In The House of Flies) DAM Recommended
302-A-02 Del Amitri Always The Last To Know SUN Recommended
782-04 Del Amitri Here & Now Sunfly Recommended
231-08 Del Amitri Nothing Ever Happens Killer Tracks Recommended
97-02 Del Amitri Roll To Me DK Karaoke Recommended
73-16 Del Reeves Girl On The Billboard DK Karaoke Recommended
309-B-14 Del Shannon Hats f To Larry EMI Recommended
229-A-08 Del Shannon Keep Searching NUT Recommended
99-05 Del Shannon Runaway DK Karaoke Recommended
032-A-07 Del Vikings, The Come Go With Me Pioneer Recommended
3849-36 Del Vikings, The Whispering Bells DAM Recommended
365-A-08 Delaney & Bonnie & Sister Never Ending Song Love Nikkodo Recommended
017-B-07 Delfonics, The Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time Pioneer Recommended
267-B-09 Delfonics, The La La (Means I Love You) Pioneer Recommended
1900-70 Delgados, The Light Before We Land, The DAM Recommended
857-10 Delilah Go Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3828-14 Deloris & The Sisters Hail Holy Queen (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
821-08 Delphic Doubt Sunfly Recommended
3844-55 Delphine/Solange Chanson Des Jumelles DAM Recommended
1167-54 Delta Goodrem Flawed DAM Recommended
3451-44 Delta Goodrem In This Life DAM Recommended
843-15 Delta Goodrem Not Me Not I Sunfly Recommended
799-06 Dem Franchise Boyz Lean With It, Rock Wit It Sound Choice Recommended
839-18 Dem Franchize Boyz ft. Lloyd Turn Heads Pop Hits Recommended
3872-56 Demi Lovato Brand New Day DAM Recommended
3856-33 Demi Lovato Confident DAM Recommended
3947-64 Demi Lovato Cool For The Summer DAM Recommended
3832-89 Demi Lovato Father DAM Recommended
3938-18 Demi Lovato Fire Starter DAM Recommended
3656-05 Demi Lovato Get Back DAM Recommended
3721-09 Demi Lovato Gift of A Friend, The DAM Recommended
3883-50 Demi Lovato Give Your Heart A Break DAM Recommended
3735-33 Demi Lovato Here We Go Again DAM Recommended
754-15 Demi Lovato La La Land Sunfly Recommended
3919-71 Demi Lovato Let It Go (Demi Lovato Version) DAM Recommended
3986-36 Demi Lovato Let It Go (Demi Lovato Version) (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3920-06 Demi Lovato Neon Lights DAM Recommended
3941-39 Demi Lovato Nightingale DAM Recommended
3938-19 Demi Lovato Shouldn't Come Back DAM Recommended
856-08 Demi Lovato Skyscraper Chartbuster
854-18 Demi Lovato Skyscraper Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3745-52 Demi Lovato So Far So Great DAM Recommended
3940-90 Demi Lovato Something That We're Not DAM Recommended
3968-88 Demi Lovato Sorry Not Sorry DAM Recommended
3847-83 Demi Lovato That's How You Know (Enchanted) DAM Recommended
3942-30 Demi Lovato Warrior DAM Recommended
3942-82 Demi Lovato Without The Love DAM Recommended
3872-59 Demi Lovato & Joe Jones Wouldn't Change A Thing DAM Recommended
3545-15 Demi Lovato & Jon Jonas This Is Me DAM Recommended
3934-23 Demi Lovato ft. Cher Lloyd Really Don't Care DAM Recommended
3872-58 Demi Lovato ft. Jonas Brothers It's On DAM Recommended
3872-57 Demi Lovato, Alyson Stoner, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Char Ligera Can't Back Down DAM Recommended
3828-84 Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas This Is Me (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
4814-01 Deni Hines It's Alright DAM Recommended
3451-81 Deniece Williams Free DAM
560-B-05 Deniece Williams Free Pioneer Recommended
008-A-04 Deniece Williams It's Gonna Take A Miracle Pioneer Recommended
141-09 Deniece Williams It's Gonna Take A Miracle Sound Choice
22-02 Deniece Williams Let's Hear It For The Boys DK Karaoke
455-17 Deniece Williams Let's Hear It For The Boys Karaoke Hits
264-B-04 Deniece Williams Let's Hear It For The Boys Pioneer Recommended
3942-31 Denise LaSalle I'm So Hot DAM Recommended
403-B-05 Dennis DeYoung Babe Nikkodo Recommended
414-A-11 Dennis DeYoung Desert Moon HLD Recommended
3852-74 Dennis DeYoung Dessert Moon DAM Recommended
589-14 Dennis Edwards Don't Look Any Further Motown Recommended
914-18 Dennis Ferrer Hey Hey Pop Hits Recommended
741-04 Dennis Leary (Adult) Ass Hole Sound Choice Recommended
217-A-10 Dennis Robbins Mona Lisa On Cruise Control NUT Recommended
217-07 Dennis Waterman I Could Be So Good For You Sunfly Recommended
019-B-08 Dennis Yost & The Classics IV Traces Pioneer Recommended
2221-97 Departure, The All Mapped Out DAM Recommended
2221-21 Departure, The Lump In My Throat DAM Recommended
558-01 Depeche Mode Barrel a Gun Sunfly Recommended
560-02 Depeche Mode Behind The Wheel STTW Recommended
559-04 Depeche Mode Blasphemous Rumours STTW
562-06 Depeche Mode Blasphemous Rumours STTW Recommended
559-02 Depeche Mode Condemnation STTW Recommended
211-06 Depeche Mode Dream On Music Maestro Recommended
558-05 Depeche Mode Dreaming of Me Sunfly Recommended
559-12 Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence CDG
218-14 Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence Legends Bassline
560-04 Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence STTW Recommended
408-01 Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence Sound Choice
557-04 Depeche Mode Everything Counts STTW Recommended
558-04 Depeche Mode Everything Counts Sunfly
558-03 Depeche Mode Home Sunfly Recommended
559-01 Depeche Mode I Feel You STTW Recommended
558-08 Depeche Mode In Your Room Sunfly Recommended
558-02 Depeche Mode It's No Good Sunfly Recommended
203-14 Depeche Mode Just Can't Get Enough Sound Choice Recommended
559-03 Depeche Mode Little 15 STTW Recommended
559-05 Depeche Mode Master & Servant STTW
559-10 Depeche Mode Master & Servant Sunfly
560-01 Depeche Mode Never Let Me Down STTW Recommended
558-07 Depeche Mode Never Let Me Down Sunfly
557-01 Depeche Mode New Life STTW Recommended
558-09 Depeche Mode Only When I Lose Myself Sunfly Recommended
557-11 Depeche Mode Pain That I'm Used To, A Sunfly Recommended
141-10 Depeche Mode People Are People Sound Choice
219-14 Depeche Mode People Are People Sound Choice
560-12 Depeche Mode People Are People Sound Choice Recommended
137-13 Depeche Mode Personal Jeses Sound Choice Recommended
560-03 Depeche Mode Personal Jesus STTW Recommended
559-11 Depeche Mode Personal Jesus Sound Choice
023-B-02 Depeche Mode Policy of Truth Pioneer Recommended
219-13 Depeche Mode Policy of Truth Sound Choice
560-13 Depeche Mode Policy of Truth Sound Choice
898-10 Depeche Mode Policy of Truth Sound Choice
560-11 Depeche Mode Precious Sound Choice
557-10 Depeche Mode Precious Sunfly Recommended
570-11 Depeche Mode Question of Lust, A Sunfly Recommended
558-12 Depeche Mode Question of Time Sunfly Recommended
557-02 Depeche Mode See You STTW Recommended
557-03 Depeche Mode Shake The Disease STTW Recommended
558-06 Depeche Mode Somebody Sunfly
562-05 Depeche Mode Somebody Sunfly
632-15 Depeche Mode Somebody Sunfly Recommended
557-05 Depeche Mode Strangelove STTW Recommended
558-10 Depeche Mode Useless Sunfly Recommended
204-A-07 Depeche Mode Walking In My Shoes NUT Recommended
232-09 Depeche Mode World In My Eyes Killer Tracks
560-05 Depeche Mode World In My Eyes STTW Recommended
420-06 Derek & The Dominos Bell Bottom Blues Monster Hits
