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3728-51 Kiss 100,000 Years DAM Recommended
151-15 Kiss Beth Kiss This
656-05 Kiss Beth Monster Hits Recommended
3728-07 Kiss Black Diamond DAM Recommended
3728-14 Kiss C'mon & Love Me DAM Recommended
151-05 Kiss Calling Dr. Love Kiss This Recommended
151-12 Kiss Christine Sixteen Kiss This Recommended
428-04 Kiss Cold Gin Swt GA Brn Recommended
3728-42 Kiss Crazy Crazy Nights DAM Recommended
151-02 Kiss Detroit Rock City Kiss This
472-A-02 Kiss Detroit Rock City Pioneer Recommended
135-12 Kiss Deuce Sound Choice Recommended
3728-16 Kiss Do You Love Me DAM Recommended
690-04 Kiss Domino Sound Choice Recommended
151-03 Kiss Duece Kiss This Recommended
3728-17 Kiss Firehouse DAM Recommended
795-04 Kiss Forever Sound Choice Recommended
3728-52 Kiss Forever (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
151-16 Kiss God Gave Rock & Roll Kiss This Recommended
766-08 Kiss God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II Sound Choice Recommended
3728-19 Kiss God of Thunder DAM Recommended
3728-20 Kiss Goin' Blind DAM Recommended
151-11 Kiss Hard Luck Woman Kiss This
656-10 Kiss Hard Luck Woman Monster Hits
808-03 Kiss Hard Luck Woman Sound Choice Recommended
151-14 Kiss Heaven's On Fire Kiss This Recommended
3728-46 Kiss Hell Or Hallelujah DAM Recommended
3728-38 Kiss Hide Your Heart DAM Recommended
3728-35 Kiss Hotter Than Hell DAM Recommended
686-10 Kiss I Love It Loud Sound Choice Recommended
661-06 Kiss I Love It Loud Sunfly
3728-23 Kiss I Stole Your Love DAM Recommended
3728-24 Kiss I Want You For Myself DAM Recommended
3728-53 Kiss I Was Made For Lovin' You (Nipponglish ver.) DAM
151-08 Kiss I Was Made For Loving You Kiss This
695-10 Kiss I Was Made For Loving You Legends
695-11 Kiss I Was Made For Loving You Sound Choice Recommended
3728-26 Kiss Into The Void DAM Recommended
3728-27 Kiss Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll DAM Recommended
151-04 Kiss Lick It Up Dr. Music
614-03 Kiss Lick It Up Sunfly Recommended
334-A-10 Kiss Love Gun EMI
151-01 Kiss Love Gun Kiss This Recommended
3728-09 Kiss Nothing To Lose DAM Recommended
151-13 Kiss Plaster Caster Kiss This Recommended
3728-29 Kiss Psycho Circus DAM Recommended
3728-40 Kiss Reason To Live DAM Recommended
260-B-10 Kiss Rock & Roll All Night EMI
151-09 Kiss Rock & Roll All Night Kiss This
151-17 Kiss Rock & Roll All Night (Live Version) Kiss This Recommended
3728-30 Kiss Shandi DAM Recommended
151-10 Kiss Shout It Out Loud Kiss This Recommended
151-06 Kiss Strutter Kiss This
166-12 Kiss Strutter Sound Choice Recommended
65-07 Kiss Tears Are Falling DK Karaoke Recommended
151-07 Kiss Tears Are Falling Kiss This
3728-32 Kiss Uh! All Night DAM Recommended
3728-05 Kiss Unholy DAM Recommended
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