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239-A-04 10,000 Maniacs Because The Night NUT Recommended
82-04 10,000 Maniacs Candy Everybody Wants DK Karaoke Recommended
039-A-08 10,000 Maniacs These Are Days Pioneer Recommended
530-09 100 Proof Aged In Soul Somebody's Been Sleeping Sound Choice Recommended
242-01 10cc Don't Turn Me Away Sunfly Recommended
242-10 10cc Donna Zoom Recommended
599-10 10cc Dreadlock Holiday Zoom Recommended
242-02 10cc Feel The Love Sunfly Recommended
247-11 10cc Food For Thought SBI Recommended
242-06 10cc Good Morning Judge Sunfly
247-09 10cc Good Morning Judge Sunfly Recommended
616-03 10cc I'm Mandy Fly Me Sunfly Recommended
82-14 10cc I'm Not In Love DK Karaoke Recommended
320-B-13 10cc I'm Not In Love EMI
242-08 10cc I'm Not In Love Zoom
242-07 10cc Life Is A Minestrone Sunfly Recommended
247-10 10cc One Two Five SBI Recommended
242-04 10cc People In Love Sunfly Recommended
626-10 10cc Rubber Bullets Zoom Recommended
242-03 10cc Silly Love Sunfly Recommended
242-09 10cc Things We Do For Love, The Zoom Recommended
660-01 10cc Wall Street Shuffle Sunfly Recommended
242-05 10cc Woman In Love Sunfly Recommended
307-02 112 & Ludacris Hot & Wet Pop Hits Recommended
912-08 12 Stones We Are One Pop Hits Recommended
3736-05 1910 Fruitgum Co. Bubble Gum World DAM Recommended
3736-03 1910 Fruitgum Co. Indian Giver DAM Recommended
3736-01 1910 Fruitgum Co. Simon Says DAM Recommended
3736-02 1910 Fruitgum Co. Train, The DAM Recommended
34-15 1910 Fruitgum Factory Simon Says 1910 DK Karaoke Recommended
3931-87 1975, The City, The DAM Recommended
3931-86 1975, The Girls DAM Recommended
3932-70 1975, The Heart Out DAM Recommended
3942-22 1975, The Love Me DAM Recommended
3932-65 1975, The Robbers DAM Recommended
3928-99 1975, The Settle Down DAM Recommended
3946-66 1975, The She's American DAM Recommended
3850-63 1975, The Sincerity Is Scary DAM Recommended
3993-58 1975, The Somebody Else DAM Recommended
3944-64 1975, The Sound, The DAM Recommended
3850-54 1975, The Talk! DAM Recommended
3947-39 1975, The This Must Be A Dream DAM Recommended
3945-27 1975, The UGH! DAM Recommended
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