255-B-01 Derek & The Dominos Bell Bottom Blues Singalong Recommended
636-09 Derek & The Dominos Bell Bottom Blues Sound Choice
894-01 Derek & The Dominos Bell Bottom Blues Sound Choice
120-06 Derek & The Dominos Have You Ever Loved A Woman Swt GA Brn Recommended
317-B-12 Derek & The Dominos Layla EMI Recommended
3524-03 Derek & The Dominos Nobody Knows You (When You're Down And Out) DAM Recommended
3524-04 Derek And The Dominos I Looked Away DAM Recommended
6133-03 Des'ree I'm Kissing You DAM Recommended
148-13 Des'ree Life Sunfly
179-13 Des'ree Life Sunfly Recommended
236-A-12 Des'ree You Gotta Be NUT Recommended
133-12 Des'ree You Gotta Be Sunfly
5361-89 Desert Rose Band, The He's Back And I'm Blue DAM Recommended
358-A-11 Desert Rose Band, The Hello Trouble Nikkodo Recommended
358-A-12 Desert Rose Band, The Too Gone Too Long Nikkodo Recommended
6802-27 Destiny's Child 8 Days of Christmas DAM Recommended
574-01 Destiny's Child Bills Bills Bills Chartbuster Recommended
190-04 Destiny's Child Bootylicious Top Tunes Recommended
6802-06 Destiny's Child Brown Eyes DAM Recommended
160-17 Destiny's Child Bug A Boo Just Tracks Recommended
6802-16 Destiny's Child Cater 2 U DAM Recommended
6802-25 Destiny's Child DOT DOT DAM Recommended
6802-12 Destiny's Child Dangerously In Love DAM Recommended
4640-49 Destiny's Child Destiny's Child Medley DAM Recommended
6802-17 Destiny's Child Emotion DAM Recommended
715-05 Destiny's Child Girl Sunfly Recommended
6802-18 Destiny's Child Got's My Own DAM Recommended
6802-07 Destiny's Child I Know DAM Recommended
153-04 Destiny's Child If Pop Hits Recommended
153-02 Destiny's Child Independent Woman Part 1 Pop Hits
164-09 Destiny's Child Independent Woman Part 1 Sound Choice Recommended
209-09 Destiny's Child Independent Woman Part 1 Sunfly
6802-20 Destiny's Child Is She The Reason DAM Recommended
938-06 Destiny's Child Jumpin' Jumpin' Pop Hits Recommended
6802-24 Destiny's Child Killing Time DAM Recommended
370-07 Destiny's Child Lose My Breath Sound Choice Recommended
6802-21 Destiny's Child Nasty Girl DAM Recommended
6802-11 Destiny's Child Perfect Man DAM Recommended
160-02 Destiny's Child Say My Name Just Tracks
185-02 Destiny's Child Say My Name Legends Series
507-B-13 Destiny's Child Say My Name MD Recommended
112-07 Destiny's Child Say My Name Pop Hits
6802-10 Destiny's Child Soldier DAM Recommended
574-11 Destiny's Child Stand Up For Love Sunfly Recommended
6802-22 Destiny's Child Stand Up For Love (2005 World Children's Day Anthem) DAM Recommended
188-10 Destiny's Child Survivor Top Hits Recommended
6802-23 Destiny's Child ft. Beyonce & Slim Thug Check On It DAM Recommended
6802-39 Destiny's Child ft. Wyclef Jean No, No, No Part2 DAM Recommended
881-06 Deuce America Pop Hits Recommended
3851-02 Devil Wears Prada, The Hey John, What's your Name Again? DAM Recommended
880-08 Devlin Watchtower Mr. Entertainer Recommended
878-05 Devlin & Ed Sheeran Watchtower (All Along The) Sunfly Recommended
920-17 Devlin & Labrinth Let It Go Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3590-34 Devo Peek A Boo! DAM Recommended
203-06 Devo Through Being Cool Sound Choice Recommended
136-12 Devo Whip It! Monster Hits
390-05 Devo Whip It! Party Pak
022-A-09 Devo Whip It! Pioneer Recommended
176-06 Dexter Freebish Leaving Town Music Maestro
177-02 Dexter Freebish Leaving Town Pop Hits
164-13 Dexter Freebish Leaving Town Sound Choice Recommended
3744-73 Dexter Spike Poker Face DAM Recommended
262-A-05 Dexys Midnight Runners Come On Eileen EMI
123-09 Dexys Midnight Runners Come On Eileen Legends Bassline
136-11 Dexys Midnight Runners Come On Eileen Monster Hits
790-06 Dexys Midnight Runners Come On Eileen Zoom Recommended
944-04 Dexys Midnight Runners Geno Zoom Recommended
1079-88 Diamond Head Am I Evil? DAM Recommended
90-09 Diamond Rio Meet In The Middle DK Karaoke Recommended
219-A-11 Diamond Rio Sawmill Road NUT Recommended
214-A-12 Diamond Rio This Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet NUT Recommended
657-13 Diamonds, The Little Darlin' Chartbuster
82-06 Diamonds, The Little Darlin' DK Karaoke
008-B-11 Diamonds, The Little Darlin' Pioneer Recommended
5360-90 Diamonds, The Stroll, The DAM
963-06 Diamonds, The Stroll, The Legends Recommended
247-A-12 Diamonds, The Walking Along NUT Recommended
4038-02 Diana King I Say A Little Prayer DAM Recommended
4038-01 Diana King Shy Guy DAM Recommended
4038-03 Diana King Summer Breezin' DAM Recommended
525-03 Diana Krall As Long As I Live Legends
621-11 Diana Krall As Long As I Live Pocket Recommended
565-06 Diana Krall Best Thing For You (Would Be Me), The Pocket Recommended
621-01 Diana Krall Blossom Fell, A Pocket Recommended
525-02 Diana Krall Body & Soul Legends Recommended
621-02 Diana Krall Boulevard of Broken Dreams Pocket Recommended
565-12 Diana Krall Boy From Ipenema Priddis Recommended
525-04 Diana Krall Devil May Care Legends Recommended
621-14 Diana Krall Don't Dream It's Over Pocket Recommended
565-05 Diana Krall East The Sun (& West The Moon) Pocket Recommended
621-03 Diana Krall Fly Me To The Moon Pocket Recommended
525-05 Diana Krall Frim Fram Sauce Legends Recommended
565-09 Diana Krall Garden In The Rain Pocket Recommended
565-01 Diana Krall Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To Love You Pocket Recommended
621-13 Diana Krall Hit The Jive Jack Pocket Recommended
565-08 Diana Krall How Deep Is The Ocean Pocket Recommended
565-07 Diana Krall I Miss You For So Pocket Recommended
565-11 Diana Krall I'll Never Be The Same Priddis Recommended
621-04 Diana Krall I'll String Along With You Pocket Recommended
525-06 Diana Krall I'm An Errand Girl Legends Recommended
565-02 Diana Krall I'm Thru With Love Pocket Recommended
3988-97 Diana Krall I've Got You Under My Skin DAM Recommended
621-05 Diana Krall I've Got You Under My Skin Pocket
565-13 Diana Krall I've Got You Under My Skin Priddis Recommended
621-06 Diana Krall If I Had You Pocket Recommended
3943-94 Diana Krall If I Take You Home Tonight DAM Recommended
565-03 Diana Krall Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby Pocket Recommended
565-14 Diana Krall Just The Way You Are Priddis Recommended
525-07 Diana Krall Let's Face The Music & Dance Legends
187-02 Diana Krall Let's Face The Music & Dance Music Maestro
525-08 Diana Krall Let's Fall In Love Legends
565-04 Diana Krall Let's Fall In Love Pocket Recommended
3451-80 Diana Krall Look Love, The DAM Recommended
621-12 Diana Krall Narrow Daylight Pocket Recommended
525-01 Diana Krall Peel Me A Grape Legends
187-01 Diana Krall Peel Me A Grape Music Maestro Recommended
621-07 Diana Krall Pick Yourself Up Pocket Recommended
621-08 Diana Krall S Wonderful Pocket Recommended
3828-39 Diana Krall Temptation DAM Recommended
565-10 Diana Krall Temptation Priddis Recommended
621-09 Diana Krall This Can't Be Love Pocket Recommended
187-06 Diana Krall You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me Music Maestro Recommended
621-10 Diana Krall You're Looking At Me Pocket Recommended
2-14 Diana Ross Ain't No Mountain High Enough DK Karaoke
587-14 Diana Ross Ain't No Mountain High Enough Motown Recommended
1087-24 Diana Ross All of My Life DAM Recommended
1087-18 Diana Ross Boss, The DAM Recommended
231-15 Diana Ross Chain Reaction Killer Tracks
217-04 Diana Ross Chain Reaction Sunfly Recommended
4678-88 Diana Ross Diana Ross Medley DAM Recommended
034-A-06 Diana Ross Do You Know Where You're Going To Pioneer Recommended
533-08 Diana Ross Do You Know Where You're Going To Sound Choice
589-13 Diana Ross I'll Try Something New Motown Recommended
593-09 Diana Ross I'm Coming Out Motown Recommended
48-10 Diana Ross I'm Gonna Make You Love Me DK Karaoke Recommended
1087-25 Diana Ross I'm Still Waiting DAM Recommended
325-B-14 Diana Ross If We Hold On Together EMI Recommended
1087-35 Diana Ross If We Hold On Together (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
1087-20 Diana Ross It's My House DAM Recommended
590-13 Diana Ross It's My Turn Motown
033-A-09 Diana Ross It's My Turn Pioneer Recommended
98-12 Diana Ross Last Time I Saw Him, The DK Karaoke Recommended
64-08 Diana Ross Love Hangover DK Karaoke
591-10 Diana Ross Love Hangover Motown
008-A-07 Diana Ross Love Hangover Pioneer Recommended
1087-31 Diana Ross Missing You DAM Recommended
937-02 Diana Ross My Old Piano Pioneer Recommended
1087-32 Diana Ross Promise Me You'll Try DAM Recommended
66-07 Diana Ross Reach Out & Touch DK Karaoke
593-14 Diana Ross Reach Out & Touch Motown
20-06 Diana Ross Theme From Mahogany DK Karaoke Recommended
312-A-11 Diana Ross Theme From Mahogany EMI
5-03 Diana Ross Touch Me In The Morning DK Karaoke
538-B-06 Diana Ross Touch Me In The Morning DKV Recommended
3-10 Diana Ross Upside Down DK Karaoke
610-09 Diana Ross Upside Down Motown
521-09 Diana Ross Upside Down Original
006-B-03 Diana Ross Upside Down Pioneer Recommended
689-10 Diana Ross Upside Down Sunfly
966-08 Diana Ross When You Tell Me That You Love Me Sound Choice Recommended
1087-36 Diana Ross When You Tell Me That You Love Me (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
1087-03 Diana Ross You Can't Hurry Love DAM Recommended
1087-37 Diana Ross You Can't Hurry Love (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
37-01 Diana Ross & Lionel Richie Endless Love DK Karaoke
610-16 Diana Ross & Lionel Richie Endless Love Motown
521-16 Diana Ross & Lionel Richie Endless Love Original Recommended
393-05 Diana Ross & Lionel Richie Endless Love Party Pak
3554-99 Diana Ross & Lionel Richie Endless Love (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
5093-04 Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye Don't Knock My Love DAM Recommended
5093-01 Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye You Are Everything DAM Recommended
1087-30 Diana Ross & Michael Jackson Ease On Down The Road #1 DAM Recommended
1087-07 Diana Ross & The Supremes Back In My Arms Again DAM Recommended
589-12 Diana Ross & The Supremes I'm Gonna Make You Love Me Motown Recommended
586-13 Diana Ross & The Supremes Love Child Motown Recommended
1087-33 Diana Ross & The Supremes Lover's Concerto, A DAM Recommended
585-12 Diana Ross & The Supremes Reflections Motown Recommended
908-11 Diana Ross & The Supremes Reflections Sound Choice
581-10 Diana Ross & The Supremes Some Day We'll Be Together Motown Recommended
905-15 Diana Vickers Once Sunfly Recommended
3927-53 Diane Birch All The Love You Got DAM Recommended
3660-04 Diane Birch Fools DAM Recommended
3932-09 Diane Birch Rewind DAM Recommended
318-A-06 Diane Renay Navy Blue EMI Recommended
368-A-03 Dick Haymes Laura Nikkodo Recommended
4724-05 Dick Lee Japanese Rhumba DAM Recommended
4724-04 Dick Lee Wo Wo Ni Ni DAM Recommended
5452-09 Dick St.Nicklaus Magic DAM Recommended
3721-78 Dick Van Dyke Chitty Chitty Bang Bang DAM Recommended
5159-38 Dick Van Dyke Put On A Happy Face (From Bye Bye Birdie) DAM Recommended
556-B-14 Dickie Valentine Christmas Alphabet Pioneer Recommended
556-A-07 Dickies, The Banana Splits (The Tra-La-La Song) Pioneer Recommended
918-12 Diddy & Dirty Money & Drake Loving You No More Pop Hits Recommended
921-01 Diddy & Dirty Money & Skylar Grey Coming Home Pop Hits Recommended
922-14 Diddy & Dirty Money & Swizz Beatz Ass On The Floor Pop Hits Recommended
6876-04 Dido Don't Believe In Love DAM Recommended
6876-03 Dido Here With Me DAM Recommended
295-06 Dido Hunter, The Sunfly Recommended
190-07 Dido Hunter, The Top Tunes
162-08 Dido Thank You Music Maestro
196-01 Dido Thank You NorthStar Pop
622-18 Dido White Flag (Radio Version) Sound Choice Recommended
371-14 Digital Underground Humpty Dance, The Sound Choice Recommended
3840-49 Digitalism 2 Hearts DAM Recommended
3106-30 Digitalism Pogo DAM Recommended
3940-72 Dillon Francis ft. DJ Snake Get Low DAM Recommended
3943-65 Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft. Ne-Yo Higher Place DAM Recommended
3626-11 Dimmu Borgir Progenies The Great Apocalypse DAM Recommended
25-04 Dinah Shore Anniversary Song DK Karaoke Recommended
311-B-13 Dinah Shore Blue Canary EMI Recommended
45-14 Dinah Shore Blues In The Night DK Karaoke Recommended
313-B-05 Dinah Shore & Happy Valley Boys Buttons And Bows EMI Recommended
752-10 Dinah Washington Mad About The Boy Sunfly Recommended
3569-15 Dinah Washington Teach Me Tonight DAM Recommended
187-14 Dinah Washington This Bitter Earth Music Maestro Recommended
187-13 Dinah Washington Trust In My Music Maestro Recommended
948-01 Dinah Washington What A Difference A Day Makes Sound Choice Recommended
959-04 Dino Ramos La Nave Del Olvido Multi Karaoke Recommended
3943-95 Dinosaur Jr. Freak Scene DAM Recommended
2221-28 Dinosaur Jr. Get Me DAM Recommended
2221-29 Dinosaur Jr. Wagon, The DAM Recommended
3941-64 Dinosaur Pile-Up 11:11 DAM Recommended
3943-96 Dinosaur Pile-Up Peninsula DAM Recommended
3753-10 Dio Don't Talk TO Strangers DAM Recommended
405-05 Dio Dream Evil Original Recommended
3753-17 Dio Eveil Eyes DAM Recommended
512-01 Dio Holy Diver Sound Choice Recommended
512-02 Dio Last In Line Sound Choice Recommended
512-03 Dio Rainbow In The Dark Sound Choice Recommended
3753-18 Dio Rock 'N' Roll Children DAM Recommended
3753-14 Dio Stand Up & Shout DAM Recommended
3753-19 Dio We Rock DAM Recommended
546496 Dion Drip Drop DAM Recommended
63-11 Dion & The Belmonts Runaround Sue DK Karaoke
388-02 Dion & The Belmonts Runaround Sue Sound Choice Recommended
1-16 Dion & The Belmonts Teenager In Love, A DK Karaoke Recommended
325-B-11 Dion & The Belmonts Teenager In Love, A EMI
52-17 Dion & The Belmonts Wanderer DK Karaoke Recommended
452-06 Dion & The Belmonts Wanderer Karaoke Hits
542-06 Dionne Farris Don't Ever Touch Me (Again) Star Disc Recommended
93-05 Dionne Farris I Know DK Karaoke
416-04 Dionne Farris I Know DK Karaoke Recommended
042-B-01 Dionne Farris I Know Pioneer Recommended
25-18 Dionne Warwick Alfie DK Karaoke
012-A-10 Dionne Warwick Alfie Pioneer Recommended
555-A-08 Dionne Warwick All The Love In The World Pioneer Recommended
16-10 Dionne Warwick Do You Know The Way To San Jose DK Karaoke
263-A-05 Dionne Warwick Do You Know The Way To San Jose Pioneer Recommended
1089-13 Dionne Warwick Girl's In Love With You, The DAM Recommended
51-10 Dionne Warwick Heartbreaker DK Karaoke Recommended
790-10 Dionne Warwick Heartbreaker Zoom
007-A-07 Dionne Warwick I Say A Little Prayer Pioneer Recommended
948-14 Dionne Warwick I Say A Little Prayer Sound Choice
10-10 Dionne Warwick I'll Never Fall In Love Again DK Karaoke
015-A-06 Dionne Warwick I'll Never Fall In Love Again Pioneer Recommended
3838-95 Dionne Warwick I'll Never Love This Way Again DAM Recommended
021-B-03 Dionne Warwick I'll Never Love This Way Again Pioneer Recommended
13-03 Dionne Warwick I'll Say A Little Prayer DK Karaoke Recommended
D2 Dionne Warwick Message To Michael CDG Recommended
023-A-12 Dionne Warwick Promises, Promises Pioneer Recommended
65-10 Dionne Warwick Walk On By DK Karaoke
015-A-10 Dionne Warwick Walk On By Pioneer Recommended
D3 Dionne Warwick You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart) CDG Recommended
8-01 Dionne Warwick & Friends That's What Friends Are For DK Karaoke
321-B-03 Dionne Warwick & Friends That's What Friends Are For EMI
94-09 Dionne Warwick & The Spinners Then Came You DK Karaoke
035-A-10 Dionne Warwick & The Spinners Then Came You Pioneer Recommended
3985-93 Diplo Get It Right (ft. MO) DAM Recommended
693-04 Dire Straits Lady Writer Zoom Recommended
327-B-06 Dire Straits Money For Nothing EMI
759-13 Dire Straits Money For Nothing Sound Choice Recommended
784-06 Dire Straits Money For Nothing Sunfly
239-15 Dire Straits Money For Nothing Zoom
239-14 Dire Straits So Far Away Zoom Recommended
52-06 Dire Straits Sultans Swing DK Karaoke
390-13 Dire Straits Sultans Swing Party Pak
548-08 Dire Straits Twisting By The Pool Legends Series Recommended
232-03 Dire Straits Walk Life Killer Tracks
021-A-12 Dire Straits Walk Life Pioneer
3920-33 Dirty Loops Hit Me DAM Recommended
3923-58 Dirty Loops Sexy Girls DAM Recommended
3938-36 Dirty Loops Take On The World DAM Recommended
3938-77 Dirty Loops Wake Me Up DAM Recommended
949-04 Dirty Pretty Things Bang Bang You're Dead Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3958-71 Dirty Projectors Cool Your Heart DAM Recommended
369-14 Dirty Vegas Days Go By Sound Choice Recommended
3920-89 Discharge Free Speech For The Dumb DAM Recommended
3920-88 Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing DAM Recommended
3920-90 Discharge Protest And Survive DAM Recommended
3920-87 Discharge State Violence State Control DAM Recommended
3927-91 Disclosure Latch ft. Sam Smith DAM Recommended
3934-51 Disclosure When A Fire Starts To Burn DAM Recommended
3927-72 Disclosure ft. AlunaGeorge White Noise DAM Recommended
891-18 Disclosure ft. Sam Smith Latch Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3941-22 Disclosure ft. Sam Smith Omen DAM Recommended
048-A-01 Dishwalla Counting Blue Cars Pioneer Recommended
3872-42 Disney Aristocats, The (Aristocats) DAM Recommended
6214-33 Disney Beauty And The Beast (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3872-08 Disney Bella Notte (Lady & The Tramp) DAM Recommended
3872-10 Disney Belle (Beauty & The Beast) DAM Recommended
3872-43 Disney Bells of Notre Dame, The (The Bells N D) DAM Recommended
6214-20 Disney Colors Of The Wind (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
5554-28 Disney Everybody Wants To Be A Cat DAM Recommended
3872-11 Disney God Help The Outcasts (The Bells of N.D.) DAM Recommended
3872-13 Disney Happy Working Song DAM Recommended
5554-27 Disney I Won't Say (I'm In Love) DAM Recommended
3872-18 Disney I'll Make A Man Out You (Mulan) DAM Recommended
6214-19 Disney I'll Make A Man Out Of You (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3872-19 Disney I'm Wishing/One Song Snow White & 7 Dwarfs DAM Recommended
3872-14 Disney If I Never Knew You (Pocahontas) DAM Recommended
3872-20 Disney In A World My Own (Alice in Wonderland) DAM Recommended
3872-21 Disney Just Around The Riverbend (Pocahontas) DAM Recommended
3872-23 Disney Kidnap The Sandy Claws DAM Recommended
3872-27 Disney Love Is A Song DAM Recommended
3872-29 Disney One Jump Ahead DAM Recommended
5554-25 Disney Oogie Boogie's Song DAM Recommended
3872-30 Disney Poor Unfortunate Souls DAM Recommended
3872-35 Disney Prince Ali (Aladdin) DAM Recommended
6214-34 Disney Prince Ali (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3872-38 Disney So Close DAM Recommended
5554-97 Disney So Close (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3872-40 Disney That's How You Know DAM Recommended
3872-44 Disney True Love's Kiss DAM Recommended
3872-45 Disney What's This DAM Recommended
5554-26 Disney Zero To Hero DAM Recommended
3847-87 Disney Channel Stars Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Cinderella) DAM Recommended
4390-23 Disney Chorus, The Little April Shower DAM Recommended
4390-55 Disney Chorus, The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room, The DAM Recommended
4390-63 Disney Chorus, The Winnie The Pooh DAM Recommended
3749-65 Disturbed Another Way To Die DAM Recommended
740-14 Disturbed Down With The Sickness Sound Choice Recommended
3327-85 Disturbed Inside The Fire DAM Recommended
740-13 Disturbed Land of Confusion Pop Hits Recommended
740-15 Disturbed Liberate Pop Hits Recommended
740-10 Disturbed Prayer Sound Choice Recommended
842-12 Disturbed Prayer Top Tunes
740-11 Disturbed Remember Sound Choice Recommended
807-05 Disturbed Stricken Sound Choice Recommended
740-08 Disturbed Stricken Top Hits
214-02 Disturbed Stupidity (Radio Version) Sound Choice
740-09 Disturbed Stupidity (Radio Version) Sound Choice Recommended
3940-73 Disturbed Vengeful One, The DAM Recommended
740-12 Disturbed Voices Sound Choice Recommended
343-B-04 Divine Lately MD Recommended
794-03 Divine You Think You're A Man Sunfly Recommended
668-09 Divine Comedy, The Generaton Sex Sunfly Recommended
275-03 Divine Comedy, The National Express Sunfly Recommended
98-07 Divinyls, The I Touch Myself DK Karaoke Recommended
847-01 Divinyls, The I Touch Myself Sunfly
845-03 Divinyls, The I Touch Myself Zoom
128-02 Dixie Chicks Cold Day In July Star Disc Recommended
440-10 Dixie Chicks Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) Masterpiece Recommended
440-06 Dixie Chicks Home, A Masterpiece Recommended
440-08 Dixie Chicks I Believe In Love Masterpiece Recommended
192-08 Dixie Chicks If I Fall You're Going Down With Me Top Tunes Recommended
440-02 Dixie Chicks Landslide Masterpiece
302-14 Dixie Chicks Landslide Powerhits
297-15 Dixie Chicks Landslide Top Tunes Recommended
440-01 Dixie Chicks Long Time Gone Masterpiece Recommended
440-07 Dixie Chicks More Love Masterpiece Recommended
6227-05 Dixie Chicks Not Ready To Make Nice DAM Recommended
130-02 Dixie Chicks Ready To Run Chartbuster
398-04 Dixie Chicks Ready To Run Party Pak Recommended
6227-03 Dixie Chicks There's Your Trouble DAM Recommended
440-11 Dixie Chicks Top The World Masterpiece Recommended
440-09 Dixie Chicks Tortured, Tangled Hearts Masterpiece Recommended
440-03 Dixie Chicks Travelin' Solider Masterpiece Recommended
440-04 Dixie Chicks Truth No. 2 Masterpiece Recommended
440-05 Dixie Chicks White Trash Wedding Masterpiece Recommended
398-13 Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces Party Pak Recommended
6227-01 Dixie Chicks You Can't Hurry Love DAM Recommended
130-15 Dixie Chicks You Were Mine Chartbuster Recommended
288-08 Dixie Cups, The Chapel of Love RnB
735-12 Dixie Cups, The Chapel of Love Sunfly Recommended
3849-35 Dixie Cups, The Iko Iko DAM Recommended
754-13 Dizzee Rascal Bonkers Sunfly Recommended
804-03 Dizzee Rascal Dirtee Cash Sunfly Recommended
800-10 Dizzee Rascal Holiday Sunfly Recommended
880-05 Dizzee Rascal Scream Mr. Entertainer Recommended
812-14 Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris Dance Wiv Me Sunfly Recommended
878-04 Dizzee Rascal & Pepper Scream Sunfly Recommended
1079-89 Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Glory DAM Recommended
3943-66 Dizzy Mizz Lizzy I Would If I Could But I Can't DAM Recommended
3945-63 Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Made To Believe DAM Recommended
3397-70 Djavan Samurai DAM Recommended
021-B-01 Dobie Gray Drift Away Pioneer Recommended
266-A-04 Dobie Gray In Crowd, The Pioneer Recommended
019-A-03 Doctor & The Medics Spirit In The Sky Pioneer Recommended
368-B-10 Doctor Doolittle Take To Animals, The Nikkodo Recommended
845-01 Dodgy Good Enough Zoom Recommended
845-19 Dodgy Staying Out For The Summer Zoom Recommended
5630-38 Dogs D'Amour, The How Come It Never Rains (Dynamite Mix) DAM Recommended
3732-01 Dokken Alone Again DAM Recommended
515-04 Dokken Breaking The Chains Sound Choice Recommended
515-05 Dokken Burning Like A Flame Sound Choice Recommended
504-11 Dokken Dream Warriors Sound Choice Recommended
364-03 Dokken In My Dreams Monster Hits
519-05 Dokken In My Dreams Sound Choice Recommended
690-11 Dokken Into The Fire Sound Choice Recommended
576-03 Dokken It's Not Love Sound Choice Recommended
3732-04 Dokken Kiss of Death DAM Recommended
3732-05 Dokken Paris Is Burning DAM Recommended
3732-06 Dokken Tooth And Nail DAM Recommended
766-02 Dokken Unchain The Night Sound Choice Recommended
731-09 Dollar Give Me Back My Heart Sunfly Recommended
794-10 Dollar Shooting Star Sunfly Recommended
3746-83 Dolly Dots Radio DAM Recommended
80-03 Dolly Parton 9 to 5 DK Karaoke
449-17 Dolly Parton 9 to 5 Karaoke Hits
395-04 Dolly Parton 9 to 5 Party Pak
006-A-02 Dolly Parton 9 to 5 Pioneer Recommended
738-05 Dolly Parton Hard Candy Christmas Chartbuster Recommended
272-A-02 Dolly Parton Heartbreaker Pioneer Recommended
23-13 Dolly Parton Here You Come Again DK Karaoke
004-B-12 Dolly Parton Here You Come Again Pioneer Recommended
414-A-02 Dolly Parton I Will Always Love You HLD Recommended
79-08 Dolly Parton Jolene DK Karaoke
010-B-13 Dolly Parton Jolene Pioneer Recommended
736-12 Dolly Parton Joshua Sunfly Recommended
826-08 Dolly Parton Love Is Like A Butterfly Sunfly Recommended
358-B-03 Dolly Parton Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You Nikkodo Recommended
235-A-12 Dolly Parton PMS Blues NUT Recommended
78-04 Dolly Parton Romeo DK Karaoke Recommended
357-A-13 Dolly Parton Tie Our Love (In A Double Knot) Nikkodo Recommended
424-A-10 Dolly Parton Yellow Roses JLD Recommended
070-A-11 Dolly Parton & Alison Krauss Just When I Need You Most GE Recommended
704-16 Dolly Parton & James Ingram Day I Fall In Love Music Maestro Recommended
007-A-02 Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers Islands In The Stream Pioneer Recommended
3106-31 Dolores O'Riordan Ordinary Day DAM Recommended
4276-95 Domenico Modugno Piove (Ciao Ciao Banbina) DAM Recommended
1084-09 Domenico Modugno Volare DAM Recommended
323-B-06 Domenico Modugno Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) EMI Recommended
3919-28 Domine Hurricane Master, The DAM Recommended
6399-04 Domino Gotcha! DAM Recommended
6399-03 Domino I Wanna Dance I Wanna Dance DAM Recommended
6399-02 Domino Mickey Mouse March (Eurobeat Version) DAM Recommended
6399-06 Domino ParaPara Paradise DAM Recommended
6399-08 Domino Play With The Numbers DAM Recommended
6399-09 Domino Popteen DAM Recommended
6399-05 Domino Tora Tora Tora DAM Recommended
3987-07 Don Broco Pretty DAM Recommended
315-A-03 Don Cornell Mama Guitar EMI Recommended
413-B-04 Don Costa Never On Sunday HLD Recommended
256-B-04 Don Francisco He's Alive U-Best Recommended
010-A-07 Don Gibson Oh, Lonesome Me Pioneer Recommended
342-B-15 Don Henley All She Wants to Do Is Dance Pioneer Recommended
327-A-14 Don Henley Boys of Summer, The EMI Recommended
249-16 Don Henley End Of Innocence, The Zoom Recommended
707-04 Don Henley Heart of The Matter Legends Recommended
1099-23 Don Henley Heart of The Matter, The DAM Recommended
1099-24 Don Henley I Can't Stand Still DAM Recommended
707-05 Don Henley New York Minute Zoom Recommended
453-04 Don Henley Not Enough Love In The World Karaoke Hits Recommended
421-01 Don Henley Sit Down You're Rockin' The Boat Sound Choice Recommended
314-B-10 Don Ho I'll Remember You EMI Recommended
3537-02 Don Ho Tiny Bubbles DAM Recommended
58-05 Don McLean American Pie DK Karaoke
451-01 Don McLean American Pie Karaoke Hits
043-A-08 Don McLean American Pie Pioneer Recommended
665-03 Don McLean And I Love You So Sound Choice Recommended
3856-34 Don McLean Vincent DAM Recommended
041-A-14 Don McLean Vincent (Starry Starry Night) Pioneer Recommended
955-04 Don Omar Dile Sound Choice Recommended
3931-78 Don Omar ft. Lucenzo Danza Kuduro DAM Recommended
731-07 Don Percival One More Kiss Dear Sunfly Recommended
864-15 Don Trip ft. Cee Lo Green Letter To My Son Pop Hits Recommended
71-15 Don Williams I Believe In You DK Karaoke
367-B-09 Don Williams I Believe In You Nikkodo Recommended
74-05 Don Williams Lord Have Mercy On A Country Boy DK Karaoke Recommended
356-A-07 Don Williams Stay Young Nikkodo Recommended
35-09 Don Williams Welcome To My World DK Karaoke Recommended
5505-01 Donald Fagen I.G.Y. DAM Recommended
693-05 Donald Fagen Maxine CDG Recommended
693-06 Donald Fagen New Frontier CDG Recommended
262-A-09 Donald Fagen Tomorrow's Girls EMI Recommended
3876-83 Donavon Frankenreiter It Don't Matter DAM Recommended
1579-34 Donavon Frankenreiter ft. Jack Johnson Free DAM Recommended
1162-13 Donell Jones ft. Jermaine Dupri Better Start Talking DAM Recommended
5361-83 Donna Fargo Funny Face DAM Recommended
59-17 Donna Fargo Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A. DK Karaoke Recommended
069-A-07 Donna Lewis I Love You Always & Forever GE
145-12 Donna Lewis I Love You Always & Forever Sunfly
16-03 Donna Summer Bad Girls DK Karaoke Recommended
234-06 Donna Summer Bad Girls Legends Series
1092-02 Donna Summer Breakaway DAM Recommended
1092-20 Donna Summer Carry On DAM Recommended
44-04 Donna Summer Dim All The Lights DK Karaoke Recommended
234-16 Donna Summer Dim All The Lights Legends Series
9-07 Donna Summer Hot Staff DK Karaoke Recommended
324-B-06 Donna Summer Hot Stuff EMI
234-05 Donna Summer Hot Stuff Legends Series
3993-25 Donna Summer Hot Stuff (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
557-B-09 Donna Summer I Don't Wanna Get Hurt Pioneer Recommended
234-03 Donna Summer I Don't Want To Get Hurt Legends Series Recommended
234-12 Donna Summer I Feel Love Legends Series Recommended
600-14 Donna Summer I Feel Love Zoom
234-01 Donna Summer I Will Go With You Legends Series Recommended
234-13 Donna Summer It Could Be Magic Legends Series Recommended
39-05 Donna Summer Last Dance DK Karaoke Recommended
234-08 Donna Summer Last Dance Legends Series
107-10 Donna Summer Last Dance Music Maestro
234-09 Donna Summer Love To Love You Baby Legends Series
663-07 Donna Summer Love To Love You Baby Sound Choice Recommended
58-04 Donna Summer MacArthur Park DK Karaoke
234-07 Donna Summer MacArthur Park Legends Series
006-B-05 Donna Summer MacArthur Park Pioneer Recommended
234-04 Donna Summer No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) Legends Series Recommended
234-15 Donna Summer On The Radio Legends Series
238-04 Donna Summer On The Radio Legends Series Recommended
3950-52 Donna Summer Once Upon A Time DAM Recommended
41-12 Donna Summer She Works Hard For The Money DK Karaoke
234-11 Donna Summer She Works Hard For The Money Legends Series
010-A-10 Donna Summer She Works Hard For The Money Pioneer Recommended
234-14 Donna Summer Spring Affair Legends Series Recommended
234-02 Donna Summer This Time I Know It's For Real Legends Series
022-B-12 Donna Summer This Time I Know It's For Real Pioneer Recommended
234-10 Donna Summer Try Me, I Know We Can Make It Legends Series Recommended
44-05 Donna Summer Unconditional Love DK Karaoke Recommended
360-B-07 Donna Summer Woman In Me, The Nikkodo Recommended
525-A-10 Donny & Marie Osmond Morning Side The Mountain FIT Recommended
3572-32 Donny Hathaway Love, Love, Love DAM Recommended
1167-80 Donny Hathaway This Christmas DAM Recommended
1173-11 Donny Hathaway What's Going On DAM Recommended
017-B-04 Donny Osmond Go Away Little Girl Pioneer Recommended
009-B-05 Donny Osmond Puppy Love Pioneer Recommended
626-03 Donny Osmond Young Love Zoom Recommended
3528-35 Donots Saccharine Smile DAM Recommended
3528-37 Donots We Got The Noise DAM Recommended
5363-80 Donovan Atlantis DAM Recommended
779-14 Donovan Catch The Wind Legends Recommended
779-13 Donovan Hurdy Gurdy Man Legends Recommended
84-17 Donovan Mellow Yellow DK Karaoke Recommended
779-17 Donovan Mellow Yellow Legends
826-07 Donovan Mellow Yellow Sunfly
779-15 Donovan Seasons of The Witch Legends Recommended
91-15 Donovan Sunshine Superman DK Karaoke
779-16 Donovan Sunshine Superman Legends
846-07 Donovan Sunshine Superman Sound Choice Recommended
5360-01 Donovan Wear Your Love Like Heaven DAM Recommended
54-05 Doobie Brothers, The Black Water DK Karaoke
024-A-04 Doobie Brothers, The Black Water Pioneer Recommended
012-B-04 Doobie Brothers, The China Grove Pioneer Recommended
3986-55 Doobie Brothers, The China Grove (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
908-01 Doobie Brothers, The Doctor, The Chartbuster Recommended
1093-11 Doobie Brothers, The Echoes of Love DAM Recommended
908-04 Doobie Brothers, The It Keeps You Runnin' Chartbuster Recommended
908-03 Doobie Brothers, The Jesus Is Just Alright Chartbuster Recommended
59-04 Doobie Brothers, The Listen To The Music DK Karaoke
420-07 Doobie Brothers, The Listen To The Music Monster Hits
006-A-13 Doobie Brothers, The Listen To The Music Pioneer Recommended
008-B-05 Doobie Brothers, The Long Train Runnin' Pioneer Recommended
69-05 Doobie Brothers, The Long Train Running DK Karaoke Recommended
1093-05 Doobie Brothers, The Minute By Minute DAM Recommended
371-B-09 Doobie Brothers, The Need A Little Taste Love Nikkodo Recommended
908-06 Doobie Brothers, The Real Love Chartbuster Recommended
908-02 Doobie Brothers, The Rockin' Down The Highway Chartbuster Recommended
908-05 Doobie Brothers, The South City Midnight Lady Chartbuster Recommended
758-09 Doobie Brothers, The Take Me In Your Arms Sound Choice Recommended
135-15 Doobie Brothers, The Takin' It To The Streets Sound Choice Recommended
19-05 Doobie Brothers, The What A Fool Believes DK Karaoke
695-08 Doobie Brothers, The What A Fool Believes Sound Choice Recommended
758-05 Doobie Brothers, The Without You Sound Choice Recommended
1093-19 Doobie Brothers, The You Belong To Me DAM Recommended
017-A-01 Dooley Wilson As Time Goes By Pioneer Recommended
5868-40 Dooleys, The Wanted DAM Recommended
607-06 Doors, The Alabama Song Legends Series Recommended
607-07 Doors, The Back Door Man Legends Series
212-A-05 Doors, The Back Door Man NUT Recommended
530-05 Doors, The Back Door Man Sound Choice
427-03 Doors, The Back Door Man Swt GA Brn
607-05 Doors, The Been Down So Long Legends Series Recommended
607-15 Doors, The Break On Through Legends Series
458-03 Doors, The Break On Through Swt GA Brn Recommended
607-09 Doors, The Crystal Ship Legends Series Recommended
255-A-06 Doors, The End, The Singalong Recommended
607-04 Doors, The Hello I Love You Legends Series Recommended
607-02 Doors, The L.A. Woman Legends Series
255-A-11 Doors, The L.A. Woman Singalong Recommended
259-A-12 Doors, The Light My Fire EMI
607-01 Doors, The Light My Fire Legends Series Recommended
607-11 Doors, The Love Her Madly Legends Series Recommended
607-12 Doors, The Love Me Two Times Legends Series Recommended
607-13 Doors, The People Are Strange Legends Series
457-13 Doors, The People Are Strange Swt GA Brn Recommended
607-14 Doors, The Riders On The Storm Legends Series
255-B-04 Doors, The Riders On The Storm Singalong Recommended
607-16 Doors, The Roadhouse Blues Legends Series
427-14 Doors, The Roadhouse Blues Swt GA Brn Recommended
607-08 Doors, The Touch Me Legends Series Recommended
607-10 Doors, The Unknown Soldier, The Legends Series Recommended
3558-19 Doors, The Waiting For The Sun DAM Recommended
607-03 Doors, The When The Music's Over Legends Series Recommended
689-11 Doris Day Deadwood Stage Sunfly Recommended
3828-44 Doris Day If I Give My Heart To You DAM Recommended
401-B-09 Doris Day If I Give My Heart To You Nikkodo Recommended
017-A-07 Doris Day Just One Look Pioneer Recommended
1094-08 Doris Day My Romance DAM Recommended
024-A-06 Doris Day On The Sunny Side of The Street Pioneer Recommended
1094-12 Doris Day Pillow Talk DAM Recommended
45-12 Doris Day Que Sera Sera DK Karaoke
452-22 Doris Day Que Sera Sera Karaoke Hits
340-A-07 Doris Day Que Sera Sera Pioneer Recommended
3828-11 Doris Day Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
45-11 Doris Day Secret Love DK Karaoke Recommended
311-B-09 Doris Day Secret Love EMI
12-17 Doris Day Sentimental Journey DK Karaoke
265-B-05 Doris Day Sentimental Journey Pioneer Recommended
020-A-14 Doris Day Tea For Two Pioneer Recommended
1094-06 Doris Day Teacher's Pet DAM Recommended
948-11 Doris Troy Just One Look Sound Choice Recommended
3537-03 Dorothy Lamour Little Brown Gal DAM Recommended
3537-04 Dorothy Lamour Moon Manakoora DAM Recommended
663-05 Dorothy Moore Misty Blue Sound Choice Recommended
887-08 Dot Rotten Overload Sunfly Recommended
683-12 Double Captain of Her Heart Sound Choice Recommended
356-B-09 Doug Stone I'd Be Better f In A Pine Box Nikkodo Recommended
359-B-14 Doug Stone Jukebox With A Country Song, A Nikkodo Recommended
240-A-08 Doug Stone Little House NUT Recommended
402-A-11 Doug Stone Made For Lovin' You Nikkodo Recommended
232-A-12 Doug Stone More Love NUT Recommended
84-16 Doug Stone These Lips Don't Know How To Say Goodbye DK Karaoke
424-A-01 Doug Stone These Lips Don't Know How To Say Goodbye JLD Recommended
338-B-13 Doug Supernaw Not Enough Hours In the Night Pioneer Recommended
232-A-09 Doug Supernaw Red & Rio Grande NUT Recommended
248-A-05 Doug Supernaw What'll You Do About Me DAM Recommended
3842-77 Dove Cameron If Only (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
3986-71 Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce and Booboo Stewart Ways To Be Wicked DAM Recommended
784-03 Doves, The Black & White Town Sunfly
191-02 Doves, The Cathch The Sun Top Tunes Recommended
2221-32 Doves, The There Goes The Fear DAM Recommended
2221-33 Doves, The Words DAM Recommended
3560-26 Down Lysergik Funeral Procession DAM Recommended
3840-75 Downtown Fiction, The I Just Wanna Run DAM Recommended
167-12 Dr. Alban It's My Life Sound Choice Recommended
3843-85 Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band Sunshower DAM Recommended
5452-10 Dr. Dragon & The Oriental Express Sexy Bus Stop DAM Recommended
205-A-09 Dr. Dre Dre Way NUT Recommended
3988-91 Dr. Dre Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin') DAM Recommended
3746-85 Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg Deep Cover DAM Recommended
3913-81 Dr. Dre ft. Eminem Forget About Dr. Dre DAM Recommended
3941-23 Dr. Dre ft. King Mez & Justus Talk About It DAM Recommended
3857-13 Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg Next Episode, The DAM Recommended
532-01 Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg Nuthin' But A “G” Thang Sound Choice
666-01 Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg Nuthin' But A “G” Thang Sound Choice Recommended
728-13 Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg Still D.r.e. CDG Recommended
3995-60 Dr. Feelgood She Does It Right DAM Recommended
3842-76 Dr. John Curious George Main Title Theme DAM Recommended
3740-79 Dr. John Down In New Orleans DAM Recommended
3528-04 Dr. John Like A Rolling Stone DAM Recommended
3844-33 Dr. John (duet with Rickie Lee Jones) Makin' Whoopee! DAM Recommended
1126-73 Dr. Love Eurobeat DAM Recommended
555-A-11 Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show Better Love Next Time Pioneer Recommended
665-02 Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show Better Love Next Time Sound Choice Recommended
759-02 Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show Cover of The “Rolling Stone” Sound Choice Recommended
1126-73 Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show Eurobeat DAM Recommended
843-11 Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show In Over My Head Sunfly Recommended
3528-04 Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show Like A Rolling Stone DAM Recommended
556-A-01 Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show Little Bit More, A Pioneer Recommended
362-B-13 Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show Sexy Eyes Nikkodo Recommended
201-15 Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show Sharing The Night Together Sound Choice Recommended
556-A-14 Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show Sylvia's Mother Pioneer Recommended
016-A-10 Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman Pioneer Recommended
1115-46 Dragonforce Black Winter Night DAM Recommended
3932-23 Dragonforce Cry Thunder DAM Recommended
3855-85 Dragonforce Fallen World DAM Recommended
3944-81 Dragonforce Fury Of The Storm DAM Recommended
3931-51 Dragonforce Game, The DAM Recommended
3327-86 Dragonforce Heroes of Our Time DAM Recommended
3958-94 Dragonforce Judgement Day DAM Recommended
1090-45 Dragonforce My Spirit Will Go On DAM Recommended
3735-62 Dragonforce Operation Ground & Pound DAM Recommended
3931-66 Dragonforce Reasons To Live DAM Recommended
3932-24 Dragonforce Seasons DAM Recommended
3851-10 Dragonforce Storming The Burning Fields DAM Recommended
3940-74 Dragonforce Three Hammers DAM Recommended
3560-27 Dragonforce Through The Fire And Flames DAM Recommended
3945-38 Dragonforce Tomorrow's Kings DAM Recommended
1090-44 Dragonforce Valley of The Damned DAM Recommended
3852-42 Dragonland Black Mare, The DAM Recommended
880-11 Drake Crew Love Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3943-19 Drake Energy DAM Recommended
3746-04 Drake Find Your Love DAM Recommended
3850-69 Drake God's Plan DAM Recommended
3843-48 Drake Headlines DAM Recommended
3995-69 Drake I'm Upset DAM Recommended
3830-34 Drake In My Feelings DAM Recommended
3995-70 Drake Nice For What DAM Recommended
3746-05 Drake Overcome DAM Recommended
3923-27 Drake Show Me A Good Time DAM Recommended
3920-43 Drake Started From The Bottom DAM Recommended
3851-35 Drake ft. Nicki Minaj Make Me Proud DAM Recommended
859-05 Drake ft. Rihanna Take Care Mr. Entertainer Recommended
3919-56 Drake ft. Trey Songz & Lil Wayne Successful DAM Recommended
3945-64 Drake ft. Wizkid & Kyla One Dance DAM Recommended
571-07 Dramarama Anything, Anything (I'll Give You) Sound Choice Recommended
5868-42 Dramatics, The In The Rain DAM Recommended
3106-84 Draytones, The Keep Loving Me DAM Recommended
6996-01 Dream He Loves U Not DAM Recommended
146-06 Dream Things Can Only Get Better Legends Bassline Recommended
211-08 Dream This Is Me Music Maestro Recommended
465-08 Dream Academy, The Life In A Northern Town Sound Choice Recommended
431-09 Dream Street I Say Yeah Top Tunes Recommended
1065-04 Dream Theater Another Day DAM Recommended
3944-66 Dream Theater Gift Of Music, The DAM Recommended
3572-56 Dream Theater Learning To Live DAM Recommended
1090-08 Dream Theater Metropolis Part I "The Miracle And The Sleeper" DAM Recommended
3853-98 Dream Theater On The Backs of Angels DAM Recommended
3387-45 Dream Theater Pull Me Under DAM Recommended
3639-85 Dream Theater Rite Passage, A DAM Recommended
1079-90 Dream Theater Surrounded DAM Recommended
1090-07 Dream Theater Take The Time DAM Recommended
3837-85 Dream Theater Untethered Angel DAM Recommended
3451-60 Dream, The Livin' A Lie ft. Rihanna DAM Recommended
631-11 Dreamgirls (Musical) And I'm Telling You, I'm Not Going Pocket
699-02 Dreamgirls (Musical) And I'm Telling You, I'm Not Going Sound Choice Recommended
631-16 Dreamgirls (Musical) Dreamgirls Sound Choice Recommended
631-12 Dreamgirls (Musical) Family Pocket Recommended
631-13 Dreamgirls (Musical) I Am Changing Pocket Recommended
631-14 Dreamgirls (Musical) One Night Only Pocket Recommended
616-15 Drifters, The Come On Over To My Place Sunfly Recommended
556-B-01 Drifters, The Kissing In The Back Row of The Movies Pioneer Recommended
21-15 Drifters, The On Broadway DK Karaoke Recommended
7-14 Drifters, The Save The Last Dance For Me DK Karaoke
040-A-14 Drifters, The Save The Last Dance For Me Pioneer Recommended
13-16 Drifters, The Some Kind Wonderful DK Karaoke
540-A-12 Drifters, The Some Kind Wonderful DKV
63-12 Drifters, The There Goes My Baby DK Karaoke
948-02 Drifters, The There Goes My Baby Sound Choice Recommended
035-A-14 Drifters, The This Magic Moment Pioneer Recommended
48-13 Drifters, The Under The Boardwalk DK Karaoke Recommended
321-A-05 Drifters, The Under The Boardwalk EMI
13-06 Drifters, The Up On The Ro DK Karaoke
036-A-13 Drifters, The Up On The Ro Pioneer
1096-13 Drifters, The White Christmas DAM Recommended
875-11 Driicky Graham Snapbacks & Tattoos Pop Hits Recommended
3038-31 Dropkick Murphys For Boston DAM Recommended
945-03 Drowning Pool Step Up Top Hits Recommended
3639-88 Dru Stay With Me (Always) DAM Recommended
070-A-04 Dru Hill In My Bed GE Recommended
106-04 Dru Hill In My Bed (So So Def Mix) Music Maestro Recommended
072-A-07 Dru Hill Never Make A Promise GE Recommended
063-B-09 Dru Hill We Are Making Love No More MD Recommended
345-B-06 Dru Hill ft. Redman How Deep Is Your Love MD Recommended
3744-94 Drums, The Let's Go Surfing DAM Recommended
3968-06 Dua Lipa Be The One DAM Recommended
3948-26 Dua Lipa Blow Your Mind (Mwah) DAM Recommended
3828-43 Dua Lipa Homesick DAM Recommended
3993-64 Dua Lipa IDGAF DAM Recommended
3831-31 Dua Lipa IDGAF (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
764728 Dua Lipa Last Dance DAM Recommended
3828-42 Dua Lipa New Rules DAM Recommended
3831-75 Dua Lipa Room For 2 DAM Recommended
3837-86 Dua Lipa Swan Song DAM Recommended
3995-43 Dua Lipa Thinking 'Bout You DAM Recommended
3849-97 Dua Lipa & BLACKPINK Kiss And Make Up DAM Recommended
558-B-13 Dubliners, The Wild Rover, The Pioneer Recommended
727-01 Duffy Delayed Devotion Zoom Recommended
727-02 Duffy Distant Dreamer Zoom Recommended
730-05 Duffy Hanging On Too Long Zoom Recommended
727-03 Duffy Mercy Chartbuster
727-04 Duffy Mercy Sunfly Recommended
730-07 Duffy Rain On Your Parade Sunfly Recommended
730-08 Duffy Rockferry CDG Recommended
727-05 Duffy Serious Sunfly
727-06 Duffy Serious Zoom Recommended
730-06 Duffy Stepping Stone Zoom Recommended
727-07 Duffy Warwick Avenue Easy Karaoke
727-08 Duffy Warwick Avenue Sunfly Recommended
919-09 Duffy Well Well Well Pop Hits Recommended
205-A-12 Duice Dazzey Dukes NUT Recommended
253-14 Duke Dumont Won't Look Back Mr. Entertainer Recommended
033-A-11 Duke Ellington Do Nothing 'Till You Hear From Me Pioneer Recommended
3952-01 Duke Ellington Take The 'A' Train DAM Recommended
3938-32 Dukes Of Surf, The Waikiki DAM Recommended
1173-18 Dulfer Mickey Mouth DAM Recommended
002-A-06 Duncan Dhu Cien Gaviotas Pioneer Recommended
002-A-07 Duncan Dhu La Casa Azul Pioneer Recommended
002-A-08 Duncan Dhu Palabras Sin Nombre Pioneer Recommended
002-A-09 Duncan Dhu Una Calle De Paris Pioneer Recommended
1070-40 Duncan James Sooner Or Later DAM Recommended
2221-13 Duncan James & Keedie I Believe My Heart DAM Recommended
048-A-12 Duncan Sheik Barely Breathing Pioneer Recommended
018-B-13 Duprees, The You Belong To Me Pioneer Recommended
230-11 Duran Duran All She Wants Is Sunfly Recommended
514-09 Duran Duran Chauffeur, The CDG
693-07 Duran Duran Chauffeur, The CDG Recommended
207-A-12 Duran Duran Come Undone NUT Recommended
230-13 Duran Duran Come Undone Sunfly
907-04 Duran Duran Come Undone Sunfly
139-06 Duran Duran Girls On Film Sound Choice Recommended
230-08 Duran Duran Girls On Film Sunfly
787-12 Duran Duran Girls On Film Sunfly
404-04 Duran Duran Hold Back The Rain Original Recommended
326-B-08 Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf EMI
410-01 Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf Sound Choice Recommended
230-07 Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf Sunfly
42-09 Duran Duran Hungry Like Thw Wolf DK Karaoke Recommended
230-15 Duran Duran I Don't Want Your Love Sunfly Recommended
48-08 Duran Duran Is There Something I Should Know DK Karaoke Recommended
333-B-04 Duran Duran Is There Something I Should Know EMI
230-02 Duran Duran Is There Something I Should Know Sunfly
551-06 Duran Duran Last Chance On The Stairway CDG Recommended
230-16 Duran Duran New Moon On Monday Sunfly Recommended
1097-13 Duran Duran New Religion DAM Recommended
1097-27 Duran Duran None The Above DAM Recommended
94-16 Duran Duran Notorious DK Karaoke
371-A-07 Duran Duran Notorious Nikkodo Recommended
230-09 Duran Duran Notorious Sunfly
056-B-09 Duran Duran Ordinary World MD Recommended
230-12 Duran Duran Ordinary World Sunfly
233-02 Duran Duran Ordinary World Sunfly
230-14 Duran Duran Planet Earth Sunfly Recommended
699-03 Duran Duran Reach Up For The Sunrise Legends Recommended
48-07 Duran Duran Reflex, The DK Karaoke
332-A-12 Duran Duran Reflex, The EMI
218-02 Duran Duran Reflex, The Legends Bassline
768-03 Duran Duran Reflex, The Monster Hits
230-01 Duran Duran Reflex, The Sunfly Recommended
748-06 Duran Duran Rio Sound Choice
230-10 Duran Duran Rio Sunfly Recommended
16 Duran Duran Rio (With Chorus) Original
17 Duran Duran Rio (Without Chorus) Original
230-04 Duran Duran Save A Prayer Sunfly Recommended
1097-30 Duran Duran Seventh Stranger, The DAM Recommended
744-08 Duran Duran Skin Trade Sunfly Recommended
744-09 Duran Duran Someone Else Not Me Sound Choice Recommended
230-05 Duran Duran Union The Snake Sunfly Recommended
95-04 Duran Duran View To A Kill, A DK Karaoke
334-A-04 Duran Duran View To A Kill, A EMI
763-02 Duran Duran View To A Kill, A Sound Choice Recommended
230-03 Duran Duran View To A Kill, A Sunfly
744-10 Duran Duran What Happens Tomorrow Sunfly
835-15 Duran Duran What Happens Tomorrow Sunfly Recommended
1097-05 Duran Duran White Lines DAM Recommended
205-12 Duran Duran Wild Boys Sound Choice
563-04 Duran Duran Wild Boys Sound Choice Recommended
230-06 Duran Duran Wild Boys Sunfly
1097-31 Duran Duran ft. Janelle Monáe & Nile Rodgers Pressure Off DAM Recommended
1097-20 Duran Duran ft. Justin Timberlake Falling Down DAM Recommended
1126-54 Dusty Crazy For Love DAM Recommended
1126-55 Dusty Stay The Night DAM Recommended
3883-40 Dusty Springfield I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself DAM Recommended
040-B-03 Dusty Springfield I Only Want To Be With You Pioneer Recommended
3569-34 Dusty Springfield If You Go Away DAM Recommended
689-12 Dusty Springfield Losing You Sunfly Recommended
97-11 Dusty Springfield Son A Preacher Man DK Karaoke Recommended
3876-84 Dusty Springfield Spooky DAM Recommended
019-A-13 Dusty Springfield Wishing & Hopin' Pioneer Recommended
308-B-02 Dusty Springfield You Don't Have To Say You Love Me EMI Recommended
4390-35 Dwarf Chorus, The Heigh-Ho DAM Recommended
337-A-12 Dwight Yoakam Ain't That Lonely Yet Pioneer Recommended
214-A-10 Dwight Yoakam Fast As You NUT Recommended
454-19 Dwight Yoakam Guitars, Cadillacs Karaoke Hits Recommended
203-A-05 Dwight Yoakam If There Was A Way NUT Recommended
336-B-03 Dwight Yoakam It Only Hurts When I Cry Pioneer Recommended
237-A-10 Dwight Yoakam Pocket A Clown NUT Recommended
370-B-06 Dwight Yoakam Suspicious Minds Nikkodo Recommended
372-A-04 Dwight Yoakam Thousand Miles From Nowhere, A Nikkodo Recommended
221-A-08 Dwight Yoakam Try Not To Look So Pretty NUT Recommended
5361-41 Dwight Yoakam You're The One DAM Recommended
3945-81 Dylan Gentile Please Don't Leave Me DAM Recommended
3432-88 Dynamite Boy I Want It That Way DAM Recommended
3940-42 Dynasty Here I Am DAM Recommended
3939-86 Dynasty I've Just Begun To Love You DAM Recommended
3827-06 Dynazty Sleeping With The Enemy DAM Recommended
3569-58 Dúné Blast Beat, A DAM Recommended
3397-44 dbClifford Don't Wanna DAM Recommended
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